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… A Job Well Done [#Rich Weinstein]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,January 8th,2017

.. @phillyrich1 ..

.. you folks should get to know this guy ..

.. he pulled off one dandy of a feet . Not only that , but he may well have put an added stake in ObamaCrapCare ..

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the blog news // tweets ..

.. the series of tweets that Twitchy has gathered carries most , if not all , of Gruber ‘ s video stoopidities … and Weinstein is responsible for finding the original one !! …

.. Professor Gruber is going to enjoy testifying before Congress and a number of state legislatures in the new year . He will not like it one bit . Tough cookies for him …

.. great job , @phillyrich1 !! …

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… Why Rich Weinstein Did what He Did ?!?! [#Gruber exposed]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,July 28th,2016

.. @phillyrich 1 … he is an independent investment adviser ..

.. the ” essential benefits package ” feature of ObamaCrapCare required the health insurance that he carried on himself [and , presumably , on his family] to be canceled … Ouch ! ..

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the tweets // blog posts ..

.. the ObamaCrapCare E.B.P. that he wanted to get [that he could afford] cost twice as much as he paid before …

.. twice …

.. Weinstein is a small businessman , and presumably may well employ one or two people . He is responsible for his own health coverage , plus that of anyone he may well employ . Especially if he is a sole proprietor …

.. even more so are the deductibles under the ObamaCrapCare plans [Platinum,Gold,Silver, and Bronze]… the co – pays are not bad , but the deductibles [before coverage kicks in] are a real killer , financially , for most anyone …

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… Getting Your Point Across [#Peggy Hubbard][#mother][#Navy veteran]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,August 25th,2015

.. boy , oh boy !! ..

.. you go , girl !! ..

.. she is originally from Ferguson , Mo . She was royally pissed off over the black radicals protesting over the shooting death of a fellow black radical . What was more is that she was sickened by the politization of the whole affair . And how …

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the blog post // news story // video clip ..

.. most of all , she was sicken by the shooting death of a 9 – year – old little black girl just a few days before . Did anyone give a damn about her death ? No . No protests , No nothing …

.. then , she hauled off and let fly ..

.. she lit up YouTube . The response is still climbing . Over 7.5 million hits were registered at her on – line protest rant …

.. well – done , Peggy !! …

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… the Story of a Remarkable Young Woman [#IDF Veteran]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,August 9th,2014

.. like virtually all Israeli women , she is an I.D.F. veteran . She is a wife , a mother (of several children) , and yet she refuses to leave her home ….

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the video …

.. she is stubborn , yet stout . May God Bless Her and her Fellow Israelis …

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… Good to the Last Drop [Air Canada Luggage Handlers flunking]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,April 24th,2014

.. you would think these days that folks at the airlines would be able to focus on their customer service …

.. especially with all of the extra fees that they collect from their ” customers ” …

.. [h/t — YouTube]..
.. [link] to the footage ..

.. well , let ‘ s say several Air Canada luggage handlers got busted for ” manhandling ” their assigned luggage . ” Manhandling ” would be a gross understatement . What were these folks thinking …

.. there are times when carry – on luggage does not fit in the overhead bins . When it does not , then it has to be loaded into the luggage hold . This is where that luggage comes from , and where these idiots got caught in the act …

.. sure as hell , they deserve to be fired …

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… Great and Simple Ad , Scarlett !! …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,February 1st,2014

.. I caught this ad , even though I am not exactly a Scarlett Johannson fan . Well , I am still not , but I am open to the possibility , now . She is unquestionably beautiful , no doubt about it . Also , a great ad . Simple , Dignified . Classy . Emerging Company . Known Company .

.. [h/t — BleacherReport]

.. [link] to the commercial .

.. I caught up with this because Sodastream is a good product , but more so is because it is an Israeli company , with operations in part in the West Bank [Judea & Sumeria] . Johannson has , until recently , had charitable food group Oxfam as one of her good works . She broke ties with Oxfam because of calls of her to split with Sodastream , and over their ops in the West Bank .

.. from what I know , Johannson is not Jewish , but has family that is . So , she is no dimb bulb . She evidently did her homework before she took up the ad campaign for Sodastream . She pretty well understood what she was getting into . Not the boycott calls , though .

.. this one is the ” uncensored ” version . The ad will run on FOX on the Super Bowl broadcast , but the last part of the ad , about Coke and Pepsi , will be edited out ..

= = = =     = = = =

.. yea , I am a football fan . If you are wondering , I am a longtime and lifelong fan of the Cleveland Browns . So , you can say that I am a glutton for punishment [Ha!Ha!Ha!] …

.. yea , I am going to watch the Super Bowl . I am pulling for Denver to win . The big difference will be Seattle ‘ s offence against Denver ‘ s defence . Peyton Manning will find a way to move the ball . Moreno & Ball will help , some , maybe enough . The difference maker will be MarShawn Lynch & Co against Denver ‘ s run defence …

.. If Seattle runs the ball well , then Denver is in trouble . I do not think that Seattle will , unless they bring back the read option and use it a lot .

.. Denver 28 , Seattle 24 ..

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… Nice Creepy “Uncle Sam” Gag [on ObamaCrapCare] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,September 21st,2013

.. the commercial runs a little long , but the creepy Uncle Sam that pops up at the end of the ad is a riot .

Uncle Sam BW

Uncle Sam BW (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


.. I just wish that the Uncle Sam pop – up could have been more by surprise , and the character could have been a lot creepier . It would have made things a whole lot funnier …

.. the issue ads on the implementation of ObamaCrapCare is unprecedented . Normally , laws go into effect peacefully and quietly . Not this bill . It is also payback time for the conservatives .

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… You need to See this New Math video [part of ” Common Core, ” I think] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,August 18th,2013

.. it is both funny , as well as very sad .

