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… Maine wants to Put Through a Pilot Program for Photo IDs [Food Stamps] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,May 12th,2014

.. and the Federales are having a hissy fit over it .

.. with the ObamaCraps , it is doctrinal and philosophical . Those photo IDs can easily be used for voting IDs for the elderly and the poor . Guess why ?? ..

.. [h/t — m.NationalReview]..
.. [link] to the blog news ..

.. so , Maine is trying to put through a pilot program for its Food Stamp program . Good . They should be . The Photo ID requirement would ensure that the benefit recipient using the EBT card is in fact the same person using the card . But the feds don’t like it . They are going hyper over it ..

.. Paul LePage is doing what he can to be a wise steward of taxpayer dollars . He is also making the DemoCraps (both in Augusta (the state capital) and in Washington , D.C.) look like fools . The Dems in D.C. could not care less . The Dems in Augusta may not realize what is happening , though ..

.. LePage is once again in the middle of a 3 – way race for re – election . He won election in the first place that way . This year is a re-run , and so far , LePage has his head above water . He is nearing 40.0% in the polls , with the independent candidate just over 20.0% . If he keeps it up , with managing issues like this , he may well win re – election and flip one or both chambers of the legislature …

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… Another Disastrous ObamaCrapCare Mess [Washington state] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,March 10th,2014

.. yep , another one .

.. no , it is not Cover Oregon . More to come on that colossal cluster[bleep] …

.. it is right next door . No , wrong direction . North , not south . It is not to say that Covered California is going great guns . It is just , so far , that the state of California is , so far , much better at covering it up . If Covered California is as big a mess as I believe that it is , the story will well up to the surface , soon enough ..

.. this dandy was courtesy of the dummies in Washington state . They did not make sure that their state exchange was compatible with their public health and benefit programs . If it were , then it would be relatively simple to tell who was / is eligible for what … But , noooooooooo …

.. get a snipet of this news report from KIRO TV from Seattle …

.. [link] to the news report ….

.. or , almost as bad , this snooze report on the state exchange from the Seattle Times …

.. [link] to the blog post …

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.. Oh , Yeah [on the Beginning of Life] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,March 5th,2014

.. it seems that Planned Murderhood leader Cecile Richards had a colossal brain cramp .

.. it seems that she was appearing on a loonie leftie talk show . She was asked a question about the meaning of life . Well , she blew it , big time !

.. someone should remind Ms. Cecile that Life begins at Conception …

.. [h/t — RealClearPolitics]..
.. [link] to the interview footage …

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… What do People Want — Old School Hospitals ?!?! …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,February 20th,2014

.. at the rate things are going , that may be where we are headed .

.. those hospitals of yesteryear were something to behold . There were wards of patients , large rooms where there were 10 to 12 people to a ward . Infection control was at a premium , because of all of that close contact . Things were worse , believe you me .

.. I am not that old , but my parents and grandparents were that old . Hospitals were much different in those days . What we have now are so much better . Those old ones may start making a comeback because of financial cutbacks . When you keep cutting reimbursement rates to doctors and hospitals , year after year , things like this in Georgia will keep happening …

.. I live in Northeast Ohio . The market (health and otherwise) that I refer to extends to the counties surrounding the one (Cuyahoga) that I live in . The city of Cleveland [which many of you may well recognize] is our county seat . Our area has roughly about 30 hospitals . Most of the counties , save this one , have at most 2 , sometimes 3 hospitals . We used to have about 36 . Six hospitals (maybe more , I think) have closed in the last decade , many due to the cuts in reimbursement rates . We have 3 major hospital networks , the Cleveland Clinic network (run by the Clinic as the home base) , the University Hospitals network [UH is a part of Case Western Reserve University , located in Cleveland] . The third is the Metro Health Medical Center network . Metro is our county hospital , publically supported by tax funds and a subsidy . They are emerging as a network , and will continue to in order to financially survive .

.. In our area , most of our hospitals are east of the Cuyahoga River . The west side of the area makes do just fine with only about 10 to 12 hospitals . Only one west side hospital has closed in recent years . The mass of  the closures , as you might realize , are on the east side of the area , albeit in Cuyahoga County . When the east side has shrank in economic size and population , the number of hospitals is inevitablity going to shrink .

