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… Ben Shapiro is Right [the Faculty Lounge] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,March 14th,2014

.. Obama is in Fantasyland . His debates are with fellow faculty . He is acting as if the world is the way that he wants it to be , not the way it really is . Also , the Washington ComPost is right .

.. I wish that Obama would quit , and take Biden with him . At least John Boehner would be a realist about the world . Ying and Yang have their heads in the clouds . Meanwhile , people are dying , and many other millions are being needlessly put at risk because of their “faculty lounge” stupidity …

.. [h/t — TruthRevolt]..
.. [link] to the blogpost..

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… O ‘ Reilly vs His Lordship [Super Bowl Sunday interview] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,February 3rd,2014

.. now I have it ..

.. A big thank you for FoxNews for releasing it for ‘Net comsumption . Also , a big thank you to RealClearPolitics for getting the whole thing …

.. for those who are sadistic enough , and want to watch His Lordship (my term for POTUS) look like a colossal idiot , watch [here] …

.. [h/t RealClearPolitics , FoxNews]

Why didn’t you fire Sebelius?” O’Reilly said.

He avoided a direct answer, but Obama said that people were being “held accountable.” O’Reilly subsequently questioned Obama on whether his promise that, “If you like your plan, you can keep it” was his biggest “mistake” as president. Obama used a football analogy at the end of this line of questioning, saying he was trying to not dwell on the “fumbles” and move on to the next play.

O’Reilly also asked Obama if he was told in the initial aftermath of the 2012 attack on the U.S. mission in Benghazi, Libya, that it had been a “terrorist attack.”

“When someone is attacking our compound, that’s an act of terror,” Obama said, adding that he had used that phrase in a Rose Garden statement the day after the attack.

“Your detractors believe that you did not tell the world it was a terror attack because your campaign didn’t want that out,” O’Reilly said. “That’s what they believe.”

“And they believe it because folks like you are telling them that,” Obama shot back.

After some intense questioning about last year’s revelation that the IRS targeted certain groups, including conservative groups, for extra scrutiny, Obama took another jab at Fox News.

“These kinds of things keep on surfacing in part because you and your TV station will promote them,” he said.

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… vis – a – vis Drug Use [Marijuana] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,January 8th,2014

.. I cannot understand it . I can never understand it .

.. the ” M ” word is a gateway drug . It is a lead – in to much more potent and dangerous drugs …

.. how anyone could do what they are doing in Colorado and Washington State is beyond me …

.. the Ballot Initiatives are not wrong , but the subject is . Boy , is it ever .

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… I think the DemoCraps forgot how to Count [the Budget Deal] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,December 15th,2013

.. you need 60 votes in the Senate to invoke what is known as ” cloture ” to move legislation forward . It generally needs this amount in order to forstall any possible threat of a filibuster . So far , there has not been one , as of yet .

.. The problem is that the DummyCraps forgot how to count . You need 50 votes (+ VP Biden , if needed to break a tie) to pass a bill . The Democratic leadership assumed that they would pick up a couple of GOP votes to pass the bill , also assuming that they would lose some of their own people . They just did not think that they would lose very many people . They were wrong  .

.. Big Oops . Both of them . Nice going on the assumptions , tricky Dick Durbin (the Senate Majority Whip , for now) . He is supposed to know how to count to either 60 or 50 . Durbin generally does not admit that he is short of the mark , unless he really is . Doing it in public on a Sunday show [wrap up] is probably his way of creating some form of pressure on the GOP to produce some votes . Evidently , they are short of the mark .

.. Nice going , dummies …

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… It is About Time [White House Press Corpse sparring] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,December 14th,2013

.. at least those clowns are showing some signs of life .

.. It is about time . Given the absolute all – out disaster that is ObamaCrapCare , it is long past time for the Press Corpse to show itself as professionals , and not as a bunch of ObamaCrap butt – kissers …

.. [link] to the video …

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… Another Spot – On Shot by Dr. Charles [ObamaCrapCare] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,December 1st,2013

.. this one is a continuation of the antics of the government over the last 50 years …

.. Also , it is a result of the Law of UnIntended Consequences , resulting from the adoption of the ObamaCrapCare bill . These idiots never seem to learn that their actions have consequences , and because of them , what happens results in the opposite effects from what they wanted to happen . Duuuh !!! ….

[link] — video clip from the Special Report with Bret Baier panel .

.. These morons use the reductions in reimbursements to doctors and hospitals to finance their Rube Goldberg contraption . Then , when things start to happen , like when hospitals choose not to participate in the ObamaCrapCare networks , or , when the State Exchanges exclude them , and some of them go kaput ! , well , duh !! …

.. Also , they do the same with reimbursement payments to doctors . They expect from their economic analysis that the same or greater #s of doctors will continue to practice . Then , when multitudes of doctors leave the profession , or choose to retire , they are shocked , yes , shocked by the action . Then they wonder why the newly insured cannot find a doctor to treat them .

.. Dummies , if you want medicine to function properly , you need to reintroduce market ecconomics into the system . That includes the functions where the government participates in the system . You think medical inflation in the private sector is the result of the private sector . It is not , stupid . It is because of 50 years of low – ball cheapskating by governments that the inflation comes privately . What do you expect ?

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… Bravo , Project Veritas …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,November 21st,2013

.. James O ‘ Keefe , you sly dog , you struck again !

[h/t — National Review // Eliana Johnson]

[link] — this is a video link of Project Veritas (and O ‘ Keefe) nailing Enroll America …

.. Boy , and how . This is not just about the ” navigators ” who are ” enrolling ” people in ObamaCrapCare . This one is about Enroll America , the leftovers from OfA ‘ s campaigns (both 2008 and 2012) .

.. These knuckleheads gather this information from people in ” targeted ” areas . They are suppossed to send that information on to the navigators for use in the enrollment process . You may wonder what happens with that information , then ?

.. It becomes a political goldmine , so to speak , for Enroll America . They can then deal with it with whom they so choose . That is a problem . A very serious problem . for which Project Veritas has a ready solution …

.. the ” disinfectant ” of the spotlight …

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… Bravo , Guys [yes , Health Care – related]

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,November 20th,2013

.. don’t worry , folks , this time , this one is a good story about health insurance reform .

.. these three guys (young 20-somethings) took it upon themselves to create something working . Well , guess what ? They did it ! They created a really simple website , entitled ”  . ” It holds up to a old rule , ie K.I.S.S. , keep it simple , stupid .

.. Incredibly , for over three years , the government managed to blow thru over $600 million . They have created the technology – equivalent of a clusterf**k . And these guys did this . It is far simpler , and is very easy to use .

.. You can scan over the offerings , very quickly , very easily . You can change the entry items , if you need to , and the site will not regurgitate or crash .

.. Though the government engaged outside companies for various aspects of the project, it chose to put bureaucrats within the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services in charge of overall project management, “despite the fact that CMS has no experience managing large IT projects.” Compounding the likelihood that the train wreck which has occurred would occur, project managers appear to have mostly fiddled for over 2-1/2 years to ensure that most controversial matters would be kept from the public until after the 2012 elections.

The bureaucratic control freaks convinced the obviously incompetent project managers that the government simply had to have a mountain of information about each potential applicant before they could even be allowed to shop for plans. Then things went from merely disgraceful to utterly inexcusable. We now know that Sebelius’s crew opened despite being warned [10] just four days before its launch that it would be “a ‘high’ security risk” for users “because of a lack of testing.”

No private firm would launch under these circumstances — and if any did, law enforcement would be frog-marching company executives to jail within days.

LEC again .. I am including a [link] to the site [h/t —] , and to a fellow ohio blogger , Tom Blumer . He blogs at w^ , and has a column at pjmedia (the one I linked to above) ..

.. how come ? — the CBS news site that I was trying to call up was a little unconventional . So , it is easier to call up Tom ‘ s column , and launch the news piece from there .

