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… Wonderful , the ObamaCraps really Screwed Up …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,April 25th,2013

… Wonderful , the Obamacraps Screwed Up … [Who was it who did it ??]

.. Well , we now know that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has been mirandized before a court of our land . He appeared before a judge just a couple of days ago , while still in his hospital room  . He was evidently lucid , and was able to answer questions .But , what happens now ? ..

.. the F.B.I. was in the middle of the interrogation of the suspect . It could do so under a “public safety ” exception to the Miranda warning system . All of a sudden , his supposed lawyer , the prosecutor , and the magistrate judge all show up . Great timing . ..

.. Guys , It would be helpful if the suspect would still co – operating . Evidently , right now , he is not . If there is more usable intel that can be obtained , or is needed by the national security establishment , it will likely now not get it . ..

..  It is certainly possible he will cooperate.  Indeed, it is possible that this will be counsel’s advice, given how overwhelming the evidence is against him.  If it works out that way, so much the better . ..   .. It is also possible that he will not cooperate.  In that case, the million dollar question becomes whether the government would attempt to conduct interrogations notwithstanding an invocation of the right to remain silent or a request not to be questioned absent the presence of an attorney.  One hopes it need not come to this.  If it does, there will be fierce criticism whichever path the government takes (and, presumably, much litigation if the government does attempt an intelligence-focused interrogation without counsel) . ..

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