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… More on Benghazi …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,December 29th,2013

.. and , yes , it is still a ” live ” investigation …

.. [h/t —]

.. [link] to the post , and the Meet the DePressed video of Representative Issa ‘ s appearance …

.. the DummyCraps would really like this one to go away . Why ? There are major unanswered questions still pending , like

.. [-] What were POTUS and SecState Clinton talking about in the infamous 10pm phone call on Sept. 11th , 2012? ..[-] Why was the military given a standdown order , no matter who was in danger at Benghazi ? .. [-] What was the CIA doing at Benghazi ? ..[-] Why was our embassy not given the security it requested ? , ..[-] among others …

.. the ObamaCraps have played the ” four – corners ” stall on this , wanting it to go away … ironically , since ObamaCrapCare blew up as a colossal mess , it has been overshadowed …

.. there are serious questions to be answered folks .. no doubt about it . The lack of co – operation from the ObamaCrap Administration is a disgrace . Basically , the ObamaCraps have been getting away with bloody murder …

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… Iran Runs Its Mouth — POTUS ends up with a Black Eye …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,December 27th,2013

.. guess what ?

.. Iran is stating that it is developing a new generation of centrifuges . Just Dandy ?!

.. the current group is bad enough . now there will be more . Does anyone beilieve that Iran ‘ s nuclear program is for peaceful purposes ? POTUS does . What an idiot …

.. israel can only wait for so long . As big a mess as Turkey is in , they will realize that their lot belongs with their old ally [Israel] — and not their putative new one [Iran] . The Iranians cannot be trusted . Israel ‘ s word is as good as it gets .

.. Iran is vulnerable . So is Israel . and many nations that are supposed to be allies of ours are feeling betrayed by POTUS , aka the First Wus ! . They know that their lot is still with the United States , but they are wondering if they can survive the Obama years . Some of them wonder …

.. Israel can , though , take care of itself . She will only wait for so long . Do Not be surprised if PM Netanyahu gives the ” go ” order and it pulls us [yes , the United States] into a war in the Middle East . Iran will retaliate , and hit our allies , even our bases and command centers . Do not forget that our CentCom forward base is in Qutar , among other facilities . Ditto other facilities in Kuwait .

.. if they are going to get hit , the mullahs are going to want to take others with them , whether they like it or not . Ditto Hezbollah . They would also love to screw with the world ‘ s oil markets . A Middle East war , including the U.S. , would send oil prices soaring well over $150 a barrel , maybe even $200 a barrel . It would throw the U.S. and the West , at least for a while , into a sharp recession . Yikes …

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… Can the ObamaCraps quit Screwing Around ?!?! …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,December 23rd,2013

.. POTUS did not enroll in ObamaCrapCare .

.. his aides keep saying that he did .

.. so , you dummies , quit the damn lying !

.. Presidents , VPs , senior Admin officials , and others receive their health care through the military services , to be specific Walter Reed Army Medical Center and Bethesda Naval Hospital . They have the best health care that rivals anything anywhere in the world .

.. Also , when necessary , you are in D.C. . Baltimore is only 40 miles away , which means Johns Hopkins University and its world famous medical school and medical center . George Washington University is literally on the doorsteps of the District , less than a mile from the White House itself . It itself has a superb medical school (and medical center) .

.. So , cut the crap , you idiots . POTUS does not need to sign up for any ObamaCrapCare coverage . His family is covered , likewise …

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… Wanna See POTUS get French Fried …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,December 22nd,2013

.. POTUS gave a going out – of – town presser the other day , and it did not look like he had a whole lot of fun .

[-] His Lordship has had a crappy year , ..
[-] his signature accomplishment is collapsing , and
[-] He looks like a Lame Duck , spelled with a Capital D – U – C – K . [QUACK!]

.. it looks even worse . see this [link] . AP White House correspondent Julie Pace cooks him on a spit , and makes him look bad , and I mean BAD …

.. I mean , what a crabapple !! …

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… ObamaCrapCare enrollments are in the Toilet …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,December 20th,2013

.. so , His Lordship makes another unilateral change ?

.. It appears that POTUS & Co have made another unilateral change to ObamaCrapCare . They did it once again without any consultation with or the agreement of Congress . As is supposed to be done under our Constitution …

.. Those who have lost their insurance policies under ObamaCrapCare have been made temporarily exempt from the individual mandate . I believe that it does not apply to those folks who have lost their policies this year [2013] … I think that the ObamaCraps have the folks who will lose their policies in the coming year [2014] in mind . It is not only that …

.. They have now been made (somehow) eligible for the catastrophic insurance policies . These policies were supposed to only be open to those under 30 years of age . Now , those catastrophic policies will be open to many , many more people . Not just several hundred thousand people , though . It will result in millions being made eligible for those policies …

.. Remember , it is not just this year (2013) that is in mind , but 2014 as well . I can imagine the insurance companies are just going to love this . Another unilateral change that screws with the metrics of their business ….
if it keeps up , then , sooner or later , it is going to cause one or more companies to withdraw further from the states , in order to preserve their remaining business , and concentrate on the state(s) where these folks are the strongest …

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… Bob , POTUS does not know How to be an Administrator …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,December 16th,2013

.. to be rather blunt and honest , his Lordship , POTUS , could not give a damn about being an administrator .

.. [link] to Bob Woodward ‘ s comments on Fox News Sunday

.. He does not know , generally , how to manage his staff . He leaves those tasks to others , such as his wife , his senior staff , and other flunkies , ones such as Valerie Jarrett . He has not had to deal with political opponets , ones who stand in direct opposition to what he wants . What usually happens is an environment where Dems dictate , and Republicans behave like docile sheep . That is what he has usually dealt with . The situtation in Washington has him in a constant state of political culture shock . What do I do ?

