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… A Special Master should be Doing This [#IRS Emails]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,August 8th,2016

.. yep , Friday news dump ..

.. right before Thanksgiving ..

.. more IRS e – mails …. A whole shitload of them … and it is only the beginning , I think …

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the e – mail dump …

.. the X-Mas season is going to make for some interesting reading , in terms of IRSgate . Once these hush puppies are fully put out , you might be surprised at what is found in them ..

.. Oh , also … it is said that there will be no ” red meat ” vis-à-vis the ObamaCrap White House . Do Not Be so sure about that ..

.. these people have been that arrogant and that incredibly stupid about things , they have been leaving a paper trail about their screw – ups all over the place . Just look at GruberGate , for God ‘ s Sake . Professor Gruber ‘ s videos were just sitting out there on YouTube . It took an intrepid individual investment adviser from suburban Philly who got really , really pissed at the O.C. …

.. so what did he do ? He started digging and researching . It took quite a lot of it , though , but Wow ! He hit the Comstock Lode of political gigagaffes . Now , it has done grave damage to Jonathan Gruber ‘ s reputation , and also to that of the ObamaCraps ‘ political reputation . Journalists of all stripes are

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… What are the ObamaCraps thinking [#Iran nuclear Deal]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,April 25th,2016

.. indeed , what are they thinking ?!?! …

.. they are a bunch of damn fools and idiots …

.. especially if they think that Iran can be trusted …

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the blog post // audio segment ..

.. the p5+1 may reach a deal with Iran . However , it will not bind Israel to anything . Once the Israelis believe that Iran is at the ” breakout ” point [to its nuclear program] , Israel will indeed strike Iran …

.. Israel will act in its national interest . Even if its action is in contravention to the actions of a certain U.S. President . Bibi may not even care what Obama thinks , to be honest …

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… This White House is Criminal [#E.I.T. report]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,March 24th,2016

.. these idiots are actually supporting the release of this report by the DemoCraps on the Senate Select Committee on Intellligence . Unbelievable !! …

.. [h/t —]…
.. [link] to the blog post // video clips …

.. because of this , these criminal morons are putting all of our lives into danger ! …

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… Bureaucracies do not Like getting Picked On [#intelligence agencies]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,March 9th,2016

.. when POTUS picked on them in his 60 Minutes interview , you had to think that there was going to be hell to pay …

.. intel agencies specialize in sneaky . They major in spook ….

.. [h/t —]…
.. [link] to the blog post …

.. more than most agencies , you do not want to get into a pissing match with an intelligence agency . They have a nasty habit of being able to get even with you , and especially at the most politically inopportune time …

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… Are They Mad ?!?! [#ObamaCraps]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,March 8th,2016

.. the ObamaCrap Administration sent a middle – level official from the Department of Homeland Security , with a letter penned by POTUS ?? …

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the news article ..

.. this flunkie was sent to the Greater Oklahoma City Islamic Society to speak at a ceebration . This was done tihin days of the beheading murder done by one of their members …

.. are they crazy ? This is a den of radical Islamic radicals …

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… You Mean that They Knew [#EPA][#Co Mine Disaster]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,August 28th,2015

.. and did nothing ..

.. it figures ..

.. worse yet , they are in C.Y.A. mode . The media has a hot ” hard on ” for this story , and for obvious reasons . Well , the EPA is covering its ” Six ” over this . Extensive parts of the documents that the EPA has released have been redacted ..

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the blog post ..

.. those knuckleheads royally messed up . They should have prepared for the situation at hand , and been ready for contingencies . Among them should have been communications from the site . Well , they were not . It took them three whole days to notify the public , by which time the story was long past ” Katie bar the door … ”

.. nice going , dummies !! …

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… Are the Greeks Out of their Minds [#No vote]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,July 6th,2015

.. it appears so ..

.. Greece voted by about 61% in favour of the ” No ” position for the referendum on Sunday . So it is very likely now that Greece either willingly [or by force] will exit the Euro …

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the blog post ..

.. the Greeks have far more immediate problems , though . In basic , their banks are close to death , and their economy is steadily melting down by the day . Imports cannot be financed . Regular business cannot be conducted with the banks closed . People are very likely to revolt once part [or maybe all] of their savings are lost as the banking system collapses , either partially , or entirely …

.. O.K. , bright boy [Greek PM Alexis Tsipras] ? , what do you do now ? Do you really think that the ECB and the EU and the IMF agree going to negotiate with a bunch of colossal idiots …

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… What a Mess [#ObamaCrapCare]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,July 7th,2014

.. so , what else is new .

