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… It is a Teaching Moment for the Church [#marriage]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,December 15th,2016

.. and , as usual , the LameStream media missed it , completely …

.. the Holy Father was trying to send multiple messages as Bishop of Rome , as well as Pope , to the world at large by officiating at a marriage ceremony . A Pope doing this , especially in public , is extraordinarily rare [Saint John Paul II was the last to do so , in 1998] ….

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the interview segments…

.. yes , he is trying to send a message of inclusiveness to the church and to the world . It does not mean that he is altering church doctrine , though . What he is doing is altering [sometimes greatly] how it is presented and prepared …

.. each of the cardinals that is coming to the Synod , in addition to the Bishops , is themselves a Bishop . Pope Francis I is trying to lead and send more than one message to more than one audience in what he is doing and what he is trying to do ….

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… There is a Voting Age for a Reason [#Papal Conclave][#Roman Catholic Church]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,January 11th,2015

.. I think either John Paul II or Paul VI created the voting age for cardinals . Perhaps even John XXIII . But , it is there for a reason …

.. the Church does not want nor need a bunch of doddering old fools voting on the possible successor to a Pope in a Papal Conclave . Besides , one of them could become the anointed one …

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the news article …

.. it is also more to insure that , ideally , any potential successor is of a decent and healthy age . Before , 75 would have been too old . Not now . But 80 is to be honest probably too old …

.. Pope John Paul II was 58 when he was elected . His young age at election was a bit unsual , coming still during the Cold War . Pope Benedict XVI was 77 . Pope Francis I was 76 . All three had been cardinals for a good number of years before their election …

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… What is Louisiana Thinking [#religious freedom]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,August 3rd,2014

.. or , unfortunately , lack thereof ..

.. I am a Roman Catholic . I have been to the confessional , and understand what it means . I studied about it a lot when I was a part of the R.C.I.A. [Rite of Christian Initiation in Adults] . So , it hits very close to me .

.. [h/t — m.NationalReview]..

.. [link] to the editorial..

.. they would force a priest to violate the sanctity of the seal of the confessional ? That is nuts …

.. how the state of Louisiana could have adopted such a law is insane . They affect the religion and rights of anyone and everyone , whether they are Catholic or not . This law hits the ” priest – penitent ” privilege , because it is also known as the ” pastor – penitent ” privilege , no matter what the religion or the faith …

.. I hope Louisiana changes this law , and soon . I think that the shock of what the Louisiana Supreme Court has done has gotten their attention …

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… The N.A.G. Gang wants anti – religious tyranny [#bigotry]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,July 28th,2014

.. NOW is very , very unhappy with the Hobby Lobby decision . They are so unhappy that they are advising POTUS to go waaaaay over the line with another of his executive orders ….

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the commentary ..

.. basically , NOW wants POTUS to effectively shred the Hobby Lobby decision , by eliminating it where it deals with federal contractors ….

.. Haven’t the NAGs remembered that the law overrules E.O.s (executive orders) , and the Constitution overrules both of them . Even if POTUS wanted to , any court worth a damn would throw his action O-U-T the door as a gross abuse of power …

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… the Holy Father gets It [papal retirement] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,June 3rd,2014

.. I was in the process of converting to Roman Catholicism when Pope Emeritus Benedict stood down …

.. at first , I was puzzled . But , I let it rest . I also thought a lot about it , both from a human perspective , as well as a religious one . then , I realized , Pope Benedict XVI did something really gutsy …

.. [h/t — Newsmax]..
.. [link] to the news piece …

.. our current Holy Father , Pope Francis I , was talking about it on the plane flight back from the Middle East from his trip to the Holy Land . He brought up the issue , and he brought up others …. well , he realized the ” door ” that Pope Emeritus Benedict has opened …

.. Saint John Paul II set an extraordinary example by the way he conducted himself and the affairs of the church during his closing years . What he did was something to behold . However , there are the more practical matters of running a large church [the Roman Catholic Church] and the decline of the health of a Pope . The decline could well be quite drawn out …

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… Uncivilized Brutality [Arabs attack Jewish kids at the Temple Mount (Jerusalem)] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,May 2nd,2014

.. yes , you heard it here ..

.. once again , the Arab world cannot behave in a civilized manner ..

.. [h/t –– TruthRevolt]..
.. [link] to the blog news ..

.. the young Jewish children were visiting the Temple Mount . The Mount is atop the area of the Western Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem , which is extraordinarily holy to Islam , Christianity , and Judaism . Why ? …

.. just because they were Jewish , and that they might pray or engage in prayer …

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… You Would Have Thought By Now …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,April 27th,2014

.. that these idiots would have learned ..

.. unfortunately , it appears that they have not . Sadly , it appears that history is starting to repeat itself in Ukraine , in particular , in the eastern part of the country …

.. people have been passing out these leaflets [see below] :

eastern Ukraine (Jewish reg flyer)

.. basically , they call for all of the Jewish folk in the area to register with their local authorities , or else …

.. these things are sick , the height of anti – Semitism , and grotesque , and disgusting …

.. [h/t — theGatewayPundit]..
.. [link] to the blog news ..

.. have not these people [I would accuse the Russians of this] learned from their history , especially from their recent history . Ukrainians know better than most . More than 10 million Ukrainians of all faiths were murdered during the 1930s by the ” Liquidations ” by the N.K.V.D. under the Soviet Union and Josef Stalin . Worse was to come during World War iI ..

.. Virtually all of Ukraine was a battlefield throughout the war . Many millions more were killed . Probably more Ukrainians were killed (murdered) during the war [in percent terms] by far than even Russians . Much of Russia was also a battlefield , but Russia is far larger , both in terms of land area , and in terms of population . Stalin did not ” liquidate ” Russians as a people as he did Ukrainians during the ’30s , and much of the Soviet Union ‘ s jewish population , then and now , was and is located in Ukraine , not Russia ..

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… Congratulations to Both !! [canonization of Popes John XXIII and John Paul II]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,April 27th,2014

.. Saint John XXIII and Saint John Paul II !!

.. today , both former Popes and successors of Saint Peter are to be canonized at the Vatican in Vatican City .

.. I can understand that it is going to be a ” zoo ” there in Rome and the surrounding regions . Pope John XXIII was from the Lombardy region in the north of Italy . It will draw a significant crowd from there , but not as much as one might think , since John XXIII has been gone for 51 years … for John Paul II , it is a very , very different matter …

.. [h/t — Newsmax]..
.. [link] to Edward Pentin ‘ s column …

.. His Holiness John Paul II was chosen Pope from a Poland that was not free . Poland at the time was a part of the Soviet Orbit , and a part of the Warsaw Pact . Now , the Soviet Union is gone , the Warsaw Pact is gone , and Poland is free . Better yet , Poland is probably the leading light of the post – Soviet nations , and with this event , you can guarantee many hundreds of thousands , potentially one or two million or more religious pilgrim will come to Rome and Vatican City for this event …

.. also , back in Poland , once it happens , I believe there will be a race to create a significant number of Catholic parishes (new ones) named after Saint John Paul II . I am not sure that the Archdioceses in Poland will allow existing parishes to change their names , but who knows ? I also think that the Archbishop must approve , plus the reigning prelate [ a Cardinal ] in Poland , as well ..

