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… Today is B – Day [#Bibi]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,March 3rd,2015

.. yep , it is today ..

.. today is Israeli PM Bibi Netanyahu ‘ s speech to a Joint Meeting of Congress . Yes , it is only a Joint Meeting . Why ? …

.. by Congressional tradition , only POTUS [even this louse] can speak to a Joint Session of both Houses of Congress . No one else . Everyone else , no matter who it is , speaks to a Joint Meeting of the Houses …

.. once I have it , I will post [hopefully of good quality] a video of Bibi ‘ s speech . It is important , damned important , in the debate over any possible nuclear agreement with the Mullahs in Qum [Iran] …

.. more on this , later …


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… Bravo , Jeff Sessions !! …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,June 18th,2014

.. at least somebody is standing up for law and order in the Senate . The DemoCraps sure are not …

.. [h/t — theRightScoop]..
.. [link] to the hearing footage ..

.. Sessions put it aptly , ” …

.. “The first thing a law enforcement officer should seek to do is create a climate that reduces lawlessness, not encourages it.”

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… So , Why pass an Immigration Bill at All ? …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,February 4th,2014

.. there is a big problem with passing an immigration bill in the House .

.. Simple . If you pass it in pieces , the Senate is going to insist on going to conference with its bill as the starting point . Otherwise , they will not go to conference .

.. so , why ?

.. [h/t — NationalReview]

.. [link] to the video clip

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… A BiPartisan Bill is Dangerous [Iran Nuclear Sanctions] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,December 21st,2013

.. Why , may you ask ?

.. with good reasons :

[-] a truly bipartisan bill will attract much more support from the senior levels of both parties , ..
[-] a bill with that much support will make it as an amendment onto any relevant bill , ..
[-] that support will put Dingy Harry Reid in a spot ; he will have to let the bill come to the floor , ..
[-] it will put POTUS in an impossible situation ; he will want to veto the bill , but the votes will be there to override , and by plenty , ..
[-] such a bill will piss off Iran , and give it the excuse it needs to walk away from the so – called nuclear talks in Geneva , Switzerland .

.. I support the bill . The Iran nuclear deal is an obscene joke ; It does not slow down Iran ‘ s nuclear program one bit . The ObamaCraps have issued a veto threat , but , I hope , someone in there is telling His Lordship that the votes are there , or will be there by plenty to pass the bill in both Houses of Congress by veto – proof margins .

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… I think the DemoCraps forgot how to Count [the Budget Deal] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,December 15th,2013

.. you need 60 votes in the Senate to invoke what is known as ” cloture ” to move legislation forward . It generally needs this amount in order to forstall any possible threat of a filibuster . So far , there has not been one , as of yet .

.. The problem is that the DummyCraps forgot how to count . You need 50 votes (+ VP Biden , if needed to break a tie) to pass a bill . The Democratic leadership assumed that they would pick up a couple of GOP votes to pass the bill , also assuming that they would lose some of their own people . They just did not think that they would lose very many people . They were wrong  .

.. Big Oops . Both of them . Nice going on the assumptions , tricky Dick Durbin (the Senate Majority Whip , for now) . He is supposed to know how to count to either 60 or 50 . Durbin generally does not admit that he is short of the mark , unless he really is . Doing it in public on a Sunday show [wrap up] is probably his way of creating some form of pressure on the GOP to produce some votes . Evidently , they are short of the mark .

.. Nice going , dummies …

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… Wow , Does John Cornyn Stick a BlowTorch to the ObamaCraps !! …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,December 2nd,2013

.. this is an online interview session with U.S. Senator John Cornyn [R – Tx] . This is a [link] to the A/V of the interview session .

.. It is part of what is called a ” Google Hangout . ” I am just beginning to understand what that means . Guess it is just a simple online interview , with the Google brand , I guess …

.. where it gets spicy is where Senator Cornyn puts a rhetorical and political blowtorch to the ObamaCrap Administration over the ObamaCrapCare website debacle and the lies [yes , he said “lies”] over POTUS ‘ promises over you – know – what …

.. Nice Going , Senator ! It is really nice to hear someone call it as they see it , even when the language gets tough . My God , all of the spin these days gets so nauseating , Puke ! …

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… To be in Media , and to Get Schooled …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,November 22nd,2013

.. you figured that Mario Cuomo would have educated his children better .