.. He has never had to be a payroll manager or had to make a payroll in his life . He is used to the political parlor , the debating club , the salon . He has never had to deal with the impact of government regulations on private individuals and on businesses …

.. His idea of management is giving a speech , and passing a diktat . He could care less , otherwise , about management or about government . He never has , and he never will …

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… I do Not Often Agree with Politifact [on ObamaCrapCare whopper] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,December 14th,2013

.. but , in this case , I do .

.. How POTUS could have gotten himself caught in this megawhopper is beyond me . He had to know that the developing policy would not allow him to keep his promise .

.. ” If You Want to Keep Your Doctor , You can . Period . ” Jeezus , to be honest , it is not just the Whopper of the Year . It is the MegaWhopper of the Decade . The ObamaCraps should have known better . Once they knew that they could not keep this promise , or others like it , they should have changed course , and quick . They should not have lied through their teeth the way that they did …

.. [link] — video of Politifact ‘ s ” Lie of the Year . ”

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… What Was He Thinking ? [POTUS] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,December 10th,2013

.. POTUS , as one might imagine , went to the public memorial service for former South African President and anti – apartheid activist Nelson Mandela today . No big shock , there …

.. He was also invited to speak at the service , which he did . Ditto …

.. He shook the hand of Cuban President Raul Castro ?

.. Whaaaaat ??

[h/t —]

.. [link] — to pictures and video images …

.. Yes , he did just that . Incredibly insensitive , stupid , and moronic . POTUS should have known better , but could have cared less . The propaganda value to the Cuban regime and the apparatchiks is going to be invaluable . Which was part of the point ….

.. Obama could not have cared less …

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… Nice Going , Zeke [ObamaCrapCare architect] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,December 10th,2013

.. this is one of the leading lights , so – called , of ObamaCrapCare , Dr. Ezekial Emanuel , appearing on ” Fox News Sunday . ”

[h/t —]

.. [link] to the video ..

.. you would think that the ObamaCraps would be a good bit more careful about who and when they would put out front as the ” face ” of ObamaCrapCare . This guy treats this stuff as an academic exercise , when people have real world concerns , and he could not care less …

.. just like POTUS ..

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… Wow , Does John Cornyn Stick a BlowTorch to the ObamaCraps !! …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,December 2nd,2013

.. this is an online interview session with U.S. Senator John Cornyn [R – Tx] . This is a [link] to the A/V of the interview session .

.. It is part of what is called a ” Google Hangout . ” I am just beginning to understand what that means . Guess it is just a simple online interview , with the Google brand , I guess …

.. where it gets spicy is where Senator Cornyn puts a rhetorical and political blowtorch to the ObamaCrap Administration over the ObamaCrapCare website debacle and the lies [yes , he said “lies”] over POTUS ‘ promises over you – know – what …

.. Nice Going , Senator ! It is really nice to hear someone call it as they see it , even when the language gets tough . My God , all of the spin these days gets so nauseating , Puke ! …

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… Next Time , POTUS , Remember That [Presidential Oath] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,November 25th,2013

.. His Lorship is going to regret this one , that is for sure .

.. The RNC and the Congressional party committees are going to have fun with this . Especially with his rewrites of his own laws and those done by his appointees [the E.P.A. in particular] …

.. POTUS should remember this the next time he tries to think of attempting to rewrite a law , and changing its intent … Duh !!

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… I hope George Will is Wrong [Iran and the ” Bomb “] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,November 25th,2013

.. because he has an extraordinary record of success and accuracy .

.. In this case [link]  , I think that Israel will have something to say and do about it . PM Netanyahu has already ” popped off ” at POTUS at this being an extraordinary bad deal ; I believe that he is right . The question is now , is what happens when Iran cheats (which it will) …

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… Amazing Funny [The Tonight Show , with Jay Leno] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,November 21st,2013

.. this is a set of video clips [here] of former President George W. Bush and his appearance on the Tonight Show , with Jay

English: Official photograph portrait of forme...

… former U.S. President George W. Bush … (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Leno , the other night .

.. People tend to forget that President Bush (both of them) are amazingly funny and gracious . The quip of the year [in my opinion] is Mr. Bush ‘ s response to Jay ‘ s question about the crap being dumped on POTUS (Mr. Obama) and all that . It is well worth your time to watch and listen …

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… Quit the Excuses , POTUS !! …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,November 19th,2013

.. you already have a big enough credibility problem as it is .

.. News Item : the Republican party is opposed to ObamaCrapCare . It always has been . When the original bill was being considered , what was the response of the Administration and the DemoCraps ? The DummyCraps did not want any opposition suggestions . They ignored the GOP suggestions , poo – pooed them , and tossed them aside , as if they did not matter , not one whit . So , when you get supercharged opposition to the implementation of ObamaCrapCare , what did you expect ? Nothing ? You got what you should have expected . Full scale and vehement and unswerving opposition . Duhhhh !! ..

.. If an opposition party is completely and totally opposed to your policy , they will do what anyone would expect . O – P – P – O -S – I – T – I – O – N . So what else did you expect ? Contributions to the cause ? No thanks . Especially when you dismiss suggestions for improvements out of hand .

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… Are They Crazy ?!?! [on ObamaCrapCare] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,November 18th,2013

.. it seems that David Fluffe and Nancy Pelosi never hear enough of the sound of their own voices .

.. This past Sunday , these two walking , talking disaster areas struck again . And , once again , these two idiots made things worse . If these two were smart , they should keep their damn mouths shut . But , they won’t .

