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… So What Message did Putin send POTUS [#US Navy][#buzzing incidents][#guided missile destroyer]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,April 22nd,2016

.. he does not respect him , not one bit , at all ..

.. one national leader usually sends a message to another national leader by various actions . Those actions can be social , diplomatic , financial , or even military . In Vladimir Putin ‘ s case , this one was military . And how ..

.. recently Putin has been testing various Western nations with various moves . In essence , he is playing diplomatic chess with the West . Right now , they know that they have an extraordinarily weak King , and he can get away with just about anything ..

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the blog post ..

.. there is an extraordinarily dangerous problem with this : miscalculation . Putin may keep making moves , thinking that he can do whatever he wants , whenever he wants . Eventually , POTUS just might end up hitting a breaking point ,politically . If he does …

.. Wars have a habit of getting started that way …


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… More Exec Action [#Gitmo]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,November 13th,2015

.. what are the ObamaCraps thinking ?? …

.. Congress has passed a law . It is an appropriations rider , to be specific . it basically states that No federal funds may be spent to move any of the detainees from Guantanamo Bay navy Base Detention Center to the United States …

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the blog post ..

.. and the ObamaCraps are actually thinking of using what His Lordship famously calls an ” Executive Action ” to override this , and thus to move the detainees to a stateside US prison . Are they nuts ..

.. the rider was passed in the early part of 2009 , when the Dems held a very , very strong majority in both Houses of Congress . The Dems , to be honest , do not want those damn scumbags anywhere in the US . The ObamaCraps could put those idiots in any US prison , so any state with Dems could be affected ..

.. so , what happens next ?? Good Question ! …

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… Russia and the Crimea …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,March 18th,2014

.. well , the Crimeans have ” voted ” …

.. amazingly , 95 % of them voted for ” independence . ”

.. well , anyone with a brain knows what that means . the Crimea region will likely soon join Russia .

.. to me , that will not be a big shock . The question is , what will Putin do next ? and What will His Lordship do (or not do) ? …

.. one has to be very very careful . Miscalculaton can very quickly lead to confrontation , and , then eventually to War …

.. it may not even be in Europe . But , even with their military weakness , and relative economic weakness , Russia is still an adult at the ” table ” that has to be dealt with in a firm manner . Otherwise , ….

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… Vladimir Putin is not a Chessmaster …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,March 16th,2014

.. but he is playing a weak hand in a very strong fashion .

.. Russia ‘ s military is sorely in need of reform . Its navy is modernizing , but needs years of investment in its surface fleet and its training regime . The Russian Air Force is easily the most modern . It has a great deal of territory to cover , but does so with a small fleet of aircraft and aircrews . It could be larger , if Russia could afford it .

.. The Russian army is still sorely in need of a major overhaul . Russia ‘ s enlisted forces are largely a conscript force . The average Russian has to serve a 2 year hitch , and draft evasion is rampant . It would serve Russia well to convert to an all – volunteer force . At least then they would know that the people there are there willingly , and will serve their tours of duty .

.. Putin does not have as strong a force as he thinks that he might have . However , he is facing off against a very , very , very weak customer in Barack Obama . Obama is a wuss , and has no idea of strategic concepts , strategic planning , or leadership . Putin does , and is doing so to his best . If Putin were facing off against someone stronger , well then … . Well , he is not , and is taking maximum advantage …

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… Bill O Reilly gives POTUS a lecture …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,March 7th,2014

.. on how to deal with Vladimir Putin .

.. I heard this live on Monday night . Bill was not the least bit friendly towards Obama , not one bit at all …

.. Bill nailed POTUS on top of his head . Hopefully , the ObamaCraps were watching , and will get the message …

.. [h/t — RealClearPolitics]..

.. [link] to the Talking Points Memo segment …

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… It tells You even More [about POTUS] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,March 7th,2014

.. this segment is from The Lead [on CNN] with Jake Tapper …

.. what are these idiots in the ObamaCrap White House doing ? What are they thinking ? What are they actually going to do about it ? …

.. [h/t — RealClearPolitics]..
.. [link] to the commentary …

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… Watch Rush Cook POTUS …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,March 6th,2014

.. god knows he has it coming …

.. and , he gets it on a daily basis …

.. at last , the LameStreamers are realizing that POTUS (Obama) is an empty suit . As they have found out , as Brit Hume put it , Obama is an extremely slow learner …

.. [h/t — DailyRushbo]..
.. [link] to the show footage …

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… You Wonder Why the Egyptians hate POTUS …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,September 24th,2013

Middle East Media Research Institute Logo

Middle East Media Research Institute Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

.. then read the text below of this MEMRI report . MEMRI stands for the Middle East Media Research Institute . I have them as one of my blogs in my BlogRoll . This report is well worthy of your time .

.. These folks do hate us , to a point , as a nation . They do not hate us so much , though , as a people . What they cannot stand , and feverently hate with a passion , is our current POTUS . Obama is a philosophical and religious bigot , whom they have come to hate with a passion , and they detest and hate the Muslim Brotherhood with equal , if not greater passion ….