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… Uh , JohnBoy , It is not the U.N. who has to act …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,September 21st,2013

.. it is the United States , and your boss , POTUS , who has to make the decision to act …

[link] – video

[link] — text

.. The DemoCraps are praying that this stuff does not drag out . Well , it is exactly what is going to happen , if Mad Vlad [Putin] and Bashaar the Butcher [Assad] have anything to say and do about it . They will drag it out , and drag it out and drag it out …. . Eventually , POTUS is going to have to make a series of decisions . Are the Russians and Syrians playing games ? Are the Russians playing their usual blocking games at the U.N. ? Can you really trust that the Syrians have disclosed all of their chemical weapons in their diplomatic disclosures ? there are others ….

.. POTUS does not like being forced into these type of decisions . He does not want to act in the Middle East . He does not want to be forced to act in the Middle East . He also realizes that , if he does not act , the Israelis will (against Iran) , and a regional war [one involving us] will result . Eventually , I hope he will come to realize that the monkeyshines in Syria are only a prelude to what may well happen with Iran .

.. Also , given their superb intelligence operations and services , Israel will have a far better idea of what Iran is doing , and what point in their nuclear development they are at , than anyone else will know . They also do not trust Obama . Not one bit . Not Labour , not Kadima , and , most certainly , not the Netanyahu government . Bibi ‘ s majority may be weaker , but when it is a go or no – go call , it will be his call , and his alone . His ministers may not be thrilled will the idea (in some cases) , but they will support him . They also all realize the stakes that are involved .

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… As Usual , POTUS is the Toothless Tiger [Mutt and Jeff] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,September 15th,2013

.. when you are trying to dig yourself out of a diplomatic mess , you generally want to try to make sure that your agreement is believable and credible . Evidently , Mutt and Jeff (POTUS and SecState) have come up with a whopper of a stinker . They think that this so – called agreement covering Syria and its chemical weapons , involving the Assad government and Russia , is anything remotely believable and credible ?

.. Hell , no . It is for several reasons :

[-] lack of consistent policy — our National Command Authority is supposed to set a reasonable idea of policy in an area . It may not be ideal , but it helps to be consistent . POTUS ‘ entire idea of foreign policy is grossly inconsistent , at best …

[-] lack of consistent message — even when there is some idea of a policy , the message behind that policy is , at best , a disorganized muddled mess . That is no way to communicate to either friends or foes . Both need to understand what is going on …

[-] lack of leadership — No , you do not lead from behind . You lead from the Front , you damn idiots . You have to set policy , communicate it , and take responsibility for it …

[-] lack of resolution — even when things get ” dark and grey , ” you stick to your guns . Do not be a ” Wuss …. ”

… from Newsmax …

Bolton: Syrian Pact ‘Will Die a Death by a Thousand Cuts’

Saturday, 14 Sep 2013 07:47 PM

Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton predicted on Saturday that the agreement reached between the United States and Russia on destroying Syria’s chemical weapons “will die a death by a thousand cuts.”

Syrian President Bashar Assad “is required to make his initial declaration on Friday,” Bolton, a senior fellow with the American Enterprise Institute in Washington, told Fox News. “It’ll slip a few days, or maybe a few more. Maybe the first declaration won’t be full and complete, and it’ll have to be amended. And, then, it’ll have to be amended again.

“You can see the impact of this as time goes on, and I think that’s exactly what the strategy is.”

Urgent: Who is Right on Syria – Obama or Putin? Vote in Urgent Poll

Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov announced the agreement earlier Saturday after three days of talks in Geneva.

The agreement requires Syria to submit a “comprehensive listing” of its chemical weapons stockpiles within a week. Arms inspectors must be on the ground in Syria by November, with the goal of eliminating the country’s chemical weapons by the middle of next year.

But the accord contains nothing about the potential use of force if Syria fails to comply — and Kerry said that no pre-agreement existed on what action the U.N. Security Council might take if Syria failed to comply with the plan.

“One of the fine ironies here is that we have agreed with Russia, which has been in violation itself of the Chemical Weapons Convention since the treaty came into force [in 1993],” Bolton told Fox. “Most experts agree that Russia did not make its own full and complete declaration of its chemical weapons stockpiles in the mid-1990s, and many believe that Russia has been in violation of the treaty, developing new generations of chemical weapons.

“So the notion that Russia is going to vouch for Bashar al-Assad is almost comical,” he concluded. “You can’t make this stuff up.”

Further, he attacked some of the language in the agreement.

“It says that the Security Council will take measures ‘commensurate’ with the violations,” Bolton noted. “Well, that word means anything you want it to mean — and you can bet that in a debate in the Security Council, it will go on for quite some time.”

But, more importantly, President Barack Obama has been greatly helped by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“The president is very grateful to President Putin. He got him out of an impossible dilemma,” Bolton said. “I don’t think the president himself wants to use force. Now, he will never have to — and he himself said, the longer time goes by from the August 21 use of chemical weapons, the harder it would be to generate the emotion necessary to get the support for the use of force.”

The White House has said that more than 1,400 people, including over 400 children, were killed in the chemical weapons attacks on rebel-held suburbs of Damascus on Aug. 21. The Obama administration has since shown gruesome pictures to Congress of Syrians suffering and dying from the attacks in making its case for military strikes.

Urgent: Who is Right on Syria – Obama or Putin? Vote in Urgent Poll

“The idea that you couldn’t get the support in Congress to use force against Assad after those pictures means that, nonetheless, you’ll be able to get congressional approval because Syria violated this agreement?” Bolton asked. “It’s a delusion — and so is [Obama’s] Syria policy generally.”

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… Another Classic Take from Dr. Krauthammer [Fox News Special Report panel]

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,September 13th,2013

.. I love reading Dr. Charles Krauthammer , and the only thing that is better is watching him in action on the panel of

English: Vladimir Putin in KGB uniform Deutsch...

English: Vladimir Putin in KGB uniform Deutsch: Der junge Wladimir Putin in KGB-Uniform Français : Vladimir Poutine en uniforme du KGB (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

commentators on FoxNewsChannel ‘ s Special Report with Bret Baier .

.. This one is another classic , where the eminent Dr. Charles takes apart POTUS and his cast of idiots [link]

.. text —

Russian president Vladimir Putin’s recent op-ed in the New York Times is what you get from an American inept foreign policy, Charles Krauthammer said Thursday night.

“Well, these are the fruits of a completely incompetent, epically incompetent foreign policy,” Krauthammer said in his regular panel appearance on Special Report. He argued that the op-ed by Putin, whom he called “a KGB thug,” served as an “index” of how badly Obama has been “played.”

“What we’re seeing here is Putin so confident of himself after Obama had to acquiesce to this face-saving negotiation that he could actually engage in this,” Krauthammer said.

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… Senator Rand Paul [R-Ky] to SecState JohnBoy …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,September 3rd,2013

.. U.S. Senator Rand Paul [R-Ky] sharply criticized Secretary of State John Kerry for his statement that President Obama had the constitutional authority to order military intervention in Syria, telling him that if the U.S. Congress voted down authorization but Obama acted anyway, he would be “making a joke of us” and this would be mere “constitutional theater.” [link]

PAUL: Make me proud today, Secretary Kerry. Stand up for us and say you’re going to obey the Constitution, and if we vote you down, which is unlikely by the way, but if we do, you would go with what the people say through their Congress and you wouldn’t go forward with a war that your Congress votes against. Can you give me a better answer, Secretary Kerry?

KERRY: I can’t give you a different answer than the one I gave you. I don’t know what the president’s decision is, but I will tell you this. It ought to make you proud because he still has the constitutional authority, and he would be in keeping with the Constitution.

PAUL: Well, I disagree with you there. I don’t believe he has the constitutional authority. I think Congress has this. Madison was very explicit. When he wrote the Federalist Papers, he wrote that history supposes, or the Constitution supposes what history demonstrates, that the Executive is the branch most likely to go to war and therefore the Constitution vested that power in the Congress. It’s explicit and runs throughout all of Madison’s writings. This power is a Congressional power and is not an Executive power. They didn’t say big war, small war. They didn’t say boots on the ground, not boots on the ground. They said declare war. Ask the people on the ships launching the missiles whether they’re involved with war or not. If we do not say the Constitution applies, if we do not say explicitly that we will abide by this vote, you’re making a joke of us. You’re making us into theater, and so we play constitutional theater for the president. If this is real, you will abide by the verdict of Congress. You’re probably going to win. Just got ahead and say it’s real and let’s have a real debate in this country and not a meaningless debate that in the end you lose and say, ‘Oh well, we had the authority anyway, we’re going to go ahead and go to war anyway.’