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… This Bunch of Loonies Needs to Understand a Few Things …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,April 26th,2014

.. I am talking about the Freedom from Religion Foundation .

.. it seems that they have made it their mission in life to chase religion and faith from the public sphere and the public square …

.. just to remind them : …

.. [h/t — TruthRevolt]..
.. [link] to the post news …

.. we have a First Amendment to the United States Constitution ; and ,

.. it provides for the Freedom of Religion ; and ,

.. the provision that supposedly states that prohibits the establishment of religion refers to the establishment of a state church , as was done and still is done in England with the [Anglican] Church in England . Otherwise , the exercise of religion is allowed in public , you morons …

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… Arresting People — for their Religious Faith ?!?! …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,April 25th,2014

.. for celebrating Palm Sunday ? …

.. yes , it happened … in Cuba ..

.. [h/t — BabaluBlog]..
.. [link] to the blog news..

.. the Damas de Blanco (the Ladies in White) were among 30 people that were arrested for the celebration of their faith on Palm Sunday …

.. may God Bless You , Ladies in White !! …

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… The Networks have to Be Kidding [on the Catholic Church] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,March 20th,2014

.. the LameStream Media is ” celebrating Pope Francis I ‘ s first year of his papacy by encouraging the Roman Catholic Church to abandon their core principles …

.. are they kidding ??

.. [h/t — Newsbusters]..
.. [link] to the blog post ..

.. the Holy Father is many things , but he is an excellent marketer . He is also a man of strong prinicples , strongest among them being that of being a strong theological conservative . The soon – to – be Saint John Paul II chose his bishops and cardinals very carefully . He was not and did not put people into diocesean seats who were raging liberals ,to say the least …

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… C.P.A.C. — Dr. Benjamin Carson …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,March 15th,2014

.. this is the C.P.A.C. address of retired neurosurgeon and emergent conservative republican Dr. Benjamin Carson …

.. [h/t — theRightScoop]..

.. [link] to Dr. Carson ‘ s speech ..

.. Benjamin Carson is an emerging force on the national stage . Whether he will run for office is ,  to be honest , entirely up to him . But someone with his credentials would be a firecracker jim dandy of a candidate , no matter what office he decides to run for  .

.. I think that eventually that he will run for office . I hope that he does , because , more than anything , he has a great deal to contribute to our national scene …

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… Marriage is for Me !! …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,December 23rd,2013

Marriage is For Me !

.. No , I have never been married . But , I respect and admire my friends and family who are married . I believe that it is for the best for all that are concerned .

.. Yea , I am lonely . I have always wished to find the right person . God willing , I will . When that will happen , I do not know . But , I believe that it will happen ..

.. I am an idealist . I always have been . Even after all the things that I have been through down through the years , you might think that I may well be a cynic . I am not . I would rather live and die as an idealist , than to live one day as a cynic .

.. Love can come suddendly . It can , as I have found , come softly (from Jeannette Oke ‘ s books and movies) . Being friends first helps . But it is not always necessary .

.. Are there fears and anxieties ? Sure . Finding the right person , first of all . Not to be picky , no . I come with baggage . In my case , also a hot fuse . That is what scares me to death , more than anything else . I do not want to hurt the people that I care about , because I am a hot head ..

.. You might think that I had gotten advice from my parents . I thought that I had not . Then I realized that it was right in front of me . It was their example . They were not perfect . Far from it . But they made it work … every day , for almost 48 years . May God Bless them Always !

.. I believe that it takes not being selfish , but being selfless enough . A lot more than that . If one is too selfish , well , then , ….

Marriage is about family.
.. I realized that I had seen my parent ‘ s advice . My father was not a preacher . Not even close . A scoutmaster , yes . Nothing made him more proud than when both my brother John and I earned our Eagle Scout badges . It did not always make it easy to deal with a father and a scoutmaster . But , I finally understood . I wanted to achieve , but also did not want to embarass him . I did not . Generally , not publically . Sometimes , in private .
.. Yea , my father and I look a lot alike . But we are very different people . He passed away in June of 2005 . I think about him every day . Every day . My mom , too . My father was up – from – the – boostraps working class , not the best in school , and worked his fanny off to become a top flight electical engineer . Also , a top – flight technical writer . He was a 32nd degree FreeMason by his mid40s , and could have gone higher . Much higher .

.. What matter more . Our family . Not just Mom . My sister , Karen , my brother John , and me . Indian Guides . Boy Scouts . Church . American Legion . A Master Gardener , in retirement . All of that . One heck of an example . But not perfect , either .

.. God , I miss my mother . She passed away in January of 2000 . A top flight RN for almost 40 years . Most of her career was spent in maternity nursing at Fairview Hospital in Cleveland , Ohio . She was upper middle – class , and had to defy my grandmother to take the exams to enter nursing school . Doing it anytime took guts . Doing it in the early 1950s took a lot more guts .


.. Does it scare me ? Yes , it does . But , not as much as one might think . Even the likelyhood or possibility of being a step – parent . Who knows . Being an excellent role model matters the most . Especially in this day and age .

.. No , I am not that open . I am still shy . But our world has changed so much , and is still changing . Hopefully for the better . Making sure that technology is an aid , and not a crutch , is helpful .

My Siblings

.. Both are married . One for 18 years , the other for almost 35 years . Great job , you too . Especially with my nieces and nephew . My nephew is a newlywed . I wonder how my sister feels about becoming a Grandmaw [ha!ha!] . Just kidding , Sis ! I think that it would be great .

the ” M ” word
.. Do I wish I have talked to them about the ” M ” word ? Yea , I do . Those who know me would not be surprised that I did not . I am extraordinarily painfully shy . Still am . The experience of these years has helped to loosen some of the shyness .

.. No true relationship of love is just about you. Love is about the person you love . It is about being selfless .

.. And , the more that you love that person, the more love you receive . And not just from your significant other, but from their friends and their family and thousands of others you never would have met had your love remained self-centered.

.. Truly, love and marriage is for you . .

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… You Descecrate a Catholic Cathedral [the Abortion Debate] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,December 19th,2013

.. and expect people to respect your position and your viewpoint ?

.. [h/t — ,]

.. [link] to the post ..

.. Over in Europe , it seems that the abortion debate is going on just as fiercely as it is here in the United States . However , you do not see people descerating Catholic churches here , stateside . Not in a million years . Anyone participating in such a stunt here would be roundly condemned , not to mention sued in court , and criminally prosecuted .

.. Not over there . The femiNazis marched into a local Italian cathedral [in Bologna , I think] and hung a banner carrying forth their blasphemous viewpoints , and defaming the cathedral in the process . I would bet that not much , if anything , will happen to them . The Italian government does not have the guts to go after these nuts …

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… I support My Church [on so – called ” pro – choice ” Catholics] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,December 19th,2013

.. being denied communion . They are not in good standing with their faith and their beliefs . They are not in good standing with the Roman Catholic Church ….

.. [h/ts —,]

… [from the article] …

Vatican Chief Justice: Denying Communion to Nancy Pelosi “Makes Perfect Sense”

by Steven Ertelt | | 12/16/13 4:21 PM

Catholics across the United States have for years wondered if and when pro-abortion “Catholics” like Nancy Pelosi or John Kerry would be told not to present themselves for Communion because they are out of step with Catholic Church teachings on the sanctity of human life.

