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… The Endorsement are Starting to Come In [#Ohio politics]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,September 23rd,2014

.. and you might think , isn’t it a little early ?! …

.. these days , no , not anymore …

.. Ohio has , like many states , early voting . It is a four – week [28 – day] period , where everyone can (in theory) cast their vote by mail long before Election Day . So , Election Day has now become Election Days and Weeks ….

.. yeah , it gets more expensive . Also , your campaign must adjust . Obama and others sure have done so . Republicans have traditionally done very , very well on the actual Election Day . So , the DemoCraps have acted to ” bank ” votes in advance through Early Voting …

.. as a result , the media has had to adjust . Even I will . I will be spilling out my predictions early in October , or , at least it is my plan . The newspapers used to wait until just before Halloween before issuing major endorsements . Not now , to be sure …

.. I expect the newspaper endorsements around Northeast Ohio [including the Plain Dealer] to be out in the next week to 10 days . For them to be a part of the debate , they have to move things up . They do not have a choice , if they want to remain relevant in the political debate …

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