Inquiry & Analysis Series Report No. 1016

In Egypt, Public Campaign Against Obama, U.S.; Calls For Intensified Cooperation With Russia, China

By: L. Lavi and N. Shamni*

Since Egyptian president Muhammad Mursi’s removal from power, the Egyptian public and media – both pro- and anti-Mursi – have been fiercely attacking the U.S.[1] This trend is part of continually escalating anti-U.S. and, more specifically, anti-President Obama attacks on the part of supporters of Egyptian Defense Minister Al-Sisi, who deposed Mursi. Apparently, the reasons for this include: President Obama’s condemnation of the violent August 14 dispersal of the Mursi supporters’ weeks-long sit-ins at Raba’a Al-Adawiya and Al-Nahda Square; the U.S.’s July 24 cancellation of its delivery to Egypt of four F-16 aircraft; the U.S.’s August 15 cancellation of the joint U.S.-Egypt military exercise, scheduled for this month; and discussions in the U.S. about the possibility that it would halt its aid to Egypt – measures that were perceived both by the pro-Al-Sisi camp and by opponents of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) as expressions of American support for the MB.
Al-Sisi’s anti-U.S. onslaught has taken the form of declarations by senior Egyptian government officials, articles in newspapers identified with the regime and the army, and political and popular campaigns in social media and on the street. One prominent example of this was Al-Sisi’s direct appeal to the American administration in his August 3 interview with The Washington Post, where he stated: ‘You left the Egyptians. You turned your back on the Egyptians, and they won’t forget that…'[2] Another example is Egyptian Prime Minister Hazem Al-Beblawi’s reminder, in an interview with the ABC network, that Egypt had received military aid from Russia for decades,[3]and his insistence that the Egyptian army would survive the cessation of American aid to Egypt, and that, if this caused any damage, the damage would last for a limited time only.[4]
The Egyptian pro-regime and -army press published articles notable in their vilification of President Obama himself – insulting his mother, calling him mentally deficient and his administration “the Adolf Obama Reich,” and even going so far as to offer a prayer that he would die in agony. Many articles contended that Obama and his administration supported terror by virtue of their support for the MB; columnists also opposed U.S. intervention in Egypt’s internal affairs, and, in response to American threats to cut off aid, argued that Egypt was better off without it.
At the same time, political and popular campaigns against continued U.S. aid to Egypt were launched, with the leading campaign organized by the Tamarrud and April 6 movements; these movements had played a major role in the protests that led to Mursi’s ouster. Another campaign called for the regime to reject American aid so as to maintain Egypt’s independence and to protect it from foreign interference.
Furthermore, many articles dealt with the decline of American influence in the Middle East, particularly in Egypt, in Russia’s favor; they called for inviting President Vladimir Putin to Cairo, with a lavish reception held in his honor. Billboards with Putin’s photo, captioned “Bye-bye America” were even put up at a pro-Al-Sisi demonstration in Alexandria.
This report will review some of the many articles in the pro-Egyptian regime and pro-Egyptian army press condemning the U.S., and will also review the campaigns against U.S. aid to Egypt.
Anti-American Articles In The Pro-Regime And Pro-Army Egyptian Press
Obama Supports The MB In Egypt, Which Is The Source Of Global Terror
Many articles accused Obama of allying with the MB, which they claim is a radical terror movement.
Obama, Friend Of The MB – Which Is The Source Of All Terror Organizations In The World
In an article titled “The MB and Obama’s Filthy Alliance [With It] Against the Egyptian People,” Egyptian writer ‘Abd Al-Fatah ‘Abd Al-Mun’im wrote: “Does the American administration and its president, Mr. Obama, an enemy of the Egyptian people and a friend of the MB, know that the Al-Qaeda organization and all the terrorist organizations that kill and slaughter American soldiers in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Yemen, Saudi Arabia and everyplace else in the world, [trace their] origins, roots and first affiliation to the MB movement… [?] Without the radicalism of the MB’s ideology, these terror organizations, by which the American people have been burned, would never have emerged.
“Nevertheless, Obama sees no problem in defending the Egyptian MB, claiming that the elections that brought the failed and ousted president Muhammad Mursi to power were legitimate… The MB staged a political takeover in Egypt with the assistance of America, which believed that if it encouraged the MB [in its attaining power], Israel’s safeguarding would be assured.
“Due to the Americans’ absolute support for the Muhammad Mursi regime, he and his movement committed many sins against the Egyptian people, starting with Mursi’s attempt to subject the country to MB control… to his selling Egypt to [foreign interests[5]] and ending with more crimes, no condemnation of which have we ever heard from Obama and his allies like Turkey, France and England…”[6]

