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… Doesn’t this Judge Get It ?? [#Wisconsin][#voter id law]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,July 31st,2016

.. you would think that this judge would understand [already] that the 7th Circuit and the U.S. Supreme Court soundly approved the voter id law in Wisconsin ..

.. unfortunately , this idiot judge just did not get the message .Worse , this idiot applied an unconstitutional approach [the disparate impact standard] in doing so .. . So what does he do ? ..

.. this judge sticks his nose in where it does not belong , not one damn bit . He strikes down the essence of the Voter I.D. law ..

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the blog post ..

.. now it is up to the 7th Circuit and SCOTUS to set things right and just ..

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… The 4th Appeals Circuit Panel does not Get It [#election law case]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,October 18th,2014

… the liberal activists got lucky ..

.. they drew a judicial panel of radical activists …

.. unfortunately , the US Supreme Court is going to have to step in in this case , as well …

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the news article …

.. the appeals court panel struck down parts of North Carolina ‘ s recent election [voting rights] regulation law . They have acted to restore anequivalent of what is called in Ohio as ” Golden Week . ” Golden Week makes trying to verify a person ‘ s voter registration a real headache for the county where that person lives and the state . It does not allow them to verify information before that person is allowed to cast an immediate ballot , as is done in ” Golden Week . ”

.. The state and county won at the district court level , in a clear and stunning victory . The loons then appeals . Well , they did indeed get lucky . For now…

.. so , the US Supreme Court will have to intervene . Again ….

.. what will it take for the radicals to get the message ? The ” disparate impact ” theory of legal judgement is unnatural , immoral , and evil . It must stop …

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… It is Election Day , folks ! …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,November 5th,2013

… make sure that you get out and vote .

.. Who you vote for is your business . Ditto the issues that you choose to vote on , and how you choose to vote . All I ask of the folks that I know is that they get off their butts , and get out and vote ! …

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… I believe that Boehner has the Votes …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,October 7th,2013

.. what am I saying ?

.. first , Pelosi does not have the votes . The DemoCraps only have about 200 members in the current House , and their numbers are unlikely to go up all that much . Then , you do figure that the Dems have about 25 to 30 moderates left in their caucus .

.. That many ? Yes , that many . I would be willing to bet as many as 10 to 15 of them will not vote for a CR , possibly 20 . That means (since 218 is a majority) , the DemoCraps need nearly 30 votes . Yes , nearly 30 votes . Why that many .

218 – (202 – 15) = 31 ; or 218 – 187 = 31

Official portrait of United States House Speak...

Official portrait of United States House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


.. 31 votes . It will take that many votes to make it . it is the votes of the moderates who vote against the CR , plus the votes to reach a majority , plus a 1 or 2 vote safety margin (considering the machinations a House majority can pull) ..

.. why ?

[-] there are not that many moderates in the House GOP anymore . There are some , but not many .

[-] they are loyal enough to Boehner to not cross him on a vote that is this important ,

[-] a number of them are or have been in leadership positions , such as subcommittee chairman or committee chairman . They want to be again , and realize crossing a sitting Speaker of the House is not a way to get back into that position . Especially since , these days , the Speaker appoints (with caucus approval , which is ususally a formality) the committee and subcommittee chairs .

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… Gee , This is “Just Dandy” …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,March 31st,2013

… this is from a CybercastNewsService(CNS) piece from Friday , March 29th , and i quoted the relevent section , to make my point(s) …

.. the header is “Shorter Lines, Simpler Ballots: Obama-Appointed Panel Seeks to

‘Improve Voters’ Experience at the Polls‘ ..”

…The panel, to be co-chaired by former Rep. Bob Bauer (attorney for the Obama campaign) and Ben Ginsburg (attorney for the Romney campaign), is “advisory in nature,” and it must submit a final report within six months of its first public meeting.   ..The executive order says the commission “shall identify best practices and otherwise make recommendations to promote the efficient administration of elections in order to ensure that all eligible voters have the opportunity to cast their ballots without undue delay, and to improve the experience of voters facing other obstacles in casting their ballots, such as members of the military, overseas voters, voters withdisabilities, and voters with limited English proficiency.”

In doing so, the Commission is directed to consider the following:   — the number, location, management, operation, and design of polling places;   — the training, recruitment, and number of poll workers;   — voting accessibility for uniformed and overseas voters;   — the efficient management of voter rolls and poll books;   — voting machine capacity and technology;   — ballot simplicity and voter education;   — voting accessibility for individuals with disabilities, limited English proficiency, and other special needs;   — management of issuing and processing provisional ballots in the polling place on Election Day;   — the issues presented by the administration of absentee ballot programs;   — the adequacy of contingency plans for natural disasters and other emergencies that may disrupt elections; and   — other issues related to the efficient administration of elections that the Co-Chairs agree are necessary and appropriate to the Commission’s work.   President Obama first mentioned election reform in his 2013 State of the Union Address:   “We must all do our part to make sure our God-given rights are protected here at home.

That includes our most fundamental right as citizens: the right to vote. When any Americans – no matter where they live or what their party – are denied that right simply because they can’t wait for five, six, seven hours just to cast their ballot, we are betraying our ideals. That’s why, tonight, I’m announcing a non-partisan commission to improve the voting experience in America. And I’m asking two long-time experts in the field, who’ve recently served as the top attorneys for my campaign and for Governor Romney’s campaign, to lead it. We can fix this, and we will. The American people demand it. And so does our democracy.”

and , to think all about it … [-] .. have not we done this all before , folks .. we keep doing this schtuff , and reforming our voting laws .. and not giving it a chance to work …

[-] .. management of elections .. is generally best left to the states . The federales only should step in when they absolutely have to [the VRA , for example] …

[-] .. mgmt of poll workers .. is a royal pain . It is a one day thing , and getting people to serve for a one – day job is never easy ..

[-] .. tech improvements .. race ahead .. they should be implemented in elections and voting with great care ..

[-] .. initiative warfare and ballot simplicity .. ballots will never really be as

simple as they once were , especially with initiatives , and tax levies , and .. [-] .. timing of primaries , and military ballots .. the primaries need to be moved back some , to better accomodate military balloting , and the mails .. [-] .. mgmt & issuance of provisional ballots .. should be stringent , due to fraud , and perceived fraud .. [-] .. yes , fraud is a problem , dummies ! .. and , voter i.d. is a necessity .. [-] .. voter id is needed ! .. [-] .. Obama ‘ s involvement is hypocritical , as usual .. [-] .. USCCR will muck it up .. the Us Cmsn on Civil Rights is now under control of the left – wing loons . They will mess things up , and try to set things up for the courts .. [-] .. set – up for the courts .. the cmsn and the USCCR will try their best to set the plate for the activist judges to try to interfere in the proper admin of elections …

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