.. this really is news .

.. out of 8 million supposed enrollments , only 2/3rds of them are paying customers . That is only , roughly , about 5.2 million or so enrollees . Oops , a big overstatement !! ..

.. Worse , these idiots cannot even make the damn ” trains ” run on time . Of those supposed enrollments , there are approximately 2.8 millions errors in the actual enrollments …

.. [h/t — HotAir]..
.. [link] to the article …

.. one in 3 , roughly . Ouch .

.. that is those now – infamous ” 834 reports , folks . That information that a customer inputs is supposed to be verified before it is accepted for final enrollment . A boo – boo once in a while , o.k. ?? But , more than 1 error in 3 ? Totally Unacceptable . Completely . The system is supposed to match up the inputted info with other info from other databases , folks . Obviously , it is not working up to snuff ..

.. I would not want to be people next spring , when it comes time for tax season . The Infernal Revenue Service is going to recalculate the amount of subsidy that it thinks that a taxpayer should be receiving . If they received more , then they are going to be liable for the difference . Which will make a colossal mess of everyone ‘ s tax returns …

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… It is on Their Watch [#IraqGate]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,June 20th,2014

.. yes , I call it a scandal .

.. anyone with reasonable foresight could have foreseen the possibility of things like this . It does not mean that it could have been avoided , though ..

.. but , some intelligence and some smart thinking sure as hell would have helped …

.. [h/t — truthRevolt]..
.. [link] to the interview ..

.. I agree with Brokke Goldstein . This blood is on Obama ‘ s hands , and it is happening on his watch …

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… How Ridiculous [PC story of the Week]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,May 27th,2014

.. a second – grader was given an assignment .

.. go outside , find a cloud , and draw what he saw …

.. so , he did …

.. [h/t — TruthRevolt]..
.. [link] to the blog news …

.. then , the school goes hyper . Why ?

.. the kid imagined that he saw a cloud in the shape and form of a gun . Yes , a gun . Then , the adults go bananas …

.. the kid was disciplined . Why ??? …

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… Oh Yeah , Right [JayBoy ‘ s Comments]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,April 24th,2014

.. this is when you have a White House Press Secretary in Fantasyland …

.. the ” most transparent ” White House ?? …

.. [h/t — RealClearPolitics]..
.. [link] to the interview segment …

.. I have a one – word answer to Jay – Boy ‘ s comments :

.. B – U – L  – L – S – H – I – T – ! – ! – ! – ! ..

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… I thought Common Core was bad …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,March 27th,2014

.. but this bad ??

.. Alec Torres from the National Review has found some representative samples of boo – boos from around the country …

.. [h/t — NationalReview]..
.. [link] to the test samples ..

.. I strongly suggest that you take a look at the test samples . You will probably scratch your head as MUCH AS I did (quite a bit) . What these idiots were doing with this craperoni masquerading as test questions is beyond ridiculous …

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… It figures [White House & F.O.I.A.]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,March 23rd,2014

.. their habit of flying by the – seat – of – the – pants improvisation started very early on in the ObamaCrap White House ..

.. and , like their other ” edits ” of federal law , what they did was 100% illegal and 1000% unconstitutional ..

.. [h/t — Newsmax]..
.. [link] to the article …

.. these guys and gals screwing around with FOIA requests is no surprise , but congressional subpoenas and judicial orders … damn , that is dangerous …

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… Talk about DannyBoy in DenialLand …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,March 22nd,2014

.. DannyBoy [White House Propaganda Minister Dan Pfeifer] is in denial .

.. He is in a very , very severe case of denial .

.. You have to have your head stuck waaaay up your rear end to think that ObamaCrapCare has nothing to do with the election results in Florida 13 . DannyBoy appears to do so .

.. [h/t — RealClearPolitics]..
.. [link] to the stoopid comments..

.. given his reputation , that is not a surprise ..

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… How Beneath the Office …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,March 16th,2014

.. yea , if you want to brutalize yourselves …

.. this is the video of POTUS making himself look like an idiot , pitching ObamaCrapCare on that online show …. How beneath the office of POTUS is this …

.. [h/t — ConservativeVideos]..
.. [link] to the video footage …

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… Ben Shapiro is Right [the Faculty Lounge] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,March 14th,2014

.. Obama is in Fantasyland . His debates are with fellow faculty . He is acting as if the world is the way that he wants it to be , not the way it really is . Also , the Washington ComPost is right .

.. I wish that Obama would quit , and take Biden with him . At least John Boehner would be a realist about the world . Ying and Yang have their heads in the clouds . Meanwhile , people are dying , and many other millions are being needlessly put at risk because of their “faculty lounge” stupidity …

.. [h/t — TruthRevolt]..
.. [link] to the blogpost..

