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Greg Gutfeld and The Five rip MSNBS race baiters

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,January 31st,2014

… hoo ah !! ….

The Daley Gator


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Friday Free-For All: Zombie Immigration Reform Stumbles Forward

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,January 31st,2014

Nice Deb

immigration-reform-500Via Mike Luckovich

Bryan Preston, PJ Media: Republican Fools Are About to Throw 2014 Away:

Preston makes the argument I’ve been making for about a year. There is something deeply wrong with the GOP’s priorities. They seem to be devolving from the “Stupid Party” to the “Weapons Grade Stupid Party.”

Weapons-grade stupidity is exactly what John Boehner is flaunting. He is flying his idiot flag high.

This video started making the rounds yesterday. It shows employees at a small business in a swing state coping with the damage that Obamacare will do to them. Their reaction can be boiled down to, Obama lied and my bank account died. Similar videos could be produced showing similar effects on about 93 million Americans who now find themselves in similar circumstances.

They could be cut in with the moment from this week’s SOTU address, in which all of the Democrats stood proudly…

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Melissa Harris-Perry and her “racial trigger”

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,January 31st,2014

… nice hair trigger , MHP !! …

The Daley Gator

Oh good grief, this woman has ESP for RAAAAACISM now

At the University’s 2014 Black History Month Keynote Lecture Thursday evening, Harris-Perry discussed ways to address racial issues on campus to about 500 students, faculty, staff and alumni who attended the lecture at Rackham Auditorium.

The hour-long lecture delved into a history of the collective efforts of the Black community, from the Civil Rights Movement to the continued institutional marginalization of Black bodies and experiences today. Harris-Perry said continuous struggle is an avoidable trait of a democracy, and stressed that one uncontested voice is more fitting of a totalitarian regime.

She said a problem with campus activism today is that allies have not experienced the same “corporeal body experiences” of the Black community, and misunderstandings often arise as a result.

“A problem with race talk on campus is how we know that we know something,” Harris-Perry said. “I know that…

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… Spot On , Ted Cruz [on Exec Orders] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,January 31st,2014

.. Senator Cruz was being interviewed by a reporter , and was being very , very frank …

.. [h/t — CNSnews]

.. [link] to the video segment ..

.. this one was done a day before the SOTU , but is just as applicable . POTUS ‘ abuse and misuse of executive orders is waaaay beyond the pale .

.. By the by , it is not the number of them , it is the content of them and their potential and likely illegality . Most any President will test the bounds of the powers of their office , but will know when and where to stop . Nixon obviously did not . Obama is making good ol ‘ Tricky Dick look like a choirboy by comparison , given his actions .

.. Obama has to think and probably is thinking that because he has Dingy Harry [Reid] to cover his “six” , he has nothing to worry about . As long as Dingy Harry is the majority leader of the Senate , maybe … when (not if) Reid goes , then POTUS is in even deeper doo – doo . It will set up the GOP with as many as 53 to 54 votes in the Senate , and the leaning votes of at least 5 other Dems [Nelson,Manchin,Feinstein,King(i),Warner] . That puts the GOP within range of conviction and removal range … Uh Oh !!

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… Thank You , Dr. Ben Bernanke …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,January 31st,2014

.. today , Dr. Ben Bernanke spends his last day as Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board .

.. i have not always agreed with his policies , god knows . On the whole , he has been a good steward of the nation ‘ s financial system .

.. So , thank you , Dr. Bernanke …

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National Intelligence Director Clapper: Iran Can Now Build And Deliver Nuclear Weapons (Video)

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,January 30th,2014

… Grand , then Why the Dmn Nuclear Agreement ?!?!! …

The Daley Gator

Iran now has all the technical infrastructure to produce nuclear weapons should it make the political decision to do, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper wrote in a report to a Senate intelligence committee published Wednesday. However, he added, it could not break out to the bomb without being detected.

In the “,” delivered to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, Clapper reported that Tehran has made significant advances recently in its nuclear program to the point where it could produce and deliver nuclear bombs should it be so inclined.

