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… Vermont junks Single – Payer [#health insurance plan option]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,May 8th,2016

.. so , single – payer is out in Vermont …

.. Vermont these days is loonieland , in comparison to New Hampshire ‘ s reasoned sanity , and Massachusetts ‘ rank liberalism …

.. so , one would figure , if single – payer is going to work , it would work in Vermont . It is about as politically receptive a place for it to happen …

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the column …

.. well , as of this week , the Green Mountain state has effectively junked the single – payer plan that it wanted to implement . Why ? …

.. simple . they wanted the moon and the stars included in their single – payer plan . It was even more ridiculously expensive than the Cadillac – style ObamaCrapCare plan that would normally be used in a state . Well , the ” moon and the stars ” plan that they wanted cost waaaaay too damn much …

.. It figures …

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to Sarah Kliff ‘ s column ..

.. Sarah Kliff is an excellent writer for an otherwise – dull – as – dishwater liberal website  [] . Her column gives most of the ” inside skinny ” on what happened and why it happened . The part , though , she leaves out is that Governor [Peter] Shumlin is trying to save his own political skin . He finished 1st , with just less than 48.0%  of the vote in the 2014 general election . He should  have won big , and  going away . He did not …

.. So , what happened ? …

.. What happened was underfunded , unknown businessman Scott Milne nearly got Peter Shumlin ‘  s scalp . Vermont ‘ s voters got a preview of the future , and they were none – too – thrilled with it . Milne finished just behind Shumlin , with about 47.4% of the vote . Now ,  Vermont ‘ s legislature makes the choice . Normally , it is  a  piece of cake for Shumlin . Don’t be so sure ,  this time …

.. Vermont ‘ s legislature still has to figure out what to do . If they want , they can try  to jam a  less –  expensive version of  single payer by Shumlin or Milne . then they will have to pay the political piper in 2 years when they are all on the ballot . This time , Milne will not be an unknown . He will also be better funded . What would the R.G.A. give to be  a royal P.I.T.A to the Dems in Vermont ?

.. A  nice chunk of change , I will bet ….

.. well , the dummies down in Fantasyland on the Potomac want to try to do the same thing . Implement a ” Moon and the Stars ” single – payer plan , no matter what the cost …. Well , guess what , dummies ?!?! …

.. it would cost waaaaay too damn much , same as in Vermont . Stoopid …


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… Bombs Away [#Green Mountain Care]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,April 23rd,2016

.. those dummies in Vermont would not listen .

.. now , they are about to pay a huge , I repeat , HUGE , price for their version of ObamaCrapCare …

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the article …

.. they are facing stark reality right in the face . Now , can the Vermont GOP and the business community make those idiots face up to it …

.. Vermont is a small state . Its politics make the People ‘ s Republic of Taxachusettes look moderate by comparison …

.. Vermont is a state with only 675,000 people . They want to implement a single – payer system instead of ObamaCrapCare . Except , they have a problem …

.. Vermont ‘ s general fund budget is only $1.4 billion , per year . The amount of the tax increase [all taxes included] would amount to nearly $2.1 billion . Yikes !! …

.. are you guys nuts ?!?! …

.. the DemoCraps in Vermont ‘ s legislature may just enact something like this . I would bet that the ObamaCraps would give them the waivers to implement Green Mountain Care , if they are willing to pay for it . The big question is , are they nuts ?!?! …

.. Vermont is nuts , but not that nuts . The backlash from something like this would be something to see . Either businesses and people will flee the state [west to New York , or east to New Hampshire , or even south to you-know-where] , or they will rise up and force a change in  the state ‘ s politics . The GOP is not in  the best of shape ,  but it is not that weak …

.. — [update] — I really wonder about the Green Mountain state ‘ s politics … Can the people up there be that stupid and fiscally irresponsible to continue to elect DemoCraps to state office and the legislature . Then , those morons construct this colossal mess …

.. I wonder ?? …

.. — [update]  — well , Green Mountain Care bit the dust . The Vermont Legislature [& Gov. Peter Shumlin] had a sobering encounter with fiscal reality . Ironically , it was Vermont that tried this [Bernie  Sanders’ own home state] , and got badly burned . Maybe the DummyCraps just might learn from this . Probably not ..