Cardinal Raymond Burke, the former archbishop of St. Louis and now the chief justice at the Vatican’s highest court saying prohibiting Pelosi and Kerry from receiving Communion”makes perfect sense,” according to a new interview Burke gave to EWTN.

As CNS News reports on the interview:

In an interview with EWTN’s Raymond Arroyo on Dec. 13, Cardinal Burke explained that it is necessary to protect the Sacrament, the Communion wafer offered at Masses, from “being profaned, being violated by someone receiving unworthily,” someone “who knows that he or she is unworthy and yet presumes to come forward and to take the Holy Eucharist.”

Host Arroyo then asked,  “Now, over the years, you have said everybody from John Kerry to Nancy Pelosi to Rudy Guiliani — these are public figures who are, by and large, pro-choice, in their public pronouncements, and manifestly so — you’ve said they shouldn’t receive the Sacrament. Now, over the years, you have received such scorn, for that clear teaching, do you ever stop and say, ‘Maybe I should back off a little bit’?”

Cardinal Burke, whose official title is Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura, or chief of the Vatican’s highest court, said,  “I’ve thought about it because I’ve received very severe criticism, both at the time that I was insisting on applying the discipline and also in my writing and other situations. But I have to say that, I think about it again, the discipline itself, and it’s a consistent discipline from the time of St. Paul, from the very first years of the Church, and it makes perfect sense.” “In fact, it makes such fundamental sense that I can’t feel badly about it or question [it],” said the cardinal.  ‘The question in my mind is, ‘Why don’t more people understand this?’ Because I don’t consider it to be rocket science or some kind of very unusual insight. It’s something that is natural to our Faith.”

The cardinal continued, “The Holy Eucharist is the most sacred reality. It is the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ. And I simply wouldn’t approach to receive Holy Communion if I was in a state of sin, and neither would I give Holy Communion to someone who I knew was in a state of sin.”

This isn’t the first time Burke has said they should not receive communion.

In a September interview with The Wanderer, a Catholic newspaper, Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke, prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura in Rome, sheds light on Pelosi and communion. He issues a call for pro-abortion politicians to be denied the sacrament — saying that Catholic Canon law must be applied to them.

.. [h/ts]


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… My Personal Answer to those Lunatic Atheists [War on Christmas] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,December 13th,2013

(stumpy) christ of the ozarks

(stumpy) christ of the ozarks (Photo credit: fallsroad)

English: Icon of Jesus Christ

English: Icon of Jesus Christ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

.. Christ is the reason for the season , you morons !

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… Outrageous ! [Religion & the ObamaCraps]

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,November 26th,2013

.. those idiots want to close our embassy at the Holy See (the Vatican) . The ObamaCraps consider it to be a ” security risk . ”

.. Are they crazy ?!?!

[h/t — the Gateway]

… added material [h/t — the national catholic reporter]

Vatican embassy move draws fire from former US envoys

    John L. Allen Jr.   | Nov. 20, 2013
Plans to move the U.S. embassy to the Vatican onto the grounds of the larger American embassy to Italy, though in a separate building and with a distinct entrance, are drawing fire from five former American envoys despite the tacit consent of the Vatican itself.

Justified primarily on the grounds of enhanced security, the move is described by former U.S. Ambassador James Nicholson, who’s also a former Secretary of Veterans Affairs in the Bush administration and a former chair of the Republican National Committee, as a “massive downgrade” in U.S./Vatican ties.

“It’s turning this embassy into a stepchild of the embassy to Italy,” Nicholson said.

“The Holy See is a pivot point for international affairs and a major listening post for the United States,” he said, “and to shoehorn [the U.S. delegation] into an office annex inside another embassy is an insult to American Catholics and to the Vatican.”

Nicholson, who spoke in an interview Wednesday with NCR, joins former Bush envoys Francis Rooney and Mary Ann Glendon as well as Raymond Flynn, the first Clinton ambassador, and Thomas Melady, who served the first President Bush, in objecting.

“In the diplomatic world, if you don’t have your own separate space, you’re on the road to nowhere,” said Rooney, who served as ambassador from 2005 to 2008. He’s author of The Global Vatican [1], a new book on U.S./Vatican relations.

While the move has not yet been publicly announced, a contract for renovations to the new facility has been awarded, and it’s tentatively scheduled to open in January 2015. The embassy is presently located in a building near Rome’s Circus Maximus, roughly 3 miles away from the other American diplomatic facilities in the city.

Although the Vatican traditionally has insisted that countries maintain embassies in distinct locations as a way of underscoring its autonomy, signals in this case suggest it won’t protest the relocation.

On background, a senior Vatican official told NCR on Monday that safety is a “real concern,” especially in the wake of a lethal June 2012 assault on a U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya, that claimed the lives of an American ambassador and three other officials. A U.S. State Department report after that assault recommended consolidating facilities wherever possible.

As long as the embassy remains “completely separate” from other U.S. missions, the Vatican official said, the new site represents a tolerable exception to normal practice.

The current and former Vatican ambassadors of the Obama administration as well as a senior official of the U.S. State Department all told NCR the move is primarily about security. They also say the move will bring cost savings and improved facilities and will not be accompanied by cuts in personnel or resources.

“I see no diminishing in the importance of the relationship at all,” said current U.S. Ambassador Ken Hackett.

In truth, Hackett said, “the relationship between the Vatican and the U.S. government hasn’t been better than it is right now in quite a while,” especially under Pope Francis.

That view was echoed by the State Department official.

“Having the embassy close to the other missions gives it greater stature,” the official said, who was authorized to speak to NCR on background. “It makes it central to everything the U.S. is doing in Italy and the region rather than being out of sight and out of mind.”

Especially given the global interest in Francis, the official said, “If anything, we anticipate intensifying our relationship.”

Hackett and others note that a few other countries, such as Israel, have always had their embassies in Rome at the same location while others, such as the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, have recently combined them.

Those assurances, however, haven’t mollified the critics. Nicholson rejected the security argument, calling it a “smokescreen.”

“That’s like saying people get killed on highways because they drive cars on them,” he said. “We’re not a pauper nation … if we want to secure an embassy, we certainly can.” He said protection at the current location is “state of the art.”

Flynn described the move as part of broader secular hostility to religious groups, the Catholic church in particular.

“It’s not just those who bomb churches and kill Catholics in the Middle East who are our antagonists, but it’s also those who restrict our religious freedoms and want to close down our embassy to the Holy See,” Flynn told NCR.

Flynn said he can’t see any “diplomatic or political benefit to the United States” from the relocation and called it “shortsighted.”

Melady told NCR that no matter how the move is justified, it will be perceived in diplomatic circles as scaling back.

“Whether that’s the official reason doesn’t really matter, because that’s how people will see it,” Melady said.

Hackett called those perceptions off-base. Among other points, he said, the new facilities include better office space and the ability to host small conferences involving 30 to 40 participants.

All told, Hackett said, the new site will give visitors the impression that the United States is “serious” about engaging the Vatican.

The idea of moving the embassy has been around for at least a decade. Under former Ambassador to Italy Mel Sembler, who represented President George W. Bush from 2001 to 2005, the U.S. acquired a large building and other property adjacent to the embassy to Italy, located on Rome’s upscale Via Veneto.