.. The midterm elections will be , in large part , about ObamaCrapCare . Better yet , POTUS will not be on the ballot . So , no boost for the DemoCraps from Obama and his LSDD minions . Doing what may shape up to happen will help to shape the terms of the debate . Best of all , it will be in the GOP’s favour . The DemoCraps will be on the defensive all campaign long . Goody , Goody , Goody !

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… Obama is POTUS …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,November 14th,2013

.. not the First Dictator .

.. to be honest , right now , he is behaving a lot more like the First Dictator right now than POTUS . And that is scary . Our constitutional rights depend upond a constitutional system , one in which the President takes an Oath to “faithfully execute the law . ” Right now , Barack Obama is not doing that . Not even close . That should scare people . A lot .

.. to be honest , I am no wordsmith . I am just a tax accountant , a C.P.A. . I do my best to tell my story on my blog the best that I can . Someone who is far better and is far more accomplished a wordsmith , the MahaRushie , says it far better …

The Dictator, Joined in Progress

November 14, 2013


RUSH:  The president’s addressing the nation, ladies and gentlemen, on how he’s gonna play dictator again and fix his health care problem.  It was supposed to start exactly a half hour ago.  He just started three minutes ago, opening up on the Philippines.  He finished his remarks on the Philippines right as this program began.  So we’re gonna JIP it.  Here’s the president playing dictator.

OBAMA:  — the 1.5 million people.  Of those 1.5 million people, 106,000 of them have successfully signed up to get covered.  Another 396,000 have the ability to gain access to Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act.  That’s been less reported on, but it shouldn’t be.  Americans who are having a difficult time, who are poor, many of them working, may have a disability —

RUSH:  Folks, we know what he’s gonna propose here.  We’re just doing this because I know the affiliates want to carry this stuff, so — (crosstalk)

OBAMA:  — later today I’ll be in Ohio where Governor Kasich, a Republican, has expanded Medicare under the Affordable Care Act —

RUSH:  I can tell you what he’s gonna do.

OBAMA:  — 275,000 Ohioans will ultimately be better off because of it.  And if every governor followed suit, another 5.4 million Americans could gain access to health care next year.  So, the bottom line is in just one month, despite all the problems that we’ve seen with the website, more than 500,000 Americans could know the security of health care by January 1st.

RUSH:  And they’ve just been shafted based on what you’re gonna propose here in a minute.

OBAMA:  — and it’s significant.

RUSH:  Five hundred thousand is significant?

OBAMA:  That still leaves about one million Americans who successfully made it through the website, not qualified by insurance, but haven’t picked a plan yet.  And there’s no question that if the website were working as it’s supposed to, that number would be much higher —

RUSH:  No.

OBAMA:  — of people who’ve actually enrolled.

RUSH:  Not true.

OBAMA:  So that’s problem number one.

RUSH:  People are shocked at what they found there.

OBAMA:  Making sure the website is working the way it’s supposed to.  It’s gotten a lot better over the last few weeks than it was on the first day, but we’re working 24/7 to get it working for the vast majority of Americans.

RUSH:  Can I ask a question here?  Why would anybody believe what he says after the big lie about being able to keep — (crosstalk)

OBAMA:  — concerns Americans who receive letters from their insurers that they may be losing the plans they bought in the old individual market —

RUSH:  Yeah.

OBAMA:  — often because they no longer meet the law’s requirements to cover basic benefits like prescription drugs or doctors visits.  Now, as I indicated earlier, I completely get how upsetting this can be for a lot of Americans, particularly after assurances they heard from me that, if they had a plan that they liked, they could keep it.  And to those Americans, I hear you loud and clear.  I said that I would do everything we can to fix this problem, and today I’m offering an idea that will help do it.  Already people who have plan that predate the Affordable Care Act can keep those plans if they haven’t changed.  That was already in the law.  That’s what’s called a “grandfather clause.”  It was included in the law.

RUSH:  Still continuing the lie, folks.  (crosstalk)

OBAMA:  — to people whose plans have changed since the law took effect, and to people who bought plans since the law took effect.  So state insurance commissioners still have the power to decide what plans can and can’t be sold in their states, but the bottom line is insurers can extend current plans that would otherwise be canceled into 2014, and Americans whose plans have been canceled can choose to reenroll in the same kind of plan.  We’re also requiring insurers who extend current plans to inform their customers about two things: one, that protections — what protections these renewed plans don’t include.  Number two, that the marketplace offers new options with better coverage and tax credits that might help you bring down the costs.  So if you received one of these letters, I’d encourage you to take a look at the marketplace, even if the website isn’t working as smoothly as it should be for everybody yet —

RUSH:  There isn’t —

OBAMA:  — a plan comparison tool that lets you browse costs for new plans near you is working just fine.

RUSH:  Jeez.

OBAMA:  Now, this fix won’t solve every problem for every person, but it’s gonna help a lot of people. Doing more will require more work with Congress.  And I’ve said from the beginning I’m willing to work with Democrats and Republicans to fix problems as they arise.

RUSH:  He’s lying again.

OBAMA:  This is an example of what I was talking about.  We can always make this law work better.  It is important to understand, though, that the old individual market was not working well.  And it’s important that we don’t pretend that somehow that’s a place worth going back to.  Too often it works fine as long as you stay healthy.  It doesn’t work well when you’re sick.  So year after year Americans were routinely exposed to financial ruin or denied coverage due to minor preexisting conditions or dropped from coverage altogether even if they paid their premiums on time.  That’s one of the reasons we pursued this reform in the first place.  And that’s why I will not accept proposals that are just another brazen attempt to undermine or repeal the overall law and drag us back into a broken system.

