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… So What Can Be Done ?!?! [#Iran Nuclear Agreement]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,August 10th,2016

.. according to the terms of the agreement [and the Corker – Cardin bill] , the bill must be voted on by September 17th ..

.. there are several sources that indicate that the entire agreement [as it stands] has NOT been presented to the U.S. Congress . How do we know ? Congressman Pompeo and one of his senate colleagues [I am not sure who] were inadvertanly briefed by the IAEA and the US in Switzerland during the final negotiations . Also , there were classified briefings of members of Congress . Those briefings indicate that there are side deals , the existence of which has not been publically disclosed . So we know the truth …

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.. voting on the agreement would be outrageous . Congress has not been presented the entire thing . Also , the whole enterprise has been designed to evade the eyes of the US Congress .

.. so what happens ?? …

.. Congressman Pompeo and constitutional scholar David Rivlin offer a solution …

That review period was supposed to take 60 days and is triggered the day the president submits the agreement to Congress. However, because the president failed to submit the agreement in full, as the law requires, the 60-day clock has not started, and the president remains unable lawfully to waive or lift statutory Iran-related sanctions. Indeed, since the act also provides for the transmittal of the agreement to Congress between July 10 and Sept. 7, the president’s ability to waive statutory sanctions will remain frozen in perpetuity if Congress does not receive the full agreement Monday .

Congress must now confront the grave issues of constitutional law prompted by the president’s failure to comply with his obligations under the act. This is not the first time this administration has disregarded clear statutory requirements, encroaching in the process upon Congress’s legislative and budgetary prerogatives. The fact that this has happened again in the context of a national security agreement vital to the United States and its allies makes the situation all the more serious.

For Congress to vote on the merits of the agreement without the opportunity to review all of its aspects would both effectively sanction the president’s unconstitutional conduct and be a major policy mistake. Instead, both houses should vote to register their view that the president has not complied with his obligations under the act by not providing Congress with a copy of an agreement between the IAEA and Iran, and that, as a result, the president remains unable to lift statutory sanctions against Iran. Then, if the president ignores this legal limit on his authority, Congress can and should take its case to court.

.. don’t vote on the agreement . Vote on a resolution that demands that the entire agreement be disclosed publically . Also , said resolution should state that the Corker – Cardin bill is not in effect , due to the failure of the ObamaCraps to present it to Congress . Let the DemoCraps filibuster that …

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… Why Hide the Side Agreements ?? [#Iran Nuclear Agreement]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,August 8th,2016

.. why ? ..

.. to hide the real details of the agreement from the party that needs to know it most : the U.S. Congress ..

.. the French Parliament is not voting on it . Neither is the British House of Commons . nor is anyone else …

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.. [link] to the blog column ..

.. however , the U.S. Congress is voting on it , both Houses , not just one . It is being voted under the terms of the Corker – Cardin bill , which provides that the action is treated as an executive agreement . It thereby goes ahead unless a resolution of disapproval is vetoed , and the veto is overridden ..

.. Fred Fleitz is right . The Corker – Cardin bill is a fraud . It perverts the United States Constitution , which should be treating this thing as a treaty . Due to His Lordship ‘ s [Obama ‘ s] legal and extralegal pirouettes , it is being treated as an ” executive agreement . ” Which , in this case , has it backwards . POTUS should be seeking votes to approve a treaty  . He is not . He is seeking support , instead , to sustain an expected veto …

.. What is  going on now is even more cowardly . POTUS is seeking even more support  . The question brings up the point : Why is he doing this ? His Lordship has , in effect , lied  to each and every member of the U.S. Congress , in addition to the P5 + 1 group , and , even , ironically , Iran . The added support would allow POTUS and the DemoCraps to filibuster the resolution of disapproval . It is a cowardly act , thus avoiding a full and free vote …

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… Go Get ‘ Em Carl [DeMaio] !! …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,June 2nd,2014

.. Carl DeMaio is one tough customer .