Obama: “I don’t belong to the MB, but I support the MB.”, July 6, 2013
Obama Offers Up Egypt As A Sacrifice To The MB God Of Terrorism
Egyptian journalist Wael Al-Samari went so far as to claim that Obama is treating the MB like a deity to whom he must offer sacrifices – and his sacrificial victims are the Egyptians and their homeland. He wrote in his column in the Al-Yawm Al-Sabi’ daily: “The events of September 11 made the Americans, and first and foremost Obama, imagine a god of global terror [the MB] whose desire they must satisfy and whose blessing they must obtain with aid, funds, counsel, and global political backing. It must do so in order to avoid a repeat of September 11, which changed the global balance of power.
“Thus, the most advanced country in the world became the most primitive; in fact, there is [only] one difference between what primitive man once did and what Obama is now doing: Primitive man offered up sacrifices from his [own] harvest or the efforts of his own hunt – while Obama is offering us, our country, and our history to terrorists, on a silver platter…
“[Thus], instead of confronting and challenging the terror idols, [Obama] looks like a caveman shivering [in fear] in the face of wild animals and the forces of nature. This confirms that the U.S. has no culture or civilization, and that its technological and scientific veneer melts away as soon as it faces a genuine threat…”[7]

Standing on “Middle East” soil, U.S. feeds victims to the crocodile of “terror.” Al-Ahram Al-Arabi (Egypt), August 13, 2013
Vilification Of Obama
Some of the articles were notable for their particularly blunt and harsh anti-Obama sentiment, to the point of calling him “Adolf Obama,” expressing wishes for his death, and cursing him and his family.
“Ayatollah Obama,” “Adolf Obama” Is Partner To The Muslim Brotherhood’s Caliphate Dream
An article in the Al-Wafd party organ titled “Ayatollah Obama,” by media personality and Egyptian television presenter Kamal ‘Abd Al-Fattah,” stated: “The Muslim Brotherhood groups may well take pride in the position of White House sheikh Ayatollah Ruhollah Hussein Obama, who for the past year has shared with them the dream of implementing the Islamic shari’a in Egypt, one of the states of the great American Islamic Caliphate. In order to establish [the Islamic Caliphate in Egypt] in the 21st century, [three leaders] cooperated, [forming] the triangle comprising purity, fear of God, and rectitude…
“[These three are:] the wretched MB member who obeys the [MB General] Guide before he obeys Allah [i.e. deposed Egyptian president Muhammad Mursi]; a Qatari youth [i.e. Qatari Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani] whose beard hasn’t yet grown and who has begun inscribing his autobiography in lipstick [a hint that he may be homosexual]; and the Turkish bull [i.e. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan] who is a throwback to the days of the [Ottoman] Sultanate…
“With regard to the conductor of this orchestra, Ayatollah Hussein Obama, he was defrauded by a woman of wily temperament named Ann Patterson [the U.S. Ambassador to Egypt], when she sketched out in his mind [the scenario] that the miserable MB would wrap Egypt in the cellophane of friendship and alliance and present it as a gift to the [leader of the] American Reich, Adolf Obama, in exchange for making [MB General Guide] Badi’ or [his deputy Khairat] Al-Shater the next ruler of Egypt in the American Islamic Caliphate state…
“Now, good residents of Egypt, the dream of the Caliphate has evaporated; the troika of political prostitution has collapsed,” and the American ayatollah [Obama], who planned to declare Egypt an Islamic emirate in the framework of the American Islamic Caliphate state, has fallen…
“Mr. Obama, it doesn’t matter that you have lost your principles; the worst thing is that you have removed from America its covering of honor and principles of freedom, leaving it naked in the world…”[8]
‘Al-Masri Al-Yawm’ Article: “Allah, Take Obama And Roast His Corpse”
The Egyptian Al-Masri Al-Yawm daily published a particularly vicious anti-Obama column by Ghada Sharif, in which she wrote: “Allah, take Obama and roast his corpse, turn him right and left on the coals of Hell in savory barbecue sauce; there’s no need for a cold drink or French fries…
“We [are looking at] the man who is the epitome of idiocy and who weirdly insists on sticking his mother’s nose into our affairs, after he cancelled the shipment of F-16s in a hysterical reaction to the request by [Egyptian Defense Minister] Al-Sisi [that the Egyptian people] empower him [to combat terror – a reference to Al-Sisi’s July 24, 2013 speech] … He hasn’t the tiniest shred of intelligence to make him correct his path and shut up…
“Apparently, Obama suffers from emotional problems… His mother was a troublemaker when she met his father, and instead of treating her like a lady, he prostituted her and lived off of her… Some say that [Obama] is [indeed] her son, and others say that she found him in the doorstep of a hashish den…
“The man is insane, and is unable to control his reactions…”[9]
The U.S. Is Losing Its Middle East Influence To Russia
Some of the articles stressed that the U.S.’s strength in the Middle East was fading and on the brink of collapse, and that Egypt, no longer subject to it, must now draw closer to Russia.
Egypt Will Stop Being Subject To The U.S., As Russia And China Enter The Ring
An article in Al-Ahram, titled “Egypt and the Erosion of America’s Influence,” by Dr. Yusri ‘Abdallah, a lecturer in literature at Helwan University, stated: “The entire American position [regarding the removal of Mursi and the June 30, 2013 revolution] constitutes a blatant affront to Egyptian sentiment… A new reality is created now in Cairo, [as reflected by Egypt’s] ability to confront and subdue the forces of darkness, and to preserve the idea of national independence as one of the main goals of the June revolution…
“Egypt will no longer be subject to the American axis, whose influence is fading, because of the immoral [position] of its administration towards the current situation in Egypt… and particularly in light of Russia’s new activity in the capitals of national liberation. This is like… that moment in the 1950s [i.e. the USSR’s Cold War-era alliance with Egypt under president Gamal ‘Abd Al-Nasser], that was the purest moment in the history of the world, and primarily in the history of the repressed peoples, who took their destiny in their own hands after bitter struggles with the forces of hegemony and imperialism…
“It may be that in the upcoming period, the situation in which some countries live like satellites of America in the region will continue, [while] other countries, headed by Egypt, will try, and rightly so, to take ownership of their own national decision[-making]. Since the desire of the free peoples always wins out, there is no doubt that the countries that are advancing towards their independent future will succeed in their efforts, whatever the cost.
“It may be that, as a result of this, the expected and longed-for erosion of the American influence in the region will begin, particularly in light of the fact that the main role that the U.S. is playing in the world is under threat, following Russia’s powerful entrance into the arena of events – in addition to China, which is always looking to pursue its economic interests, which it might very well find in Cairo in the near future…”[10]