[h/t —]

.. Guess what ? He did n ‘ t . Watch this video clip [here] where U.S. Senator Ted Cruz [R-Tx] makes Chirs Cuomo look exceedingly foolish when Cuomo attempts to interview Cruz on CNN .

.. Trust me . It was not pretty …

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… Dingy Harry Reid , the Demagogue …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,October 1st,2013

.. what a disgusting , revolting excuse for a sub – human being . How such a troll became the Majority Leader of the United States Senate is beyond me . Puke !!

.. someone should send good ol ‘ Dingy Harry Reid back to civics class . Also , send POTUS back to civics class , along with him .

English: Official photo cropped of United Stat...

English: Official photo cropped of United States Senator and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Harry Reid (D-NV), United States Senator from ...

Harry Reid (D-NV), United States Senator from Nevada and Majority Leader of the United States Senate (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What an arrogant , boorish ass ! Mitch McConnell is , by comparison , a decent and honourable gentleman . Hopefully , soon , McConnell will be the Majority Leader , and then good ol ‘ Dingy  Harry will be reduced to the role of whimpering idiot as the not – so – Minority Leader …

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… That is Why They Will Call It ObamaCrapCare …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,September 26th,2013

.. if you want to know why these idiots are imagining things out of fantasyland , then watch this video of POTUS shooting off his big mouth … [link]

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… Why Sign This Treaty ?!?!

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,September 25th,2013

.. I am referring to the Arms Trade Treaty . Apparently , SecState JohnBoy Kerry is going to sign this treaty , at POTUS ‘ direction . Why bother ?

.. Dumb – Dumbs , there are 60 confirmed NO votes against the treaty . You need a 2/3 majority of all senators [67 of 100] to approve a treaty under our Consitution . Also , these treaties become the law of the land only when approved , not before . They are also subservient to the Constitution . If there is a conflict between the treaty and the U.S. Constitution , the Constitution holds sway , folks .

… from Hot Air …

The Senate won’t ratify the UN’s arms control treaty, but John Kerry is going to sign it anyway

posted at 6:01 pm on September 24, 2013 by Erika Johnsen

Obama administration officials already signaled that they have every intention of ignoring the wishes and demands of the legislature on this one earlier this year, but the now infamous United Nations’ Arms Trade Treaty is finally just about finished after years of political meandering and John Kerry is all set to put his pen to paper. Via Fox News:

Secretary of State John Kerry plans to sign a controversial U.N. treaty on arms regulation on Wednesday, a senior State Department official told Fox News — despite warnings from lawmakers that the Senate will not ratify the agreement.

A State official said the treaty would “reduce the risk that international transfers of conventional arms will be used to carry out the world’s worst crimes,” while protecting gun rights.

“The treaty builds on decades of cooperative efforts to stem the international, illegal, and illicit trade in conventional weapons that benefits terrorists and rogue agents,” the official said. …

What impact the treaty will have in curbing the estimated $60 billion global arms trade remains to be seen. The U.N. treaty will take effect after 50 countries ratify it, and a lot will depend on which ones ratify and which ones don’t, and how stringently it is implemented.

The United Nations and their notoriously poor record at accomplishing much of anything besides mass corruption and the legitimization of dictators still isn’t sure what the impact of the treaty will be and how stringently it will be implemented? Man, that inspires some major confidence. Yeah, let’s sign that.

You’ll recall that the Senate, also earlier this year, signaled their outright opposition to the United States’ joining the treaty and their disinclination to ratify the thing by the necessary two-thirds majority:

Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.) introduced an amendment that would prevent the United States from entering into the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty in order to uphold the Second Amendment. His amendment passed on a 53-46 vote.

