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… It bothers Me as Well , Alberto …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,April 9th,2013

… It bothers me too , Alberto …

.. Alberto de la Cruz is the editor at BabaluBlog . He and his staff have done yeoman (yeowoman) work on the behalf of freedom and liberty . They and the others who write @ Babalu put their lives on the line , every day , for theirs is not an easy task . These days , being staunch in the service of freedom is , seems to be , a thankless task . ..

.. That is , where I only begin , where the actions of Jay Z and Beyonce come to mind . How could they . Patronizing a totalitarian island , one especially where afro – cubans are made to suffer , so much more than even ordinary Cubans do . That , among other things , is when I saw this piece , just after having learned that the Treasury Department had APPROVED their trip . Approved . ..

.. So , I repost Alberto ‘ s column , because even though I am an Anglo midwesterner

, I find what those two have done thoroughly offensive . and , ill – considered . ..

.. If you want to visit BabaluBlog , and see it first-hand , go here ..

What bothers me the most about Beyonce and Jay-Z vacationing in Cuba | Babalú Blog

What bothers me the most about Beyonce and Jay-Z vacationing in Cuba       By Alberto de la Cruz, on April 7, 2013, at 9:47 am

Reading through the news coverage these past few days of Beyonce and       Jay-Z’s ill-advised and thoroughly offensive vacation in Cuba as guests of       the apartheid Castro dictatorship, much of the concern centers around the       legality of their trip to the communist island. That is certainly an       important point since it is illegal for American citizens to visit Cuba as       tourists, even if you are personal friends of President Obama. But what I       personally find most troubling about this scandalous act by American       music’s most prominent couple is their complete and utter insensitivity to       the repression and brutality suffered by the Cuban people — the majority       of them black — at the hands of the tyrannical Castro dictatorship. By       “vacationing” on an island as guests of its oppressive apartheid regime as       if they were just visiting any other destination, Beyonce and Jay-Z are in       effect telling America, the world, and most cruelly, Cuba’s enslaved       people, that they tacitly approve of the island’s brutal and racist regime .

Naturally, the Castro dictatorship sees Beyonce and Jay-Z’s visit as a       propaganda opportunity to portray themselves as something other than a       repressive tyranny. That is why they have heavily promoted this vacation,       releasing photos of the power couple enjoying the sights and luxuries of       Cuba, but making sure they leave out the fact that those amenities are       denied to typical Cubans. All the public sees is two very rich and very       powerful Americans enjoying a Caribbean getaway. The beatings of       dissidents, the stoning of families opposed to the Castro dictatorship,       and their violent arrests and imprisonment is conveniently left out of the       press releases and news reports. The news then becomes simply Beyonce and       Jay-Z enjoying a tropical vacation at a tropical destination.       Whether knowingly or out of embarrassingly irreverent ignorance, Beyonce       and Jay-Z have now become the unpaid spokespersons, the poster children,       the ambassadors of goodwill for the apartheid Castro government. A       violently racist regime that is without equal the Western Hemisphere’s       bloodiest and most murderous dictatorship for more than half a century. To       me, that is the most disturbing thing of all.

This reality, however, is not apparent to everyone. There have been some       who see nothing intrinsically wrong with Beyonce and Jay-Z vacationing in       apartheid Cuba. They are artists, they say, not politicians.       Unfortunately, those who think this is the case are woefully uninformed       about the way the Castro dictatorship in Cuba operates. The decision to       make Beyonce and Jay-Z the regime’s spokespersons for tourism does not       rest with them, but with the regime itself. Once you allow yourself to       become their guests, as Beyonce and Jay-Z have done, you come under their       control and they own everything you say and do while on the island. Every       move made and every word uttered by the couple and their American       companions is recorded and archived for future use. Even their hotel room       is bugged and hidden video cameras are everywhere. In essence, once you       put yourself in the hands of the Castro dictatorship, they own you.       That is why we will continue to see photos of the couple having a great       time in Cuba, and that is why the following video of Beyonce dancing salsa       in Cuba is available for all to see:

So what is so harmful about Beyonce doing a few dance moves for a video       camera? The dance moves themselves are not harmfu, but where and for who       Beyonce dances is where the harm lies. You see, while you are busy       watching Beyonce dancing salsa in Cuba, the Castro dictatorship knows you       will not be watching or thinking about the reality of life inCastro’s       Cuba. You will not be thinking about the hundreds of political arrests       that take place every month, or the tens of thousands of political       prisoners rotting in Cuban gulags. While Beyonce is dazzling you with her       dance moves, you are not thinking about Sonia Garro, a black woman and       dissident who has been unjustly imprisoned for over a year. While your       eyes are focused on Beyonce and Jay-Z partying on the forbidden island of       Cuba, the Castro dictatorship knows your eyes are not focused on the       defenseless Ladies in White being mercilessly pummeled and beaten by the

Castro dictatorship’s State Security and hired thugs:       That, my friends, is what bothers me the most about Beyonce and Jay-Z’s       vacation to Cuba: They have helped the Castro dictatorship hide its       atrocities and racist repression .

.. lakeerieconservative here : I will not repost those gruesome pictures of those  two idiots , again . Instead , to call attention to their cause , I will post a youtube video of a group of true freedom – loving ladies , the Ladies in White . This video , it appears , is from March of 2010 ..

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