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… Senator Ron Johnson [R-Ws] to SecState JohnBoy Kerry (in hearings)

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,September 3rd,2013

.. what are we doing ? and , why ?

.. Secretary of State John Boy Kerry was testifying today in front of the United States Senate Foreign Affairs Committee , attempting to make the case for intervention in Syria . Yes , intervention in Syria . At least John Boy was being a fair bit more honest .

.. Sure , he was hemming and hawing . He was still trying to play the old political game of “pin the Tail on the Donkey ” …on Congress . But , he was not doing all that well at it . Not that either the DummyCraps or the G.O.P. were shying away from the topic . Far from it . They want the ObamaCrap Administration to step up and make the case . Which , so far , the ObamaCraps have done a piss poor job of doing .

.. See for yourself , as JohnBoy tries to answer U.S. Senator Ron Johnson [R-Ws] ‘ s questions on the subject at hand … [link] …

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… The Pathological Liar [He is In Good Company] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,July 9th,2013

The Pathological Liar [He is In Good Company]

.. Was there not ever a time that honest people did not despise the subhuman form of blob that is John Kerry ? He first came to public attention more than 40 years ago , lying about his service in Vietnam , and he has been lying about everything — every single thing — ever since .

.. John Kerry got away with his lying for years simply because he was a member of Congress from Massachusetts, a state that hasn’t elected an honest politician in half a century or more. Most states send their criminals to prison. Massachusetts sends theirs to the Senate .

.. Years of experience in dishonesty are, of course, quite valuable in the office of Secretary of State, where Kerry’s predecessor was not  exactly an exemplar of integrity, and so the question is: Is it possible that a liar as skilled as John Kerry is overqualified for this gig ?

..  Considering who he is serving as Secretary of State , he is in good company … as a Pathological Liar !

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