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… Nice Shot across the Bow [Washington Times]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,March 9th,2014

.. well , it is not the blast that the Washington ComPost politically put up Obama ‘ s hide …

.. in the case of the Washington Times , it does not have to do so . They have been consistent on the Russians for decades , even back to the days of the old Washington Star …

.. in the Times ‘ case , it was simple , and one word : Equivocation .

.. ’nuff said …

.. [h/t — WashingtonTimes]..
.. [link] to the Editorial …

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… Spot On , Brit [Hume] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,March 8th,2014

.. Brit Hume was guesting on the O Reilly Factor , as he often does …

.. well , Bill was asking him a question , ….

.. and Brit nailed POTUS right on the head …. Obama is a very slow lerner

.. [h/t — RealClearPolitics]..
.. [link] to the interview clip …

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… Stupid Criminal Tricks …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,February 20th,2014

.. two juveniles invade a home .

.. homwowner happens to be armed .

.. intruder is lucky he is not ” pushing up daisies … ” . Do not worry . The homeowner is fine …

.. [h/t — theRightScoop]..
.. [link] .. to the news report ..

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… Brilliant Job [Project Veritas] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,January 25th,2014

.. nicely done , James O ‘ keefe and Company .

.. recently , Project Veritas was in Texas doing an investigation on ObamaCrapCare navigators and their actions . They caught them pussyfooting around with a group called Battleground Texas , who is active with the Texas Democratic Party . Only Project Veritas got something that it was not expecting …

.. [h/t — theGatewayPundit]

.. [link] to the video …

.. Texas State Senator Wendy Davis and her supporters were lampooning TX Atty Gen Greg Abbott , who is her likely opponent this fall in the Governor ‘ s election . One problem was the crude nature of their conduct. Her supporters were making disgusting and unbecoming statements about Abbott and his campaign . The other was about campaign fraud . The Battleground Texas people were making comments about election fraud and the forging of signatures on election petitions …

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… Another Spot – On Shot by Dr. Charles [ObamaCrapCare] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,December 1st,2013

.. this one is a continuation of the antics of the government over the last 50 years …

.. Also , it is a result of the Law of UnIntended Consequences , resulting from the adoption of the ObamaCrapCare bill . These idiots never seem to learn that their actions have consequences , and because of them , what happens results in the opposite effects from what they wanted to happen . Duuuh !!! ….

[link] — video clip from the Special Report with Bret Baier panel .

.. These morons use the reductions in reimbursements to doctors and hospitals to finance their Rube Goldberg contraption . Then , when things start to happen , like when hospitals choose not to participate in the ObamaCrapCare networks , or , when the State Exchanges exclude them , and some of them go kaput ! , well , duh !! …

.. Also , they do the same with reimbursement payments to doctors . They expect from their economic analysis that the same or greater #s of doctors will continue to practice . Then , when multitudes of doctors leave the profession , or choose to retire , they are shocked , yes , shocked by the action . Then they wonder why the newly insured cannot find a doctor to treat them .

.. Dummies , if you want medicine to function properly , you need to reintroduce market ecconomics into the system . That includes the functions where the government participates in the system . You think medical inflation in the private sector is the result of the private sector . It is not , stupid . It is because of 50 years of low – ball cheapskating by governments that the inflation comes privately . What do you expect ?

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… Gotcha ! [Moody s Investors Services Shutdown & Default memo news]

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,October 9th,2013

… exactly as I thought ! …

… and this financial opinion comes from a professional financial firm …

.. SecTreas and POTUS were / are lying ..

..  Moody’s says that the U.S. Treasury Department can continue paying interest on the government’s debt even if Congress fails to raise the debt limit, preserving the nation’s sterling AAA credit rating.

.. In a memo being circulated on Capitol Hill Wednesday, Moody’s Investors Service offers “answers to frequently asked questions” about the government shutdown, now in its second week, and the federal debt limit. President Obama has said that, unless Congress acts to raise the $16.7 trillion limit by next Thursday, the nation will be at risk of default.

.. ” We believe the government would continue to pay interest and principal on its debt even in the event that the debt limit is not raised, leaving its creditworthiness intact,” the memo says. “The debt limit restricts government expenditures to the amount of its incoming revenues; it does not prohibit the government from servicing its debt. There is no direct connection between the debt limit (actually the exhaustion of the Treasury’s extraordinary measures to raise funds) and a default.

