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… Look in the Mirror , Madame Associate Justice [#Sotomayor]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,November 30th,2016

.. she thinks that there is no such thing as ” judicial activism . ” Well , well ..

.. all she has to do is look in the mirror . She is the archtype of the radical judicial activist ..

.. judicial activism is , by definition , the construct of laws and / or parts of THE US Constitution and its Amendments . Doing so takes them entirely out of the course of their original and accepted meaning …

.. It is also the process of , in effect , writing law from the bench . A judge ‘ s job and role in our system is to interpret the law . They are to do so within the constructs of the US Constition . They are to do so only within the US Constition , and not using other legal works , such as UN declarations …

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.. there are other examples of judicial activism in D.C. . All she needs to do is to ” look down the hall ” at the U.S. Supreme Court . Ruth Bader Ginsburg is the quintecential judicial activist . One that is more recent is her fellow ObamaCrap appointee , Elena Kagan …

.. judicial activism is a cancer on the body politic and our legal system . It must be stopped , smashed , and then finally be crushed …

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… What is It with Judge Merrick Garland ?? [#judicial activist]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,March 21st,2016

.. he is a fine lawyer , a top graduate of Harvard Law School ..

.. he was an excellent prosecutor , leading the team that went after Timothy McVeigh and the Oklahoma City bombing case ..

.. he has been a decent judge and appeals court judge ..

.. but ..

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.. he is a judicial activist . Yes , that is a serious problem ..

.. Yes , he is not as bad a nominee as POTUS could have chosen . There are radical nuts out there , ones such as Patricia Merritt and Goodwin Liu , that POTUS might have chosen . There is also good reason why POTUS did not choose them — they would not have had a whisp of a prayer of getting a hearing , much less getting confirmed to SCOTUS . So POTUS did not nominate them . He went with someone safer , like Garland ..

.. but Garland is still a judicial activist . A moderate , yes , but still a judicial activist by definition . POTUS has poisoned the federal bench enough with these radical activists . it will take months , if not years of impeachment trails and convictions to remove them all . So do allow this guy on the court ..

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