Republicans have been critical of President Obama’s decision to consider the treaty, although Obama has said he would not vote for anything that would violate the Second Amendment. …

“We’re negotiating a treaty that cedes our authority to have trade agreements with our allies in terms of trading arms,” Inhofe said. “This is probably the last time this year that you’ll be able to vote for your Second Amendment rights.”

But let that not stop the Obama administration in going right along with globalist bureaucrats insisting that there is no way in heck that this treaty could ever be abused to squash individual rights or back the United States into a corner on foreign-policy strategy — it’s just to help deter terrorism and violence, guys, really!

.. LEC again — the only way that these treaties truly get enforced is when the democracies sign on , and their democratic institutions make their governments (and others , with policy leverage) obey the law . These agreements are one big joke in the authortarian naitons and the dictatorships , unless the democracies have leverage over them and lean on them HARD …

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… So , POTUS will negotiate with Putin …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,September 22nd,2013

.. but , not with Congress ?

[link] — this ad issued by the GOP points that out …

.. Sorry , POTUS , it is not how our system of government works . POTUS stands for President , not for First Dictator . The DemoCraps do not control Crapitol Hill . The GOP is the majority in the House . And the Dems are scared to death of taking tough votes in the Senate , and Dingy Harry Reid knows it .

.. It is a strong possibility that the DemoCraps will lose control of the Senate next fall . They do not want to expose their vulnerable members to tough votes , no matter what the subject . Dingy Harry will try to protect his membership , but if he cannot control them , or protect them , he has big problems .

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… Bye , Bye , Linc !! …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,September 5th,2013

.. it appears that Governor Lincoln Chaffee [I-RI] has withdrawn from politics , and will not run for a 2nd term . Good riddance !

.. Sonny Boy could not hold his father ‘ s jock strap . John Chaffee was a loyal Republican , albeit a loonie liberal , and stayed liberal

Governor of Rhode Island (2011-Present) Lincol...

Governor of Rhode Island (2011-Present) Lincoln Chafee – Elected as an Independent (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

throughout his political career . However , he also remained a loyal Republican . He was often either a Committee Chairman , or a Ranking Member , and led , even though , sometimes , the position was in contravention to his beliefs , because that it was in the interests of the G.O.P. . Sonny Boy was far from that .

.. Sonny Boy was elected Governor , after losing his U.S. Senate Seat . He managed to do that by winning a three-way race for his governor ‘ s seat . Sonny was still an independent , even though he switched into the DemoCrap party .

.. Guess what was going to happen ? You guessed it … Linc was going to lose in the Primary . Oh , well . Or , he was  likely going to lose in the general election . A Democrat or an Independent losing a governor ‘ s election in the state of Rhode Island would be roughly akin to a 9.0 political earthquake . Especially if the loss was to a conservative Republican .

.. Bye ,  Bye , Linc  !! ..

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… Senator Ron Johnson [R-Ws] to SecState JohnBoy Kerry (in hearings)

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,September 3rd,2013

.. what are we doing ? and , why ?

.. Secretary of State John Boy Kerry was testifying today in front of the United States Senate Foreign Affairs Committee , attempting to make the case for intervention in Syria . Yes , intervention in Syria . At least John Boy was being a fair bit more honest .

.. Sure , he was hemming and hawing . He was still trying to play the old political game of “pin the Tail on the Donkey ” …on Congress . But , he was not doing all that well at it . Not that either the DummyCraps or the G.O.P. were shying away from the topic . Far from it . They want the ObamaCrap Administration to step up and make the case . Which , so far , the ObamaCraps have done a piss poor job of doing .

.. See for yourself , as JohnBoy tries to answer U.S. Senator Ron Johnson [R-Ws] ‘ s questions on the subject at hand … [link] …

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… The Virus that Needs to Be Curbed , Axelrod …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,August 23rd,2013

.. is the demagogic politics of your former boss , Davey – Boy !