“Tehran has made technical progress in a number of areas – including uranium enrichment, nuclear reactors, and ballistic missiles – from which it could draw if it decided to build missile-deliverable nuclear weapons,” Clapper wrote. “These technical advancements strengthen our assessment that Iran has the scientific, technical, and industrial capacity to eventually produce nuclear weapons. This makes the central…

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Nostrildomus Is Retiring

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,January 30th,2014

… bye , bye , Henry , and Good Riddance !! …

Nice Deb


I know this because lots of people are finding their way to my “What’s Wrong With Henry Waxman’s Nose”post from many moons ago. See, when folks gets a gander at that man’s schnoz for the first time, they run to their computers and google up “henry waxman’s nose” “what’s wrong with henry waxman’s nose” or in one case, today, “henry waxman rhinoplasty” I kid you not.

Well,  we won’t have Henry Waxman’s nose to kick around anymore. Word on the street is – it ain’t fun being in the minority party in the House – so he’s taking his ball and going home.

Ace says “Henry Waxman decides that after decades of doing his best to destroy American democracy, he too wants to spend more time with his K Street lobbyists.

“I just think it’s time to move on,” Waxman [said].

He specifically denies that he’s dropping out…

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… Nice Try , CBS …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,January 30th,2014

.. you got caught in the act .

.. US Senator Ted Cruz [R-Tx] appeared on CBS’ “DeFace the Nation” on Sunday . What they did do was highly unusual . They pretaped the interview with Cruz , and edited it …

.. [h/t — theDaleyGator]

.. [link] to the video

.. you see what happens when the interview is not live . Even a reasonable liberal like Bob Schieffer can get caught up in the fury of the reaction of conservatives ‘ anger to liberal bias , especially when one gets caught in the act of committing it …

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… Waaah ! What a Crybaby ! …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,January 30th,2014

.. nice going , His Lordship .

.. you sure as hell manage to make yourself look like a fool and to be UnPresidential , all at the same time .

.. Grow Up , and Grow a Pair , you damn Wuss !

.. Considering that you are the First Wuss , I doubt that you will do it ….

.. [h/t — theGatewayPundit]

.. [link] — to the First Wuss ‘ caterwauling …

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… It is an Established Fact ? [Global Warming?] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,January 30th,2014

.. No , it is not .

.. try something else , folks . The climate does indeed change .

.. Over time , yes . Over Eons and millenia , and longer periods of time …. not over a century … un uh , folks …

.. [h/t — theGatewayPundit] ..

.. [link] to the post ..

.. the only one man – made way of climatic change that I know of is through a global thermonuclear war . God in heaven help us if it were to happen . Other than that , it would be a massive volcano , or even a supervolcano [yes , they do exist] …

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… the Egyptians Have a Nice Idea ..

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,January 30th,2014

.. they put deposed former President Mohammed Morsi not only in a cage , but in a sound – proof cage . He can say whatever he wants , but no one can hear him .

.. [h/t — theGatewayPundit]

.. [link] to the video clip

.. it would do wonders for our peace and quiet and peace of mind if you-know-who were confined in one of those type of cages for the remainder of his second term . Then , once he is criminally indicted for multiple offences once out of office , then the cage can be brought back . He can then suffer from a permanent case of diarrhea of the mouth , and none of us will be inflicted with the curse of the noise pollution from it .

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… Nice Going , Dumbbells [OCC] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,January 30th,2014

.. [h/t — HotAir]

.. [link] to the video clip / news story ..

.. this one relates to a news story out of the Nashville metro area . Vanderbilt University hospitals complex is HUGE down there … it is a major part of the health economy down there in the region . Why are they not a part of the network ?

.. $$ , What else .

.. these networks are tiny , with little choice of providers or specialists . And you think that people are going to put up with this for very long ? Nooooooo ! … The political pressure on this is going to build all year long , and it is the DummyCraps who are going to feel the heat … Big Time !! …

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… I thought that San Fran was Nuts …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,January 30th,2014

.. but this nuts ?

.. crack pipes for users ?

.. have these idiots lost all touch with reality . I watched the video clip , and it appears that it is the case [gross] …

.. [h/t — theGatewayPundit]

.. [link] to the news report …

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… You would think [Competence] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,January 30th,2014

.. that the ObamaCraps would nominate someone who actually knew what they were doing or knew a pretty fair bit about the country that they were nominated to represent .