.. if the rest of the ObamaCrap proposal is anything like this , may God in Heaven help us ! ..

.. getting it right matters . It always matters . It always will , you idiots .

.. what good does it do (reasoning) , if the reasoning is wrong . Getting it right matters  . It may not have a great deal of sex appeal , but it helps to set up everything else . That applies in reading , writing , and reasoning .

.. if your reasoning is wrong ,  then what does  it matter , if you cannot spell right , or read properly , or pronounce the word or  words right .

.. what does it matter if you cannot read , everything ! If you are illerate , then what is the use of everything else .

.. writing matters , now , more than ever . If you cannot read someone ‘ s handwriting , well  …

.. people need to be able to think for themselves . We do not need a bunch of “mind – numbed” robots running around …

.. believe you me , IT MATTERS !!!! ..

… from the Daily Caller …

Obama math: under new Common Core, 3 x 4 = 11 [VIDEO]

Posted By Eric Owens On 11:09 AM 08/18/2013 In Education | No Comments

Quick: what’s 3 x 4?

If you said 11 — or, hell, if you said 7, pi, or infinity squared — that’s just fine under the Common Core, the new national curriculum that the Obama administration will impose on American public school students this fall.

In a pretty amazing YouTube video, Amanda August, a curriculum coordinator in a suburb of Chicago called Grayslake, explains that getting the right answer in math just doesn’t matter as long as kids can explain the necessarily faulty reasoning they used to get to that wrong answer.

“Even if they said, ’3 x 4 was 11,’ if they were able to explain their reasoning and explain how they came up with their answer really in, umm, words and oral explanation, and they showed it in the picture but they just got the final number wrong, we’re really more focused on the how,” August says in the video.

When someone in the audience (presumably a parent, but it’s not certain) asks if teachers will be, you know, correcting students who don’t know rudimentary arithmetic instantly, August makes another meandering, longwinded statement.

“We want our students to compute correctly but the emphasis is really moving more towards the explanation, and the how, and the why, and ‘can I really talk through the procedures that I went through to get this answer,’” August details. “And not just knowing that it’s 12, but why is it 12? How do I know that?”

Watch: [link]

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… North Carolina ‘ s Voter ID law is a Model …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,August 13th,2013

.. and other states can and should and may well follow .

.. Right now , it will not be easy . The ObamaCraps are furious over what the other states are doing . There are quite a few underemployed and/or unemployed lawyers in the Voting Rights section at the InJustice Deparment , with little or nothing to do . They still may well try to throw monkeywrenches in the works , to say the least .

North Carolina Voter ID Bill Signed Into Law By Gov. Pat McCrory, Sparking Lawsuits

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory (R) signed a bill Monday requiring photo identification at the polls and eliminating a slew of voting measures designed to protect against voter disenfranchisement.

The governor, eschewing a more traditional signing ceremony, announced by way of a YouTube video that he had signed House Bill 589.

The bill will require voters to show photo identification — a driver’s license, passport, veteran’s ID, tribal card — beginning in the 2016 elections. Student IDs are not an acceptable form of identification. The bill also reduces early voting by a week, eliminates same-day registration, ends pre-registration for 16- and 17-year-olds and a student civics program, kills an annual state-sponsored voter registration drive and lessens the amount of public reporting required for so-called dark money groups, also known as 501(c)(4)s.

The bill does provide for a “free ID” to be offered at DMVs, though the state estimates that between 203,351 and 318,643 voters registered in North Carolina lack ID, and that providing them with one would cost $834,200 in 2013 and 2014, and $24,100 every two years after that.

McCrory said the bill was necessary even if there are very few reported cases of voter fraud. “Even if the instances of misidentified people casting votes are low, that shouldn’t prevent us from putting this non-burdensome safeguard in place,” he said in a Raleigh News and Observer op-ed. “Just because you haven’t been robbed doesn’t mean you shouldn’t lock your doors at night or when you’re away from home.”

Just hours after McCrory’s signature, the ACLU of North Carolina and a coalition of other groups filed a lawsuit against the bill, charging that it violates the Constitution’s equal protection clause and the Voting Rights Act of 1965. The North Carolina NAACP and Advancement Project followed shortly after, filing another lawsuit.

The latest bill comes after the Supreme Court struck down the core of the Voting Rights Act, which required Southern states with a history of racial discrimination — including North Carolina — to have their laws cleared by the Department of Justice. The Justice Department could still try to invalidate the recent North Carolina law on the grounds that it deliberately discriminates against voters, a much higher standard than merely proving it disproportionately affects minority voters.

The bill has the potential to reduce turnout for key Democratic constituencies — minorities, the elderly and students — with the slew of new requirements, even beyond the new measures for identification. President Barack Obama narrowly won North Carolina in 2008 but lost it in 2012, and in 2016, the state is likely to be a battleground.

The legislation, passed by the Republican-controlled legislature over the objections of Democrats before heading to McCrory’s desk, is the latest of a string of conservative legislation signed into law in the state. McCrory has also signed measures introducing new restrictions for abortion clinics (attached to a motorcycle safety bill), expanding concealed-carry permits to bars and restaurants, and cutting unemployment benefits.


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… Found a Dandy [Judge Jeanine Pirro] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,July 29th,2013

.. I try to watch Justice with Judge Jeanine Pirro whenever I can . However , I have been quite busy the last few weeks .

.. I went back , and took the time to review some of her best and most recent stuff . This one golden nugget I came across is from the post – trial reaction to the George Zimmerman trial . She comes out with both “six shooters” blazing . The YouTube versions are good , but not always dependable , unless one is familiar with the poster . So , I try to go with the real McCoy . The link to her post – Zimmerman trial commentary is not that long , and is worth the time , and is [here]

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