The third U.S. embassy in Rome, a mission to the Food and Agriculture Organization and other U.N. agencies, moved into that compound in early 2012.

Both Nicholson and Rooney said moving the Vatican embassy to the same location was floated during their tenures, and both resisted it on the grounds that the delegation to the Vatican needs its own identity, including a separate physical location.

After the Benghazi attack, momentum for moving the embassy gathered steam. Those conversations took place toward the end of the term of former Ambassador Miguel Diaz, who represented Obama from 2009 to 2012.

“There are really serious issues in terms of protecting U.S. diplomatic personnel,” Diaz said. He said the move is “absolutely not a downgrade.”

Diaz said it will promote collaboration among the three American embassies in Rome, creating “more possibilities to do what we want to do.”

Hackett said the Vatican embassy no longer will have to pay the annual lease on its present location, which he estimated at between $600,000 and $1 million. Officials say once it’s operational, the new facility will have separate signage and a separate entrance on Rome’s Via Salustina, marking it as a distinct diplomatic operation.

Glendon disputed the notion that the United States ought to cite what other countries have done as precedent, saying the importance of the relationship merits its own location and profile.

“Both [the U.S. and the Vatican] are global actors,” she said. “The Holy See’s sphere of concern, like that of the United States, is worldwide.”

Diaz suggested that since much of the blowback is coming from representatives of Republican presidents, it may have a partisan edge.

“We need to look at the evidence and the facts rather than politicizing this move,” Diaz said.

Nicholson disputed that charge, noting that his initial objections were lodged under the Bush administration while a fellow Republican was the ambassador to Italy.

“There’s no partisan motivation on my part,” Nicholson said. “I’ve served there, I know the importance of this post, and I know the damage that will be done.”

Although the State Department official described the decision as a fait accompli, Nicholson said he still hopes it can be reversed.

“They like to use the term ‘reset’ in talking about diplomacy, and I think this is something that can be ‘reset,’ ” he said, saying he’s had conversations with political leaders “on both sides of the aisle” in an effort to roll it back.

The U.S. Embassy to the Holy See also maintains an official residence for the ambassador, a picturesque 19th-century building known as the Villa Richardson rented from the American Academy on Rome’s Janiculum Hill, which is often used for receptions and other events. Officials say there’s no plan to change that residence.

Former Ambassador Frank Shakespeare, the only other living former U.S. envoy to the Vatican, did not respond to a request for comment on this article.

[John L. Allen Jr. is NCR senior correspondent. His email address is [2]. Follow him on Twitter: @JohnLAllenJr [3].]

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… on Saeed Abedini …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,November 5th,2013

.. my God , what in God ‘ s name is our government doing , or , in Reverend Abedini ‘ s case , not doing …

.. Saeed Abedini is an Iranian – American . He originally emigrated from Iran (I believe) when he was a young adult . Not only that , he did something that would really piss off the Mullocracry estabalishment in Qum . Before he emigrated , he converted to Christianity (and to evangelical Christianity , at that) . It showed quite a bit of tenacity , moral courage , and leadership to do what he did .

.. What he did next was even more gutsy . Abedini returned to his native land , as an American citizen , to minister to the faithful and to preach the Gospels . Anywhere else , that is doing something normal and sane . Doing it in Iran , especially as a christian convert from Islam , takes some serious balls . It is literally getting “in your face” with the mullocracy in Iran to do what Saeed is doing .

.. Contrary to popular wisdom , Iran is only slightly majority ethnic Persian and likewise religiously Shiite Muslim . There are multiple ethnic and religious minorities throughout the country , but are concentrated in the west , north , and northwest .

.. Our government really needs to get off of its butt , and show some leadership and moral courage . Reverend Abedini is doing so by doing what he has to preach to the faithful . Our government , and those of our allies , need to stand by Saeed and those like him . What Iran is itself doing is blasphemous to any and all religions , including Islam …

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… the Faithful in Military Service [US Armed Forces] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,October 5th,2013

.. their lives and faith continue , so , why can it be illegal for a military pastor to continue to do their job .

.. this is becoming waaaaay beyond petty . This is insane . If I were a military pastor , no matter what the faith , I would consider

The coat of arms of the Archdiocese for the Mi...

The coat of arms of the Archdiocese for the Military Services (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

this an immoral and illegal order . It would give me the legal right to disobey it . It would be a defense at a subsequent court – martial , if the pastor were prosecuted for disobeying an order …

.. from the Daily Caller

In a stunning development, some military priests are facing arrest if they celebrate mass or practice their faith on military bases during the federal government shutdown.

“With the government shutdown, many [government service] and contract priests who minister to Catholics on military bases worldwide are not permitted to work – not even to volunteer,” wrote John Schlageter, the general counsel for the Archdiocese for the Military Services USA, in an op-ed this week. “During the shutdown, it is illegal for them to minister on base and they risk being arrested if they attempt to do so.”

According to its website, the Archdiocese for the Military Services “provides the Catholic Church’s full range of pastoral ministries and spiritual services to those in the United States Armed Forces.”

In his piece, Schlageter worries about this restriction as Sunday nears. “If the government shutdown continues through the weekend, there will be no Catholic priest to celebrate Mass this Sunday in the chapels at some U.S. military installations where non-active-duty priests serve as government contractors,” he wrote.

Because of the lack of active-duty Catholic chaplains, the military relies on hiring civilian priests to serve as government service and contract ministers. Those civilian priests are not allowed on the bases during a shutdown, Schlageter wrote.

One Republican lawmaker on the House Intelligence Committee told The Daily Caller on Friday that this “crosses a constitutional line.”

“The constitutional rights of those who put their lives on the line for this nation do not end with a government slowdown,” Kansas Rep. Mike Pompeo, a graduate of West Point and an Army veteran, said in a Friday statement. ”It is completely irresponsible for the president to turn his back on every American’s First Amendment rights by furloughing military contract clergy.”

Added Pompeo: “The President’s strategy during the slowdown, just as during the sequestration, is to create as much pain as possible. However, this action crosses a constitutional line of obstructing every U.S. service member’s ability to practice his or her religion.”

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… As Usual , the Media Messed it Up [Papal Letter to the Italian Media] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,September 15th,2013

.. Once again His Holiness , Pope Francis , has made headlines , this time for his supposedly radical op-ed comments on the

St. Peter's Basilica at Early Morning

St. Peter’s Basilica at Early Morning (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

possible salvation of non-believers. The stunning revelation: Non-believers can be saved if they act according to their consciences.

.. There is nothing radical or new about his words in terms of Church teaching . The media is also making a big deal out of this , as you might think . Those knuckleheads have sensationalized his words in order to make them compatible with or approving of any worldview . It is quite the opposite .

.. Many of Pope Francis’s public statements on contentious topics have been construed as indicators of “change” within the church. A CNN blog piece from July 2013, reporting on Francis’s views on homosexuality, said that the pope’s words “indicated a change in tone, if not in teaching, in the church’s stance towards gays and lesbians more generally.” Championing Pope Francis as the great “modifier” or “tailor” of Church teaching on modern social issues is misguided, but many news services have fallen into this trap. These misguided hopes explain why a headline such as “Pope Assures Atheists: You Don’t Have to Believe in God to Go to Heaven” can create a media firestorm.