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… MIz Hillary got whooped in New Hampshire [#primary]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,February 10th,2016

.. and Mr. Bill was no help at all . ..

.. last night was the new Hampshire primary Donald Trump was the winner on the GOP side , and he won comfortably . but Miz Hillary had a very , very rough night , indeed ..

.. Vt. Senator Bernie Sanders won the N.H. primary on the DemoCrap side , and did so convincingly . He did so by [roughly] a margin of 62 % to 38 % …

.. [h/T —]..
.. [link] to the blog post // video clip ..

.. now it is on to South Carolina and Nevada ..

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… Schools Ban … Brownies [#Vermont]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,September 22nd,2014

.. in Vermont , they have done exactly that …

.. they now sell fruit kebabs , kale , and lemon bars as school fundraisers and snacks … not any of the good stuff …

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the blog post …

.. these are schools trying to comply with the new school rules and law that were implemented several years ago under the ObamaCraps … now an entire state has banned brownies …

.. for cryin ‘ out loud … what is the use of having fundraisers if you cannot sell the ” good stuff … “

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… And , Thus , It Continues … [Gay Marriage offensive]

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,August 11th,2013

.. the Supreme Court liberals had to know that they were opening Pandora ‘ s Box when they made the ruling that they did in the so – called “gay marriage” case , U.S. v Windsor . They knew it , all right . They did it anyway .

.. Even with that ruling (and the companion ruling , in Hollingsworth v Perry) , the liberals had to know that it would open a whole new world of legal radical judicial action on the behalf of gay rights . Cases would be brought straight away , in the states where “gay marriage” was banned , either by law , or by constitutional amendment , in order to work to overturn them by pinning them back against the Supreme Court ruling , and their precedents . Even though those precedents left the cases in the purview of state ‘ s rights , and in the state courts . In a significant number of those cases , the state judiciary is much more liberal than the body politic , and can use the conservative ‘ s respect for the judicial branch against it .

.. Also , there would be actions to take the offensive from states that do possses gay marriage , or civil unions , and then get married . Those couples would then return home to their own states , and force them (via legal action) to seek recognition via court ruling . It could be done in state court , however , such a case as this would be better done via the federal courts .
Also , these couples would seek spousal benefits , as if they were a “normal” married couple , and use the same route to push the offensive to push or force recognition .

.. Gay Marriage forces have won an important victory . It is important for conservatives , no matter what their stripe , to counterattack , and strike back . It does not mean that “gay marriage” has to be re – banned . Far from it . The target is the judiciary . Both at the state level , and locally . Most of all , at the federal level . The federal judiciary should be reminded , by law , by removing these cases , by limitation of the judiciary ‘ s ability to hear these cases , as is available under the U.S. Constitution . Impeachment itself should also be considered . The people ‘ s house should act to remind the judges that they are not higher than thou . They are also a co – equal branch of government , and with the Senate (and , eventually , the Presidency) , the other 2 branches will hold the third branch to account for its actions and its misconduct . Also , the number of judicial seats and their distribution should be altered . As the excess number of judges leaves active service , the authorized number of judges will drop , and more conservatives can be added . The new seats in other ciruits can add newer , more conservative judges , and develop a much more conservative tilt to their philosophy and their rulings . Also , the 9th Federal Circuit should be broken up . The 9th Circuit should be limited to the state of California , only . Ergo , a new appeallate circuit can be created , and then become , almost immediately , a conservative bastion .

.. This article from yahoo snooze is a apt example of the front that has been opened in the offensive ….

Gay couple seeks spousal privilege protection in Kentucky murder trial




Tim Ghianni7 hours ago


By Tim Ghianni

NASHVILLE, Tennessee (Reuters) – A legal debate over whether one member of a same-sex couple has spousal privilege that would shield her from testifying against her partner is at the heart of a capital murder case in politically conservative Kentucky.

