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… What in the Hell is Facebook Thinking ?!?! …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,August 10th,2014

.. Facebook is normally fairly open – minded ..

.. believe you me , I have gotten away with a pretty fair bit [wink! wink!] …

.. but , I came across this , and I nearly threw up on my laptop ‘ s keyboard …

.. Facebook allowed , even for a period of days , a Facebook page dedicated to “Death to Zionst baby Killer Israeli Jews . ” Yes , that is the title of page , folks , believe it or not …

.. I have seen some stuff censored [conservative and liberal , religious and non – religious] on Facebook , stuff that would be very highly questionable to be taken down . Yet other  stuff is allowed . But this ? give me a break ….

.. [h/t — WashingtonExaminer]..
.. [link] to the article ..

.. there were plenty of complaints , believe you me . Mine would have been one of them HAD I come across this news , and this , this page ..

.. Facebook has now finally removed the page . That is not the point . The problem is that Facebook allowed the page in the first place . How sick of a thought was that .

.. to the complaints , Facebook [until the removal] responded with this mealy mouthed statement : (seen below) …

facebook community standards (israel)

.. what I wonder is this ? What were you people thinking ? The decency , the morality , and the disgrace of this is a black mark on Facebook …

.. a big thank You to Phil Klein at the WashingtonExaminer for revealing the  news of this  filth …


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… Who Better to Ratify IRSgate and BenghaziGate than [#Watergate @ 40]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,June 29th,2014

.. Woodward and Berrnstein , themselves .

.. Woodward saying that IRSgate is legit is not news . Bernstein getting off of his derriere and actually speaking out on it and saying O.K. sure is …

.. [h/t — TruthRevolt]..
.. [link] to the interview footage …

.. I wonder , has the Washington ComPost let Woodward and his team out to play ? I think so , but no articles as of yet . When those articles hit the front pages of the ComPost , then that would really get everybody ‘ s attention . And I do mean everybody , including the ObamaCraps …

.. Then would come the aw shit moments , saying ” What ‘ s Next . “

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… A Rally on the National Mall ?? [ShutDown edition] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,October 9th,2013

.. while the government is closed ? And veterans and visitors of all stripes cannot visit the attractions and memorials that are beloved by all of us …

… from the Washington Examiner
Even though isolated barricades with “closed” signs remained on the National Mall on Tuesday, the setup for the immigration reform rally said otherwise.

A giant stage with lights and an “Immigration Reform Now” banner was set up in the center of the mall, along with three large portable screens.

On one side of the mall, more than 100 porta potties were set up for protesters who will attend the rally today.

As several groups of musicians performed sound checks, a lone National Park Service employee arrived to survey the scene, but referred me to the Park Service communications office and left when I asked her why she was called into work today.

As the Washington Examiner reported Monday, rally organizers said that they would be allowed by the NPS to carry out their protest under their First Amendment rights.

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… Bravo , Tim … [Senator Tim Scott] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,August 10th,2013

.. it refers to Dingy Harry Reid ‘ s habit of sticking his foot in his mouth . In this case , he really blew it . He attacked the GOP , while

English: Congressional Portrait of Tim Scott (...

… U.S. Senator Tim Scott [R-SC] … (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

being interviewed on a Nevada radio show , for opposing POTUS ‘ policies because he was a black man . Big Oops !

.. It seems ol ‘ Dingy Harry forgot the only current black member of the U.S. Senate is a Republican : Tim Scott of South Carolina . Scott is a religious man , a quiet man , and a local businessman , when not busy with politics .
Scott let him have it , in both the Washington Examiner , and in the Daily Caller .

.. Bravo , and thank you .

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… It Makes You Wonder …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,May 22nd,2013

It makes you wonder …

.. what else is going on in the ObamaCrap Administration , especially when they are rooting around in a news network ‘ s records . E – mails . A correspondent ‘ s parent ‘ s home phone records . They were also fooling around with Foxnews records for telephoones at critical points , at the news bureau , the State Department , and the White House , itself .

.. They are trying to damage FoxNews . This is really obvious . This has to have a chilling effect on their news gathering efforts , epsc. when their sources are fearful of having their identities revealed .

.. Indirectly , they are going after the Washington Times (Jerry Seper , Rowan Scarborough) , the Washington Examiner (Byron York) , the Washington Free Beacon (Bill  Gertz) , and the American Spectator (R. Emmett Tyrell , Jeff Lord) . They are trying to slow them all down . They may not be able to stop them , but the current media ruckus will make sources think twice about opening up to the media .

.. Their own people . They are also trying to scare their own poeple , so that they will not go leaking dirty laundry to the conservative media . The Conservative Media and the Blogosphere seem to be the only ones pursuing the ObamaCraps .

… More than that , it makes you really wonder , what else is brewing up out there ?My gut tells me that something else is getting ready to pop . It may take a while , but it will be big , maybe even HUGE …

… even more so , according to NewsMax

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… It is called basic Economics , Dummies ?!?! …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,April 2nd,2013

.. I read a fascinating column by Michael Barone (the Washington Examiner) earlier today , and it goes over the differences between passenger rail and freight rail in our fair land .. guess what the verdict was ?? ..

.. As you might expect , passenger rail flunks . Royally . Which makes me wonder . Why does not private passenger rate re – start ? Especially attached to regular routes run by freight trains ? Well , maybe not . But , these geniuses could and should find a way to spin off Amtrak . What a mess ! ..

.. As a difference , freight rail has been deregulated , faces stiff competition , by multiple modes of transportation , it co – operates with these same modes , makes oodles of money , and invests beaucoup $$ in capital upgrades , every year ..

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