.. The title of the article is itself extremely  misleading. To many it reads more like: “Everyone goes to Heaven regardless of what you believe,” when that is the opposite meaning of the message entirely : You ask me if the God of the Christians forgives those who don’t believe and who don’t seek the faith. I start by saying – and this is the fundamental thing – that God ’ s mercy has no limits , if you go to him with a sincere and contrite heart . The issue is for those that do not believe in God is for them to obey their conscience.

.. The Holy Father has recognized a two – pronged question concerning those who do not believe and do not seek , but , tellingly, he probes the latter prong first . He begins by saying that seeking is the fundamental thing. If you are a sincere seeker of the truth , and your sure conscience paves you a path , then you must follow it . Nothing radical there . The caveat, however, is that no one follows his conscience perfectly , theist or atheist , but in both instances what is offered is the same : a possibility of salvation , not a guarantee . Hence , there is a need for a search.

... the Holy Father , Pope Francis I ...

… the Holy Father , Pope Francis I …

.. Once Francis establishes that necessity, “peaceful and constructive dialogue,” as he put it in his op-ed, is of capital importance.  To avoid dialogue—to turn on autopilot—then, is to cease seeking the truth in a real way. Hence, what seeking the truth requires, inevitably and invariably, is dialogue with other human beings. Why Francis is perceived to be a groundbreaker in this regard isn’t clear.

.. Even in 1994, Pope John Paul II stated quite clearly, in his address to the Plenary Assembly of the Pontifical Council for Culture,

English: Pope John Paul II on 12 August 1993 i...

English: Pope John Paul II on 12 August 1993 in Denver (Colorado) Español: Papa Juan Pablo II el 12 de agosto de 1993 en Denver, Colorado. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

that “[i]t would be appropriate to seek [non-belief’s] historical, cultural, social and intellectual causes, and at the same time to promote a respectful and open dialogue with those who do not believe in God or who profess no religion.” The same notions of “seek” and “dialogue,” in the context of non-belief, were promulgated 19 years ago, before both Francis and Benedict.

.. What is being treated in many circles as a novel and welcome advance by the Catholic Church—through Francis—into the 21st century . It is nothing more than a simple moral point . It is consistent with the thinking of both the pope ’ s predecessors , and that of good old – fashioned common  sense.

[link] — this is a link to the english translation of the Papal Letter . It appeared originally in the Italian newspaper , Il Republica . Cue it up , and read it for yourself , and see what you think …

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… Have the Quebeckers gone Bananas ?!?!? [State Secularism Bill] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,September 12th,2013

.. I would say so .

.. Canada and its society are notorious for being politically correct . Their so – called “Human Rights ” law and the Human Rights Commission have become infamous for enforcing a level of political correctness that we here in the U.S. would never tolerate . Yet , the PQ (parti Quebecois) is going to push ahead with this dreadful bill .

.. First , the minority government must stand for election . If the PQ wins a majority , then you can expect the new PQ government to go for the bill , no matter what . It will then become the Canadian government ‘ s call (from Ottawa) . The federal Charter of Rights and Freedoms most certainly does not allow this level of religious discrimination . However , the provincial government may bounce off of that , and still do it anyway …

… from the National Post …

The Christian exemptions to Quebec’s proposed secular Charter of Values — which would allow the crucifix to remain in the National Assembly, the cross to remain on Mount Royal, and Christmas trees to remain in provincial government buildings — are based on the controversial idea that some religious symbols have become purely secular.

Just as the Christmas tree grew from pagan origins to signify the birth of Jesus, the theory goes that now, in modern post-Catholic Quebec, it merely reflects the secular culture of holidays and gift-giving — “part of Quebec culture,” as the minister responsible for the Charter, Bernard Drainville, said Tuesday.

“We will recognize elements of our heritage that bear witness to our history,” he said of the tree, and the cross.

These exemptions are “certainly going to strike people as hypocritical,” said Paul Bramadat, director of the Centre for Studies in Religion and Society at the University of Victoria.

“If the leaders of Quebec society are seeking to exclude from the public and political arenas all historically deep references to religious identity, then it stands to reason that the crucifix would need to be removed, too, not to mention the cross on the top of Mt. Royal,” he said.

Mark Mercer, professor of philosophy at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, said he is “appalled” by the proposals, and objects to the idea of defining symbols merely by their origins, rather than their current significance to the people who use them.

“What I object to is just taking the origin of things as necessarily part of them to the people who use those things today. I think that’s just misguided,” he said. He cited a criminal cross-burning case in Nova Scotia, which recalled the explicitly racist symbolism of Ku Klux Klan, but raised the vexing question of whether burning a cross, by itself, expresses racial hatred, simply because of the symbol’s history.

Francis Vachon for National Post/Files

Francis Vachon for National Post/FilesA Christmas tree in front of Quebec’s National Assembly in 2008. A controversy erupted when the government referred to it as a “celebration tree.”

“There’s the origin, and it’s always tainted by its origin,” he said, but it is wrong to think a symbol always “retains the aspect of their origin.”

Christmas trees and crucifixes raise similar problems. “The province itself, as a legitimate, authoritative political entity, can do things like declare that, for the province, [a symbol] does not have religious significance… We accept that sort of thing all over the place. Remember, [in hockey] a goal isn’t scored just when a puck crosses the line. The goal isn’t scored until the referee raises his arm. Is it a goal? Depends what the referee says. Same thing. Is the Christmas tree a religious symbol?” he said, and quoted a baseball umpire to the effect that, “It ain’t nothing until I call it.”

The issue is already familiar to the courts. Justin Trottier, a prominent secularist activist with the Centre for Inquiry, said that 28 city councils in Ontario still begin sessions with the Lord’s Prayer, and only three or four have voluntarily complied with a court ruling that this is unconstitutional.

He also said a push was on for a Supreme Court of Canada review of a recent Quebec case, in which a mayor’s use of Christian prayer in Saguenay was judged to not violate the state’s religious neutrality.

Quebec is not the first jurisdiction to face these deep problems of the modern relevance of historical state religion. A landmark case in the United States Supreme Court, for example, divided the judges on the issue of whether a Pittsburgh courthouse could display a nativity scene, a Christmas tree, and a menorah. In the end, despite broad dissent, the tree and the menorah were in, and the nativity was out.

On such a fraught issue as religious faith in the secular state, however, the law offers only limited guidance.

“The discomfort people have with removing the crucifix reflects the deep roots of religion, and its signs and symbols, in the tastes, smells, practices, norms, habits and feelings of many even thoroughly secular people,” Prof. Bramadat said.

“Those staunch secularists who want to leave the crucifix alone because, well, removing it would ‘feel wrong’ and the National Assembly would ‘look wrong,’ might want to think about the emotional effect on Muslims, Jews, Sikhs and observant Christians who are now being asked to stop wearing symbols that are both personally meaningful and indicative of long, complex systems of meaning and purpose.”

… items from Toronto ‘ s Globe and Mail …

[link] — consequences of the proposed charter , except that they forgot one : it applies , evidently , to the private sector , too …

[link] — an editorial of the paper , greatly criticizing the proposal , that it cuts off the province from its heritage and its tradition of religious tolerance …

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… I wanted to Revisit This [Religious Freedom in Business] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,September 5th,2013

.. this is in regards to the small businesses , one in Colorado , and one in Oregon , who are currently under fire for exercising their religious beliefs .