.. Apparently not . This idiot that they nominated was a nominee to be Ambassador to Norway . Boy , what a bomb !! Senator John McCain nailed this on the head with his sarcasm …

.. [h/t — TruthRevolt]

.. [link] to the clip

.. try better next time , you dummies . Dingy Harry may have changed the filibusters rules , but make the DummyCraps pay a political price for this arrogant ass ‘ behaviour in front of a Congressional Committee . Congress deserves better …

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Obama’s Half Bro Malik Pictured Wearing Hamas Keffiyeh That Says, ‘Jerusalem is ours – WE ARE COMING!’

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,January 29th,2014

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Someone asked me if Texas politicians like Ted Cruz and Rick Perry embarrassed me

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,January 29th,2014

… Me Neither !! …

The Daley Gator

I answered as politely as I could with a solid no! Let’s see Texas led the nation in new jobs for the fourth straight year last year, businesses are lining up to come here, and we have the best damned governor in the nation. You can judge a lot about that governor, Rick Perry, by who his enemies are. Radical environmentalists, abortionists, gun banning zealots, trial lawyers, and climate change wackos all loathe Governor Perry. That speaks volumes about the man as does this picture


Then there is Ted Cruz, who really upsets Leftists too. All, you need to know about him, can be heard here!

So, no, I am not ashamed of these men, why the Hell would I be?

Here is one more video. Rick Perry setting an idiot straight on gun control

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Beretta expands operations, gun control haven Maryland hardest hit

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,January 29th,2014

… it figures , Gator ! … especially with a loon like Martin O ‘ Malley in power …

The Daley Gator

Liberals just do not grasp this basic economic truth-When you continue to kick businesses in the gut, they will leave! And while legendary gun maker Beretta has not let Maryland entirely, this might be a small first step that grows larger and larger

When anti-gun Democrats in the state of Maryland exploited the Sandy Hook massacre as an excuse for even more draconian gun control, Beretta warned them that if the bill became law, they’d go out of state to a more friendly political climate for their planned U.S. expansion.

They didn’t bluff:

“I want to thank the Beretta family for their substantial investment in Tennessee and the 300 jobs they’ll create in Sumner County,” Haslam said. “Beretta is one of the world’s great companies, and its commitment to excellence and Tennessee’s rich history in manufacturing make today’s announcement a great match as we continue toward our goal of…

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… POTUS should manage Our Resources Carefully …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,January 29th,2014

.. Obama is the President , not a Dictator .

.. Congress appropriates the money , and then pays the bills .

.. Ergo , POTUS should manage the public resources very , very carefully .

.. He should not unilaterally raise the minimum wage for federal workers . Such a move should be budgeted for and paid for by Congress . POTUS can propose it , but to dictate it on his own I believe does not have the force of law .

.. The Executive Branch usually gets some latitude in contracting . Not a whole lot , though . They have tohave a very good reason to ignore the lowest bidder . I do not believe that they can ignore the lowest bid if they do not include a higher minimum wage . Congress has set the Contracting rules , and the Executive Branch is supposed to enforce them .

.. It will be very interesting when the first contract bidder is turned down because of this . Believe you me , someone will test this on an ideological bent . I hope that they do . I believe that they will be found out to be right …

.. If he does this , I think they ought to calculate what the cost would have been without the minimum wage, and appropriate that, and not a penny more. It is then up to Obama to figure out how to handle the shortfall. Don’t like it? Welcome to the world of business owners, Mr. President! They have to make hard choices and so should you.

Even so, Mr. Obama’s vow to use his executive authority more robustly has drawn criticism from Republicans who say he has already stretched and, in some cases, exceeded the bounds of his power, much as he once accused President George W. Bush of doing.

Among other things, Mr. Obama unilaterally deferred deportation of many younger illegal immigrants after Congress declined to pass legislation giving them legal status. He has delayed enforcement of several aspects of his hotly disputed health care law. He declined to defend in court the Defense of Marriage Act, a law barring federal recognition of same-sex marriages.