We will continue to make the case, even the folks who choose to keep their own plans, that they should shop around in the new marketplace because there’s a good chance that they’ll be able to buy better insurance at lower cost.  So we’re gonna do everything we can to help the Americans who’ve received these cancellation notices, but I also want everybody to remember there are still 40 million Americans who don’t have health insurance at all.  I’m not gonna walk away from 40 million people who have the chance to get health insurance for the first time, and I’m not gonna walk away from something that has helped the cost of health care grow at its slowest rate in 50 years.  So we’re at the opening weeks of the project to build a better health care system for everybody, a system that will offer real financial security and peace of mind to millions of Americans.

It is a complex process.  There are all kinds of challenges.  I’m sure there will be additional challenges that come up.  And it’s important that we’re honest and straightforward in terms of when we come up with a problem with these reforms and these laws that we address them.  But we’ve gotta move forward on this.  It took a hundred years for us to even get to the point where we could start talking about and implementing a law to make sure everybody’s got health insurance.  And my pledge to the American people is that we’re gonna solve the problems that are there, we’re gonna get it right, and the Affordable Care Act is going to work for the American people.  So with that I’m gonna take your questions —

RUSH:  All right, we’re not gonna listen to questions because all of this is gobbledygook.  Greetings, my friends, and welcoming.  Rush Limbaugh, the EIB Network and the Limbaugh Institute, Advanced Conservative Studies.  Great to have you here.  Through all of that gobbledygook, let me try to translate what you just heard.  You would never know it, if you just listened to all that gobbledygook, you would never know that what Obama is doing is postponing the requirements that are forcing cancellations of your policies until after the elections.

He’s doing two things:  He’s telling the insurance companies, as a dictator would, what they can and can’t do or what they must or must not do, or what they have to and don’t have to do.  He is suggesting, for purely political purposes, that if you have your plan now and you like it, you can keep it for one more year so that you don’t get any angrier at Democrats than you are now and vote against them next November.

If your plan has been canceled, he has just ordered the insurance company to make it available to you, so that you can go back and get that plan.  The problem is that that plan was canceled precisely because it conflicts with his law, with Obamacare.  So he has declared war against the insurance companies here and is making it veritably impossible for them to do business.  This is purely political.

All of this gobbledygook is designed to make everybody think that somebody else came along and canceled your plan and he’s going to come to the rescue now and give you your plan back, but just for a year — and he reiterated the original lie.  He told you that when he told you that you could keep your plan “unless there’s a change in it.” He never said “unless there’s a change in it,” so he’s continuing the first lie — well, the second lie to cover the first lie — with this announcement today.

So essentially, this probably also serves the purpose of preempting the Upton bill in the House of Representatives, which we talked about yesterday as a potential trap for the Republicans, and there is a lot to wade through.  Folks, this an absolute swamp now.  It is an absolute disaster, and it’s also a minefield.  This is all anybody needs to know that government has no business doing any of this.  This, today, is an admission of abject failure in the president’s quest to actually destroy constitutional government.

Well, no, he’s not failing at that.  He’s actually succeeding at that.  What he’s trying to do here is just speed the process to get to the point where the government is the only provider of health insurance and health coverage.  That’s his ultimate aim, and all of this chaos is designed to speed that process.  What the president’s actually trying to do here is subvert democracy, in my opinion, with all of these mandates.

I want to take you back. Listen to something that I said on this program back on October 30th — just a couple of weeks ago, essentially.  I was talking about Obama and Obamacare, and Obama was making changes in it willy-nilly, and he was talking about how much he cared for people, and I was asking, “Well, why doesn’t he play dictator the other way?” And today he did.  So listen to this.  It runs about a minute and a half, but it is explanatory unto itself.

RUSH ARCHIVE:  If Obama is gonna go out now and play dictator, let’s realize he could play dictator in any direction he wants to go.  If he has the power to deny you your grandfathered plan, the one you liked and the one you were told you could keep, and if Obama didn’t know all of this was going on and he didn’t know all of these problems with the website, and if Obama really cares about being truthful and honest with you, then maybe Obama can play dictator and re-grandfather your plan.

If he can play dictator and take it away from you, then he can play dictator and fix it, I assume. If he’s gonna play dictator, if he’s gonna pretend the law is subject to his whims, then let’s all realize that he’d have the power to restore millions of health insurance policies by waiving that’s new Obamacare regulations, which is forcing insurance companies to cancel policies. … Well, he loves you, he has compassion for you, cares about the little guy.  Why doesn’t he get mad at all these people being canceled and go in there and fix it?

If he can play dictator and take things away, why can’t he play dictator and give ’em back?  Why doesn’t he fix it?  He knows people are being canceled in the hundreds of thousands.  Why doesn’t he fix it, if he really cares about you?  He told us if Congress didn’t give him everything he wanted he would simply do it himself.  Obama has said, again, folks — and we’ve played the sound bite — “Well, if Congress won’t do it, I’ll just go in, I’ll take care of it myself.”

RUSH:  So here he is doing it today, playing dictator the other way, reinstating your canceled plan, but just for a year.  But it isn’t gonna be that easy.  Your plan is gone.  And, by the way, he didn’t say anything about your getting your old premium back.  Who knows what the reinstated plan’s gonna cost you.  Remember, he’s doing this not because he cares about you.  He’s not doing this because he’s upset you’ve lost your plan.

He’s doing this because he’s losing the media, and he’s losing his fellow Democrats, and he’s losing the proposition. This is a purely political move today disguised as typical Democrat Party compassion.  “I’m worried to death about you losing your plan.  How could this have happened?”  He’s gonna blame the insurance companies, and if the Republicans aren’t careful, they’re gonna make that policy.

He’s gonna blame governors; he’s gonna blame all kinds of outsiders and invisible people for making this happen.  He’s riding in today as the white knight, playing dictator.  The thing that I want to remind everybody is that I thought it was settled law.  I thought it was the law of the land.  I thought back when Ted Cruz and Mike Lee and others were saying, “Look, let’s just delay this whole thing,” or “let’s just defund it and repeal it,” we couldn’t because it was the law of the land.