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… Senator Ron Johnson [R-Ws] to SecState JohnBoy Kerry (in hearings)

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,September 3rd,2013

.. what are we doing ? and , why ?

.. Secretary of State John Boy Kerry was testifying today in front of the United States Senate Foreign Affairs Committee , attempting to make the case for intervention in Syria . Yes , intervention in Syria . At least John Boy was being a fair bit more honest .

.. Sure , he was hemming and hawing . He was still trying to play the old political game of “pin the Tail on the Donkey ” …on Congress . But , he was not doing all that well at it . Not that either the DummyCraps or the G.O.P. were shying away from the topic . Far from it . They want the ObamaCrap Administration to step up and make the case . Which , so far , the ObamaCraps have done a piss poor job of doing .

.. See for yourself , as JohnBoy tries to answer U.S. Senator Ron Johnson [R-Ws] ‘ s questions on the subject at hand … [link] …

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… Obama is Taking a Huge Gamble (Syria) …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,September 2nd,2013

Obama is taking a Huge Gamble

He risks an embarassing loss in Congress

.. POTUS is taking a risk by asking Congress to approve airstrikes against Syria.
..The potential payoff is that he’ll win the kind of vote that signals broad popular support, giving him a stronger hand in facing

Bashar al-Assad - Caricature

Bashar al-Assad – Caricature (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

Syrian President Bashar Assad and perhaps other dictators later in such regimes as Iran. But there are military and political risks in the process.

.. Militarily, a desperate Assad could use the time to his own desires . Obama could pay an added price while he waits s for a Congressional debate to conclude , one way or the other . It could done in his own nation , or in anouther , possibly turning his nation ‘ s civil war into a much wider regional conflict .

.. Politically, Obama could emerge as a weakened leader . He would then find it far tougher to get anything done at all . Even if he wants to push his proposals through Congress , including his top priorities of passing a budget and rewriting the nation’s immigration laws . You need political gravitas and political capital to do that . POTUS does not have much of either one .
.. But Obama does not rule out acting on his own if lawmakers fail to act. If that happened, he would only further antagonize a divided Congress that already rejects many of his proposals . He does have the legal authority . But not the moral gravitas or moral authority . It could also result in the possibility of his impeachment . Possible , but not likely .

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… Where is U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power ?!?! …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,August 23rd,2013

English: Samantha Power Harvard Law Class Day 2010

English: Samantha Power Harvard Law Class Day 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

.. and what is she not doing ?!?!

.. it is abundantly clear that the Bashaar Assad regime in Syria has made use of chemical weapons in its civil war . POTUS had , at a time , set forth some sort of “red line” that the use of chemical weapons would be a “game changer . ” Well , guess what happened ?

.. You got it . Nothing . Absolutely Nothing . Also , our new U.N. Ambassador , Samantha Power , was AWOL from an urgent U.N. Security Council meeting . Not that anything of consequence would have happened . There would not have been a damn thing . Not with the Russkies and the Chinese running blocker for the bad guys of the world at the U.N. . Especially with a wus in the White House .

.. Yes , a Wus in the White House . That is exactly what we have for a POTUS . At least with George W. Bush , you knew where you stood on the international stage . We were respected , and our word was good . With Barack Obama , we look weak , feckless , indecisive , and leaderless … even if you-know-who understood the meaning of the damn word .

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… Instead of God and Man at Yale …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,August 20th,2013

.. now , we have perverted sex – crazed graduate from Yale . Yeow !

.. This guy is actually a professor at Pasadena City College . Yeah , that means CA , folks . His pedigree is in Medieval History . So , what does he end up specializing in ? Sex and gender studies , what else did you think ?

[h/t — theOtherMcCain]

Given the prevailing norms of sexual scholarship in academia, what’s a heterosexual male professor to do? Evidently, Hugo Schwyzer’s solution was to declare himself a progressive feminist and teach classes on pornography. He carved out a career in the field of gender studies despite the fact that his degree was in medieval history. “My mother was a second-wave feminist,” Schwyzer said in a 2011 interview. “I was raised in the 1970s with ‘Ms. Magazine’ on the coffee table and strong feminist values.… I took my first women’s studies course early in my college career…. I fell in love with women’s studies. But I was leery about majoring in it in the mid-1980s. I didn’t know any guys who did that. So I took a lot of gender-themed classes and majored in history instead.” While still working toward his Ph.D. at UCLA, he was hired at Pasadena City College in 1993 and showed his “strong feminist values” by having sex with college girls. “Before 1998 I slept with two dozen female students, somewhere in there, it’s a ballpark thing,” he told the Daily Beast last week. “That ended when I had a similar but not as bad a breakdown to the one I had now. When I got sober, I made amends to the college and swore off sleeping with students.”

By the time Hugo Schwyzer “got sober” at age 31, he had already been divorced twice, and had recently been dumped by an 18-year-old student, which “sent me spiraling rapidly downward.” He attempted murder-suicide with an ex-girlfriend, a stripper and fellow addict he had met in rehab two years earlier. None of this, however, prevented Schwyzer from becoming a tenured professor with an annual salary of more than $90,000, a published author and columnist featured at The Atlantic and at the feminist site Evidently, no one bothered to check Schwyzer’s credentials as a self-proclaimed “expert on body image, sexuality and gender justice.” As he told the Daily Beast, “I pretended regularly to have more credentials than I actually did,” admitting that the ease of his acceptance as “a very well known speaker and writer on feminism” with no more qualification than having taken two undergraduate women’s studies classes was “a little odd.”

Actually, there was a lot odd about Schwyzer’s career, but he may have seemed fairly normal among the lunatic perverts employed by sex-crazed academia nowadays. Three years ago, Columbia University political science Professor David Epstein was arrested for having an incestuous affair with his adult daughter, and subsequently copped a plea deal, but remains employed at the prestigious Ivy League school. One of Epstein’s Columbia faculty colleagues, Professor Theo Sandfort, was for many years affiliated with the Dutch pedophile journal Paidika and is co-author of the 1990 book, Male Intergenerational Intimacy, a “scientific” justification of pederasty. At a Yale University “sensitivity training” workshop in March, bestiality and incest were among the topics in a discussion that the student director of the event explained was intended “to increase compassion for people who may engage in activities that are not what you would personally consider normal.” A survey of the workshop participants found that 9 percent said they had sold sex for money, and 3 percent said they’ve had sex with animals.

In the context of academia, Hugo Schwyzer wasn’t particularly weird. He taught a course listed in the PCC catalog as “Humanities in the Social Sciences,” but which Schwyzer himself called “Navigating Pornography.” In February, when he invited famous male porn performer James Deen to speak to his class, Schwyzer was rebuked for having scheduled what PCC called an “unauthorized… public event.” In announcing cancelation of the event, a PCC official felt obliged to reaffirm the administration’s support for Schwyzer’s “academic freedom within the classroom.” The professor apparently exercised his academic freedom with tremendous zeal. “He started texting sexual messages and pictures of himself… and beginning in January, engaged in extramarital affairs with several women and one man,” the Daily Caller reported. Some of that behavior was revealed in late July, when a porn-industry gossip site reported the text messages (and video of himself masturbating) Schwyzer exchanged with 27-year-old performer Christina Parreira.

Of course, Schwyzer was not fired for his crazy perversion. Tenured professors can never be fired. Instead, PCC put him on medical leave, so he’s still collecting his $90,000 salary. His fourth wife left him and the professor is now reportedly recuperating at his mother’s house with the help of five different psychiatric medications. But he is certainly not alone in his madness, which is merely symptomatic of how American academia has lost its collective mind.

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… I guess that #FreeKate has not gotten the Message …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,August 20th,2013

.. it should be #jailKate !

