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… Using Kids ?!?! [#Weather Channel][#propaganda]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,November 15th,2016

.. you have to be kidding ?? ..

.. the left is not beyond a stunt such as this when their viewpoint is at stake ..

.. well , they did . See the video …

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the blog post ..

The Climate Depot, however, has thoroughly debunked each of those points and more which you can read here.

The founder of The Weather Channel and noted climate change skeptic John Coleman is appalled by the use of children in this alarmist propaganda:

“Right or wrong, using children to promote a point of view borders on immoral. Even knowing that climate change is not happening, it is far beneath my values to use children to promote this truth.

“The people who produced this video may believe that man-made climate change is underway and that the future of life on Earth is in the balance. They may feel the use of children to warn us about this is totally appropriate. If the people who produced this video don’t know if man-made climate change is actually happening, but their income from government funding depends on it, so they come up with the idea of using children to make an emotional appeal, this would be shameful and border on abuse.

“I do not know which of the above situations is valid, but I know without a doubt that there is no significant threat to the future climate of Earth from the industrialized civilization we have created and the drastic climate changes predicted by the Al Gore clan and the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change are not occurring and are based on an invalid theory. But I will not stoop to the use of children to promote my position.”

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… Disgusting !! [#State Department Defense of Iran]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,November 6th,2016

.I have heard of shilling for POTUS , but for Iran ?? You heard it right , folks . That is exactly what is going on right now …

.. right now , that is what our State Department is doing . They are shilling for the Government of Iran , and the Mullahs in Qum . This is being done in order to support the supposed nuclear agreement with the same country …

.. Yuck !! …

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the blog post ..

.. you would figure that those idiots at the State Department would have some sense of decency . In this Adminiistration , unfortunately , they do not …

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… Charlie Baker Maintains the Lead [#Mass Governor]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,October 29th,2014

.. and Martha Coakley is in big trouble …

.. Coakley should be winning this race in a walk . She has run for and won election twice as AG of Massachusetts . She is a known quantity . She has the huge advantage of 6 to 1 DemoCrap voter registration , and even greater DemoCrap voter support . So , what is the problem ?? …

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the poll result …

.. he has worked his butt off . He has run an excellent campaign . He is the unknown quantity , and the electorate has , so far , liked what it has seen . He has held up fairly well in the debates . So , what is it with her ? …

.. she is the known quantity . People are considering her for higher office , ce before [for the U.S. Senate , in 2010] , and do not like what they see ….

.. Charlie Baker has a good chance to win . He still has to work his buns off , and benefit from some good fortune . Then , the DemoCraps will be in shock from losing the Governor ‘ s mansion again …

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… #ProudtoPlay , So What ?? [propaganda]

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,June 8th,2014

.. so what …

.. behave yourself on the field of play . Be the best teammate that you can be . But , most of all , be the best at your sports that you can be …

.. [h/t — TruthRevolt] ..
.. [link] to the blog post / video ..

.. your sexual preference is your own business , and nobody else ‘ s . Do not broadcast it . It should not and is not such a big whoopee fizz on the field of play …

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… What ” News Network ” can tolerate This Kind of Hypocricy ?? …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,April 19th,2014

.. yea , I am talking about a Bigot Worst Class ..

.. his lame name is Al Sharpton ..

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the blog news..

.. he has POTUS speaking to his so – called ” uncivil rights ” group during the day , then rabble – rouses on his so – called ” Politics ” show on pMSNBC during the evening …. yeeuch !! …

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… the LameStream Media gets Lazier [on Global Warming] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,April 14th,2014

.. and stays lazy …

.. especially when it comes to ” global warming ” and ” climate change . ”

.. one would hope or would think that these folks would use the good commmon sense that the Lord Almighty gave them to go out and report on a story . Such reportage means getting off of your butt and getting the story , and reporting the facts , especially on a fair and balanced basis …

.. [h/t — Newsbusters]..
.. [link] to the news story …

.. but noooooo!