.. Things like this in Georgia are going to continue to happen , nationwide , due to these cuts ….

.. [h/t — DailyCaller]..

.. [link] to the post ..

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… Touchy , Aren’t You [Cover Oregon] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,February 11th,2014

.. paging Dr. Kitzhaber , paging Dr. Kitzhaber .

.. John Kitzhaber is not going to have a fun or easy year . He is on the ballot for re – election , which is something he has experience with . Kitz ran for and won 2 terms before leaving office , due to term limits . Now , he is back , and is going to be on the ballot again . But , it will be far more difficult .

.. Oregon is an off – year Governor ‘ s state , so Kitz does not have the benefit of the turnout machine of POTUS to help him . Also , he does not have Ron Wyden on the ballot , either . Wyden is a far better politician , and also served in the U.S. House , as well as the Oregon Senate . He is no dummy , and has the connections with the eco-socialists and the unions that Jeff Merkely [who is on the ballot with Kitz] lacks . So , Kitzhaber has a big problem .

.. Well , he has an even bigger problem : Cover Oregon . Oregon chose to operate a state – level exchange , a choice that may or may not have been wise . The federal exchange is having enough problems , but it is doing dandy , in comparison to Cover Oregon , which is an abject disaster . C.O. is all the responsibility of Governor John Kitzhaber …

.. Which explains this blunder from this past week . Kitzhaber was having a press availability , with the local media  in that particular area present . Well , the articles from KATU – TV [ABC] and other media have been getting a lot more press in Oregon these days . C.O. is a disaster , with the waste of over $300 million in taxpayer dollars …

.. People are asking questions , and Dr. Kitz is getting touchy …

.. [h/t —] ..

.. [link] .. to the press conference clip …

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… ObamaCrapCare [Employer Justification to IRS] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,February 11th,2014

.. I went back and dug up this CNS article . It is about a year old , but it is more relevant than ever ….

.. It is the proposed rule that I believe syndicated columnist Marc Thiessen was referring to when he made his appearance tonight on the “Kelly File” on FoxNewsChannel . The proposed rule (in that article) is the one that the IRS has made final , now . Yea , it is micromanaging of a Business ‘ hiring and firing and staffing decisions , making them subject to the audit of the Infernal Revenue Service …

.. [h/t — CNSnews]..
.. [link] to the article..

( – The Internal Revenue Service warned employers in a new regulatory proposal not to come up with clever schemes to avoid Obamacare’s employer health insurance mandate. The IRS said it would soon issue “anti-abuse rules” to discourage employers from taking advantage of any regulatory loopholes. “The Treasury Department and the IRS are aware of various structures being considered under which employers might use temporary staffing agencies (or other staffing agencies)… to evade application of section 4980H [the employer insurance mandate],” the IRS said in a proposed regulatory announcement issued December 28.

The IRS said it would issue a so-called “anti-abuse rule” in an attempt to prevent employers from using temp agencies to circumvent the mandate, essentially writing into law that even though an employer hires temporary workers and therefore is not technically under the mandate’s jurisdiction, the IRS would fine them anyway for not providing health insurance. “It is anticipated that the final regulations will contain an anti-abuse rule,” the agency said. “Under that anticipated rule, if an individual performs services as an employee of an employer, and also performs the same or similar services for that employer in the individual’s purported employment at a temporary staffing agency or other staffing agency of which the employer is a client, then all the hours of service are attributed to the employer for purposes of applying section 4980H.”

In other words, if an employer hires someone part-time, then uses an employment agency to bring the same person on for a second part-time shift, the IRS will still hold the employer liable under the ObamaCare mandate. Similarly, IRS said that if an employer hires the same person for two part-time stints by using two different employment agencies, it will hold either the employer or one of the employment agencies liable for the mandate’s penalties. The issue stems from the employer health insurance mandate in Obamacare, which requires employers with 50 or more full-time employees to provide government-approved, affordable health insurance to at least 95 percent of their employees (and dependents). If any of those employees receives government health insurance subsidies, the IRS will fine the employer up to $2,000 per employee, according to a formula outlined by the IRS.