.. for the uninitiated , Kate refers to Katelyn Hunt , who is an 18-yr-old young adult . She was busted for having lesbian sex with a 14-year-old . She did not take an offered plea bargain , instead deciding (along with her family) to turn her cause into a cause celebre . Gross !

..Florida law is clear that anyone 18 or older having sex with someone 15 or younger has committed a crime. This crime is “usually” prosecuted for the same reason that Kate Hunt is being prosecuted: Parents of the minor victim discover that their young teenager is sexually involved with an adult, object to this involvement, and call the cops.

Will anyone argue that this law is unreasonable?

Is it wrong for parents to be empowered, with the law on their side, to say, “Hey, leave my kid alone, you creep, or I’ll call the cops”?

..Let us stipulate that there are probably lots of 18- and 19-year-old guys who may be sexually interested in much younger teenage girls.

.. This is the typical scenario: A girl who is physically mature but not yet 16 becomes involved with a guy in his late teens or early 20s and this involvement is entirely voluntary — indeed, often quite enthusiastic — on the part of the girl who, in the eyes of the law, is the victim of a crime because she is incapable of legal consent.

.. Maybe that seems crazy to you. You may say, “But this girl is willing and eager to have sex at 14 or 15, why criminalize this guy, only four or five years older than her, for giving her what she wants?”

.. The answer is that this is a minor dependent upon, and under the authority of, her parents, who have a duty to supervise her behavior — to make sure she brushes her teeth and does her homework and looks both ways before crossing the street — for her own good. And if the parents of 14-year-old Heather Hotpants don’t want their daughter taking a ride on the one-eyed love monster with 19-year-old Billy the Boner, they are empowered by law to prevent it.

Maybe you think this kind of parental empowerment is a bad thing, but if you don’t have a teenage daughter, well, shut the hell up.

Parents have duties and parents have rights, and if we don’t want total sexual anarchy — horny hoodlums cruising the middle-school parking lot in search of some easy action — we’d better by God stand on the side of parents trying to protect their daughters.

As it is, however, Florida’s age of consent is 16. This law is by no means secret and evidence in this case indicates that Kaitlyn Hunt knew damned well her involvement with a 14-year-old was illegal.

                                                WHY DO YOU THINK THEY CALL IT ‘JAILBAIT’?

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… the Department of Health and InHuman Services is Actually Promoting This Crap [contest , video]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,August 20th,2013

.. the Department of poor Health and inHuman Services is sponsoring a contest , of some sorts . You might be wondering , what for ? I would also wonder , why them ?
.. These idiots are trying to promote ObamaCrapCare , that is obvious . For it to have any chance of any kind of success , HHS needs many young people to enroll in health insurance . Especially subsidized health insurance , courtesy of the exchanges . They need it to work . Otherwise , financially and morally . ObamaCrapCare will not work . Well , guess what ?
.. ObamaCrapCare will never work . The young are not stupid . The ones that are employed , they may well get their insurance through their employer . That is , if they still have a job , or , likely have full – time employment . The employers are not dumb . The penalty for dumping employeees into the exchanges and paying the penalty is not all that large , at all . Especially when compared (either if self – insured , or normally insured) with the current cost of health insurance . Which is going up , no matter what the cost ?
.. Why ? ObamaCrapCare is pushing all sorts of mandates . Any and all kinds of mandates . Many of them which are totally and wholly unnecessary . Which will jack up the costs even further , to near Cadillac – type policies . Which , in most cases , are entirely unnecessary , as well .

… this piece is from the Washington Free Beacon . You have to see this stupidity …

Obama Administration Announces Youth Obamacare Video Contest
Law actually discourages young people to sign up, experts say
.. The Obama administration is co-sponsoring a video contest aimed at convincing young people to sign up for health insurance, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced on Monday.

..The contest offers thousands of dollars in cash prizes to the winners, along with a “Stay Healthy Kit” to the first 100 participants. The kit contains a first aid kit, sun-protection kit, t-shirt, and water bottle.

..HHS partnered with Young Invincibles, a health care advocacy group, to run the contest. It is unclear who is funding the contest. The prize kit is “Brought to you by CMS Marketplace & Young Invincibles,” according to the website. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is the federal agency in charge of the insurance exchanges.

..Neither Young Invincibles nor HHS returned inquiries about the source of funding for the contest.

.. HHS released a promotional video on Monday, as well. The video features images of a man falling off of a skateboard with the text “you are NOT invincible” below him and a clip of a person strumming a guitar, with a dubstep track in the background.

..“Soon the Health Insurance Marketplace will give uninsured young people the opportunity to enroll in affordable health insurance, and the Healthy Young America video contest will help them tell their stories to other young people,” HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said in the statement.
..Participants have three options for the kind of video they can make: a video showing how they could need health insurance; a song; or a digital animation.

The insurance exchanges will open for enrollment on Oct. 1. The public will be able to vote on the best videos between Oct. 1 and Oct. 15.

The goal of the exchanges is to make insurance more affordable, but the structure of the exchanges actually works against that goal, experts say.

Two aspects of the law actually increase the cost of health insurance for young people, said Ed Haislmaier, a health policy expert at the Heritage Foundation.

First, insurance companies can only charge older people three times what they would charge younger people for the same plan. This rule compresses the typical spread of prices, causing the price of insurance for younger and healthier individuals to rise in order to subsidize the artificially low price for older people, Haislmaier said.

Second, all insurance plans have certain requirements for what they must cover and how they are structured, further driving up costs for younger people, he noted.

Failing to attract enough young people could hurt the viability of the insurance plans offered in the exchanges, said Sally Pipes, president of the Pacific Research Institute.

“It’s going to kill insurance companies,” she said.

Millions of young people could save more than a thousand dollars next year by not signing up for insurance and paying the penalty, according to a study released last week by the National Center for Public Policy Research.

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… Well , Miz Hillary is back in the Political Arena …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,August 13th,2013

.. and , gues what ??

.. It is fun time for the good guys and gals on the Right . Especially when Miz Hillary sticks her nose into a local issue , and also sticks her foot in her mouth in the process . Somebody should remind her that legal id (ie , a driver ‘ s license or (free) state id)) is needed for many everyday common tasks . It is not racisit , or a racial act , to ask for one .

.. Miz Hillary ‘ s comments are racially oriented , and very likely racist themselves . See for yourself …

Hillary Clinton calls for restoration of voter rights suppressed by Supreme Court’s Shelby decision

by Meteor BladesFollow

HIllary Clinton speaking at ABA convention in S.F. 2013. (posted by MB)

Hillary Clinton spoke of the need to restore voting rights taken away by Supreme Court’s Shelby ruling.

In what she later announced would the first in a series of policy-oriented speeches she will deliver over the coming months on the “strains on our social contract,” former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave a passionate and wide-ranging address to the attendees of the American Bar Association’s annual convention in San Francisco Monday, telling them of the need to restore the protections of the Voting Rights Act. She excoriated efforts in some states to deal with the “phantom epidemic of election fraud” as a means of keeping minority and younger voters away from the polls.She pointed out that in 2013 so far, more than 80 bills restricting voting rights have been introduced in 31 states. She singled out four states in particular: North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida and Texas.

“Now, not every obstacle is related to race, but anyone who says that racial discrimination is no longer a problem in American elections must not be paying attention.And despite the best efforts of many well-intentioned election officials, discrepancies in resources across precincts and polling stations still disproportionately impact African Americans, Latinos and young voters.” […]

“Unless the hole opened up by the Supreme Court’s ruling is fixed […] citizens will be disenfranchised, victimized by the law instead of served by it, and that progress, that historical progress toward a more perfect union, will go backwards instead of forward,” Clinton said.

The ABA’s House of Delegates approved a resolution Monday urging Congress to take quick action to restore provisions of the Voting Rights Act that the Supreme Court gutted in its Shelby County v. Holder ruling.

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… Happy Anniversary , Rush !!!! …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,August 9th,2013

.. yea , I know , I am a little bit late (by 8 days) . i have been a dittohead from nearly the first day that I ever heard Rush .