Remember all those angry lectures that Obamacare was settled law? The Democrats said, “It’s the law of the land. You can’t change it.” Well, so much for that.  So much for the rule of law. So much for constitutional republicanism.  Now we have the president playing dictator the other way to save his party’s bacon and to save his dream of government-run socialized medicine.  This is where we are, and the Republicans had better talk about this honestly.

This is not how things happen in a free country.  What is happening is wrong. All it adds up to is why this mess should be repealed and gotten rid of.  It is only gonna get worse.  How can we…? You know the big question is, given how frequently and how easily Obama lies, why do we even believe this today?  Why do we even believe this?  You know, there’s a bunch of people that also have to act and make this happen.

He’ll sit up there and play dictator and wave his magic wand and say, “I’m gonna give your policy back.”  Well, there’s a bunch of people in the insurance business here who now are gonna have to go back and say, “Gee, what do we do now?  I mean, we’re complying with one part of the law; now he’s saying we don’t have to. What do we charge for this?”  And what about the people that are gonna get their cancellation notices at work starting next year?

Oh, it’s just an abject mess and the chaos will play out to his advantage.  The more chaos, the more there will be calls to “fix it, to fix it, to fix it,” and the simple solution, it will be said, is, “Look, let’s just put one guy in charge of this. Let’s put the president in charge of it and be done with all this.  We’ll close the exchanges! We don’t want those anyway.”  He really doesn’t want the exchanges, folks, when you get down to brass tacks.

I mean, they’re just placeholders designed to make it look like it’s something that it’s not in this whole health care plan.  So we’ve had a series of time bombs here and the president determines when each one detonates, and that can’t stand.  You can’t run a country this way.  Simply can’t.  This bomb needs to be defused.  We’ve had enough explosions. There’s been enough damage and collateral damage, enough to know that we don’t need to any more.

This thing just needs to be shut down.  It is incompetent, it is impossible, it is amateurish, it is beneath this country to have something like this happen with something that is so important and so crucial to so many people, to have it bounced around as a political ping-pong ball, which is what’s happening.


RUSH:  So the fantasy continues.  The fantasy.  The fantasy that you can have the health care you want, it doesn’t cost you anything or much at all, and that if you ever get sick, you’re gonna get well immediately. It’s gonna all be handled and it’s never, ever gonna be a problem for anybody again.  The fantasy continues.  By the way, I just listened a bit more of Obama. He said, “You know, I wasn’t the only one that made that promise.

“A bunch of people up on Congress told you you’d keep your plan, too.”  That is just… That’s first grade kind of excuses. That’s Bart Simpson.  “I didn’t do it, you didn’t see me do it, nobody saw me do it, you can’t prove anything!”  He’s up there saying, “Yeah, there were 10 or 12 other people on Capitol Hill making the same promise.  We all had our good intentions here.”

This is such a disaster, folks.  The original problem with this remains.  We have president of the United States who thinks that he can compel people to go buy something.  He thinks that he can compel people to go use something, even something they don’t want.  If they don’t buy it, they’re gonna get fined or penalized.  He goes so far as to deny what they want.

If they don’t go get what he wants them to have  — i.e., having their policies canceled.  This outrageous.  This is so un-American, this whole thing, and now what’s the “fix”?  The fix is for this guy to play dictator again and now command or compel the insurance companies to run their business the way he wants them to for the next year is that his part won’t be hurt in the elections next November.

This isn’t America, folks.


.. LEC again — Thanks , Rush !! ..

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… You Cannot “Un Ring the Bell ? [on ObamaCrapCare] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,November 14th,2013

.. What is POTUS thinking ? [on ObamaCrapCare] ..

English: Barack Obama delivers a speech at the...

English: Barack Obama delivers a speech at the University of Southern California (Video of the speech) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

.. POTUS made an executive move on ObamaCrapCare , today .

.. to be rather blunt , I am not sure that he even has the authority to do it .

.. He does not understand the private sector , at all . That is not surprising , considering the current First Idiot never once held a job in the private sector . One that made a payroll . Dealt with the government on regulations and their effect . and Many other  things …

.. You cannot “un ring the bell . ”

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… More on Obama Lied [There is Video] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,November 5th,2013

.. courtesy of BizzyBlog (thanks , Tom Blumer!) .. and courtesy of Mediaite

English: Barack Obama delivers a speech at the...

… POTUS … (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

[link] — youtube video of POTUS looking like a damn fool …

.. POTUS is caught restating what he had said before . Except , like before , what he said before , and what he has said at that O.F.A. event , are on video . Dumb – Dumb , in the internet and youtube age , you and your minions should know better . If you lie , you are going to be caught in the act . Guess what ? You are busted !

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… It is Plain and Simple — Obama Lied …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,November 5th,2013

.. and the evidence is plain , simple , and clear , from the video [link] .

.. Nice try , POTUS . No matter how much you try to manuveur around the subject , and “beat around the bush,” the video has you on the record . So , guess what ? You are busted , — and POTUS is a liar !

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… An Amazing , Powerful , and Dynamic Speaker …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,October 14th,2013

.. his name is Dr. Benjamin Carson , the now – retired pediatric neurosurgeon (from Johns – Hopkins Medical Center , no less) .

Ben Carson

… Dr. Benjamin Carson … (Photo credit: Gage Skidmore)

.. This is a video of  his speech before the Values Voters Summit that was just held in Washington , D.C. . Ironically , it was being held at the same time that conservatives have been battling with you – know – who over the government shutdown and the debt limit increase .