.. He is a candidate for US Congress from California ‘ s 52nd Congressional District . He will stand for election on Tuesday in the state ‘ s ” jungle ” primary , where all comers stand for election . Only the top two vote – getters move on to the general election on November 5th …

.. He made the news again this week . Unfortunately , it was of the not-so-good kind . His campaign headquarters in San Diego was vandalized and totally trashed by parties unknown . Given the tactics of the current campaign , people suspect the campaign of his opponent , demoCrap Representative Rob Peters or gay rights interest groups in the Greater San Diego area . How foolish would that be , especially just before the election …

.. [h/t — m.NationalReview]..
.. [link] to the article…

.. DeMaio is a Republican , is openly gay . He is very heavily expected to advance to the general election without much trouble . He has had more grief from gay – rights groups on the left than from the DemoCraps or from his own party .

.. Tuesday will be an interesting night . There will be primary elections in California and 8 other states . It will mark the halfway point in the 2014 primary election season . In this race , the important thing will be , first , who gets through [likely deMaio and Peters] . Second , is what vote totals that they get . So , why is the vote important ..

.. between the dirty tricks by the gay – rights crowd and the antics by now – jailed ” filthy ” Bob Filner , both scandals are having an effect on San Diego politics . Now , the question is how much in the congressional race , which , ironically , is for ” Filthy ‘ s ” old congressional seat , more or less . The better a candidate does in the primary , the better that they are positioned for the general election …

.. it would especially be important for deMaio to finish first , or a close second . If he finished a strong first , then he becomes a favourite in the general election ..

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… Nice Try , DummyCraps …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,March 20th,2014

.. the Democrats had a good candidate (Alexandra Sink) , a winnable district , and a 3 to 1 money advantage over a mildly flawed GOP candidate , one who had faced a primary in order to get to the general (special) election ….

.. yet David jolly , the Republican candidate , won ..

.. the DummyCraps have a serious problem come the fall . How serious a problem is up to them , though . It can be managed , but very , very carefully ..

.. not with a crock and bull story like this …

.. [h/t — TruthRevolt]..
.. [link] to the blog post …

The Democrats have been claiming the district was rated R+13, meaning a strong skew to the GOP and the fact that Jolly won by only 2% means the Democrats made up a lot of ground in the special election, but according to WaPo:

The Cook Political Report’s Partisan Voting Index identifies the district as one of the more competitive districts in the nation—Republican plus 1 percent. (The PVI is based on how the district presidential vote compares to the overall national race.) Florida’s 13th congressional district ranked 230 on a list of 435 districts, with 1 being the most Republican and 435 the most Democratic.

In response, officials at the DNC and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee pointed to polls showing turnout would tilt between 8 and 13 percentage points toward Republicans, even as they also showed a tight race between Jolly and Sink. “The hill is steeper in the a special election than a general election,” said Emily Bittner of the DCCC. “We went from R+13 to losing by two points,” which she said put the Democrats in a good position to win outright in the general election in November.

Charlie Cook, the editor of the nonpartisan Cook Political Report, noted that Sink was an experienced candidate who previously had run for governor, while Jolly is lobbyist who was a political novice. “The expectation was that it would be close but that she should win,” he said. “The idea that Republicans underperformed in a district that Obama carried twice is laughable.”  He added that it is “extremely rare” for someone to win special election and then lose the general election just a few months later.

Kessler concludes by with:

We know everyone has a job to do, but this is taking political spin to a ridiculous level. Yes, Young was a repeat winner, but he was a beloved incumbent. Democrats could write this off as a special election with no real ramifications nationwide, they could blame the failure to win on harsh attacks by outside groups and they could say it was a tough loss. But they cannot credibly say that the other party “underperformed” on its way to victory.

NBC News’ Chuck Todd agrees with Kessler. On Thursday’s Morning Joe Program he mocked the Democratic Party claims:

If I hear one more time a Democrat, in the White House: “oh, it’s not a swing district, it’s an R+13,” team. Well it only was that because your people didn’t show up? They didn’t move. They still live in the district! They didn’t leave!

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