.. in Greater Cleveland , MahaRushie was carried on one small station (WERE — about 5k watts) for its first year or two . THEN , eIB switched to a 50k blowtourch [then WWWE , now WTAM] . I have been a dittohead ever since . No , i do not get to listen to his show all of the time . I am very busy with my recovery , and my career . however , I listen as often as I can . So , from this Lake Erie Conservative , buckeye state megadittos , and Happy Anniversay , Rush ! …

.. to celebrate , i wish to repost (c/o the transcript of his opening monologue , and (from the monologue itself …

A Rare Rush Reflection on 25 Years
August 01, 2013

Windows Media


RUSH: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the first day of the 26th year of the Excellence in Broadcasting Network, a network named after the talent and ability of the host. That comment dedicated to all 24- and 25-year-old women. The door just opened (with staff entering). I thought we’d already done everything. It’s the 25th anniversary of the Excellence in Broadcasting. August 1st of 1988 is when this program began on a national scale.

(Staff singing Happy Anniversary to Rush.)

Thank you all very much. Ah, that is a gorgeous looking “macaroni” cake. That is gorgeous. The whole staff is here. Well, the rush limbaugh (cigar)Florida contingent is here. We did the big blowout on the 20th anniversary. Five years is too soon to do another big blowout, but it’s still 25, and that’s silver, and it’s big, and it’s about 24 and a half years longer than the Drive-By Media forecast that it would last. And 25 years and nine months longer than the Democrat Party predicted or hoped that it would last. Let me hold the cake up. Somebody is gonna have to pick the thing up because I’m getting sticky fingers and the paper is gonna — I just want to show it on the Dittocam. There you go. There it is, the 25th anniversary cake, for those of you watching on the Dittocam. Take it away. I’ll start eating it, which would not be cool.

Anyway, it’s true. I’ll tell you what we’re gonna do today, by the way. We’re gonna have some sound bites from the past, some audio clips, we’re gonna go back and play. On the 20th anniversary we went back and did the humorous things. What we’ve done, what Cookie put together today is a series of sound bites from the past 25 years that illustrate how the Democrat Party hasn’t changed, how the American left has to be changed, and how their approach to me and this program and to conservatism hasn’t changed, and it’s amazing, and you’ll hear it.

Also, and this is coming up fairly soon, one of the most requested replays that I get from people who were listening to the program back in 1991, which was year four. It was my grandfather’s 100th birthday and we were in Kansas City. He was being honored by the Missouri Bar Association at their convention, and he came by the radio station. I was doing my program from there in honor of his 100th birthday and his award, and he came by and sat for an interview for an hour, and people have requested that, people that heard it. He was a 100 years old. He was born 30 years after the Civil War. He’d seen so much in his life, so many transformations and major changes in inventions, technological advancements, cultural changes. And, as an attorney, he’d been at the forefront dealing with many of them.

It was a fascinating sit-down, and people were fascinated hearing him and have requested to hear it, off and on, ever since. So we have put together three sound bites, actually four sound bites, from that interview with Pop, that’s what we all called him, he’s Rush Limbaugh Sr., and that is coming up as well. Plus we’re gonna mix it in with everything that’s current and happening today, so it’s gonna be a hodgepodge, and it’s improv. Nothing’s planned. I don’t know when I’m gonna do what so you’re gonna have to listen to the whole three hours to find out what happens and what we do here.

I don’t often look back. I don’t often spend time thinking about the past, because I’m so focused on the next day. And I’m obsessed with meeting everybody’s expectations every day, and there are many days where I think I haven’t been nearly as good as I could have been, so I look to the next day to fix that, get better. So I don’t sit back and reflect. When I was younger and climbing my own ladder, one of the great perks of my success has been to meet other successful people, people who are the best as what they do. I haven’t met everybody I would like to meet, but I’ve met a number of them, and a number of them became very good friends and I was able to get very close and learn from them.

I asked the question to each and every one of them, because when I was younger and imagining what it was like, when I was younger and imagining the kind of success I envisioned for myself, the kind of success that I wanted — and it was specific — I was aiming to be number one. I didn’t want to be top five. I wanted it to be real. I wanted to be number one because my audience was the largest, not because a bunch of PR or buzz, people saying that it was big, but not really being big. I wanted it to be substantively the biggest. And I moved to New York in 1988 with that objective. In those days, when I imagined what it would be like if I ever did succeed and get there, I had the chance to talk to people who in my view had made it to the pinnacle of what they did, and I asked each of them a question, among other things.

But I asked them if at night when the house lights were down and everybody had gone to bed, I asked them if they ever sat around and thought about their success and what they meant to people and what their success and their careers had meant to the universe of people affected by what they did. And I don’t think there was a single exception to this, to a person, they all said no. And I believed them. Some people might fudge it and make it up, try to sound good, but I think these people, they were all serious. In fact, they all kind of pooh-poohed the notion, and they all said, in their own way, what I just said to you. They did not get nostalgic, and they did not sit and reflect on anything that had happened because they were always looking forward.

Now, I don’t sit around and reflect. I remember things in a nostalgic way because nostalgia has the magical component of always reminding you of good times. But I do look back on it. I do occasionally think of all the things, the getting fired seven times. In Missouri, my first job when the transmitter blew a tube and the owner didn’t seem to have any urgency about getting it replaced, I drove to St. Louis at age 16, scrounged up some money to buy a tube and drove back down and had somebody put the tube — it’s a big vacuum tube — in the transmitter so that the radio station could go back on the air. I skipped the last month of my senior year in school to spend time at the radio station. I mean, you couldn’t keep me out of it when I was 16, 17, 18.

But then I left home, went to Pittsburgh. I think back on what I do consider to be hard work, and now at age 62, I look back on it, and I ask myself, “Could I do that all over again?” If something necessitated me, if this all blew up and I had to do that all over again, could I? There’s something about youth and there’s something about inexperience and the desire to acquire it that none of that — I mean some of it was tough and some of it was arduous and long hours and all that, but I do think, “Could I do that again?”

I asked Brett, my friend George Brett the other day. You know, George has gone back to a uniformed position with the Royals, hitting coach. George Brett played baseball I don’t know how many years, but he was a Hall of Fame third baseman, one of the greatest hitters of all time. He worked incredibly hard at it. I talked to him, “Do you think you could do it all over again?” He said, “Well, yeah, if you take me back, and I’m that age, yeah, I’d do it again. But starting now doing it all over again? I can’t even imagine.” I’m the same way. I can’t imagine. I can’t believe some of the things I did. I don’t mean out-of-bounds things. I don’t mean anything that was risque or inappropriate. My degree of commitment, some things that I did — and I’m not quite expressing this properly. But that’s what I reflect on.

It was a considerable amount of hard work, and at every step along the way — and this is true for everybody — at every step along the way there were people who said, “You can’t do it. You’re not good enough.” And that happened to me. I can’t tell you how many times I was told that. That’s not unique. It happens to many people. And I never listened to any of them. I continued to plod on, against all these so-called odds, against all of the experts.

I had a senior executive at ABC Radio tell me in 1972, “If you want to stay in this business, you had better go into sales, because you just don’t have the talent. You’re never gonna make it.” It turns out I had made him mad one day on the radio with something I’d done, and that was his way to get back at me. But the point is, I never listened to the naysayers.

... Happy Anniversary !!!! ...

… Happy Anniversary !!!! …

It’s always seductive to hang around people who have failed at something and have them tell you how mean the business is — whatever your business is — and how unfair it is and how they got screwed by a bunch of people that didn’t care. It’s easy to find failures, and it’s easy to be seduced by failure. It’s much easier to think, “Well, everybody else has failed; no big deal if I do,” than to ignore that and plod on the other way.

It takes love and passion for what you do to overcome that. It didn’t take me long to realize that I was gonna be irreparably harmed if I continued to hang around failures, because they were not interested in anybody else succeeding, obviously. Psychologically. So I made beelines for people who had succeeded and tried to hang around them or get to know them and learn from them.

But I don’t sit at night and reflect on what has happened, other than when I imagine the daunting challenge of doing it all over again. And then I say to myself, “Gee, that is just…” Don’t misunderstand; I’m not talking about how unique or special I was. It was just tunnel vision. It’s all I cared about. It’s all I did. There were no distractions or diversions from it. The mental focus is what I guess I’m really talking about.