The Moody’s memo goes on to argue that the situation is actually much less serious than in 2011, when the nation last faced a pitched battle over the debt limit.

“The budget deficit was considerably larger in 2011 than it is currently, so the magnitude of the necessary spending cuts needed after 17 October is lower now than it was then,” the memo says.

Treasury Department officials did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

.. LEC again — Busted !! … Those idiots got caught in the act . Moodys , S&P (Standard & Poor s) , and others have done this stuff for centuries . They know their business , they do thorough research (legal & financial) , and know what they are talking about . I figured that something like this would emerge , but not from which firm , or when .

.. They want to protect their backers ‘  fannies . Also , their subscribers value this kind of info . It is what they are in this business for .

.. POTUS and SecTreas (Lew) should have known better . They have , or should have had , top legal minds to tell them this stuff . They went out , and lied about it , anyway ….

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… It is Why Trayvon Martin was …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,July 21st,2013

.. a punk . A juvenile justice punk . An unpunished punk .

.. Trayvon Martin was originally from Greater Miami – Dade County . Anyone wonder why he was not in school , like he should have been ? Good . He was suspended . Suspended , instead of arrested , and having his sorry rear end thrown into Juvenile Hall in Dade County (Miami) , Florida . That is why he was able to be up in Sanford , but it was only part of the story .

.. Politically correct justice was another . If the County Cops (yea , county cops) had been doing their job down there , he would have been in the justice system . Just like he should have been . But , because of the P.C. kick to goose the statistics (race norming) , he was not . Instead of an arrest and jail term , he was only suspended from school . It was also something that would not appear on his criminal record . Nice one , Dade County !

[h/t — the MaraRushi (the Rush Limbaugh Show)]
[h/t — also , Rob McCain (the OtherMcCain)]

The Left Throws a Temper Tantrum Over the Zimmerman Verdict
July 15, 2013

Windows Media


RUSH: Hey, there’s a protest. I see it. I’m looking at it. It’s a… No, sorry. It’s in Egypt. Never mind. It’s a bunch of people protesting for Morsi. I had a dream last night. I had the craziest dream in the world. Wait ’til you hear this dream, folks. I had a dream that the president, Barack Obama, decided to promote racial healing by reaching out and appointing Zimmerman to replace Janet Napolitano.

I woke up with a start, and I said, “Whoa, what is this?” It was like a cross between a dream and a nightmare. Of course it would never, ever happen. Obviously it would never, ever happen. But I thought, “What in the world made me dream this?” and I remembered, Snerdley, that we were sitting here speculating on Friday about the trial and the reaction to the trial. Let’s just go back. Grab audio sound bite number one. Let’s just review the points that I made about this on Friday’s big program.

RUSH ARCHIVE: It’s hard to predict what’s gonna happen. (interruption) Well, Monday or Friday, what difference does a day make to a rioter? No, no. Big difference. Even if you get media coverage of your riot on Saturday, it’s not as impactful as on a Monday or Tuesday. … This, they’re just hoping. I mean, as I say, they haven’t had any real good riots since Rodney King. They’re long overdue. (interruption) What are you shaking your head at in there, Dawn? You think that’s not true? The media, I’m talking about the media needs them. I don’t want any riots, don’t misunderstand. From the media perspective, we haven’t had a good riot in this country in I don’t know how long. A riot is an opportunity for the media to show how unjust and unfair, basically how sucky the country is, and there hasn’t been that chance.

RUSH: So we were talking about, if a verdict comes on Saturday, what is the impact gonna be versus if a verdict came today or Tuesday. The verdict came late Saturday night, and I don’t think that’s a coincidence. Late Saturday. I was stunned. I gotta tell you something, folks. I was surprised. I really was. All during the day and evening I had people asking my opinion. People do that all the time.

They ask me what I think about everything, and I told ’em I expected some sort of a guilty verdict. I mean, it was all there. You had six female jurors, you had race, you had the president involved, you had a community scared to death of what’ll happen if there’s a not-guilty verdict, emotion-over-common sense evidence, all this kind of thing. When that verdict came down, I wasn’t even watching TV at the time. I was notified by virtue of somebody sending me an e-mail or a text, I forget which.

So then I turned on the TV and started reading. I was stunned, and then I looked at the time. “It’s almost near midnight here,” and then I started looking at the pictures on TV. There was nobody there. The crowds at the courthouse were very tiny, and Fox didn’t have anybody there. Poor Harris Faulkner had to anchor the thing for an hour by herself before they were able to roust any of their experts out of bed (or the bars, wherever they were on late Saturday night) and get ’em in there.

And then I saw Geraldo.