.. as you might imagine , Dr. Carson is not wild about the idea of added spending , especially on the priorities that POTUS and the DemoCraps want to enhance . Most of all , Dr. Carson is particularly teed off at ObamaCrapCare . He compared it to , of all things , slavery . Yes , slavery , believe it or not .

.. the link for the video is [here] . I can believe . As Dr. Carson put it , it is about dependence and control …

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… the Dirty Little Secret [ShutDown Theatre] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,October 10th,2013

.. The presidency is a “bully pulpit,” said Teddy Roosevelt. “For Roosevelt, ‘bully’ was an adjective meaning ‘excellent’ or ‘first-rate’ — not the noun ‘bully’ (‘a blustering browbeating person’) that’s so common today,” the Merriam-Webster dictionary explains.
.. For Barack Obama, “bully” has the more common meaning.That means he is a skunk

English: Barack Obama delivers a speech at the...

… POTUS the skunk … (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

.. To make the reality of the “shutdown” comport with his apocalyptic rhetoric, President Obama is inflicting as much pain as he can on ordinary Americans.He’s ordered all national parks closed — including more than 100 privately staffed parks that make money for the government.

.. It is one thing to close a park for lack of staff, to prevent injury to visitors or damage to the property. It’s quite another to spend more money to prevent people from viewing monuments when neither the people nor the monuments are at risk.

*When Wesley Pruden of the Washington Times asked a Park Service ranger why the Park Service tried to block access to George Washington’s home — which is owned by the Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association, not the government — the ranger replied: “We’ve been told to make life as difficult for people as we can. It’s disgusting.”*Park Police physically removed patrons and staff from the privately managed Claude Moore Colonial Farm, which sits on federal land . The fact is that the non – profit group that runs the farm has not taken a dime of federal money since 1980.

*On the National Mall in Washington D.C., rangers blocked access to and shooed visitors away from the monuments and memorials.
*In South Dakota, the Park Service tried to block off highway viewing areas of Mt. Rushmore.
*In Nevada, people who own homes on federal land near Lake Mead have been denied access to them.
*In Florida, the Park Service declared 1,100 square miles of ocean off limits to fishermen.

.. It makes no sense to close profit – making businesses unaffected by the budget dispute in Washington, which is why nothing like this was ever done during the 17 previous “shutdowns” since 1977.That so many Park police are available to bully law abiding Americans suggests there are quite a few more “nonessential” employees who ought to have been furloughed.

.. POTUS has the ability to choose what is needed , and what is not . He or she can choose , with considerable latitude , what is “essential” and what is not essential . Mr. Obama’s choices are making it clear that he is acting out of spite. How sick and disgusting is that .

*The commissaries (grocery stores) on military bases have been closed . However , the golf course at Andrews Air Force Base , where Mr. Obama often plays , is open. So is the presidential retreat at Camp David.
*Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel tacitly admitted the furloughs last week of DoD civilians were for show when he announced Saturday most of the workers would be recalled.

.. The Republican-controlled House has passed eight bills so far to fund portions of the government, including all the national parks, but the Democrat-controlled Senate has refused to pass any of them. For the GOP to propose funding the government “piecemeal” is “blackmail,” CNN’s Candy Crowley said Sunday. She either does not know — or doesn’t want you to know — that prior to Barack Obama’s presidency, it was the well-established practice of Congress to fund the government in 13 different appropriations bills . Each bill deals with a different subject area , thus allowing each to be properly overseen and dealt with in an “efficient” manner . Efficiency is in the manner of the beholder , though , and Congress could be a whole lot more efficient .

.. To be honest , it ‘ s budget process is a broken mess , in drastic need of an overhaul . There should be penalties for not achieving a budget , and especially for not achieving a balanced budget . As big a mess as this setup is , Congress is looking like geniuses , in comparison to the Obama White House ..

.. With this President , never before has a president deliberately tried to hurt Americans . It is news story that the media should cover, not cover up.

.. Barack Obama is a petulant child , and worse yet , an incompetent thug.

.. He acted to make the budget sequester seem to be more painful than it really is . Doing so , he acted to cancel White House tours . Really adult move , there , POTUS . However , he continued to spend lavishly on himself . He also ordered the FAA to delay flights , until it caused a colossal mess for travellers . “Suddenly,” the FAA “found” money in its “reserve fund” to bring back the needed personnel …

.. His stormtrooper tactics backfired then. They are backfiring again now.

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… Nice Going , Dumb – Dumb (POTUS on the Deadskins) …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,October 7th,2013

.. you really stuck your foot in your mouth on this one .

.. The “Redskins” are a legitimate use of the team name . They have been since the inception of the franchise in Washington ,

Redskins primary logo 1972-1981, 1983-present

Redskins primary logo 1972-1981, 1983-present (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

D.C. . Even the zealots who want the team name changed have to understand it is easily a legitimate 1st amendment issue , regarding the team ‘ s nickname . The Deadskins are not the only team , nor the only sport with this issue .

.. Being in the nation ‘ s capital makes it a far larger political football . People from all walks of life are ticket holders of the team , so POTUS , just leave things be , and shut up …

President Obama says he’d think about changing the name of the Washington Redskins if he were team owner and knew the name offended people.

“People get pretty attached to team names, mascots,” Obama told the Associated Press, adding, “I’ve got to say that if I were the owner of the team and I knew that there was a name of my team — even if it had a storied history — that was offending a sizeable group of people, I’d think about changing it.”

He added, “But I don’t want to detract from the wonderful Redskins fans that are here. They love their team, and rightly so — even though they’ve been having a pretty tough time this year.

Read more here:

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… Earth to POTUS : Open Your Ears ! …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,September 19th,2013

.. in a speech at the Business Roundtable , POTUS said that raising the debt ceiling does not raise the debt . Well , guess what , POTUS ?

