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… Voter I.D. , once again …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,January 31st,2013

my take – the voter id issue needs to be addressed . the consistent horsing around on it is getting to be ridiculous .

We as voters deserve to have consistent voting laws . We also deserve to have voting laws that make sense , that act to preserve people ‘ s rights , and act to prevent fraud . politicians , and in this case , state legislators , will mess around , until pressure is brought to bear …

Also , on the conservative side , the potential of an initiative or referendum to implement a conservative – oriented voting bill , or even constitutional amendment , has to be brought to bear , in order to get the legislature ‘ s attention , in order that they will get off their butts , and pass something more to our liking …


Contrary to popular belief , voter fraud is real , and is a problem . a serious problem , no , not now . but it is a problem that needs to be addressed . and not in a politically correct fashion ! …

Ohio House may again debate divisive voter photo ID issue

Robert Higgs, The Plain Dealer [01312013]

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Legislation to require voters to show a photo ID at

polling places, a divisive issue leading up to the 2012 election in Ohio

and across the nation, appears ready to make a return appearance in the

Ohio House.


Rep. Mike Dovilla, chair of the House Policy and Legislative Oversight

Committee, says there is interest among House Republicans for such

legislation. He doubts he will sponsor it, but acknowledged it likely

would go through his committee.


“I suspect that there remains interest in a bill of that nature,”

Dovilla, a Berea Republican, said Wednesday. “We think there is broad

support in the public.”


Similar legislation moved through the House in 2011 . It required

voters show a photo identification at polling places to verify their identity. The acceptable forms of ID were driver’s licenses , state

issued ID cards, passports and military identification cards.


In Ohio, as in other states where the issue was debated, supporters

touted the laws to ensure voting integrity and thwart voter fraud.

Opponents made equally passionate cries of voter suppression.


Ultimately, the photo ID requirement was removed last year to avoid a state referendum.


Republicans hold strong majorities in both the Ohio House and Senate and

could push through legislation now. But if it is reintroduced, expect

hot debate.


“I think the broad approach toward election reform is that you want a

system where there’s the greatest possible integrity,” Dovilla said.

“There’s nary a thing in society that you can do where you don’t need to

show ID of some sort.”


Ensuring integrity of the ballot and creating a barrier to voter fraud

is important, he said. “The onus, I think, is on those who oppose this.”


Democrats are quick to counter. Requiring people to have an official ID

creates a burden that can keep some, particularly poorer voters, from

being able to vote, they say. They liken it to a tax on voting.


“We would have very serious concerns about such a proposal,” said Rep.

Kathleen Clyde a Kent Democrat and, a member of Policy and Legislative

Oversight Committee.


“An ID requirement is kind of a veiled way of having a poll tax, where

you’re requiring people to pay to have a photo ID,” Clyde said. Getting

a state-approved ID could be a financial and logistical problem for the

poor if they have to pay for documents needed to get an ID and have to

find transportation to proper offices.”


Dovilla suggested that the ID could be free for those found to be

indigent. “We want to make sure people have access to this.”


Clyde counters that people should not have to prove they are poor to be

able to vote. “Is that the process we want for our elections?”


Rep. Teresa Fedor, a Toledo Democrat, disputed the ballot integrity issue.


“There’s no outrageous amount of fraud,” she said. “It’s just a

ginned-up issue.


“You just get tired of beating back these non issues.”


Republican Secretary of State Jon Husted did not support the photo ID

requirement in the 2011 bill. His spokesman said Wednesday that Husted

would not comment on the issue now until specific legislation is



Dovilla expects that likely would be soon.


“Election bills tend to move in the first year of a two-year session

like this,” he said. “You don’t want to get into the guts of the

election cycle and then have people from either side saying you’re

trying to move the goalposts.”

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… Hey , Stupid !! …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,January 31st,2013

… the spending is …

The spending is out of control . and the entitlement spending is helping drive it , geniuses !!

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… Fitz must be wary …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,January 31st,2013

… Ed Fitzgerald is a newbie in statewide politics in Ohio . He has no idea , as of yet , how nasty , how vicious , and expensive that it is . That being , he is also inexperienced as hell statewide . He has never run a state wide campaign of any kind . He has not undergone the fund raising ordeal that it is to gather the tens of millions of dollars that it will take to win a statewide party primary , much less a fall general election campaign against a fairly popular (& improving) incumbent governor , John Kasich , espc. If possible , Kasich may well have presidential ambitions .