As he looks ahead to three more years in office, and with Republicans likely to still hold one if not both houses of Congress, Mr. Obama has sought other ways of enacting his agenda. Perhaps the most far-reaching area will be the environment, where the Environmental Protection Agency is working on regulations to limit carbon emissions at the nation’s power plants.

Imagine if Republicans won the Senate this year, and lawmakers declared they no longer needed a presidential signature to pass certain laws. There would be a cry of outrage. And these actions would be ignored, because Congress has no enforcement agency. But Obama’s declaring he does not need congressional authorization to change our laws? That barely registers in the national consciousness.  And yet this is more dangerous, because Obama has the police power. He has the guns. If anyone needs to be checked, he does.

On his radio show, Mark Levin has accurately described what is taking place here as a slow-motion coup. Regardless of the constitutionality of today’s action, it is clear that Obama is taking on powers that a President simply does not possess under the Constitution. The problem is, lawsuits are not the way to stop this. The way to stop it is Congressional action.

.. I think that things are going to reach a breaking point , and soon . Even Congress has its limits . POTUS will do something stoopid . People will not think that it is , but it will turn to be the case . The media will finally begin to take notice of his arrogance and his abuse of power . Someone of prominence will then finally call for his impeachment . It will be the I word , for now . It will become part of the election debate , and POTUS will lose , and lose BIG !!


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… More of the ” Blame Bush ” screed …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,January 29th,2014

.. can’t the ObamaCraps learn something new ?

.. White House Propaganda Minister Dan Pfeiffer was on ” Fox News Sunday ” this past Sunday , and , to say the least , he did not do all that well . He tried the usual anti – Bush apropos , and FoxNews ‘ Chris Wallace was primed and ready for his schtick . Wallace countered , and DannyBoy Pfeiffer did not last all that long ..

.. [h/t – theGatewayPundit]

.. [link] to the show clip ..

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… a Real Dumb Move …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,January 29th,2014

.. yea , the MahaRushie is right . He almost always is on the mark .

.. [h/t — theDailyRushbo]

.. [link] to the audio clip ..

.. His Lordship and his fellow ObamaCraps plan on running against him . So What else is New ?

.. so , what is the update of the old saying , ” Do Not go to War with Someone who buys Ink by the Barrel … ” , may I try …

.. ” Do Not Try to Piss on Someone who can Piss Back with Gusto ! ”

.. ” Do Not Try to Go to War with Someone who buys Electronic Ink by the Oceanful … “

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… This is the Danger …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,January 29th,2014

.. arrogant bastards such as Schmuckie Schoomer and his pea brain [and his big mouth] and what they are trying to do …

.. [h/t — NiceDeb]

.. [link] to the video clip ..

.. these idiots are beyond arrogant . This event at the Center for Anarchist Propagand [the Center for American Progress] was open to the public , and was covered by the media . These loonie lefties knew that their words world be recorded . They just expect that they would not be reported …. Well , guess what , Schmukie ??

.. You got Caught ! Busted ! …

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… It would be NIce …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,January 29th,2014

.. if POTUS would learn the meaning of the word , ” leadership . ”

.. Regrettably , he does not have a clue about it . If he did , he would understand that he needs to take the lead on events , instead of acting in reaction to events . If he did , he would better understand the views of others , and not to denigrate them as readily as he does . If he did , well ….

.. Saturday night , while also covering a breaking news story [the Columbia ,MD mall shooting] , Judge Jeanine Pirro let His Lordship have it but good . She gave him a good [bleep] – ripping over the issue …

.. [h/t — NiceDeb]

.. [link] to the video clip …

.. She nailed him but good …

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… SOTU wrapup …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,January 28th,2014

.. POTUS — ZZZZZ …. .

.. in other words , boring .

.. GOP response — highly entertaining . Yeah , I am a conservative , but I thought that the choice of Cathy McMorris Rodgers was inspired and terrific . She did a solid job , and probably surprised quite a few people .

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… What was Maria Conchita Alonso thinking ?? …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,January 28th,2014

.. my guess is that she was and is thinking …

.. of freedom , liberty , and the pursuits of happiness .