.. David Axelrod (or , as I prefer to call him Assholerod) appeared on pMSNBC to comment on U.S. Senator Tom Coburn ‘ s own appearance earlier in the day . It was also a commentary on comments that Coburn had mad at various town hall – style events that Senator Coburn had held back in Oklahoma during the August recess . To say the least , Davey Boy was not amused .

.. [link] Here is the link for the video , and please watch it . No , I am not a fan of Assholerod . Far from it , it shows how bloody arrogant the ObamaCraps and their fellow travelers are about what they have done , and what they are trying to do . Axelrod ‘ s pique was specific to Coburn ‘ s comments about POTUS being perilously close to the borderline of “impeachable offences . ”

.. Coburn is right . Obama has , to be honest , committed several impeachable offences . One of them being the gross abuse of power . That one has occured on several occasions . There are indeed others . And there is more to come on that . That is for sure .

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… Bravo , Tim … [Senator Tim Scott] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,August 10th,2013

.. it refers to Dingy Harry Reid ‘ s habit of sticking his foot in his mouth . In this case , he really blew it . He attacked the GOP , while

English: Congressional Portrait of Tim Scott (...

… U.S. Senator Tim Scott [R-SC] … (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

being interviewed on a Nevada radio show , for opposing POTUS ‘ policies because he was a black man . Big Oops !

.. It seems ol ‘ Dingy Harry forgot the only current black member of the U.S. Senate is a Republican : Tim Scott of South Carolina . Scott is a religious man , a quiet man , and a local businessman , when not busy with politics .
Scott let him have it , in both the Washington Examiner , and in the Daily Caller .

.. Bravo , and thank you .

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… Dingy Harry , You are an Ass !! …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,August 9th,2013

.. seems like ol ‘ Dingy Harry (Senate DemoCrap Leader Harry Reid) was on a radio program in Nevada , earlier this afternoon . Oh Boy , did he stick his foot in his mouth . As Usual ! ..

.. Good ol ‘ Dingy Boy commented on Republican opposition ( in general ) , and Senate Republican opposition (in particular) to POTUS ‘ policies . He said that he hoped “that their opposition is based on policy , and not on the President ‘ s race . ” Huge Oops !

.. You Stupid jackhole . Only an arrogrant and pompous ass would make such boorish and racist comments as those . Republican opposition is most definitely based on policy , you [bleeping] [bleep]hole . No , it is not race – based . Only you and your arrogance and racism are race — based , you stupid jerk ! ..

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… Dingy Harry , take Your Own Advice … Sit Down and Shut Up …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,August 1st,2013

.. Harry Reid , a.k.a. Dingy Harry , has become one of the most reviled senators in the history of the United States Senate .

.. Some Senate leaders have rules the chamber with an iron fist . Even then , they would allow the Senate process to work it will , and allow individual Senators to take actions , even ones that were not popular with their own party leaders . Dingy Harry does not . He gums up the works , forcing the chamber to proceed with business only in the way that he wants , and no one else ‘ s opinion matters worth a damn . Even senators of his own party get run over in the process .

[h/t– the Washington Examiner] …             

As Senate heads towards its August recess, tempers are getting short.

As Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, began to speak on the Senate floor about an appropriations bill, it was clear that other senators were milling about and talking after a previous vote.

Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., stepped in, asking the presiding Sen. Tammy Baldwin, D-Wis. “Madam president, have senators sit down and shut up, okay? It’s unfair. Sen. Collins has something to say. It’s just not polite.”

It’s been a tense few weeks for senators on both sides of the aisle. The the implementation of the filibuster-busting “nuclear option” was only narrowly avoided through bipartisan compromise. And on Wednesday, President Obama’s pick to lead the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Fire Arms and Explosives, Todd Jones, advanced only after Democrats pressured Sen. Lisa Murkoswki, R-Alaska, to change her vote and then held the vote open for hours so Democratic Sen. Heidi Heitkamp could fly back from North Dakota to cast the 60th and final vote.