.. [link] ..

.. Oh , yes it does , you damn fool . What do you think those $1 trillion plus deficits the last couple of years are for , you bloody idiot . The debt ceiling prevents you from doing so . Raising it allows you to continue to do so . Get with the program …

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… Oh , POTUS , Yes You Can [on Budget Cuts] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,September 15th,2013

.. and , yes you will …

.. POTUS is an arrogant bastard . He thinks that he can dictate terms of debate , as well as the terms of the bill that will reach his desk . It could not be further from the truth than that , that is for sure …

[-] the Senate — the GOP has 45 members . Unlike Illinois , where the GOP was a bunch of mindnumbed robots , the D.C. crowd is one of a different ilk . Just ask Dingy Harry Reid . Any deal will have problems passing , because Dingy Harry ‘ s power will start to ebb , once the cats realize he will not be the boss of the corral after next November …

[-] the House — any bill has to be passed by a majority of the majority . Boehner can do the math . He also knows that the GOP is likely to strengthen its numbers , and with the uproar over the Tea Party targeting , you can bet there will be more of them in the next Congress . POTUS will just love that . He will also have to accept the fact that he will have to negotiate , whether he likes it or not …

[-] the financial markets — they are not going to be wild about this , that is sure . However , with a weak President , the GOP is going to press what advantages it has for whatever it can get . it also does not have to worry about an “automatic” tax increase burrowed into things , like the last time ..

[-] the Fed Chairman — the markets are going to be far more worried about who the next Fed Chairman (or , Chairwoman) will be . They have to be concerned about the possibility that the inflation genie could get out of the bottle . They would prefer an inflationary hard – case as the chair . The House is out of it on this , but not the Senate . The 45 GOP members , plus the nervous Dems up next year can and will push POTUS to appoint one . Since Larry Summers has evidently withdrawn from consideration , do not expect Janet Yellen to get the nod , either . She is an inflation dove , one that the markets will not like . Obama is pigheaded and arrogant , but , hopefully , not that stupid . A short bear market will likely kill off Yellen .

[-] Mitch McConnell — He is likely to be the chief deal – maker . He is usually pretty good at math , and he will know what can pass , and at what price .

[-] taxes — No tax increases will pass , with either GOP caucus , no matter how much POTUS wants them . The last time , the GOP had an automatic one scheduled in pressuring them . Not this time . Tax cuts , unfortunately , not likely , either . POTUS will want higher rates & / or tax monies as part of any deal , and unless he gets a “bath of cold water” and grows up , there will not be any change in taxes or rates .

[-] Max Baucus — He is the chair of the Senate Finance Cmte , and can be very unpredictable . Baucus is a wild card , since he is retiring , and the GOP is likely to grab his seat , Tim Johnson ‘ s [SD] , and Jay Rockefeller [WV] . That is half of the GOP ‘ s battle . Mark Pryor in Ar is likely a “dead man walking” and Mary Landrieux in LA will try her best , but will likely have trouble holding on .

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… [On Congressional Authorization] Oh , Yes you do !! …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,September 9th,2013

.. It seems that the dummies in the ObamaCrap White House continue to hem and haw over their prospects in the Syria operation . Well , guys and gals , you had better wise up .

.. Before having sought Congress ‘ blessing , as well as political cover , BHO & co certainly had the legal , as well as constitutional authority to make the Syria operation . BHO is commander-in-chief . He can make that order , if he so so chose . Presidents have quite a bit of authority over the war – making power in our country . They do not have all of it .

.. The political cover that Congress ‘ approval would give would also give the ObamaCraps the ability to cajole the

English: Barack Obama delivers a speech at the...

… POTUS … (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Congresscritters and Senators to cough up the $$ to pay the bills for the operation(s) . However , it remains for POTUS to actually make the case . He has not done so , as of yet .

.. Going to Congress changes things . It would create a constitutional crisis of the first order if BHO ordered our military into action , while Congress affirmatively votes down the operation in either or both Houses . It would completely strip Obama of moral authority to mount the operation . It would also cause the calls for his impeachment to continue to mount , and potentially even in his own party . Going to the ‘ Hill changes the game , folks .

.. Idiocy such as this [link] in the Hill does POTUS no good . It makes his ability to make his case all that much harder . Congress is a co – equal branch of our government . BHO seems not to act like that , that he is sovereign over them , and his word is law .

.. WRONG !!

.. He is not . He is the Chief Executive , and head of the Executive Branch . He is not the First Dictator . Anyone who would have such pretentions should quit , or be booted out  of the door , in a flash . Congress and the Supreme Court are also parts of co – equal branches . People would really perceive the danger to their liberties if anyone were acting in such a way like this .

.. If even one congressional DemoCrap comes out , and starts making noises about the “I” word , then you-know-who is in deep and dire trouble . He would deserve it , too ….

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… POTUS should recall Congress …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,September 3rd,2013

.. not yesterday . not two days ago . Now !

.. If the potential of an attack on Syria is important enough that he would seek Congressional authorization , then he should act to recall Congress . He should recall them without delay …

POTUS should recall Congress

.. I do not think that he has the guts , but he should take the lead .

.. When you give the orders to engage the military , you cannot assume that things will be simple . They never are . You take an action to send in missiles , and then someone else will react . You cannot anticipate their reaction . Especially with the current crowd , you really cannot be sure how other countries will react .

.. POTUS also has to act to make the case . Congress will act to support him . They are not a bunch of wussies , unlike him . They will act to support him . It takes courage and leadership , neither of which this current administration has exhibited . It also takes trust . The ObamaCraps have a real problem with the trust thing . They may have the powers and the duties of the office , but they are not really all that trusted with them .