.. She is a Cuban – American . She well knows what the Castroite dictatorship is and what it stand for , and what it does not stand for . She knows what her old political persuasion [likely Democrat] these days works with the people who stand with Fidel and Rauol , with Maduro , et al . in South American , and those who enslave humanity .

..God Bless You , Maria , and your courage to speak your mind and your heart …

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… Good News for All of Us [the MahaRushie vs POTUS] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,January 28th,2014

.. you can usually tell when somebody has your attention when they are complaining like a little girl .

.. POTUS is griping like a bawl baby , by comparison . Rush has definitely gotten inside his head …

.. [h/t — theGatewayPundit] ..

.. [link] — to the audio clip

.. keep up the good work , MahaRushie !! We need you on longer …

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Cruden returns to DOJ

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,January 28th,2014

So the revolving door from Enviro NGO to DOJ/EPA Government work continues.

Just like the media/lobbyist/government official churn. Citizen alert–we lose again.

Shame on John Cruden, he dishonors his West Point heritage.

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… Ted Cruz is Right …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,January 28th,2014

.. POTUS should apologize for ObamaCrapCare at the SOTU on Tuesday Night …

.. he should , but he is an arrogant narcissist . You know that he will not …

.. [h/t — RealClearPolitics]

.. [link] to the video clip …

.. admitting his humanity and failings would humanize Obama . It may not help his poll ratings , at least not at first . It would sure help his likeability ratings , that is for sure …

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… Watch DannyBoy Make a Fool of Himself …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,January 28th,2014

.. DannyBoy is , of course , Deputy Propaganda Minister [White House Communications Director] Dan Pfeiffer . He must wonder why he is not welcome that often on the Sunday shows ..

.. [h/t — RealClearPolitics]

.. when he makes an ass of himself like [this] , then you see why …

.. This is only a segment of his apperantace on ” Fox News Sunday . ” Chris Wallace is a top-of-the-line professional . He knows his craft , and knows how to elicit a hard response from a reluctant witness [guest] . He knows how to knock them off their game , and get them off of their script , which these days is enough to make Ministry Spin Doctors nervous , no matter who is the victim …

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… Obama ‘ s Arrogance is Abrasive …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,January 28th,2014

.. god knows , is it ever .

.. It is his narcissism is what gets him into the most trouble .

.. POTUS always seems to think that he is the smartest person around , no matter what the subject or  the situation . Even when he is not . When he thinks he knows what he needs to know , he cannot bring himself to make a decision . Even if the situation is timely , and a decision needs to be made quickly , he cannot do it . he is so arrogant that he will not ask for help , even when it is obvious that he needs it .

.. More than that is his disastrous conduct of foreign affairs . He is letting his historical and cultural  biases get in the way of sound decisions and even better policy decisions . When he is matched up against a  foreign leader , no matter  who ,  he is often bested . It is especially galling and offensive when the quality of the opposition is lacking , Obama plays down to the level of the opposition , and looks like an idiot .

.. His actions on the domestic scene are worse . He is sensing himself to have power that he does not , having no respect for his political opposition or for their motives or actions . When negotiation and / or compromise are called for , POTUS is obstitant , arrogrant , and beyond narcissistic , needlessly pissing off his opponents for no reason  .

.. [h/t — RealClearPolitics]

.. It seems Dr. Charles Krauthammer seems to agree with me  ,  at least in  part .. see the [link] ..

..His actions and the experiences with his actions while in office lead me to believe that Barack Obama is the worst president in American history .

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… Why am i not Surprised [ObamaCrapCare] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,January 28th,2014

.. these idiots are not paying attention to detail to leave a security vulnerability this large and significant this open ?

.. Why have they not paid attention to seucirty at all ?

.. David Kennedy is a ” White Hat ” security expert . He is a hacker , but he uses his hacking skills to test systems for security vulnerabilities . Evidently , he has developed quite a reputation in D.C. . He has pointed out that there are serious problems , such as this [one] and this [one] .

..He and others that have testified before Congress (at least in the House) that they do not trust the security setup for “” at all. They would not trust their financial or / and medical info on the site . They would recommend that others not use the site , either …

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