Do I have, at age 62, the ability to have that kind of mental focus? Yeah, I do because I still do now. But the idea that, “Oh, gosh, I’d have to do it for 30 more years to get back here?” Ugh! But that little recounting of history, the only reason I mention any of it is because that’s the closest I get to reflecting on anything. ‘Cause, like all these other people I’ve asked who are successful in their own way…

They, too, answered the question like I do now — legitimately, by the way, and honestly. They’re always thinking the next day. They’re always thinking the next requirement, challenge or what have you. Now, you probably have heard people say that it’s more fun getting where you’re going than it is once you’ve gotten there — and I understand that to an extent, too.

What is meant by that is that when you’re on the way, it’s perfectly fine to have a couple slips off the ladder. It’s perfectly fine to have a failure here or there. It’s perfectly fine. And when you’re on your way up, nobody’s gunning for you. But when you get to where you’re going and if others perceive where you are to be the pinnacle, then whole focus changes and everybody’s after you. And in a legitimate sense.

It’s a legitimate, competitive sense. I’m not complaining. That makes staying where you are harder than getting there ever was. But one of the things… I do tell this to people a lot. One of the things that I’m most proud of in all of this is this. The business side of this has been one of the proudest things, and it’s also one of the least reported: 1988’s when I started, and there was no alternative media. The only cable news outlet was CNN.

It wasn’t until the mid-nineties that I was joined by other people nationally doing conservatism in the media. Fox News didn’t start ’til 1996. Prior that had to the blogosphere got going but not much before that because the Internet had not yet blossomed. Talk radio was starting to build out. Many of the first guest hosts of this program ended up getting their own shows, locally and nationally.

What has happened is, in that sense, radio broadcasting’s a business. There was a pie, an economic pie that existed in 1988. And then I moved in and wanted my piece of it. And that pie ended up expanding incredibly. Entire new markets were created as a result of the success of this program. Which is good. Don’t misunderstand. The thing that I’m proud of is that while all of that happened, I didn’t lose any audience.

This program did not get cannibalized by any of the success that it spawned. So there’s a whole new market — conservative alternative media — on the Internet, on television, and on radio. It’s been a financial boon for a lot of people, and it’s been profoundly successful. And the reason that I haven’t lost any audience is all because of you, you people and your undying loyalty and your bond that you have with this program.

That’s something that can’t be said by too many people — or businesses, rather — that inspire growth in the area where they are leading the expansion. They all end up getting cannibalized. The iPad Mini cannibalized the major iPad, the big iPad. It couldn’t not do that because it’s smaller and it’s cheaper price. This program hasn’t been cannibalized. We kept growing. We did not get smaller. It’s just stunning. It’s amazing. And an entire industry was brought along with it.

That’s how thirsty and hungry the American population was for conservatism in the media.


RUSH: Now, folks, I went a little long in the opening monologue, but I don’t phone it in here like Anthony Weiner does. I just go for the whole thing, and there are just a couple of other things that I want to explain about the early days of this program and the obstacles that I had to overcome. Now, they were not unique. What I had been doing today had been tried. It was the daytime. That was the key. But it had never worked.

It had never worked. This was the first time it had. So when I tried it, industry experts wished me well, but they didn’t expect it to work because there was a guiding principle back then in radio (this is 1988) that it had to be local. You had to be talking about local issues. You had to have local guests, and you had to have a local phone number for people — and if you didn’t, in the daytime, people didn’t care outside their communities.

It wasn’t gonna work.

And yet it did.



RUSH: If you’re just joining us, we’re doing a mixture program today, and as is always the case, nothing structured here, other than formatically, but content-wise it’s all improv, and we’re gonna mix reflections from the past 25 years, audio sound bites from past 25 years, and we’ll eventually get to the important things that we want to talk about that are happening today.

So it was August 1st, 1988, but before I got there — I was in New York — before I got there, I had to get, you know, a lot of breaks. And it’s dangerous, risky, when you start mentioning people that have helped you along the way because success has many fathers. Failure is an orphan. But whenever there is success, there all kinds of people who want to touch it. In my case, there were a lot of people, and I can’t mention them all, and I don’t mean to slight anybody by leaving them out. But the first name that I would mention, Little Willie Brian, who gave me my first ever radio job at age 16, having not ever done it, in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. He’s a well known raconteur in our little town. Little Willie, we called him. He was a radio personality himself, and he owned this little radio station.

Norman Woodruff was a broadcast consultant from San Francisco who I met when I was about to get fired for the fourth time in Kansas City in 1983. He was consulting a station there. And, sure enough, I got fired because of a commentary I did about Jesse Jackson and Gary Hart in the ’84 Democrat presidential primaries. And by today’s standard, it was nothing. I mean, all I did was express an opinion. Back then you did not do that. You did not. They called me on the carpet. I said, “Well, Peter Jennings does.” “No, he doesn’t.” “Yes, he does, every night. Why can’t I?” “You can’t. You’re gone.”

Two weeks out of work and I get a call from Woodruff asking me, “How would you like to be a star in California?”

“California. Wow. Ooh, I’ve never been there.”

Now, in radio when you hear California, you think San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego. So I waited. Which of those three was it gonna be? And he would not tell me what city until I had said yes, which told me immediately it wasn’t one of those three. It turned out to be Sacramento, California, and he consulted that station, KFBK. Sacramento became, as you all know by now, my adopted hometown. But that was 1984, and I started in radio 1967. In 1984, that was the first time after all those years, the first time anybody ever really let me do a radio show the way I wanted or thought it should be done, first time. From 1967 to ’84, what is that, 17 years?

And that led to meeting another consultant named Bruce Marr, who was instrumental at that stage because the radio showrush limbaugh 0 succeeded there, and there were pressures to change the show. “You gotta do guests. You can’t do a show without guests. Every talk show’s gotta have guests.” I said, “I don’t want guests precisely because every other show has guests.” But I said the main reason I don’t want guests is because they’re not interested in whether or not my show succeeds. So why should I turn over hours and hours and hours of my show to people that don’t care about it, other than how it might help them sell their book? They’re gonna be on every other radio station and radio show. I don’t need it. And it was Bruce Marr who ran interference for me and made sure that the local management did not force me to change the way I was doing it.

That led — you talk about a confluence of events — to Edward McLaughlin, who was the president of the ABC Radio networks. Short version of this. When Capital Cities merged with ABC, a lot of the ABC executives were given retirement packages as the Cap Cities people were installed in management positions. And one of Mr. McLaughlin’s exit package items was they gave him two hours of satellite time from noon to two. They said, “This is yours, and you can do with it whatever you want. You can put whoever you want in there, and you can sell it, monetize it, however.”

So, Ed knew these people in California. They had told him about me. Unbeknownst to me, he’s in town listening, and it led to my going to New York. This is no longer applicable in radio, but in syndication you have to be in the number one market. Your sponsor’s commercials have to run in New York or you don’t have a prayer. It’s all academic if that’s not the case. And that’s still true today. But there was nobody in New York that was gonna take a national show because back then, as I said, everything had to be local. Local numbers, local guests, local hosts, local issues, nobody was interested, particularly people in New York who had never heard of me.

So McLaughlin had to pull strings and get me a local-only show in New York on WABC, and when that show was over I went to a different studio and did the two-hour national show. This was for the first two or three years. In order to quote, go national, I had to do an exclusively local New York show for two hours, and WABC agreed to run our national commercials in my show, and that’s how we were able to tell our advertisers that their spots were gonna be heard in New York. That’s how hard it was. I mean, there was no other way.

I had to do two radio shows, four hours a day. I’m not complaining about it, but it’s not even a factor today. Today people end up — this is what I mean about the pie growing. People end up with syndicated radio shows who’ve never done it, whether they’re on in New York doesn’t matter, because the pie’s gotten big enough now that they can all make it to a certain extent, survive it. But this was not the case back then and back then nobody ever thought this would work because of this local, local, local angle. But it did. For two months I just did a New York-only show. July 4th is when I actually started. New York only on WABC. And then I did a local show for Sacramento after that, so it was four hours. I did two hours local New York, and then two hours for KFBK only, for two months.

