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… Oops , She ‘ s Busted [#Again][#classified][#e mail]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,August 13th,2016

.. well , two intelligence agencies conducted a review of a sample of Miz Hillary ‘ s e mails from her time at the State Department . WEll , the Nation wonders what ?? . You had better believe that the results were not good ..

.. these folks found that several [more than two] e mails found on Miz Hillary ‘ s personal server borne classified information . Whoops !! ..

.. [h/t –]
.. [link] to the blog post ..

.. one of them related to information and photo intel about North Korean missile technology . Believe you me the DPRK does not want that kind of stuff getting out to other powers . Well , in the intel business , it is just as important about what you know and what you get as what the other guy knows about what you have . The less an opposing power knows , the better things are for you . Unfortunately , Miz Hillary ‘ s paranoia for security from our Congress has gravely endangered our security elsewhere .

..What is just as important as our country having it is that North Korea does not know that we know about it .
Well , that has markedly changed . What is just as important as the intel information that one collects is the  information that one denies to one  ‘ s enemies . It makes it that much harder for a naton to analyze intentions of an opposing power when you do not know what they know , or in this case , what they do not know . The N.K.s do know now about this info , and that is very bad news . Which damages our security . it could possibly give the NK security services a lead on who the source just might be .

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