.. these idiots are a bunch of lazy bums , always willing to accept the claims of the ” global warming ” extremists as established fact and settled science . it is especially sick when that is most definitely not the case …

.. at least Rick Santelli of CNBC (hopefully in the future , of FoxBusiness) works his fanny off to get all of his scoops that he gets . He has to to get them , considering what he has to deal with at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange …

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… What is POTUS doing ? [National Action Network speech]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,April 12th,2014

.. what in the hell is Obama doing ? …

.. first , in appearing at a criminal organization . An incompetent and idiotic Attorney General like Eric Holder in someways I can understand . But POTUS ?? No way ….

.. then , the material of the speech . At least at the beginning of the week , at the 50th anniversary celebration of the Civil Rights Act , POTUS behaved himself , to a point . Not at the N.A.N. , that is for sure …

.. so you can see his drivel for yourself , here is the speech for your perusal …
.. [h/t — YouTube]..
.. [link] to the god awful speech …

.. POTUS is a racist and a bigot . He is not just a bigot in general , but he is a philosophical bigot …

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… You Have To Be Kidding [this is wholesome] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,March 27th,2014

.. what in God ‘ s name is Nabisco thinking ?!?!

.. pushing this kind of ultraliberal claptrap  in one of their food ads …

.. [h/t — TruthRevolt]..

.. [link] to the ad  / blog post ..

.. homosexuality is not natural . it is not normal . it is criminal .

.. It is a perversion of the natural order of humanity . How can they think about pushing this , without anticipating a backlash and a consumer boycott …

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… I Do Not Blame the Egyptians for Deporting these Knuckleheads …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,March 15th,2014

.. these numnuts are , of course , radical American activists from groups such as Code Pink . Yes , believe it or not , they support the Muslim Brotherhood …

.. the Egyptian government is trying to make its way as best that it can . It has friendly faces in the U.S. (in our Congress) , in Europe , and , surprise , surprise , in Israel as well . They are trying to rebuild their country . Considering the damage that the Muslim Brotherhood caused over its time in power , you would think that it would have a sympathetic voice in Obama …. But noooooo . His Lordship is behaving like a lunatic , in effect supporting the Muslim Brotherhood . Why ?

.. because I think that he is a Muslim . He always has been , and always will be one . Yea , he is an American . But , he is not a Christian . He is a wolf in sheeps ‘ clothing …

.. [h/t — theGatewayPundit]..
.. [inkl] to the blog post …

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… Watch DannyBoy Make a Fool of Himself …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,January 28th,2014

.. DannyBoy is , of course , Deputy Propaganda Minister [White House Communications Director] Dan Pfeiffer . He must wonder why he is not welcome that often on the Sunday shows ..

.. [h/t — RealClearPolitics]

.. when he makes an ass of himself like [this] , then you see why …

.. This is only a segment of his apperantace on ” Fox News Sunday . ” Chris Wallace is a top-of-the-line professional . He knows his craft , and knows how to elicit a hard response from a reluctant witness [guest] . He knows how to knock them off their game , and get them off of their script , which these days is enough to make Ministry Spin Doctors nervous , no matter who is the victim …

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… LameStremMedia Race Hustling Has Put George Zimmerman on Trial …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,July 14th,2013

the LameStreamMedia Race Hustling has Put George Zimmerman on Trial

[h/t pjmedia , bryan preston]

.. On the night of February 26, 2012, an altercation between two men in Sanford,
FL, left one of them dead. After the deadly encounter, Sanford police took the
lone survivor in, questioned him, weighed the evidence, and concluded that he
had killed the other man in self-defense. The police released him and identified
the two participants in the incident: Trayvon Martin, 17, who had been killed,
and George Zimmerman, 28, who had fired the shot that killed Martin. Sanford
police soon come under assault in the media for mishandling the case. Before
long, Washington gets involved.