Then on August 1st the national show started and the Sacramento station picked it up. New York didn’t, so I’m still doing two shows, and that went on for two or three years. But it worked, and why did it work when it had never worked before? You know, syndicated radio was a success only at night. And that was ’cause nobody listens at night, or did then. So that’s when syndication programs aired, was at night, because when television came on, homes using TV, HUT levels went way up, radio usage went way down so it made economic sense to syndicate some person that was not even in your radio station, take his show, run some local commercials and monetize it that way. But in daytime no way was that gonna happen. Radio stations made their nut in the daytime.

They were not gonna give up three hours of daytime for a national program. But it all ended up working, and I’ll leave it for others to explain why. I’ve always believed it’s content. When I had people telling me that it wouldn’t work, I said, “Well, how come Donahue does?” Donahue’s got a national TV show, and people don’t care where it comes from, people don’ts care where he is, whether he’s in Cincinnati or New York. What does it matter? Why does it matter in radio, it doesn’t matter in TV. “Radio’s a much more local –” and it is, by the way. A good radio program will establish a far deeper and far more personal connection with an audience than any TV show ever can. And the reason for that is there’s no pictures on radio. The host has to make the picture. The audience has to imagine the picture, paint their own picture with the help of the host. TV provides the picture. There goes half your imagination. There goes half your attention span. That’s another reason why I love radio so much more, because the connection you can have is much more intimate. It’s a much more intimate, deep connection to people than television can be. Television is like music in an elevator. It will be on in a room, everybody might be watching, some might be, others are doing other things, they’re just hearing it. A good radio show, that’s all you do is listen to it. You turn everything else down so you can hear it. The only way you can get it all is to really focus, and the content just has to be good. And if it’s good — it’s what I always believed — then people won’t care where it comes from.

I never believed that radio listeners actively said to themselves, “I’m not listening to something that doesn’t come from my town,” because they did at night and they didn’t care where it came from. So I had to shoot that formulaic belief to smithereens, and did, and the rest is history. So that’s just a brief recap of how it happened: Key people who took great risks, and it was a risk. I mean Mr. McLaughlin’s given two hours of satellite time.

He’s retired.

And he puts a no-name on? And it was. It was fun. You know, all kinds of excrement started hitting the fan. (chuckling) Ed never planned on any of that. Ed had 200 radio stations and they were producing a little income and fine, but my ambition was not 200 radio stations, it was 600, it was 1200, whatever. But everybody involved hung in there. Everybody. My family’s always hung in there. Everybody has always hung in with me.

My gratitude goes so deep for so many, I couldn’t possibly mention them all to you.

That’s a brief recap. So we’ll take a break and we’ll come back and get started with what I call all the rest of the program, including your phone calls today. Mr. Snerdley, we’ll do a modified version of Open Line Friday, it’s only Thursday. So if you have a question or comment about anything, feel free.


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… Oh , Yeah , POTUS ?!?! …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,August 7th,2013

.. Almost everyone and their “sister sue” seem to think that there is a “domestic spying ” program going on . Except POTUS .

Jay Leno

Jay Leno (Photo credit: Alan Light)

Watch this excert from the “Tonight Show with Jay Leno” to see what I mean …

.. It is not that I am against the idea . To be honest , I am not  . Unfortunately , Edward Snowden let the cat out of the bag . It does not take a rocket scientist to make the leap of logic from the gathering of meta – data to the gathering of domestic intelligence .

.. Hell , everyone else on the planet does it . The British , the Russkies , and the Israelis are especially well – known for it . Given the intelligence threats that we face on a world wide scale , it would make sense to do it . Try to do a better job of keeping it secret , though . Also , do  not lie about it , if it is exposed . Our fellow citizens may not be wild about . I am not , either . But i understand the need for it .


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… Dingy Harry , take Your Own Advice … Sit Down and Shut Up …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,August 1st,2013

.. Harry Reid , a.k.a. Dingy Harry , has become one of the most reviled senators in the history of the United States Senate .

.. Some Senate leaders have rules the chamber with an iron fist . Even then , they would allow the Senate process to work it will , and allow individual Senators to take actions , even ones that were not popular with their own party leaders . Dingy Harry does not . He gums up the works , forcing the chamber to proceed with business only in the way that he wants , and no one else ‘ s opinion matters worth a damn . Even senators of his own party get run over in the process .

[h/t– the Washington Examiner] …             

As Senate heads towards its August recess, tempers are getting short.

As Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, began to speak on the Senate floor about an appropriations bill, it was clear that other senators were milling about and talking after a previous vote.

Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., stepped in, asking the presiding Sen. Tammy Baldwin, D-Wis. “Madam president, have senators sit down and shut up, okay? It’s unfair. Sen. Collins has something to say. It’s just not polite.”

It’s been a tense few weeks for senators on both sides of the aisle. The the implementation of the filibuster-busting “nuclear option” was only narrowly avoided through bipartisan compromise. And on Wednesday, President Obama’s pick to lead the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Fire Arms and Explosives, Todd Jones, advanced only after Democrats pressured Sen. Lisa Murkoswki, R-Alaska, to change her vote and then held the vote open for hours so Democratic Sen. Heidi Heitkamp could fly back from North Dakota to cast the 60th and final vote.

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… the Holy Father : It is the Same Lesson , but a Difference in Emphasis …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,August 1st,2013

the Holy Father : It is the Same Lesson , but it is a Different Emphasis

.. At the end of a wonderfully rejuvenating World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro, Pope Francis held an aerial press conference in

Pope Francis Portrait Painting

Pope Francis Portrait Painting (Photo credit: faithmouse)

which he commented on homosexuality.

.. this is what the Holy Father actually said , in tranlation :

If someone is gay and seeks the Lord and is of good will, who am I to judge that person? The Catechism of the Catholic Church explains this very beautifully. … It says that these persons should not be marginalized.

.. It is true that Francis’s statements are noteworthy for using the word “gay,” he did nothing to reverse Church teaching or even undermine it, contrary to what media reports have suggested. In fact, Francis underscored Church teaching by citing the Catechism.

.. Given the stand of the media , these comments were ran in comparison to his predecessor , Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI .  What the media ignore is that the language of the Catechism that speaks against marginalizing gay persons and, specifically, the Vatican letter “On the Pastoral Care of Homosexual Persons” were written, overseen, and/or signed by none other than Benedict himself when he was still a cardinal. In light of these facts, the media meme of Francis being the Anti-Benedict is purely and simply false. Francis has obviously maintained the unity between the papacies and the teachings of the Church.

.. the Holy Fatherdid signal a shift in tone , as well as emphasis . That being said, while Francis has surely not undermined or changed anything on substance in this regard .The first reason is that he used the word “gay” instead of the more clinical term “homosexual” or cumbersome phrase “same-sex attracted.” Secondly, he acknowledged that gays can lead lives of good will and seek God without adding any condemnatory qualifications. None of this is to suggest that gays are no longer called to live lives of celibacy. But Francis’s shift in tone and emphasis, while staying true to Church teaching, still strikes as novel .

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… This Guy just might be For Real …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,July 24th,2013

.. he is the Reverend E. W. Jackson . He is a well – known figure in Virginia ‘ s Black community . The reason many may not have heard of him ? He is a Republican , and a very conservative one at that . Listen to the audio of an appearance at a radio station , and follow the campaign , and judge for yourself …

.. EW Jackson is running for Lt. Governor of Virginia and as an African-American Republican, he has a unique insight and message for President Obama with regard to his recent comments about the George Zimmerman murder trial.  Jackson appeared on “Mornings on the Mall” on WMAL in Washington DC this morning with me and co-host Brian Wilson.

The host pointed out the president’s remarks from Friday and asked him, “The president says he could have been Trayvon, Rev. Jackson, could you have been Trayvon?”

“The president racialized it, making it about a black man, making it about being African-American, making it about a racial confrontation.  I don’t think it was racial at all.  I prefer to think of it this way – any young American could have been in the same situation.  You know, young people have a lot of swagger – they’re part of this whole pop culture, and they don’t like being challenged.  Any young person.”

