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… the Results of the Early States affect Us here [#Ohio]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,February 23rd,2016

.. in my home state , early voting has begun . I have sent for my in – mail absentee ballot . It should be here at my home in a few days ..

.. you can do that [by mail] up to the day before the election [in our case , March 15th] . By then , you have to then do it the old – fashioned way [in person] ..

.. between now and then [February 17th and March 15th] , you can vote in person absentee at our state ‘ s individual county boards of elections . You can take your time , but not forever . other people will also want to take advantage of the electoral process ..

.. [h/t — ncsl.ORG]..
.. [link] to the website …

.. there are still quite a few states that do not have this voting feature . It has changed campaigning , no doubt . Whether it has changed campaigning for the better is still open to a great deal of question ..

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