.. I wanted to bring in this quote from the one article …
“Religious freedom is a fundamental right in America and it’s something that we champion at the ACLU,” said Mark Silverstein, the

English: The Bill of Rights, the first ten ame...

English: The Bill of Rights, the first ten amendments to the United States Constitution Česky: Originál Listiny práv, prvních deseti dodatků k Ústavě Spojených států amerických Deutsch: Die Bill of Rights genannten ersten zehn Zusatzartikel zur US-amerikanischen Verfassung, die den Bürgern bestimmte Grundrechte garantieren Español: La Carta de Derechos de los Estados Unidos, el término por el que se conocen las diez primeras enmiendas de la Constitución de los Estados Unidos de América (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

legal director of the group in Colorado, which filed the complaint last year on behalf of Mullins and Craig. “We are all entitled to our religious beliefs and we fight for that. But someone’s personal religious beliefs don’t justify breaking the law by discriminating against others in the public sphere.”

.. Someone should remind the AntiChrist Lunatics Union that our religious beliefs are religious liberties , enshrined in the U.S. Constitution . Also , in the Bill of Rights , in the 1st Amendment , as regards the freedom of religion and religious practice . Exercising those religious beliefs in public is not discrimination , and does not discriminate against others . People are freely exercising their religious beliefs , and that does not stop in  the business sphere .

.. Those idiots keep on enacting those so – called “human rights” laws , and imposing their socialist acts on us all . They should remember , those laws are only laws , and they are not constitutional amendments . The law is subservient to the constitution , and those “so – called sexual orientation” laws are unconstitutional .

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… These Small Proprietors should Counterattack [Religious Rights being overrun by “Human Rights” laws]

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,September 5th,2013

.. these companies are being set upon by so – called “Human Rights” laws . Basically , these laws are imposing a secular code of humanist justice upon those of us who are believers , and our religious beliefs are being thoroughly trampled upon . This is the height of outrageous .

.. Those local and state bodies should remember that the great mass of the people are those who are religious believers . We are all of different faiths , but of one common set of beliefs . Those beliefs are spelled out in the individual rights set out in the Bill of Rights . They include , but are not limited to , our religious faith . Just because one goes into business in the common public sphere , does not limit one ‘ s ability to practice one ‘ s faith .

.. These so  – called “human rights” laws  have marched waaaaay over the line .  Many folks who are involved in this are pro – family and pro – traditional marriage . They believe that it should be limited to between one man and one woman . They should not and must not have their rights to religious freedom and freedom of property limited because they do not believe in so – called “same – sex marriage . ” These idiots are trying to impose their humanist beliefs on others , and it goes way beyond the pale of constitutionality .

.. The pro – family and pro – marriage forces should counterattack . There are laws limiting the infringement of civil rights , and usually they are put to use to the loonie left . Guess what ? They apply to everyone , and the Loonies are going to have to be made to find that out the hard way . Either there is religious freedom for all , or there is no religious freedom at all . Our constitution and the Bill  of Rights should still mean something .

.. these are links (ironically , to the Huffington Post) about a small local cake bakery who was forced to close because of their religious beliefs . They believe in the traditional  definition of marriage , and do not believe that they should be penalized for doing business in public , and remaining faithful to their religion . They believe that they can do both . They should and hopefully will fight back … [link1] … [link2]

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… the Holy Father : It is the Same Lesson , but a Difference in Emphasis …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,August 1st,2013

the Holy Father : It is the Same Lesson , but it is a Different Emphasis

.. At the end of a wonderfully rejuvenating World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro, Pope Francis held an aerial press conference in

Pope Francis Portrait Painting

Pope Francis Portrait Painting (Photo credit: faithmouse)

which he commented on homosexuality.

.. this is what the Holy Father actually said , in tranlation :

If someone is gay and seeks the Lord and is of good will, who am I to judge that person? The Catechism of the Catholic Church explains this very beautifully. … It says that these persons should not be marginalized.

.. It is true that Francis’s statements are noteworthy for using the word “gay,” he did nothing to reverse Church teaching or even undermine it, contrary to what media reports have suggested. In fact, Francis underscored Church teaching by citing the Catechism.

.. Given the stand of the media , these comments were ran in comparison to his predecessor , Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI .  What the media ignore is that the language of the Catechism that speaks against marginalizing gay persons and, specifically, the Vatican letter “On the Pastoral Care of Homosexual Persons” were written, overseen, and/or signed by none other than Benedict himself when he was still a cardinal. In light of these facts, the media meme of Francis being the Anti-Benedict is purely and simply false. Francis has obviously maintained the unity between the papacies and the teachings of the Church.

.. the Holy Fatherdid signal a shift in tone , as well as emphasis . That being said, while Francis has surely not undermined or changed anything on substance in this regard .The first reason is that he used the word “gay” instead of the more clinical term “homosexual” or cumbersome phrase “same-sex attracted.” Secondly, he acknowledged that gays can lead lives of good will and seek God without adding any condemnatory qualifications. None of this is to suggest that gays are no longer called to live lives of celibacy. But Francis’s shift in tone and emphasis, while staying true to Church teaching, still strikes as novel .

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… Our Uniformed Military (enlisted & officers) have as much right to Religious Liberty as Anyone Else …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,July 25th,2013

.. Since when do outside groups have the right to impose religious censorship on our nation ‘ s military ? This is crazy !

.. Good Lord , they have enough to worry about , as it is . Their first job , Job One , is our nation ‘ s defense . Their efforts are second to none . Their abilities to perform their jobs and their missions are second to none . Our nation ‘ s military , its technology , its strategy , and its ability are second to none .

.. So when it is said that having religious faith , and showing the same , and speaking about it , is against the good order and discipline

English: The Bill of Rights, the first ten ame...

English: The Bill of Rights, the first ten amendments to the United States Constitution (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

in the military service . When does the civilian leadership have the right to impose anti – religious censorship , impinging on the religious freedom and rights of our fellow citizens in uniform ? Why ?

.. These radicals , such as the “Military Religious Freedom Foundation ” and the ” Freedom from Religion Foundation ” have perverted our Constitution , and its freedoms and rights . Most of all , our religious freedoms , for civilian and military alike , in the First Amendment to the Constitution , in the Bill of Rights . What it stands for is not the prohibition of religion in the public sphere . Not at all . It stand for the free exercise thereof , and the prohibition of a “state church.” Not for the suppresion of religion and faith .

.. Our history , military and otherwise , is clear on those points . First and foremost , is the 1st Amendment ‘ s targeting of religious freedom . Our founders wanted to be absolutely sure and clear that all of us have the free and clear right to practice our faith , or to not practice it , if that is our choice . Also , the provision of chaplains of various faiths . These people (men and women) are priests , pastors , rabbis , and imans , there to minister to the religious needs of our troops & Marines . Most of all , without impignging on the good order and discipline in the ranks , is their rights to make statements of religious and moral issues , that are a part of their job as a religious leader from the pulpit .

.. I post this article from Breitbart Media ‘ s “Big Government” of the insanity that is going on in the current atmosphere . It is time that a thorough cleansing of the anti – religious bigots from the public sphere take place …

A Christian chaplain in the military is being officially censored for engaging in free speech, and anti-Christian activists are demanding he be punished.