They went to Geraldo right away and I said, “Uh-oh! The Grim Reaper. Something’s happened if they’ve got Geraldo.” As it turns out, Geraldo was just the first one out of bed. I mean, nobody was prepared for this to happen on Saturday. I think that there… We will never know, probably, but I just find it difficult to think that there was a coincidence that the verdict was announced late on a Saturday when nobody was really expecting it to happen, and it might have been a rather smart thing to do.

But, you know, I’m watching all of the leftists react to this, and there are some vigils going on, and there are some… maybe you’d call them rallies and so forth. You know, I got the impression… I really believe this. If you look at the people unhappy with this — and maybe I’m dead wrong about this. But no matter where you go — CNN, MSNBC, some of the blogs. Of course we had the NFL players tweeting on this.

But they’re just… I don’t know. Their heart doesn’t seem to be fully invested in this thing. And as a result, the media is doing everything it can to fire up emotions. Every picture of Trayvon Martin that we see, he gets younger and younger. I fully expect that before the end of the week, somebody will find a picture of him in diapers to put up there. But look at it this way. There was a story at Business Insider on Sunday about thousands protesting the Zimmerman trial verdict, and they’d taken over Times Square.

There were a lot of people there. So I tuned in to it, and I just got the impression that I don’t think these people really care so much about Trayvon Martin. I think what we’re looking at here is a… Remember Peter Jennings, after the Republicans won the House in 1994? What did he call it? Ah, the public had a “temper tantrum.” The kids had a temper tantrum. And in a way, this is sort of the way I see this. The liberals out there were having a little temper tantrum, because they didn’t get their way.

But, really, folks, how often are they on the losing end of anything anymore? They’re getting gay marriage. They got Obamacare. They’ve got Obama. I mean, if the mob wishes to impose something, it happens. The left really isn’t losing anything. This verdict is not part of a string of defeats for the left. It is an interruption in a string of victory after victory, profound victory after victory after victory. So these are people that, the past four or five years, have been used getting their way on whatever it is.

Gay marriage, immigration, you name it, they are getting their way. Massive health care entitlement. So here comes a little burp in the whole process, and for once, they’re on the losing end of something. (interruption) Yeah, like gun control. This and gun control are two of the things that they still haven’t been able to impose on people. That’s what my point is. If they don’t like a voter-approved initiative such as in California, they get it overturned.

They find a judge who will proclaim it’s unconstitutional, and while all this happens, the Republicans dutifully roll over and play dead and all this. So their attitude, I think, is, “How dare a jury not comply? How dare a jury deny us what we want?” I think these protests are more about that than they are about the fate of Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin, ’cause when you get right down to it, Zimmerman is not a white guy.

The whole effort here to make this a racial thing really hasn’t been on firm ground. Zimmerman is biracial. So they call him a “white Hispanic” in an effort to gin up the racial aspect, but they just weren’t able to, at the end of the day. They tried, and I think that’s what they’re really ticked off about. They know if they had been able to really make this a racial hate crime, then they would have gotten the verdict they wanted.

But they weren’t able to.

They weren’t able to convince people that this really was an event governed by the institutional racism and bigotry and near slavery of this country. And, as such, they’re just having a temper tantrum. I mean, there are real, real crimes where real black people are being slaughtered in American cities, and they don’t raise a syllable of protest about it. Chicago comes to mind, but there are other cities of course.

But this was a hopeful event, hopeful in the sense that the media and the progressives looked at it as another chance to make the case that this country’s unjust and immoral, but they really didn’t have the recipe with full-fledged pure ingredients, because Zimmerman isn’t a white guy. He is Hispanic and, as such, is part of a minority. I mean, calling Zimmerman a “white Hispanic” would be no different than calling Obama a “white African-American,” in the sense that they are both biracial.

Now, because they didn’t get their way for one of the few times recently, that’s why you hear all these people making noise about the DOJ moving in now. CNN won’t let this go. MSNBC is a disaster. The Zimmerman camp is actually thinking of suing NBC for defamation and a number of other things, and that would be fascinating, if they try that. Grab sound bites 20 and 21. This goes back to February of 2012, February 26th.

The two dates involved are February 26, 2012 and March 27th of 2012. You may have forgotten this, but this will be instantly memorable for you. On February 26th, here’s the unedited, in-context tape of the 911 call between Zimmerman and a police dispatcher shortly before Trayvon Martin was shot. In fact, replay 21 first. Let’s move forward to March. Let’s do that. Let’s play NBC’s version of this tape, the edited version of the 911 call. This is on the Today show, March 27th of 2012.