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… Does Dingy Harry Have a Death Wish (Again ?!?!?) …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,July 10th,2013

.. Well , it is july , and the United States Senate has returned to session . There are judicial nominations that are pending before the body . Even more so , there are Executive Nominations pending before the body . And , Dingy Harry Reid is presented with a quandry ?

.. for the United States Senate to function , there must be collegiality . Comity and civility would also be helpful . An all – out pissing match power struggle in the body would not be a great idea . Yet , that is what could well happen , say , likely will happen if Dingy Harry sets off the so – called ” nuclear option . ”

.. I call it “so – called , ” because the rules of the body are very specific . It takes a 2/3rd majority of all senators (or , 67 senators) to change what are the Standing Rules of the Senate . Reid wants to “nuke” it , and effect a change in the rules with only 51 votes , or , if need be , 50+VPOTUS . If he does , it will make things right now look like a garden party , by comparison .

.. It will be next to impossible to get anything done , at all .

.. The proximate cause is nominations to federal positions. Republicans have approved more than 1,500 of Obama’s nominees , but are holding up a handful of the most controversial ones , and for good reason . There have been several radical and out-of-line ones , such as nominees to the National Labor Relations Board and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The NLRB under Obama has become a radical tool in the firm grip of Big Labor. The CFPB is a new creature spawned in the ill-advised Dodd-Frank legislation. The nation is just fine without either one operating at full capacity.

.. The actual cause is that the Democrats want one-party rule by fiat . Obama has tested the waters on that front several times, both by issuing recess appointments when Congress was not even in recess, and most recently by declaring that ObamaCare’s employer mandate will not be enforced when the law he signed requires it, on January 1, 2014. That move was entirely political, to avoid the pain that enforcement would inflict during the 2014 mid-term elections. It was also flagrantly illegal, as the language of the law leaves no room for this maneuver. The Republican-controlled House is investigating, but of course the Democrat-controlled Senate doesn’t care. Congress in control of either party once defended its institutional powers, but under Reid, the Senate puts the Democratic Party’s prerogatives above all.

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… Do Senate Dems have the votes for the “Nuclear Option ? ” …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,June 18th,2013

English: Kay Hagan, U.S. senator from North Ca...

English: Kay Hagan, U.S. senator from North Carolina (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

.. a.k.a. , does Dingy Harry have a Death Wish ?

.. that damn fool just might .

.. it is simple math. Lautenberg ’ s death means Dems now only have 54 votes in the

Senate. (His temporary Republican replacement can’t be expected to back rules reform.) Aides who are tracking the vote count tell me that Senator Carl Levin (a leading opponent of the “nuke option” when it was ruled out at the beginning of the year, leading to the watered down bipartisan filibuster reform compromise)  is all but certain to oppose any rules change by simple majority .

.. If Dems lose those four votes, that would bring them down to 50. And, aides note, that would mean Biden’s tie-breaking vote would be required to get back up to the 51 required for a simple Senate majority. That’s an awfully thin margin for error.

.. How precarious , indeed . How about getting anything done , at all . Any business to get done in the Senate requires the at least grudging consent of the minority party . If you want to piss them off that much , you are asking for trouble .

.. And political payback . And , revenge . Large . and , Small .

.. They will not back down , Greggy . Count on a block on Perez , especially with the Supreme Court granting cert in the Mount Holly case . Cordray will be blocked , due to the power grab by POTUS on the recess appointments . As well , the other gal , at the E.P.A. , for obvious reasons to break the back of the EcoSocialists .

.. I do not think that Reid has the votes . Not now . Begich is a No . ditto Pryor . Baucus is a wildcard . Heitkamp is going to be under enormous pressure . ditto Donnelly , and Kay Hagan . Johnson is a possible No . Carl Levin , of all people , is

a possible No . Angus King , as you might think , is a wild card . He is independently wealthy , and $$ pressure will not work .

.. Lautenberg’s passing has put the Dems’ ability to change the rules in peril, it has also increased the potential for more brinksmanship — and more miscalculation. Anyone who is telling you they know how this is going to end is lying to you.