Billboard in Alexandria: Putin, Al-Sisi, Nasser, “Bye-bye, America.”, July 27, 2013
The American Demon Is Withering Away; Putin Will Be Given A Huge Reception When He Arrives In Cairo
In its August 17, 2013 editorial, titled “Putin, The New Khrushchev[11] – Welcome,” the Egyptian weekly Roz Al-Yousuf wrote: “The internationalization of the Egyptian crisis… – about which we warned [in an August 10, 2013 article] titled “Egypt Is Equal [To The U.S.] – It Is Not A Slave,’ – is beginning to take an exceptional turn, and we must deal with this quickly, professionally, and creatively…
“The only solution that we can suggest as a beginning is that the Egyptian leadership invite Russian President Vladimir Putin to visit Cairo, as [part of] the return to the Cold War atmosphere that again prevails in the entire region.
“It is sufficient that this shrewd man [Putin] has already stressed several times that he [is willing] to place all Russia’s military capabilities at the disposal of the Egyptian leadership! [12]
“We call on Putin to respond immediately to Egypt’s invitation, and he is assured a huge popular reception, like Khrushchev, the Russian leader and ‘Nasser’s ally’…
“The Egyptians must diversify their sources of armament, and their ties [to various countries], particularly when the American demon is clearly withering away, and its collapse is nigh.”[13]

Against the backdrop of the report that Putin will soon visit Cairo:[14] Calls for millions to form a human Egyptian flag in honor of Putin’s arrival., August 12, 2013
Calls In Egypt To Reject U.S. Aid
At the same time, other articles called on the Egyptian regime to oppose U.S. aid, which, they said, had transformed Egypt into a lackey of the U.S. They argued Egypt is capable of taking care of itself and that it can get by without American aid.
Egypt Should End The Shame Of American And European Aid
Ahmad Al-Sayyed Al-Naggar wrote in the daily Al-Ahram: “The great Egypt cannot continue to accept regular American and European aid from countries that always stand against the Arab rights, and that have in effect stood by Israel in all its wars against Egypt.
“This is meager and toxic aid, and the U.S. used it to try to make Egypt its lackey, and European countries used it to extort [Egypt while] harming its value and stature… No other independent and leading country in the region receives regular annual aid from a country that routinely stands by its enemies, as Egypt does…
“Egypt should end the shame of the toxic American and European aid, and declare once and for all that it does not need it. It should focus on financial and economic cooperation with sister Arab countries and with friends with which it has already cooperated unconditionally – Russia, China, India, and others – since political, economic, and national independence are more valuable than any aid…
“Egypt… can gain development, justice, and might, by relying on itself, its abilities, and its mighty people.”[15]
Reducing Trade Relations With The U.S. Will Not Harm Egypt
Sharif Ahmad Shafiq also wrote in Al-Ahram: “President Obama, why shouldn’t Egypt, [like the U.S.] also consider its national interests? After all, it is the best able to solve its own crises. I say to the U.S. president: Your threats that [U.S.-]Egypt trade relations will never be the same… will not impact Egypt’s economic ability, because there is a strong infrastructure comprising the government, the military, and the police, who are working together for the good of the country. This in addition to Arab countries… that stand with their big sister Egypt…”[16]

Cover of October magazine: “Cutting off the head of the Uncle Sam snake.” October, Egypt, August 25, 2013
Facebook Campaigns Against U.S. And U.S. Aid
The Egyptian regime supporters’ attack on the U.S. and the calls to boycott its aid to Egypt were expressed also on Facebook pages identified with MB opponents. The Facebook page of the Tamarrud movement, which played a central role in the protest that led to the removal of Mursi, attacked what it said was American interference in Egypt’s affairs, and on August 17, it changed its profile picture to the following image:

“Tamarrud: No To Foreign Intervention.”, August 17, 2013
Tamarrud also criticized U.S. threats to cease aid to Egypt. Following President Obama’s cancellation of the joint U.S.-Egypt military maneuver, and of the delivery of four F-16 aircraft, Tamarrud founder Mahmoud Badr attacked him, saying: “Don’t preach to us on how to deal with MB terrorism… Why don’t you and your meager aid go to hell?”
Badr also announced that the Tamarrud movement had begun collecting signatures on a petition demanding that Egypt reject U.S. aid.[17] Subsequently, Tamarrud’s Facebook page directly attacked Obama and U.S. aid, posting the following image on August 20:

“To hell with American aid. We are a people that submits to none but Allah.”, August 20, 2013
Earlier, on July 29, 2013, the Tamarrud Facebook page featured the following picture, after the cancellation of the F-16 delivery:, July 29, 2013
Along with the Tamarrud movement, the April 6 movement launched an anti-U.S. aid campaign called “Qadiroun – We Can.” This campaign too attacked Obama directly:

The Qadiroun campaign’s profile picture., retrieved August 20, 2013
The campaign argued that this was not the first time nor would it be the last time that the U.S. would hint that it would halt the aid, and that it always uses this card to pressure Egypt. The campaign also posted a photo from an August 22 march against foreign embassies in Cairo, including the U.S. Embassy, organized by April 6 youth to protest against foreign interference in Egypt’s affairs and demanding national independence:

“Qadiroun campaign – mind your own business.”, retrieved August 20, 2013
Another post on the Qadiroun campaign’s Facebook page read: “We oppose humiliation in the name of aid; we oppose the patronizing of Egypt in the name of aid; we oppose terrorism in the name of aid. Therefore, we oppose [American] aid. Egypt has had its say. The [U.S.] aid interests us not at all.”

Egyptians sign the Qadiroun campaign’s petition., retrieved August 28, 2013
Yet another anti-U.S. aid campaign, “Against American Aid,” on Facebook, with over 20,200 “likes,” is also collecting signatures on a petition calling on Egypt to refuse U.S. aid, so that “Egypt will be independent in its decisions,” “Egypt will not drink American poison,” “America will take its hands off our national military,” and “America will not rule our country.”[18] On August 27, 2013, the campaign organizers announced that they had collected 500,000 signatures so far.[19]

“Against American Aid” petition. Image:, retrieved July 10, 2013
*L. Lavi and N. Shamni are research fellows at MEMRI.


[1] See MEMRI Inquiry & Analysis No. 993, “In Egyptian Crisis, Both Sides Accuse U.S.”, July 8, 2013.
[2], August 3, 2013.
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[4] Al-Wafd, (Egypt), August 21, 2013.
[5] The reference is to reports in the Egyptian media during Mursi’s rule alleging that the MB regime sold national assets to Qatar and China, such as the Egyptian state television building and leased the Suez Canal.
[6] Al-Yawm Al-Sabi’ (Egypt), August 18, 2013.
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[10] Al-Ahram (Egypt), August 20, 2013
[11] Nikita S. Khrushchev was the leader of the Soviet Union and First Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union in years 1955-1964.
[12] According to the independent newspaper The Diplomat, following the U.S. decision to cancel the joint military maneuvers, the Al-Masri Al-Yawm English-language website, Egypt Independent, reported that Putin had ordered that all the Russian army’s capabilities be placed at the disposal of the Egyptian army, and that joint Russian-Egyptian military exercises be held. According to The Diplomat, the report in Egypt Independent was based on several unnamed sources, but was removed from the website several hours later but not before it was picked up and published by various websites. The Diplomat called the Egypt Independent credible and respectable, but noted that it had a history of submitting to pressure from the Egyptian army, and that it might have removed the item under that pressure., August 16, 2013.
[13] Roz Al-Yousuf (Egypt), August 17, 2013.
[14] In late July 2013, there were unofficial reports that Putin would be visiting Egypt in early August, but Egyptian regime sources denied them. Al-Misriyyoun (Egypt), July 31, 2013;, August 1, 2013.
[15] Al-Ahram (Egypt), August 27, 2013.
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[17] Al-Watan (Egypt), August 18, 2013.
[18], accessed September 10, 2013.
[19] Al-Quds Al-Arabi (London), August 27, 2013.

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MEMRI holds copyrights on all translations. Materials may only be used with proper attribution.

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… Uh , JohnBoy , It is not the U.N. who has to act …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,September 21st,2013

.. it is the United States , and your boss , POTUS , who has to make the decision to act …

[link] – video

[link] — text

.. The DemoCraps are praying that this stuff does not drag out . Well , it is exactly what is going to happen , if Mad Vlad [Putin] and Bashaar the Butcher [Assad] have anything to say and do about it . They will drag it out , and drag it out and drag it out …. . Eventually , POTUS is going to have to make a series of decisions . Are the Russians and Syrians playing games ? Are the Russians playing their usual blocking games at the U.N. ? Can you really trust that the Syrians have disclosed all of their chemical weapons in their diplomatic disclosures ? there are others ….