Lt. Col. Kenneth Reyes is a Christian chaplain currently serving in the U.S. Air Force. He is stationed at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson in Alaska. As an ordained clergyman whose duties are to provide religious instruction and spiritual counseling, he has a page on the base’s website called “Chaplain’s Corner.”

Reyes recently wrote an essay entitled, “No Atheists in Foxholes: Chaplains Gave All in World War II.” This common saying is attributed to a Catholic priest in World War II, made famous when President Dwight D. Eisenhower said during a 1954 speech: “I am delighted that our veterans are sponsoring a movement to increase our awareness of God in our daily lives. In battle, they learned a great truth that there are no atheists in the foxholes.”

As reported by Fox News’s Todd Starnes, when Reyes referenced this famous line in his essay, the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) contacted the base commander, Col. Brian Duffy, demanding he take action on Reyes’s “anti-secular diatribe.”

MRFF’s letter says that by Reyes’s “use of the bigoted, religious supremacist phrase, ‘no atheists in foxholes,’ he defiles the dignity of service members.” They accuse him of violating military regulations.

My legal research on this issue uncovered no regulation prohibiting Reyes’ speech, which looks like expression protected by the free speech and religious freedom provisions of the First Amendment. Military leaders did not respond to Fox’s inquiries asking the Air Force to identify any such rules.

Nonetheless, only five hours after MRFF’s complaint, the essay was removed from the website. Duffy has profusely apologized to MRFF for not stopping this religious leader from sharing religious thoughts.

But this response—which again appears to be a violation of Reyes’s First Amendment rights—is insufficient for MRFF. They said, “Faith based hate, is hate all the same,” and, “Lt. Col. Reyes must be appropriately punished.” (Emphasis added).

So MRFF is saying that the coercive power of government must be used to punish a military officer, who is also an ordained Christian minister, for making ordinary religious references consistent with his faith.

Retired Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin of the Family Research Council—one of the leaders of a new religious liberty coalition for the military—responded, “A chaplain has been censored for expressing his beliefs about the role of faith in the lives of service members… Why do we have chaplains if they aren’t allowed to fulfill that purpose?”

MRFF is activist Mikey Weinstein’s organization. He called observant Christians “fundamentalist monsters” seeking to impose a “reign of theocratic terror,” and he described sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ in the military as an act of “spiritual rape” that makes believers “enemies of the Constitution” who are committing an act of “sedition and treason” against this nation.

The Obama-Hagel Defense Department and Air Force have met with Weinstein and MRFF over a period of four years and recently told Congress that there are no problems with suppressing religious speech in the military. However, because this growing wave of anti-Christian extremism has been exposed to the public, the U.S. House has inserted new religious liberty protections for military members in pending legislation.

President Obama threatens to veto the legislation. Reyes’s story makes it more likely that Congress will stand its ground and fight to protect the religious liberty of him and countless others in the military, as those service members continue risking their lives to fight for all Americans.

Breitbart News legal columnist Ken Klukowski is senior fellow for religious liberty at the Family Research Council and on faculty at Liberty University School of Law. Follow him on Twitter @kenklukowski.


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… Continue What You are Doing ( ) ! …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,May 15th,2013

… It was the praiseworthy blessing from one history – maker to another . Berta Soler , the putative leader of the Ladies in White (Cuba) was able to travel for the first time , courtesy of the government ‘ s new announced policy allowing Cuban citizens to travel somewhat freely for the first time . And , Boy , has she .

.. In this case , she made it to Rome , to the Vatican , for a Papal Audience with another history maker , the Catholic Church ‘ s Pope Francis I . His Holiness , who is Argentinian by birth , does not often single out individuals after any Papal function . Yet he did , specifically , with Berta , and blessed her . Better yet , he blessed her , and told her (Siga Adelante) to continue on with her holy work .

.. Berta Soler, 48, and another member of the “Women in White”, Clara Maria del Valle, both dressed in white, waited with anticipation,

.berta soler & his holiness .. may God Bless them Both !! ...

.berta soler & his holiness .. may God Bless them Both !! …

and when he reached them she spoke rapidly in Spanish. She told him, “We are the ‘Damas de Blanco’ from Cuba, the relatives of hundreds of political prisoners, and we ask for your help, and also for your blessing on us and all the people who are in need in Cuba.”

..Pope Francis listened attentively, smiled, held her hand, gave his blessing and told her, “Siga adelante!”  “Continue as you are doing!”

.. It was what she and the “Women in White” had long wanted to hear from the Pope. “It was a great day for me, we – the “Damas de Blanco” have always had great faith in Christ, and now it is doubled. ”

.. May God Bless Them Both !! ..

[h/t to and IlStampa. (English edition)]

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… It is a Gosnell World …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,May 13th,2013

.. What is it that makes people , including the LameStreamMedia , all but ignore the horrors perpetrated by Kermit Gosnell . Why ? Why do they only have a passing interest in this incredibly gruesome case ? What can be done about it ?

.. The LSM has done a horrendous job of covering this story , if and or when they have covered the story at all . They are notoriously inhumane , if conscious at all , on the subject of abortion . Some have said that the mainstream media has done a poor job of covering this man and his evil deeds , because its agenda does not include honesty on the subject of abortion .

.. Life does not go on and has not for more than 50 million human beings in America. For 40 years it has been legal and culturally acceptable for a mother to pay a third party to have her baby killed . And for more than 40 years it has been legal for doctors to prescribe chemicals to their female patients that will affect their bodies in such a way that they will not get pregnant or, if they do, the baby will die before he or she is a week old. Few women are ever told this because the practice of obstetrics has been in the deception business for a very long time, at least when it comes to sexual relations and pregnancy . This is why so few abortion proponents ever mention the word “baby.” It is bad for business.

.. Gosnell ‘ s story is a indignity and an outrage . It is a horror beyond words . He is in many ways the poster bost for murder and mayhem in our country . He has terrorized and killed babies, maimed women, and only God knows what else with impunity since 1972. But then he got sloppy and murdered one too many babies born alive after abortion . To my mind no end is in sight for such stories — not until my fellow Americans come to realize that human beings exist from the point of their creation and that their lives are not debatable. They are not fungible , nor are they disposable.

.. Abortion has dimmed our sense of decency and dignity , especially where human life , and its preservation is concerned . Abortion has dulled our appreciation for the human being. Abortion has facilitated our denial that selfless love is more important than self gratification . The result of that , though , is apathy , and that is what the Gosnell trial is about — apathy that dismisses humanity for the sake of convenience.

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… In honour of His Inauguration Mass …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,March 21st,2013

[courtesy of the translation by Vatican Radio]

… I am posting here , on the occasion of his Inauguration Mass , and the Feast of Saint Joseph , and in honour of Pope Francis I , a copy of the homily [for non – catholics — sermon] from the Mass …

(Vatican Radio) Homily of the Holy Father at the Inauguration of his Papal Ministry 19 March 2013:

Dear Brothers and Sisters , I thank the Lord that I can celebrate this Holy Mass for the inauguration of my Petrine ministry on the

Pope Francis Portrait Painting

Pope Francis Portrait Painting (Photo credit: faithmouse)

solemnity of Saint Joseph, the spouse of the Virgin Mary and the patron of the universal Church. It is a significant coincidence, and it is also the name-day of my venerable predecessor : we are close to him with our prayers, full of affection and gratitude.