.. The only way to know for sure that Dingy Harry has the votes for sure , is when he calls this forward . Everyone will be in the Senate chambre . Everyone in the Senate . Yea , that includes VPOTUS in the chair .

.. and afterwards , it will be the political equivalent of thermonuclear war .

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… Thomas Perez must be Stopped !! …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,May 20th,2013

..  I feel very strongly in this case . This man is patently unqualified to be in public service , or to hold any office of trust or profit in our country . Unfortunately , the Senate committee handling his nomination has voted it out , along party lines , sending it to the full United States Senate for confirmation . Why he merits this step , I will never understand .

.. in an ideal world , people like Thomas Perez would be out on the street . Unfortunately , we do not live in one . He is currently in a high position in Mr Obama ‘ s Department of Injustice , and now has been nominated for another as the Secretary of Labour . Now , it is the GOP’s turn to act , and act forcefully . ..

.. Normally , he should be fired , and kicked to the curb . Republicans in the U.S. Senate and like – minded Dems should stand up for principle , as well as for solid grounds , and completely block Perez ‘ s nomination . ..

[-] refusal to enforce the law on equal grounds — either we are all equal under the

law , or we are not . We are , and the law should be enforced thusly ,

[-] private e – mail accounts are for private business , not government business .

Especially with FOIA laws , use of them is an act to evade FOIA disclosure . What kind

of skullduggery has been going on ? ,

[-] failure to tell the truth , under oath — numerous times , especially when refusing

to comply with  congressional subpoenas ,  and

[-] Senate prerogatives — presidential gross misuse and abuse of power , regarding the

National Labour Relations Board . Allowing Perez to serve would aid and abet the

Obamacraps in their misconduct , and willful flouting of the law .

= = [added] = =

[-] gaming the system in the case Magner v Gallagher , for the preservation of a faulty

legal theory (disparate impact) , by playing around with legal cases , the Supreme

Court ‘ s docket , and the legal system , as a whole .

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… the Immigration Debate in the House …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,May 2nd,2013

… the Immigration Debate in the House …

.. start over . do not use the Gang of 8 bill proposed in the U.S. Senate as a

benchmark to start . Do your own work .

.. Strong , smart , verifiable border security measures are an absolute must . Nothing

squishy will do . A 1986 bill definitely will not do , as it will “waive ole” at the

border , and ruin things for many , many years to come .

.. Citizen enforcement of the decisions . You will get a great deal of brawling on the

behelf of pro – immigration interest groups . Count on it . That does not even count on

the zealots , such as Azatlan or MalDef . Make sure the decisions that enforce border

security decisions can be challenged . That way , if someone tries to play it cute ,

the courts can come down hard on a political “enemy” administration .

.. A great deal more visas should be made available for those with skills . Not low –

skilled workers. Middle – skilled and Higher – skilled workers are much more desirable

. Also , much more likely to be more philosophically conservative .

.. Reasoned limits on geographic emigrants , and on family unification . The rules

right now are ridiculously loose . Tighten them up , and alot .

.. more to come , as I think more on the subject …

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… It is about time …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,April 7th,2013

… It would be about time …

.. I did some reviewing , and came across the Mccain – Feingold bill . Russ Feingold is , thankfully , no longer in the US Senate , but John McCain , thankfully , still is a sitting senator ..

.. the problem is , though , this disgusting creation . It attacks the freedom of speech of candidates and individuals , and makes it far more difficult for political parties to try to control their message , and attempt to  control their candidates . At least , with soft money , and parties ‘ more effective control of it , the candidates just might be forced to be more effective team players . I agree with [Jen Rubin], and that the McCain – Feingold campaign finance act should be repealed ..

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… Joshua Mandel …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,August 27th,2012

… Josh Mandel is many things …

… a fine decent young man …

… a married man , someday , i think to be a father …

… someone (a Marine) who has served his country …

… who has served (city councilman , state representative , Treasurer of State) in public office …

… and , who is only 34 years old …

… he is many things …

… but , he is not a sacrificial lamb !!


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