.. POTUS does not like being forced into these type of decisions . He does not want to act in the Middle East . He does not want to be forced to act in the Middle East . He also realizes that , if he does not act , the Israelis will (against Iran) , and a regional war [one involving us] will result . Eventually , I hope he will come to realize that the monkeyshines in Syria are only a prelude to what may well happen with Iran .

.. Also , given their superb intelligence operations and services , Israel will have a far better idea of what Iran is doing , and what point in their nuclear development they are at , than anyone else will know . They also do not trust Obama . Not one bit . Not Labour , not Kadima , and , most certainly , not the Netanyahu government . Bibi ‘ s majority may be weaker , but when it is a go or no – go call , it will be his call , and his alone . His ministers may not be thrilled will the idea (in some cases) , but they will support him . They also all realize the stakes that are involved .

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… As Usual , POTUS is the Toothless Tiger [Mutt and Jeff] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,September 15th,2013

.. when you are trying to dig yourself out of a diplomatic mess , you generally want to try to make sure that your agreement is believable and credible . Evidently , Mutt and Jeff (POTUS and SecState) have come up with a whopper of a stinker . They think that this so – called agreement covering Syria and its chemical weapons , involving the Assad government and Russia , is anything remotely believable and credible ?

.. Hell , no . It is for several reasons :

[-] lack of consistent policy — our National Command Authority is supposed to set a reasonable idea of policy in an area . It may not be ideal , but it helps to be consistent . POTUS ‘ entire idea of foreign policy is grossly inconsistent , at best …

[-] lack of consistent message — even when there is some idea of a policy , the message behind that policy is , at best , a disorganized muddled mess . That is no way to communicate to either friends or foes . Both need to understand what is going on …

[-] lack of leadership — No , you do not lead from behind . You lead from the Front , you damn idiots . You have to set policy , communicate it , and take responsibility for it …

[-] lack of resolution — even when things get ” dark and grey , ” you stick to your guns . Do not be a ” Wuss …. ”

… from Newsmax …

Bolton: Syrian Pact ‘Will Die a Death by a Thousand Cuts’

Saturday, 14 Sep 2013 07:47 PM

Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton predicted on Saturday that the agreement reached between the United States and Russia on destroying Syria’s chemical weapons “will die a death by a thousand cuts.”

Syrian President Bashar Assad “is required to make his initial declaration on Friday,” Bolton, a senior fellow with the American Enterprise Institute in Washington, told Fox News. “It’ll slip a few days, or maybe a few more. Maybe the first declaration won’t be full and complete, and it’ll have to be amended. And, then, it’ll have to be amended again.

“You can see the impact of this as time goes on, and I think that’s exactly what the strategy is.”

Urgent: Who is Right on Syria – Obama or Putin? Vote in Urgent Poll

Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov announced the agreement earlier Saturday after three days of talks in Geneva.

The agreement requires Syria to submit a “comprehensive listing” of its chemical weapons stockpiles within a week. Arms inspectors must be on the ground in Syria by November, with the goal of eliminating the country’s chemical weapons by the middle of next year.

But the accord contains nothing about the potential use of force if Syria fails to comply — and Kerry said that no pre-agreement existed on what action the U.N. Security Council might take if Syria failed to comply with the plan.

“One of the fine ironies here is that we have agreed with Russia, which has been in violation itself of the Chemical Weapons Convention since the treaty came into force [in 1993],” Bolton told Fox. “Most experts agree that Russia did not make its own full and complete declaration of its chemical weapons stockpiles in the mid-1990s, and many believe that Russia has been in violation of the treaty, developing new generations of chemical weapons.

“So the notion that Russia is going to vouch for Bashar al-Assad is almost comical,” he concluded. “You can’t make this stuff up.”

Further, he attacked some of the language in the agreement.

“It says that the Security Council will take measures ‘commensurate’ with the violations,” Bolton noted. “Well, that word means anything you want it to mean — and you can bet that in a debate in the Security Council, it will go on for quite some time.”

But, more importantly, President Barack Obama has been greatly helped by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“The president is very grateful to President Putin. He got him out of an impossible dilemma,” Bolton said. “I don’t think the president himself wants to use force. Now, he will never have to — and he himself said, the longer time goes by from the August 21 use of chemical weapons, the harder it would be to generate the emotion necessary to get the support for the use of force.”

The White House has said that more than 1,400 people, including over 400 children, were killed in the chemical weapons attacks on rebel-held suburbs of Damascus on Aug. 21. The Obama administration has since shown gruesome pictures to Congress of Syrians suffering and dying from the attacks in making its case for military strikes.

Urgent: Who is Right on Syria – Obama or Putin? Vote in Urgent Poll

“The idea that you couldn’t get the support in Congress to use force against Assad after those pictures means that, nonetheless, you’ll be able to get congressional approval because Syria violated this agreement?” Bolton asked. “It’s a delusion — and so is [Obama’s] Syria policy generally.”