ZIMMERMAN: This guy looks like he’s up to no good. … He looks black.

RUSH: This is one of the reasons why the Zimmerman camp is thinking of suing NBC. That is not what really happened on the tape — and if you recall, NBC went through the motions of firing somebody. This was the Miami NBC bureau where the tape, the 911 tape, was altered. Here is what really happened…

ZIMMERMAN: This guy looks like he’s up to no good, or he’s on drugs or something. It’s raining, and he’s just walking around looking about.

DISPATCHER: Okay. This guy, is he white, black, or Hispanic?

ZIMMERMAN: He looks black.

RUSH: So Zimmerman didn’t offer one thing about Trayvon Martin’s race ’til he was asked. The dispatcher was asking him for a description. “This guy, is he white, black, or Hispanic?” Zimmerman says, “He looks black.” That here again, sound bite 21. This is what NBC did with that. …

ZIMMERMAN: This guy looks like he’s up to no good. … He looks black.

RUSH: So that’s why I said all last week, the media’s been fully invested here in a guilty verdict, and they attempted to shape the jury pool. This is actionable stuff, if you ask me, what NBC did. It’s not the first time that NBC has engaged in this kind of chicanery. Of course NBC says, “Ah, somebody was overzealous in there. We got time constraints on the Today show, and he took the 911 tape and edited down to make it fit in our time constraint and got a little overzealous.”

No, no, no, no.

Somebody knew what they were doing when they cut this. Somebody knew exactly what they were doing when they cut this, and it was somebody that had the authority and the power to do it when they did it — and there’s a culture at NBC. Something like this did not happen unless there’s a culture at the place. I mean, every business has a culture. Fox News has a culture. You know what it is. McDonald’s has culture.

NBC, as it turns out — and most of the rest of the media — have cultures, too. So NBC was clearly doing everything it could (this is just one example of what they did) to shape this into a crime that it wasn’t. I think I know what happened here. I think I know what went down. There’s a fascinating piece, by the way, that I’ll get to in a minute. Robert Stacy McCain is writing in the American Spectator today, and the headline is: “How a Miami School Crime Cover-Up Policy Led to Trayvon Martin’s Death.”

This is a column by, again, Robert Stacy McCain, who goes back and details some of the real crimes Trayvon Martin committed as a kid, as a student, that were overlooked and went unpunished — and, as such, had an impact in creating in his mind what he could get away with and what he couldn’t. It all matters. And then this neighborhood. This neighborhood where this happened is, I think, a fascinating place within the context now of the US economy and what was going on in this neighborhood for weeks prior to this event.

And why Zimmerman… Why they even had a Neighborhood Watch, and why Zimmerman wanted to be part of it. These were people in this neighborhood… These are people that had worked hard enough to actually have homes in places that, to them, were a really nice neighborhood as far as they were concerned. They’d worked hard to get there and they wanted desperate to hold onto it. Like everybody in this economy has been desperate to hold onto what they’ve got, as this economy becomes weaker and weaker and job opportunities vanish along with the opportunity to economically improve oneself and one’s family.

As those chances dwindle, all kinds of pressure is created to hold onto what you’ve got, including not let criminals come into the neighborhood and destroy it, or steal it, or what have you. It all creates a heightened tension for everybody. I think this whole event is much more involved, detailed (nuanced, if you will), than the way the media has attempted to construct it for people. They’ve pared it down to what they think is the simplest thing in the world people understand — racism — ’cause they believe the country still is.

So they didn’t get their jury, and now they’re having their little temper tantrum. They didn’t get what they want, and they’re used to getting what they want the last five years. No matter what, no matter how, they’re used to getting it — and they didn’t get it in this case. They couldn’t do a John Roberts on this jury, and apparently they were unable to do a John Roberts on this judge. They thought they had it in the bag, I think. They thought they were gonna get their way.

They didn’t.

So now they’re out there acting like little kids having a temper tantrum.


RUSH: The Reverend Jackson, ladies and gentlemen, did you hear what he said? ‘Cause I’m telling you, the way to look at this is the left, the liberals are having a temper tantrum over not getting their way. They’re winning everything, folks. They’re getting everything they want, except gun control.

And as of yesterday, they haven’t gotten amnesty, but they haven’t lost amnesty yet, either. They think they’re on the road to getting that. They’re winning everything. They got Obama in the Oval Office — and whatever Obama wants to do, they’re doing. They’ve got gay marriage, everything they want. They didn’t get this. I don’t really think they care that much about Trayvon Martin. They didn’t know Trayvon Martin.

