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… It is Not Just That , Mr. Speaker [#A Fine Whine]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,April 13th,2014

.. to be honest , Mr. Boehner , what the Attorney General of the United States did was nothing less than a gross cheap shot …

.. [h/t — NiceDeb]..
.. [link] to the Press Conference footage …

.. AG Holder did not have the guts to make the charge in front of the hearing . So , he made the chicken[bleep] move and went in front of a criminal organization [the National Anarchy Network] to do his dirty work ….

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… Are You Nuts [Congresscritter , on ” Essential Benefits “] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,December 6th,2013

.. I have heard of ” Stupid is as Stupid does , ” but [this] ?

.. this congresscritter is obviously following on the ObamaCrapCare script , dictated to them by the Ministry of Propaganda at the ObamaCrap White House . What a damn idiot ?

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… At Least Someone Comes Clean [ObamaCrapCare]

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,November 12th,2013

.. Nancy Pelosi must be pissed . .

.. One of her “cats” got off of the reservation . This character was most definitely off script . Also , the ObamaCrap White House will not like it one bit .

.. Representative Kurt Schrader [D-Or] evidently was on some type of tv interview , when he most definitely went “off script .” The DemoCrap Congresscritters are ideally supposed to stick to a “script,” with prepared “talking points.” Once in a while , though , things happen . And , once in a blue moon , you actually get blunt honest , even from a DemoCrap … [link] here .

… further text …

“Very misleading,” the Democratic congressman says of Obama’s promise that you can keep your health care plan, if you like it.

“I think next year at the election time, people are going to want to know, was I able to sign up? And what is the shape of the benefit package I’m going to get and how much is it going to cost me, at the end of the day? I think this will, the sign-up period and problems and the horrendous problems that are going on right now will be way in the past.

“I think the president was grossly misleading to the American public. I know right away as a veterinarian, I have my own business, that my policies got cancelled even before the Affordable Care Act. I know that I would change policies on a regular basis, trying to find the best deal for myself and my employees. But a lot of Americans, a lot of Oregonians, have stayed with the same policy for a number of years and are shocked that their policy got cancelled.

“So I think the president saying you could stay with it and not being honest that a lot of these policies were going to get cancelled was grossly misleading to the American public and is causing added stress and added strife as we go through a really difficult time with health care.”

Schrader also accused White House press secretary Jay Carney of “double talk” for also misleading on Obamacare.

.. LEC again — I wonder how much hot water this guy is going to be in .This video and these clips are going to be as valuable as gold in next year ‘ s campaign . Schrader himself is going to find out about that , the hard way

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… How Cute ! [Washington ComPost Creative Editing] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,October 3rd,2013

.. the folks over at the Washington ComPost have been known to be creative . However , this is going more than a little bit over the line , folks .

.. POTUS sent a letter to the editor to the ComPost . They printed it as a picture , which is unusual , and even left enough room for POTUS ‘ notoriously massive signature (and ego) . If you want to see it , the link for the letter is [here] .

.. Here is where the letter gets creative . You expect a letter to the editor to get edited for brevity , language , and whatnot . When it is the President of the United States , you do not expect it to get edited , or even censored . What no one should expect is when the ComPost edits out sections of the letter , to take a significant section of it almost completely out of context …

.. Here is the complete and unedited text of the letter …

[h/t — the Weekly Standard]

To the dedicated and hard-working employees of the United States Government:

The Federal Government is America’s largest employer, with more than 2 million civilian workers and 1.4 million active duty military who serve in all 50 States and around the world.

But Congress has failed to meet its responsibility to pass a budget before the fiscal year begins today. And that means much of our Government must shut down effective today.

Today, I wanted to take a moment to tell you what you mean to me – and to the country.

That begins by saying thank you for the work you do every day – work that is vitally important to our national security and to American families’ economic security. You defend our country overseas and ensure that our troops receive the benefits they deserve when they come home. You guard our borders nad protect our civil rights. You help small business expand and gain new footholds in overseas markets. You guide hundreds of thousands of people each day through the glory of America’s national parks and monuments, from Yosemite to the State of Liberty. And much more.

You do all this in a political climate that, too often in recent years, has treated you like a punching bag. You have endured three years of a Federal pay freeze, harmful sequester cuts, and now, a shutdown of our Government. And yet, you persevere, continuing to serve the American people with passion, professionalism, and skill.

None of this is fair to you. And should it continue, it will make it more difficult to keep attracting the kind of driven, patriotic, idealistic Americans to public service that our citizens deserve and that our system of self-government demands.