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… It Makes You Wonder …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,May 22nd,2013

It makes you wonder …

.. what else is going on in the ObamaCrap Administration , especially when they are rooting around in a news network ‘ s records . E – mails . A correspondent ‘ s parent ‘ s home phone records . They were also fooling around with Foxnews records for telephoones at critical points , at the news bureau , the State Department , and the White House , itself .

.. They are trying to damage FoxNews . This is really obvious . This has to have a chilling effect on their news gathering efforts , epsc. when their sources are fearful of having their identities revealed .

.. Indirectly , they are going after the Washington Times (Jerry Seper , Rowan Scarborough) , the Washington Examiner (Byron York) , the Washington Free Beacon (Bill  Gertz) , and the American Spectator (R. Emmett Tyrell , Jeff Lord) . They are trying to slow them all down . They may not be able to stop them , but the current media ruckus will make sources think twice about opening up to the media .

.. Their own people . They are also trying to scare their own poeple , so that they will not go leaking dirty laundry to the conservative media . The Conservative Media and the Blogosphere seem to be the only ones pursuing the ObamaCraps .

… More than that , it makes you really wonder , what else is brewing up out there ?My gut tells me that something else is getting ready to pop . It may take a while , but it will be big , maybe even HUGE …

… even more so , according to NewsMax

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… Anyone want to watch Bob Schieffer make DannyBoyPfeiffer look like an Idiot ! …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,May 21st,2013

Anyone want to Watch Bob Schieffer of CBS make DannyBoyPfeiffer look like an Idiot

.. believe you me , it is not that hard .

.. Pfeiffer is the ObamaCrap WhiteHouse spokesflack – du – jour . He made the full ” Ginsberg , ” appearing on all five major network Sunday shows . You figure he might have drilled , or practiced for the experience . Or , better yet , had experience before he got his job . OOOOOhhhhh , NNNNNoooo .

.. Schieffer has pretty much had it with this crowd . At least the Clintonoids knew what they were saying , as well as what they were doing , and why . The ObamaCraps are nowhere near as good at it , and their message machine is way beyond second – rate . They should be better at this , but they are not .

to quote … [h/t

Bob Schieffer, chief Washington correspondent ...

Bob Schieffer, chief Washington correspondent for “CBS News” and anchor/moderator of “Face the Nation . ” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


DAN PFEIFFER, SENIOR WHITE HOUSE ADVISOR: The point that our Chief of Staff is making is that this is the Republican playbook here which is try, when they don’t have a positive agenda, try to drag Washington into a swamp of partisan fishing expeditions, trumped up hearings and false allegations. We’re not going to let that distract us and the President from actually doing the people’s work and fighting for the middle class.

BOB SCHIEFFER, HOST: You know, I don’t want to compare this in any way to Watergate. I do not think this is Watergate by any stretch. But you weren’t born then I would guess, but I have to tell you that is exactly the approach that the Nixon administration took. They said, “These are all second-rate things. We don’t have time for this. We have to devote our time to the people’s business.” You’re taking exactly the same line they did.

After Pfeiffer continued with evasive talking points, Schieffer again scolded:

SCHIEFFER: But Mr. Pfeiffer, and I don’t mean to be argumentative here, but the President is in charge of the executive branch of the government. It’s my, I’ll just make this as an assertion: when the executive branch does things right, there doesn’t seem to be any hesitancy of the White House to take credit for that. When Osama bin Laden was killed, the President didn’t waste any time getting out there and telling people about it.

But with all of these things, when these things happen, you seem to send out officials many times who don’t even seem to know what has happened. And I use as an example of that Susan Rice who had no connection whatsoever to the events that took place in Benghazi, and yet she was sent out, appeared on this broadcast, and other Sunday broadcasts, five days after it happens, and I’m not here to get in an argument with you about who changed which word in the talking points and all that. The bottom line is what she told the American people that day bore no resemblance to what had happened on the ground in an incident where four Americans were killed.

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… Got Him !! [Kermit Gosnell] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,May 14th,2013

.. Kermit Gosnell is going to jail . And , hopefully , he is soon going to meet his maker .

.. Yesterday ,  the jury in his criminal trial completed its work , and reached verdicts in the criminal case . On the important points , Kermit Gosnell was found guilty of 3 of 4 1st degree murder charges . And , for the most part , he was found guilty on many of the other counts .

.. Found Guilty on 21 of 24 felony charges , including the murder charges , overall . Found guilty on 211 of 227 other charges , largely 1st degree and 2nd degree misdemeanors , on abortion – related , and notification – related charges .

.. I am most definitely pro – life , but I do not always follow the leading pro – life sites and blogs . Yesterday , thankfully , I remembered to . Legal Insurrection carried a blogstory , linking to a story , that I now link to , one written by a excellent reporter , LifeNews ‘ Steven Ertelt . Thank You , Steven , for all of your excellent work .

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… Syria is a huge dilemma for Obama …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,May 3rd,2013

.. Syria is a huge problem for POTUS , and for the ObamaCraps . It is telling that Democrats and Republicans view the president as getting “trapped” on Syria. It is evident that he desires to remain weak , and not acting at all . The likelyhood is is he will still fudge, delay and hedge, choosing minor steps over any level of meaningful action.

.. When you draw a line , you have to be sure of what you are doing . Both in mind and in spirit . If that line is crossed , you have to ready , willing , and able to take action . And , make sure that any other potential party knows that . Any sign of weakness , or perceived weakness , will make your own action meaningless , and without form or reason .

.. Even worse, Bashar al-Assad seems to be openly defying the president in a show of contempt for the Obama administration. If the rebel report is true, it is a nightmare scenario for the Obama administration. Both parties on Thursday warned that the administration’s cautious approach to confirming evidence of a chemical attack may end up emboldening Assad. In the past year, Assad has used scud missiles and fixed-wing aircraft to attack civilian areas, an escalation from his initial response to the Syrian uprising in 2011.

.. Eli Lake writes , in a piece for the Daily Beast , that “When you have the Israelis, the French, the British and even some of our Arab friends saying this happened, I don’t know what the White House is really waiting for.” The answer is, the White House is looking for ways not to act.

.. If it is one ‘ s perceived interest to act , then act . Do not screw around , or  more than your intended target will read a message from it . Pyongyang and Tehran willtake notice. This president will never act until absolutely forced to do so .

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… On the Gang of 8 Immigration Bill , I am undecided …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,April 24th,2013

.. but , I am leaning in one direction ..

.. Still , i want to provide cover for both sides of the debate , as best as I can ..

.. While the Gang of Eight’s questionable immigration reform bill continues to be submarined by Conservatives for its lack of specifics and clarity, the Senate Judicial Committee began hearings to try to bring some needed transparency to the bill . ..   .. For those who do not have their eyes glued (falling asleep) to C – SPAN today , Senator Ted Cruz asked Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano , “ If there are no objective metrics , if it is simply the subjective assessment of a host of factors , how can we have any confidence (that the border will be secured) and that any trigger will be meaningful ? ” ..   .. In true Obama-style, Napolitano failed to specifically answer his question . ..

.. to understand , I am including the relevant clip from C-Span , and youtube , from the hearings …

.. This is Senator Cruz ‘ s opinion , from after the hearings ….   .. “ We must have a clear definition of what metrics must be reached in order for the border to be secure. I am not satisfied with answers offered at today’s hearing, as it remains unclear how the provisions in this bill will help achieve a secure border . ..   .. “ As it stands, the border security component – which numbers only 58 pages of the 844-page bill – largely cedes authority to the Department of Homeland Security to determine when and how the border would be secured. However, today’s hearing revealed that the last clear metric for border security – ‘operational control’ – reflected that in 2010, DHS had secured 873 miles of the more than 2,000 mile border. When that metric did not demonstrate success, DHS decided to simply abandon the metric. In order for a metric to be real, it must be meaningful. Currently, there are no objective metrics in place to ensure any triggers in this bill will be meaningful, all while the pathway to citizenship component remains contingent on this undefined border security . ” ..


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