I offer a warm greeting to my brother cardinals and bishops , the priests , deacons , men and women religious , and all the lay faithful. I thank the representatives of the other Churches and ecclesial Communities, as well as the representatives of the Jewish community and the other religious communities, for their presence. My cordial greetings go to the Heads of State and Government, the members of the official Delegations from many countries throughout the world, and the Diplomatic Corps .

In the Gospel we heard that “Joseph did as the angel of the Lord commanded him and took Mary as his wife” (Mt 1:24). These words already point to the mission which God entrusts to Joseph: he is to be the custos, the protector. The protector of whom? Of Mary and Jesus; but this protection is then extended to the Church, as Blessed John Paul II pointed out: “Just as Saint Joseph took loving care of Mary and gladly dedicated himself to Jesus Christ’s upbringing, he likewise watches over and protects Christ’s Mystical Body , the Church , of which the Virgin Mary is the exemplar and model” (Redemptoris Custos, 1).

How does Joseph exercise his role as protector? Discreetly, humbly and silently, but with an unfailing Ho presence and utter fidelity, even when he finds it hard to understand. From the time of his betrothal to Mary until the finding of the twelve-year-old Jesus in the Temple of Jerusalem, he is there at every moment with loving care. As the spouse of Mary, he is at her side in good times and bad, on the journey to Bethlehem for the census and in the anxious and joyful hours when she gave birth; amid the drama of the flight into Egypt and during the frantic search for their child in the Temple; and later in the day-to-day life of the home of Nazareth, in the workshop where he taught his trade to Jesus.

How does Joseph respond to his calling to be the protector of Mary, Jesus and the Church? By being constantly attentive to God, open to the signs of God’s presence and receptive to God’s plans, and not simply to his own. This is what God asked of David, as we heard in the first reading. God does not want a house built by men, but faithfulness to his word, to his plan. It is God himself who builds the house , but from living stones sealed by his Spirit. Joseph is a “protector” because he is able to hear God’s voice and be guided by his will; and for this reason he is all the more sensitive to the persons entrusted to his safekeeping. He can look at things realistically, he is in touch with his surroundings, he can make truly wise decisions. In him, dear friends, we learn how to respond to God’s call, readily and willingly , but we also see the core of the Christian vocation, which is Christ! Let us protect Christ in our lives, so that we can protect others, so that we can protect creation!

The vocation of being a “protector”, however, is not just something involving us Christians alone ; it also has a prior dimension which is simply human, involving everyone. It means protecting all creation, the beauty of the created world, as the Book of Genesis tells us and st francis of assisi 0as Saint Francis of Assisi showed us. It means respecting each of God’s creatures and respecting the environment in which we live. It means protecting people, showing loving concern for each and every person, especially children, the elderly, those in need, who are often the last we think about. It means caring for one another in our families: husbands and wives first protect one another, and then, as parents, they care for their children, and children themselves, in time, protect their parents. It means building sincere friendships in which we protect one another in trust, respect, and goodness. In the end, everything has been entrusted to our protection, and all of us are responsible for it. Be protectors of God’s gifts!

Whenever human beings fail to live up to this responsibility, whenever we fail to care for creation and for our brothers and sisters, the way is opened to destruction and hearts are hardened. Tragically, in every period of history there are “Herods” who plot death, wreak havoc, and mar the countenance of men and women.

Please, I would like to ask all those who have positions of responsibility in economic, political and social life, and all men and women of goodwill: let us be “protectors” of creation, protectors of God’s plan inscribed in nature, protectors of one another and of the environment. Let us not allow omens of destruction and death to accompany the advance of this world! But to be “protectors”, we also have to keep watch over ourselves! Let us not forget that hatred, envy and pride defile our lives! Being protectors, then, also means keeping watch over our emotions, over our hearts, because they are the seat of good and evil intentions: intentions that build up and tear down! We must not be afraid of goodness or even tenderness!

Here I would add one more thing: caring, protecting, demands goodness, it calls for a certain tenderness. In the Gospels, Saint Joseph appears as a strong and courageous man, a working man, yet in his heart we see great tenderness, which is not the virtue of the weak but rather a sign of strength of spirit and a capacity for concern, for compassion, for genuine openness to others, for love. We must not be afraid of goodness, of tenderness!     Today, together with the feast of Saint Joseph, we are celebrating the beginning of the ministry of the new Bishop of Rome, the Successor of Peter, which also involves a certain power. Certainly, Jesus Christ conferred power upon Peter, but what sort of power was it? Jesus’ three questions to Peter about love are followed by three commands : feed my lambs, feed my sheep. Let us never forget that authentic power is service, and that the Pope too, when exercising power, must enter ever more fully into that service which has its radiant culmination on the Cross. He must be inspired by the lowly, concrete and faithful service which marked Saint Joseph and, like him, he must open his arms to protect all of God’s people and embrace with tender affection the whole of humanity, especially the poorest, the weakest, the least important, those whom Matthew lists in the final judgment on love: the hungry, the thirsty, the stranger, the naked, the sick and those in prison (cf. Mt 25:31-46). Only those who serve with love are able to protect!

In the second reading, Saint Paul speaks of Abraham, who, “hoping against hope, believed” (Rom 4:18). Hoping against hope! Today too, amid so much darkness, we need to see the light of hope and to be men and women who bring hope to others. To protect creation, to protect every man and every woman, to look upon them with tenderness and love, is to open up a horizon of hope; it is to let a shaft of light break through the heavy clouds; it is to bring the warmth of hope! For believers, for us Christians, like Abraham, like Saint Joseph, the hope that we bring is set against the horizon of God, which has opened up before us in Christ. It is a hope built on the rock which is God.

To protect Jesus with Mary, to protect the whole of creation, to protect each person, especially the poorest , to protect ourselves: this is a service that the Bishop of Rome is called to carry out, yet one to which all of us are called, so that the star of hope will shine brightly. Let us protect with love all that God has given us!

I implore the intercession of the Virgin Mary, Saint Joseph, Saints Peter and Paul, and Saint Francis, that the Holy Spirit may accompany my ministry, and I ask all of you to pray for me ! Amen .

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… Habemus Papam …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,March 20th,2013

Pope Francis Portrait Painting

Pope Francis Portrait Painting (Photo credit: faithmouse)

Habemus Papam !!!! …

Wonder of wonders . We have a new Pope !!

His religious name is : Francis   [ a first , and a surprise , given the influence in and throughout the  Catholic Church of St Francis of Assisi , who , evidently , our new  holy father took the inspiration for his name from

His nationality : not italian , Argentina

hallelujuia , the first from the Americas !

His given name is : Cardinal Jose Maria Bargoglio

Is he a surprise ? More than likely , yes . Unlike almost any papacy in the last 60 years , this papal conclave has had no clear favourite , at all .

In 1978 , J P II was a compromise choice . the Italian cardinals split , and neither side could make up their mind , or would budge . It created an opening , and Stephan Cardinal Wysynski , the Prelate of Poland , opened the door , not for himself , but for his protege — Karol Wotijwa , the future J P II .

It was a guarantee . No American Pope . not yet , at least . No North American Pope , not as of yet , which rules out Mexico . and no Italian Pope , either .

[most of this was written last week on Thursday . I just plum bob forgot ] [to post it in the excitement over the new pope.                         ]

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