..From Feburary 29 to March 8, 2012, nothing much happens in the case. On March 8,
though, the case gained national momentum when Tracy Martin, father of Trayvon,
holds a press conference calling on Sanford police to arrest Zimmerman and
charge him with murder. Two days later, on March 10, the Martin family gathered
at the Sanford Police Department to urge police again to arrest and charge
Zimmerman. Three days later, on the 13th, the Martin family asks Sanford police
to release the 911 call from the night of the shooting. On March 16, Sanford
police comply with that request and the 911 call from George Zimmerman to
dispatchers is released. Zimmerman is heard on the recording telling the
dispatcher about an unknown man walking through the gated residential community
in the rain. Zimmerman tells the dispatcher that based on his experience as a
neighborhood watchman, the unknown man appears to be up to “no good.” The
community had been plagued by break-ins. Zimmerman says that the troublemakers
always get away.

.. Releasing the 911 call, it turns out, is the pivotal moment in events after the
shooting. Had the mainstream media handled the 911 call responsibly, there is
every reason to believe that George Zimmerman would not be standing trial right
now and the nation would not be worrying that the outcome of his trial might
cause race riots.

.. The mainstream media did not handle that call responsibly, at all. Instead of
airing the call as it was made on the night of February 26, NBC News deceptively
edited it to make it appear that Zimmerman targeted Martin because the teen was
black. The image of a race-based killing now solidified, it’s only a matter of
time before the so-called “post-racial” president and his allies turn Martin’s
death into a usefully divisive racial political football, in a presidential
election year.

.. The damage from that false edit was only beginning. NBC News plays its false 911
call edit on the Today show and its other properties. The New York Times on
March 22 calls Zimmerman a “white Hispanic.” The rest of the media amplify the
false racial narrative. ABC News releases a video purporting to show no wounds
on Zimmerman at all, and later admits “error” while releasing a video clearly
showing wounds and blood on Zimmerman’s head consistent with his self-defense
story. At every step of the way, mainstream media “mistakes” and “errors” have
consistently built up the false narrative that Zimmerman targeted Martin and
killed him because he was black.

.. The media successfully fabricate the “armed white adult versus unarmed black
teen narrative,” and soon enough the zeitgeist turns decisively against
Zimmerman. The FBI and Justice Department announce that they are opening
investigations into the shooting on March 19. Reverend and MSNBC host Al
Sharpton holds a rally on March 22 in Sanford demanding “justice” and reportedly
10,000 show up. In Sharpton’s rally, NBC News and its properties have clearly
crossed the line from dishonest journalism to open one-sided advocacy. Two days
later, the race hustle is well and truly on, as Rev. Jesse Jackson arrives in
central Florida to join Sharpton in calling for “justice.” On March 23,
President Barack Obama weighs in, scolding America to engage in “soul-searching”
while saying that if he had a son, he would probably have looked like Trayvon
Martin. Obama’s remarks, delivered in the Rose Garden at the White House,
elevate the shooting past the point of no return. Charges against Zimmerman are
inevitable, lest Republican-controlled Florida face the Holder Justice
Department and a full-frontal media assault. At this point, the media and race
hustlers are sparing no quarter. Taxpayer-funded PBS simply calls Zimmerman
“white” on April 10 in a segment hosted by Gwen Ifill, who is black.

.. Fast forward more than a year and Obama has been re-elected while “white
Hispanic” Zimmerman is on trial facing second degree murder charges. Last week
the prosecution put on its case, and it turned out to be almost entirely helpful
to Zimmerman’s defense. His wounds, which ABC News had tried to cover up in its
own deception, were consistent with the testimony he gave to Sanford police
immediately after the shooting, when he told police that Martin, larger and more
athletic than Zimmerman, had gotten on top of him and was beating him and
smashing his head into a sidewalk to the point that Zimmerman reasonably feared
for his life. Zimmerman told police that he only shot Martin in self-defense.