The warning is part of proposed regulations from the IRS outlining how employers must determine whether they meet the 50 full-time-employee threshold and whether the insurance they offer meets government standards. The IRS said that a full-time employee is one who works an average of 30 hours per week or 130 hours per month, roughly 6 hours of paid service per weekday. The IRS also said that in order for an employer’s health insurance plan to pass muster with the government, it must be available to 95 percent of employees and cost no more than 9.5 percent of an employee’s wages. The agency specified that employers could still fall under the mandate if they employ enough part-time workers to equal 50 full-time workers. For example, if an employer has 40 full-time workers and 20 part-time workers, that employer would be considered by the government to have 50 full-time workers and would be subject to the mandate because the 20 part-time workers average to 10 full-time workers – meeting the 50 full-time-worker threshold.

.. LEC here again — I found a news article at AccountingToday , which sets things out pretty simply . The link to the piece is [here] …

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… Paging Doctor Kitzhaber … [Cover Oregon] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,February 9th,2014

.. just what did he know ?? …

.. [h/t —]..

.. [link] to the news report …

»Play VideoGov. John Kitzhaber is interviewed by KATU’s Hillary Lake in early January.

Related Content
‘We look like fools:’ A history of Cover Oregon’s failure

PORTLAND, Ore. – In a brief interview with KATU in early January, Gov. John Kitzhaber made an incredible claim about the failed launch of Cover Oregon’s website.

“In late October was when I first learned about the problems,” Kitzhaber said.

The claim was incredible because the website had already missed its Oct. 1 launch date. Kitzhaber was, in effect, saying he didn’t know there were problems until weeks after one of the most important projects under his watch had already failed.

It was incredible because mountains of reports from the state’s quality-assurance contractor had been raising glaring red flags for almost two years.

It was incredible because the state had implemented a stringent set of checks and balances for the specific purpose of making sure the project didn’t spiral without people in power knowing.

And it was incredible because the KATU Investigators have unearthed emails and conducted interviews laying out repeated attempts by lawmakers and others involved with the project to get Kitzhaber’s help in righting what was clearly a sinking ship.

KATU’s review of thousands of pages of emails and reports, as well as interviews with many of the key people involved, suggest that either Kitzhaber knew more than he has acknowledged, or that he and his staff somehow remained oblivious to the unfolding disaster despite numerous attempts to bring it to their attention.

“The governor’s office was not doing anything,” said state Rep. Dennis Richardson, R-Central Point. “He’s got advisors in his office who are over health policy. None of them were doing any oversight that we can see.”

‘They promised … the governor’s office would be very involved’

Let’s start with a quick history lesson.

Cover Oregon began life as perhaps the most ambitious state health exchange in the nation. Its website would include not just access to health-insurance plans, but to all state entitlements: things like food stamps, WIC and Medicaid would all be available through one portal.

The strategy was called “No Wrong Door.”

The federal government liked the idea so much it, offered the state a $48 million “early innovator” grant to fund the project. That amount later ballooned to $59 million.

Not everybody was sold though. With an already tight deadline for building a complicated website, some thought the proposal crossed the line from ambitious to foolhardy.

Richardson, who has announced he will run against Kitzhaber in the fall, was one of those early skeptics. As co-chair of the powerful House Ways & Means Committee in February 2011, he at first blocked the federal grant. He relented only when an agreement was reached to ensure regular independent quality-assurance reports from a company called Maximus and strict oversight of the project.

Richardson sat down for an exclusive interview with KATU in which he revealed new information about Kitzhaber’s oversight of Cover Oregon.

“They were just diving in,” Richardson told KATU. “It was like trying to paint a car that’s already moving instead of making sure that everything’s done before you start moving ahead.”

>>Click here to watch Hillary Lake’s full interview with Richardson

From the outset, project oversight was designed to be headed by the governor’s office.

The KATU Investigators obtained an organizational chart illustrating the oversight structure. At the top is the governor’s office, to which several different groups report.

There’s the Department of Administrative Services, a government watchdog group that makes sure rules are followed and budgets met.

There’s the Cover Oregon board of directors, the members of which Kitzhaber appointed.

And there’s a joint oversight committee made up of Cover Oregon managers and the Oregon Health Authority – which was led by Bruce Goldberg, the man who has since became director of Cover Oregon.

… LEC here again … Huge , huge oops !! This one is going to continue to snowball … More to come …

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