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… Nice Shot , Jake [Tapper , at Obama] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,September 14th,2013

.. Jake Tapper , as is his wont , likes to zing his subjects subtly . Well , he did it a little less so in this [clip] against POTUS and his crew …

… Jake is an excellent wordsmith . His talents are going to waste at C.N.N. . Eventually , I think , he will see the light , and , as they say , cross over the media ‘ s “river Jordan,” and move on to FoxNews …

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… Another Classic Take from Dr. Krauthammer [Fox News Special Report panel]

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,September 13th,2013

.. I love reading Dr. Charles Krauthammer , and the only thing that is better is watching him in action on the panel of

English: Vladimir Putin in KGB uniform Deutsch...

English: Vladimir Putin in KGB uniform Deutsch: Der junge Wladimir Putin in KGB-Uniform Français : Vladimir Poutine en uniforme du KGB (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

commentators on FoxNewsChannel ‘ s Special Report with Bret Baier .

.. This one is another classic , where the eminent Dr. Charles takes apart POTUS and his cast of idiots [link]

.. text —

Russian president Vladimir Putin’s recent op-ed in the New York Times is what you get from an American inept foreign policy, Charles Krauthammer said Thursday night.

“Well, these are the fruits of a completely incompetent, epically incompetent foreign policy,” Krauthammer said in his regular panel appearance on Special Report. He argued that the op-ed by Putin, whom he called “a KGB thug,” served as an “index” of how badly Obama has been “played.”

“What we’re seeing here is Putin so confident of himself after Obama had to acquiesce to this face-saving negotiation that he could actually engage in this,” Krauthammer said.

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… What does POTUS need to Do ?? …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,September 11th,2013

[-] keep the threat of military action on the table — it has to stay there . If he agrees to take it off , then …

[-] learn to play chess — the strategic thinking that is required to play chess at a high level will teach him some things . Like , how

Vladimir Putin - Caricature

Vladimir Putin – Caricature (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

Putin is playing him for a fool , and why ?!?!

[-] change the responsible party for the chem weapons — you really want to give the responsible party for disarmament to Russia ? Are you nuts ? The U.N. is hardly any better . Anyone think that Assad has been taking notes from Sadly Insane on his monkeyshines in Iraq , especially with a DemoCrap semi – wus [Clinton] in the White House ..

[-] keep the U.S. Navy on station in the eastern Med — Syria is a coastal nation . Make Lebanon understand that even an attempt to lock on any , repeat ANY U.S. aircraft will be met with instant retaliation , and the relevant missiles and radar batteries will cease to exist , no matter where they are located …

[-] put a date certain for compliance , and make it reasonably short — do not let Assad and Putin play anymore diplomatic stalling tactics , well , anymore than they have already . They will try . For once , do not be a wus . Stand up to them .

[-] keep DarkStars , Predators , and other drones on station , observing what is going on — if locked on , see third item for what will happen if they do so …

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… People should trust Putin ?!?! …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,September 10th,2013

.. from the Times of Israel …

Russia is stepping up weapons supplies to Syria’s President Bashar Assad, to help him prevail in the civil war, as part of the arrangements under which the Assad regime has agreed in principle to have its chemical weapons stockpiles placed under international supervision, Israel television reported on Tuesday night.

Negotiations between Russia and Syria on the supervision arrangement, which seem to have drastically reduced the likelihood of

... fishy !! ...

… fishy !! …

US-led military intervention in Syria, have been ongoing for two full weeks, and have also involved Iran, the Israeli Channel 2 report said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, determined to ensure that his ally Assad not face a punitive US-led strike following Damascus’s alleged use of chemical weapons in an August 21 attack that the US says killed over 1,400 Syrians, essentially ordered Assad to submit to international oversight of his chemical weapons stocks, the report said.

In return, Putin promised bolstered conventional weapons shipments, “some of which are already on their way” to Syria from the Russian Black Sea port of Novorossiysk. The TV report did not specify which weaponry Putin is supplying to Assad, but noted that the Syrian regime needs more fighter planes for use to quash rebel forces, spare parts for tanks, and all kinds of other military equipment to replenish stocks depleted during the two-and-a-half years of fighting that have left well over 100,000 Syrians dead. An estimated 1,600 Syrians have died in the three weeks since the alleged August 21 attack.

Last summer, Russia said it would not deliver weapons including 24 MiG-29 fighter jets ordered by the Syrian Air Force until the Syrian crisis ended. But in May, Russian officials said a Syrian delegation was in Moscow to discuss a new contract to supply combat aircraft.

Putin said late Tuesday that he hoped “our Syrian friends will make the appropriate decision with respect to transferring the chemical weapons to the control of the international community, and to joining the treaty preventing the proliferation of chemical weapons.”

Syria’s Foreign Minister Walid Moallem, who has been in Moscow this week, was quoted Tuesday saying Syria would indeed open all relevant sites to UN inspectors, would not produce chemical weapons, and would sign all relevant treaties.

“We fully support Russia’s initiative concerning chemical weapons in Syria, and we are ready to cooperate. As a part of the plan, we intend to join the Chemical Weapons Convention,” he said in an interview with the Lebanon-based Al-Maydeen TV.