What this is, is just… It’s a temper tantrum over not having gotten their way when, in this case, I think they fully expected to. The noted media critic analyst, Bernard Goldberg, has a new column on this. Let me read to you an excerpt from Bernie’s piece. “The single biggest reason the trial got so much attention is because it played into a narrative, a false one to be sure, but one that many blacks and many white liberals love to perpetuate.

“It’s the Great American Drama about how white people get away with not only oppressing black people, but even get away with killing them. Isn’t that what Tavis Smiley meant when he said, ‘For many Americans [the verdict] is another piece of evidence of the incontrovertible contempt that this nation often shows and displays for black men.’

“Someone needs to tell Mr. Smiley,” writes Bernie here, “the Reverend Sharpton, the civil rights establishment and white liberals both in and out of the media that we are no longer living in 1955 Mississippi. If there is a crime involving two races today, the victim is most likely going to be white and the criminal is most likely going to be black — not the other way around. That may be one more thing polite people aren’t supposed to say out loud — and certainly not in public.”

That’s Bernard Goldberg in his latest column about all this. The Reverend Jackson said that the problem here was that Trayvon Martin did not have “a jury of his peers.” Now, off the top of your head, what’s wrong with that? (interruption) That’s exactly right. Good. Somebody on my staff knew. Trayvon Martin wasn’t on trial! It was Zimmerman who is guaranteed by our Constitution a jury of his peers, not Trayvon Martin.

Trayvon Martin wasn’t on trial.

But this comment, when I heard it made by the Reverend Jackson, is exactly why I believe these people are in the middle of having a temper tantrum. They just didn’t get their way, and whatever it takes to get their way — even if it means ignoring the Constitution or pretending it’s not there — they’ll do it! And this attempt to sway people’s opinions by saying that somehow, because there weren’t any blacks on the jury, that Trayvon Martin didn’t get justice?

When Trayvon wasn’t on trial?

I guess nobody is going to have the temerity to point out that Reverend Jackson’s an idiot and doesn’t know what he’s talking about, probably because he knows exactly what he’s doing when he says this. I have another brief time-out. When we come back, two pieces I mentioned. First, Robert Stacy McCain on Trayvon Martin’s history in school, and I’ve got some random thoughts about this whole Sanford, Florida, so-called “gated community” neighborhood-type thing. I think that’s a relevant aspect of what happened here and why.


RUSH: Robert Stacy McCain has a piece at the American Spectator on the Trayvon Martin case: “How a Miami School Crime Cover-Up Policy Led to Trayvon Martin’s Death — The February 2012 shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin might never have happened if school officials in Miami-Dade County had not instituted an unofficial policy of treating crimes as school disciplinary infractions. Revelations that emerged from an internal affairs investigation explain why Martin was not arrested when caught at school with stolen jewelry in October 2011 or with marijuana in February 2012.

“Instead, [Martin] was suspended from school, the last time just days before he was shot dead by George Zimmerman. Trayvon Martin was not from Sanford… Martin was from Miami Gardens, more than 200 miles away, and had come to Sanford to stay with his father’s girlfriend Brandy Green at her home in the townhouse community where Zimmerman was in charge of the neighborhood watch. Trayvon was staying with Green after he had been suspended for the second time in six months from Krop High School in Miami-Dade County, where both his father, Tracy Martin, and mother, Sybrina Fulton, lived.”

But he was suspended, so he left town and went up to Sanford to stay with his father’s girlfriend. Now, Mr. McCain says here, “Both of Trayvon’s suspensions during his junior year at Krop High involved crimes that could have led to his prosecution as a juvenile offender. However, Chief Charles Hurley of the Miami-Dade School Police Department (MDSPD) in 2010 had implemented a policy that reduced the number of criminal reports, manipulating statistics to create the appearance of a reduction in crime within the school system.

“Less than two weeks before Martin’s death, the school system commended Chief Hurley for ‘decreasing school-related juvenile delinquency by an impressive 60% for the last six months of 2011.’ What was actually happening was that crimes were not being reported as crimes, but instead treated as disciplinary infractions.” So what you had here was a bureaucracy that was intent on making itself look good, and they were playing games with numbers.

So real crimes would be committed by students, not just Trayvon, and rather than being categorized as such they were just pushed over here into another column on the spreadsheet that said “disciplinary actions.” So, at the end of the day, these reports made it look like that the school district and superintendent had really started kicking butt on crimes in the schools and had really reduced it, when they hadn’t whatsoever.

The upshot is that criminal activity wasn’t punished.

It was barely even disciplined.

And so the perpetrators were never held to account, nor did they ever have to come to grips with the severity of their actions.