Fitzgerald ‘ s advantages –

[-] telegenic –

[-] inexperienced – normally , you would want experience . coming from the mess that was Cuya Cty , not so much

[-] statewide Dem machine – even with all of the fuckups , Ohio Dems can and do still win statewide elections . just not as much as before…

[-] national backing [Dems] – Obama & the DNC owe Ohio Dems big time , and for obvious reasons .

[-] national motivation [unions] – the unions have lots of motivation . and going after Kasich in a general election campaign may well be more practical than starting World War III in another iniatiative campaign . Ohio ‘ s GOP is unlikely to make the same mistake , twice , and they dominate the legislature

[-] profession – Fitzgerald is (was) an FBI agent , which never hurts , and can help , espc w.

[-] corruption – free – so far – Fitz was not a part of the old regime in Cuyahoga County , and did not and would not participate in the massive corruption scandal which , ironically , eventually led to him becoming Cuya Cty ‘ s first Executive .

Disadvantages –

[-] inexperienced – Fitz is in his first term , and has not had much of a chance to establish a record . In Cuya Cty ‘ s case , that may not be so bad , because just making the trains run on time without any taint of corruption should give the conductor a big lift

[-] unknown – in Ohio , you generally do not win statewide on your first attempt . Sometimes , it happens .

[-] incumbent – John Kasich is in a similar position as the governor that Fitz is as Cuya Cty Exec . Having the trains run on time corruption free , and an improving economy , help the incumbent , and make it much harder for a challenger …

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… It figures …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,January 31st,2013

… every time there is a serious incident with guns , elected officials come for our guns , and our 2nd amendment rights ….

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… It figures with these Knuckleheads …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,January 30th,2013

… it has been coming to light , through news reports & columns , that the Obama Administration is trying to establish a secret back channel for negotiations with Iran . Are they nuts . Have other administrations tried and failed ? Hell , Yes . Both Republican and Democrat . We should have learned , by now …

… Strong , stout diplomacy will work with Iran . It has to be backed up with the credible threat of force . Right now , Iran does not now view our current government (the Obama Administration) as strong , or as credible . I want to repost one of those news reports below , so that you can get the gist of the flavour of the debate for yourself …

Obama’s woman in Tehran

One of US president’s senior advisors is secretly making efforts to establish line of communication with Iran

Alex Fishman

Published: 11.05.12, 13:52 / Israel News

A Chicago lawyer is the key player behind the secret talks between the US and Iran. Yedioth Ahronoth reported Monday. A close friend of Michelle Obama, Valerie Jarrett is assisting the US government communicate behind the scenes with the representatives of Iran’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei.

Jarret, who was born in the Iranian city of Shiraz, is a senior advisor to US President Barack Obama.

Related Stories:

Last month, The New York Times reported that the US government is engaged in secret talks with Iran aimed at establishing a direct line of communication once the US presidential elections are over.

The National Security Council’s spokesperson denied there is any agreement between the US and Iran regarding direct talks, but the following day senior government officials confirmed that talks took place though no future meeting was scheduled.

The US has tried to keep the secret contacts under wraps since some of the countries involved in the public negotiations, such as Russia, were excluded from them.

Israel was originally surprised to learn of the talks, but state officials now reveal that they were going on for several months. The talks, they claim, were initiated and led by Jarret, and took place in Bahrain.

The US State Department estimated the economic pressure on Iran will peek in February or March, immidiately after the president-elect takes office, rendering the talks over Iran’s nuclear program – in case they materialize – with potentially positive results.

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… Amazing ! …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,January 30th,2013

Obama has been inaugurated . too bad he was not impeached , and kicked out the door . god o

English: Cropped version of File:Official port...

Barack Obama , 44th Schmuck of the United States …

nly knows he has it coming .

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… Bailout == Bankruptcy !! …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,January 30th,2013

… the funds are the d.i.p. stick (debtor in possession) for the bailout to work … for a bankruptcy to work , the company in bankruptcy needs financing to be able to continue in business . normally , it would get it from the banks . However , in the Auto Bailout , GM & Chrysler got the d.i.p. (the bailout)
from the federales . Why ?

… A couple of reasons , perhaps …[-] the banking crisis did not help . the Obamacrats had their jackboots on the throats of the banks ,

[-] the enormous amount of the funding . a couple of hundred million to a billion dollars is one thing , the bailout funding is something else ,

[-]the deficits the federal government was running . $1 trillion deficits will definitely crowd out the private market for credit …,and

[-] politics … POtus was paying off his political buddies (the UAW) by saving their jobs and their retirement funds …


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Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,January 22nd,2013

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