.. The only clear evidence of racism in the case came from prosecution witness
Rachel Jeantel, who testified that Martin called Zimmerman a “creepy-ass
cracker” during a phone call shortly before the shooting. Witness John Good was
first on the scene after the shooting, and as a prosecution witness told the
jury that he had seen Martin on top of Zimmerman delivering a “ground and pound”
to the smaller man. Every other witness in the trial, with the exception of
Martin’s mother, has given testimony that in one way or another backs up
self-defense and introduces more than reasonable doubt that Zimmerman is guilty
of murder in any degree. Martin’s mother testified that she hears her son
screaming for help on the 911 recordings of the fight. But other witnesses
testified that the voice belongs to Zimmerman. Testimony about the 911 calls,
then, is a wash. The prosecution’s case has introduced enough reasonable doubt
on the murder charge that Zimmerman ought to be acquitted and go free. He could
still face a civil suit from Martin’s family, where the evidence standards are
lower and the outcome of the criminal trial could be useful to the Martin
family’s lawyers as they craft a civil case against Zimmerman.

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… When will She Get It ??!? …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,July 9th,2013

… the objective is #jailkate .

from the other mccain …

… yeah , yet again …

.. There has been further Facebook ranting by Kaitlyn Hunt’s mother Kelley Hunt Smith this past week that I haven’t had the stomach to transcribe, but part of which involves her reiteration of some of her favorite themes: She feels her daughter is being “singled out” for prosecution; this prosecution is wrong because it is a consenting “relationship,” because the girls are relatively close in age, and because the girls went to school together. At one point in her long rant, KHS wrote:

“I will continue to fight for Kate, and to change the laws to actually protect teenagers from being prosecuted as felons for doing what 99.9% of teenagers are doing all over the world.”

Uh … “99.9% percent”? Are 99.9% of teenagers having sex?

No, actually not. According to one national study, “27% of youth ages 14-17 were sexually active during the survey year.” And that data was cited in a 2005 U.S. Department of Justice study about reported cases of statutory rape, which K.J. Copp called to my attention.

The study is quite relevant because it demonstrates that Kaitlyn Hunt (the 18-year-old Florida girl charged with two felony counts for having sex with a 14-year-old) is not being “singled out.” In fact, laying aside the same-sex nature of her case, it’s actually typical.

Seventy-six percent (76%) of female victims of statutory rape are ages 13-15, with 14 being the most common victim age (31%) in the cases studied by the Justice Department. And for 14-year-old victims, offenders were most commonly (43%) ages 18-20. In reported cases of statutory rape with a female victim age 14, only 20% of offenders were 25 or older. The age difference between Kaitlyn Hunt and her victim (44 months) was typical: 50% of statutory rape cases with 14-year-old victims involved a perpetrator no more than 5 years older.

Was Kaitlyn Hunt’s “relationship” with the 14-year-old “singled out”? Was this case unusual because it involved two high school students? No, not at all: Twenty-nine percent (29%) of the statutory rape cases studied by the Justice Department classified the relationship between offender and victim as “boyfriend or girlfriend” and another 62 percent were classified as “acquaintances.” Of cases involving 14-year-old victims, as we have seen, 43% of offenders were ages 18-20 and another 16% were 17 or younger; ergo, many of the offenders were also high school-age teenagers. It is estimated that more than 15,000 statutory rape cases are reported to U.S. law enforcement agencies annually, so the prosecution of Kaitlyn Hunt isn’t really unusual in any way.

.. Florida law doesn’t call the crime of which Kaitlyn Hunt is accused “statutory rape,” however. Instead, it’s “lewd and lascivious battery on a child,” but this is only a difference in legal nomenclature . In other words , there is not much of a difference . Kaitlyn Hunt is a sexual offender , a sex criminal , and a statutory rapist .

..What is unusual about the Kaitlyn Hunt case is that her parents made such a big deal out of it, and managed to bamboozle more than 300,000 people into signing a petition that dishonestly portrayed Kaitlyn Hunt as a heroic martyr for gay rights, which she isn’t.

.. However, isn’t it possible that one reason teenage sex is less common than she imagines — 27% rather than “99.9%” — is because age-of-consent laws make it a crime to have sex with younger teens ?

And while 15,000 statutory rape prosecutions annually is a statistic indicating that such cases aren’t exactly rare, more cases would probably be prosecuted if not for the fact that most of the time, all the parent of a minor has to do is say, “Leave my daughter alone, you creep,” and that is enough to end the relationship.

Because it turns out there’s a reason they call it “jailbait,” after all .

… better yet , #jailbaitKate …


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