.. POTUS should remember that he is just the head of one of three co – equal branches of government . POTUS is not a dictator . Just because he says boo , things do not happen automatically like people are a bunch of automatons . He has to lead .

.. There will be a debate . Sooner would be preferable to later . Before the act would be definitely preferred to after the act . The debate will come , like it or not . Honesty is preferrable . Do not lie about things . Just do not let things all hang out , either .

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… C.O. == C.A. …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,September 3rd,2013

.. the letters c.o. stand for community organizer . that is POTUS to a tee . guess what c.a. stands for ?? …

.. what am I saying ?

.. Community Organizer equals Communist Agitator .

.. POTUS is our first Communist President . Any Questions ? I did not Think So …

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… POTUS should understand the Meaning of a Word [Leadership] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,September 3rd,2013

… in this case , leadership

.. if he wants to build or gain popular support for an issue , it does not grow on a tree . It does not happen because he says so . It happens because he takes the initiative on an issue , and leads . You do not build popular support for an issue by putting your finger to the wind , and “whistle dixie”

.. POTUS obviously wants popular support behind his possible decision to initiate potential military action against Syria . However , it is not Syria that is , or should be , the real target of the military engagement . It is Iran , pure and simple . Syria is Iran ‘ s ally . Bashaar Assad would not now be in power except for the military action of Iran , and the diplomatic and military weakness and inaction of the ObamaCraps .

.. Obama has to lead . He has to quit playing games on the issue , and lead . He should , ideally , call back Congress . He should not do so , first , without trying to build some sense of popular support . Then , bring them back . Congress will back him . The Congresscritters and Senators are not chickens , nor are they weak . He is . It is time for him to stop being weak and indecisive , and lead .

The Iranians are not stupid . They may want to make us look bad . These days , that is done easily enough . But , they know that they cannot stand up , directly or indirectly , to the complete military strength of the United States . It is our own National Command Authority (Obama) that is the weak point . He is a very profound weak point .

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… I am Amazed ; Is POTUS this Shallow ?? …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,September 2nd,2013

I am amazed ; Is Obama this shallow ?

.. The first rule for President Obama: It’s all about 2014. The second rule for President Obama: See Rule No. 1.

President Barack Obama addresses the House Dem...

… POTUS , the first W.U.S.S. …

.. Make no mistake: The president couldn’t care less about the plight of Syrians, the 1,500 gassed to death — including nearly 500 children. It’s all about 2014. Win the House, reign supreme.

.. The conventional wisdom is, as usual, wrong. Losing the congressional vote would be an embarrassment for the president, as all the talking heads are still parroting.
.. Keep this in mind: This president knows no way to campaign other than to blame others. He’ll batter Republicans for all of 2014 as obstructionists should they be the reason the effort fails . But the bloviating politicos are also wrong that the “Republican-controlled House” could reject the plan for partisan reasons. It is Democrats who seem most squeamish — and they were the most vocal in demanding their say before intervention in Syria.

.. Still, the entire fiasco has been hard to watch . It has been an “Amateur Hour” indeed. The president declares a “red line,” then sees the Syrian dictator cross it again and again. The Nobel Peace Prize winner declares he’ll take America to war — but only then does he seek partners and only to find a “Coalition of the Unwilling.” The United Nations says no, the Arab League says no, China and Russia say no — even the United Kingdom says no (mainly because Brits did not want to have another U.S.-led war jammed down their throats).

.. Most of all , POOTUS does not and has not made the case for intervention in Syria . If you are going to request the people ‘ s representatives (the Congress) take action , it helps that someone makes the case to take action . For Bosnia , Clinton did . Bush 43 did so for Afghanistan and Iraq . Bush 41 did so for the Persian Gulf . Obama has not , and may not . He is that arrogant .

.. Of course a firm response is the correct action. POTUS has the legal authority , and the constitutional authority . But , what about the moral authority ? And Mr. Obama doesn’t need authority to do so in Syria, just as he didn’t in Libya. While Republican support on the Hill now would help Mr. Obama save face after his “red line” throw-down, striking Syria with a few cruise missiles — however fleeting and ineffectual that would be to the course of its 2-year-old civil war — also would send a signal to the real target: Iran. The question is what message is sent , and tho whom .

.. The GOP may well support POTUS . However , it will require an extensive rewrite of the resolution . And it will require an ability to come to terms with the War Powers Resolution . That’s why, most likely, Republicans will support the president after rewriting the White House’s draft resolution. Now, it is up to Mr. Obama’s own party: Does he still hold sway over Democrats? Will they bend to his will? Many already seem to be running for the hills. And if they don’t, will the president have the temerity to order strikes anyway?

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… The Virus that Needs to Be Curbed , Axelrod …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,August 23rd,2013

.. is the demagogic politics of your former boss , Davey – Boy !

.. David Axelrod (or , as I prefer to call him Assholerod) appeared on pMSNBC to comment on U.S. Senator Tom Coburn ‘ s own appearance earlier in the day . It was also a commentary on comments that Coburn had mad at various town hall – style events that Senator Coburn had held back in Oklahoma during the August recess . To say the least , Davey Boy was not amused .

.. [link] Here is the link for the video , and please watch it . No , I am not a fan of Assholerod . Far from it , it shows how bloody arrogant the ObamaCraps and their fellow travelers are about what they have done , and what they are trying to do . Axelrod ‘ s pique was specific to Coburn ‘ s comments about POTUS being perilously close to the borderline of “impeachable offences . ”

.. Coburn is right . Obama has , to be honest , committed several impeachable offences . One of them being the gross abuse of power . That one has occured on several occasions . There are indeed others . And there is more to come on that . That is for sure .

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