Geneva Case, 49, does not want to testify in a Louisville court against her partner, Bobbie Jo Clary, 37, who is accused of beating George Murphy, 64, to death with a hammer in 2011 and then stealing his van.

Prosecutors say Case must testify because of her value as a witness, since she heard Clary admit to the slaying and also saw blood on the interior of the victim’s van after the killing.

Clary says Murphy used a hammer to sexually assault her, and she defended herself by hitting him over the head.

Clary is also charged with tampering with evidence to cover up the crime. If convicted, Clary could face the death penalty.

Under Kentucky law, a person cannot be called to testify against his or her spouse. Most states have a similar type of law.

But Kentucky is not among the 13 states that have legalized gay marriage. In 2004, it amended the state constitution to define marriage as being a union between a man and a woman.

Susan Sommer, an attorney for Lambda Legal, a national legal organization for the protection of gay rights, said she was not familiar with the details of the Kentucky case, but Lambda believes gay couples should have the same legal protections as other married people.

“Spousal privilege is one part of the tremendous bundle of protections for a committed couple that come automatically with marriage,” Sommer said.

Case and Clary were joined in a civil union in 2004 in Vermont. Vermont first allowed civil unions in 2000, but did not legalize same-sex marriage until 2009.

“Kentucky’s marital privilege law does not give Ms. Case the right not to testify in a murder trial,” said Stacy Greive, assistant commonwealth attorney for Jefferson County. “And the reason marital privilege does not apply to Ms. Case in her relationship with the defendant is because it is our opinion and our belief that they do not have a marriage that is recognized under Kentucky law.”

Greive argues that not only is the union not recognized in Kentucky, but the couple has not presented proof they have a valid marriage under Vermont law. “They have a civil union, if you look at Vermont’s statutes, they distinguish between civil unions and marriage,” she said.


Both Clary’s attorney, Angela Elleman, and Case’s attorney, Bryan Gatewood, said the Kentucky marriage amendment is unconstitutional and the pair should be treated like any other married couple.

The attorneys also say they are cautiously optimistic that this case will lead to the amendment being held as unconstitutional, setting a precedent for change nationwide.

In light of recent U.S. Supreme Court rulings on gay marriage, “the climate is right” for the Kentucky amendment to be thrown out, Elleman said.

The high court in June forced the federal government to recognize same-sex marriages in states where it is legal and paved the way for it in California, the most populous state. The court struck down a section of the federal Defense of Marriage Act, limiting the definition of marriage as between a man and a woman for the purpose of federal benefits, as a violation of the U.S. Constitution’s guarantee of equal protection under the law.

“I believe the handwriting is already on the wall,” Gatewood said. He believes the Kentucky attorney general’s office, which says it is reviewing the case, will find that the state law is unconstitutional under the same reasoning.

Elleman said it makes no sense to her that Kentucky does not recognize legal unions of same-sex partners but does recognize common-law marriages from other states.

She also pointed to the personal toll on the couple. “The commonwealth is seeking to call her wife as a witness against her, which obviously would cause irreparable harm to their relationship,” Elleman said.

Case called the situation “very stressful” in an interview on WHAS-TV in Louisville. “I wish she could come home,” Case said of Clary. “There’s nothing we can do right now, though.”

Elleman said she is confident her client will be acquitted, “whether her wife will testify or not.”

Clary is being held on $75,000 bond.

The trial is set for August 30. Jefferson County Judge Susan Schultz Gibson is expected to rule on the spousal privilege issue later this month.

Lambda’s Sommer represented a woman in a criminal case in Maryland about two years ago who was asked to testify against her spouse.

In that case, which was not a homicide, the prosecutor opposed the use of spousal privilege since Maryland did not yet have gay marriage. The couple had married in another state. The judge in that case ruled that the woman did not have to testify against her spouse.

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