“We are ready to fulfill our obligations in compliance with this treaty, including through the provision of information about our chemical weapons. We will open our storage sites, and cease production. We are ready to open these facilities to Russia, other countries and the United Nations.”

“We intend to give up chemical weapons altogether,” he added.

US President Barack Obama said in a series of TV interviews Monday that a deal that ensured Syria was unable to again use chemical weapons would “absolutely” roll the crisis back from the brink. His Secretary of State John Kerry warned Tuesday, however, that such a deal had to be “measureable, tangible” and speedy. “If we choose not to act, we’ll be sending a message to Iran of American ambivalence, American weakness,” the secretary noted.

Israel’s former foreign minister, Avigdor Liberman, indicated Tuesday a similar concern. Speaking against the background of the negotiations that were apparently pushing off any US-led strike on Assad’s regime, Liberman, the chairman of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, noted that, where Iran’s nuclear program was concerned, Israel “will have to deal with it on our own.”

LEC here — Do you really want to trust Syria ‘  s ally and arms supplier ? Are you nuts ? Apparantely , POTUS is that nuts ! …

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… A Brain Lock Foreign Policy …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,September 10th,2013

.. Secretary of State JohnBoy Kerry says something off-the-kuff , and then , all of a sudden , it becomes policy ? Who the hell is minding the store ?

.. It sure as hell is not POTUS . He thinks that he is smarter than everybody else , and no one can keep up with him . Well , try

Vladimir Putin - Caricature

Vladimir Putin – Caricature (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

again , Barack ! You are playing tiddly winks , and Vladimir Vladimirovich [Putin] is playing diplomatic chess . Guess who is winning ?

.. Putin , who else ? Vlad is no dummy . JohnBoy made a boyBlunder , and he got inside BHO ‘ s head . Putin pulled off a deft political move , making Russia more relevant on the world stage , and also making Obama look like a rank amateur , by comparison . The Aussies were right about Kevin Rudd , and I am right about BHO .

.. POTUS is an even more grandiose narcissist than Kevin Rudd ever was . What is more dangerous is that POTUS is POTUS , and does not have a clue about what he is doing on the world stage . People keep making him look like a chump , and our fellow Americans are getting tired of his act . Unfortunately , we are stuck with Obama for the next 43 months . Hopefully , he will not blunder too badly …

.. God in Heaven help us if he does . Many people will , I am afraid , get killed as a result of Obama ‘ s incompetence , both here at home , and overseas . Other nations will take note , and act accordingly …

… Your Move , Barack Obama …

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… Remember When POTUS said that people were not Spying on Us …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,August 18th,2013

.. well , he lied ! ..

.. So , what else is new ?!?! ..

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… Oh , Yeah , POTUS ?!?! …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,August 7th,2013

.. Almost everyone and their “sister sue” seem to think that there is a “domestic spying ” program going on . Except POTUS .

Jay Leno

Jay Leno (Photo credit: Alan Light)

Watch this excert from the “Tonight Show with Jay Leno” to see what I mean …

.. It is not that I am against the idea . To be honest , I am not  . Unfortunately , Edward Snowden let the cat out of the bag . It does not take a rocket scientist to make the leap of logic from the gathering of meta – data to the gathering of domestic intelligence .

.. Hell , everyone else on the planet does it . The British , the Russkies , and the Israelis are especially well – known for it . Given the intelligence threats that we face on a world wide scale , it would make sense to do it . Try to do a better job of keeping it secret , though . Also , do  not lie about it , if it is exposed . Our fellow citizens may not be wild about . I am not , either . But i understand the need for it .


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… How Many Fibs , How Short a Time …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,June 25th,2013

.. to be frankly honest , it has taken a extraordinarily inordinate amount of time for people to understand that they are being given , at best , half –  truths on everything from Benghazi to Obamacare .

.. This lack of believability has greatly damaged the image of voters on big government , to the dismay of liberal statists.

In foreign policy, the credibility problem plagues him. Consider all the things

Obama has asserted that simply aren’t true :

[-] Israel

[-] the Middle East “so-called” peace process

[-] the “Russian Reset”

the Arms Treaty was a one – sided deal , and now l ‘ affaire Snowden …

[-] Sanctions are working against Iran.

[-] Bashar al-Assad was a reformer before he was on the verge of being ousted before we did not know who to back before we took a half – step two years too late.

[-] Benghazi was the result of some video.

[-] We could exit Iraq with no status of forces agreement without threatening gains there .

[-] We could work with Mohamed Morsi.

[-] China is a constructive operator on the world stage .

[-] Al – Quaeda is out of business , especially without Osama Bin Laden

[-] Vladimir Putin’s election was praiseworthy.

… it goes On and On and On and On …

.. One can understand that Obama may have not been intentionally misleading . Well , to be honest , given the actions (Medvedev , Russian Reset , Iraq , soft on the Palestinians / hard on Israel) , I think that POTUS is a pathological liar .

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