Public service is noble. Public service is important. And by choosing public service, you carry on a proud tradition at the heart of osme of this country’s greatest and most lasting achievements. In fact, more than 50 current or former Federal employees have received the Nobel Prize for their efforts. It was grants from the Department of Energy that helped businesses unlock new sources of renewable energy, and from the National Science Foundation that helped entrepreneurs like the founders of Google change the world. It is your efforts hat will help this country meet the great challenge of our time – rebuilding an economy where all who work hard can get ahead.

So while the budget fights in Washington are too often partisan, your service to the countyry must never be. As on eof my predecessors, President George H.W. Bush, once said, “There is nothing more fulfilling than to serve your country and your fellow citizens and to do it well. And that is what our system of self-government depends on.”

This shutdown was completely preventable. It should not have happened. And the House of Representatives can end it as soon as it follows the Senate’s lead, and funds your work in the United States Government without trying to attach highly controversial and partisan measures in the process.

Hopefully, we will resolve this quickly. In the meantime, I want you to know – whether you are a young person who just joined public service because you want to make a difference, or a career employee who has dedicated your life to that pursuit – you and your families remain at the front of my mind. Your agency leaders and I will continue to defend your wrk at a time when that work has rarely been more important. We will continue to work with your agencies to kep you and your familiies apprised and informed of what is happening. And I will continue to do everything in my power to get the House of Representatives to allow our Government to repoen as quickly as possible, and make sure you receive the pay that you have earned.

Thank you, again, for your service, your sacrifice, and everything you do every day for this country we love so much.


LEC here again — what an arrogant [bleep] … the edited out section are highlighted in BOLD . Nice try , ComPost , but this is not the first time that you have pulled this kind of stunt . Guess what ? You got caught …

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… I do not Think So , Luis (immigration reform) …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,July 4th,2013

.. there are sometimes that the DemoCraps can be so abrasive , arrogant , and disgusting . Here is one of them  . Luis Gutierrez (D-Il) seems to think that the DummyCraps are going to get their way on immigration reform . Don ‘ t be so sure about that , Luis …


Gutierrez: ‘I Have Come to the Conclusion that GOP Majority Has No Understanding’

Official portrait of United States House Speak...

Official portrait of United States House Speaker (R-Ohio). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of the House negotiators on immigration reform said Republicans “cannot stop” a bill from moving forward.

“I have come to the conclusion that the Republican majority in the House of Representatives has no understanding, just does not comprehend the depth, the width, the broadness of the American people’s support for comprehensive immigration reform, and, unfortunately, our movement for immigration reform spent all of its energy, fortunately successfully in getting the bill through the Senate,” Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) said on MSNBC.

“…We’re going to be together on this, but so are some pundits on some other TV stations that aren’t quite with the issue in the past,” he continued. “Look, you cannot stop this. And when it is felt, I really believe that you’re going to get a vote of the majority.”

House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) intends to meet with his caucus July 10 to gauge “majority of the majority” support for bringing the Senate bill, which passed last week, to the floor.

“Having said that, look, we’re also going to be smart and practical and flexible. We need to give a safe place for Republicans, and there are dozens of them. Like Paul Ryan and like Rubio in the Senate and others that put that bill together, and Paul Ryan who I know is going to help us put it together in the House of Representatives. We need to give them a bipartisan space,” Gutierrez continued in his strategizing.

, member of the United States House of Represe...

Rep Luis Gutierrez (D-Il) , member of the United States House of Representatives. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“So here’s what the speaker says. He says we’re not going to accept the Senate version. We don’t have to accept the Senate version. We can come with a version from the House of Representatives and we can go to conference and we can come out with a bill that the president can probably sign.”

Gutierrez predicted that a conference committee to forge a final bill wouldn’t be “dissimilar in terms of fundamental issues,” such as a path to citizenship for the 11 million estimated illegal immigrants in the country.

“Before the Republicans kind of had an argument. Well, when the Democrats were in charge and Obama was elected president, they didn’t bring about comprehensive. They had their chance and they blew it. And they’re really not that serious about it,” he said.

LEC here — it will be a conservative bill that reaches POTUS ‘ desk . And POTUS will have to live with it . What form that bill will take , as of yet , I am not sure of ,  at this time . Many parts of the HOUSE GOP Caucus are jockeying for position on what they want . But  , the great mass of the caucus , from the most liberal , to the most conservative , are pretty much united on two particular things .

.. One is Amnesty . They aer not wild about it . If there is any chance of them having  to deal with it , then # 2 is an absolute must , and a deal breaker . Border Security must come first . No ifs , ands , or buts about it , and virtually no discretion for

the Administration . Also , likely , another bill to make things permanent , to hold the ObamaCraps feet to the fire .

.. I will tell you this . The Senate immigraion bill is a non – starter in the House . There is far too much discretion given to the Administration . Even more is given to  the Secretary of Homeland Security . With all of the scandals flying around , and the lack of trust , no way will the GOP give the ObamaCraps that much rope with which to hang themselves .

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