RUSH: So think about it. In some schools you get thrown out for a long time for just drawing a picture of a gun. But in Miami-Dade, you can commit real crimes and the school will cover-up for you to make their stats look better.


RUSH: Man, I tell you, folks, this is just — I don’t know — frustrating, maddening. There seems to be no bottom. We just keep sinking and sinking. I keep thinking we’re gonna hit the bottom and start bouncing back up. All of the cable networks are waiting with bated breath on Eric Holder. Eric Holder is going to make remarks, gonna make a speech at the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, a black sorority in Washington.

They’re celebrating their one hundredth anniversary. That’s the Delta Sigma Thetas, not to be confused with the Alpha Cow Omoogas. This is Delta Sigma Theta, and Holder’s gonna show up for the hundredth anniversary, and the media is just waiting with bated breath because what Holder has to say here is so important. He might announce the Department of Justice’s intentions to go after George Zimmerman!

And he might not.

But he might!

He might say the DOJ’s gonna go after Zimmerman with all they’ve got.

Or he might not.

But they’re all waiting with bated breath to cut away from normal programming at a moment’s notice. Apparently what Holder is going to say is so important that he couldn’t wait until tomorrow to say it. Tomorrow he’s gonna speak to the NAALCP’s annual convention in Orlando, which is just a stone’s throw from Sanford, Florida. So tomorrow Holder speaks to the NAALCP, and in just a moment to Delta Sigma Theta as they celebrate their 100th anniversary.

Back to Robert Stacy McCain. His point is if Trayvon Martin had been properly handled when committing crimes as a junior at Krop High School, rather than treated it as a disciplinary problem in either of the incidents… He stole jewelry in October of 2011. He wasn’t arrested. He was caught at school with marijuana in February of 2012. He was suspended from school in both cases, and the point here is this:

Mr. McCain said, “Either of those incidents could have put Trayvon Martin into the custody of the juvenile justice system. However, because of Chief Hurley’s attempt to reduce the school crime statistics,” Trayvon Martin was not properly handled or dealt with and a number of things result from that. He was not prosecuted. Therefore he was, in his mind, able to escape. He was not gonna be held accountable, and it all went to creating an attitude.

So that take is at the American Spectator.


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… the U.S. Senate , try a Loonie Bin …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,July 11th,2013

[h/t — the OtherMcCain]

.. As far-fetched as that scenario may seem, no one in 1965 ever imagined that claims of “discrimination” and “sexual harassment” — and the fear of such claims — would result in the situation now so widespread, where lawsuits and threats of lawsuits are a sort of constant threat of blackmail, where disgruntled employees make complaints knowing full well that companies are reluctant to go to court to defend against such claims. Instead, nine times out of 10, the complaining employee is given what’s informally called “go away money,” a settlement usually equivalent to a year’s salary, just so the company can rid itself of the legal nuisance.

.. Oh, and guess what happens to your insurance premiums when “non-discrimination” means that you must hire transsexuals and cover the cost of their surgery and other treatments?

.. People who shrug their shoulders about ENDA and other such nonsense, or who hesitate to denounce it because they don’t want to seem prejudiced, have no idea how all this talk about “fairness” and equality” actually operates, once it becomes law and people start getting sued or fired over flimsy claims of “discrimination.”

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… is Dingy Harry nuts ?!?! …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,November 2nd,2012

Harry Reid ,  of all people , is supremely arrogant , or he is totally insane . He has been quoted as saying he and his democratic caucus will do everything in their power to stop Mitt Romney and his agenda , if he is elected . Maybe he needs a 72 hr hold in a mental hospital for a thorough exam of his gray matter and his schmartz . More than likely , he is an extraordinarily arrogant ass . Why wave a red flag in front of  a bull , 96 hrs out , and give him even more motivation than he and she have already …

Harry Reid

Harry Reid (Photo credit: Talk Radio News Service)

… earth to Dingy Harry , the election is Tuesday . Duh ! … … No one has been elected yet , stupid ! … Nevada has , like other states , early voting , and it is a competitive tossup state . It is , in theory , leaning to President Obama ,  and POTUS is going to need all the help that he can get . the Nevada GOP is going to want revenge for 2010 , and his dirty tricks that he and the unions pulled in his own re – election campaign . and now , you piss us off even more ? Real Stupid , dumbass ! … also , Dingy Harry , you are assuming that you will and your fellow Dems will be in the majority . Considering that you have 23 seats to defend , and the 2 toughest GOP seats to defend are likely to be defended well , you will have a tough time  hanging on to your job , especially with a dumb – dumb stunt like this ! …

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