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… It is That Simple , POTUS …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,November 15th,2013

.. you screwed up , you abused power , and you did things that you should not have done .

.. You are not a dictator . You are the President , one whose oath mandates that you ” take care that the laws be faithfully executed . ” Changing laws and giving administrative deference is one thing — it is (legally) called Chevron deference — but rewriting laws to make administrative changes , changing their  fundamental character , even in small ways , is wrong , very wrong .

..  Either ObamaCrapCare works , or it does not . My bet , and my evaluation is , that it will not …

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… POTUS get a nudge on ObamaCrapCare

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,November 12th,2013

.. from Wilhelm der Fibmeister ?

.. Here is the link [link1] to part of an interview that former President Bill clinton did with . Whoever that is , I do

English: Official White House photo of Preside...

… Bill Clinton , aka Wilhelm der Fibmeister … (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

not know . Take for granted that it i is a fairly favourable interview  for Obama . No big shock ,  tthhere . But the real headlinker that comes out of this interview is that Clinton believes that POTUS should allow poeple to keep their health insurance policies , while grandfatherd , as is .

.. I will guess that this interview is going to cause the ObamaCraps a  fair bit of grief . Good . Those idiots deserve it . They have been so bloody arrogant about all of this health  insurance reform debate , now that the rollout itself has been a complete disaster . Nice going , dumb – dumbss !

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… Cooked ! [ObamaCrapCare] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,November 5th,2013

.. you do not expect CBS snooze these days to do serious news gathering .

.. Well , that may well be changing . Sharyl Atkisson has been driving the ObamaCrap Administration by breaking story after story on the Benghazi scandal . That one alone has to be given His Lordship plenty of grey hairs . Not that he does not deserve it . He does , and plenty of them .

.. Now Jan Crawford seems to be following in Atkisson ‘ s lead . Crawford is sinking her considerable professional chops into the colossal botch of the website launch of ObamaCrapCare . Boy , oh boy , does she give the ObamaCraps a roasting …

[link] — this is the link to the CBS snooze piece by Crawford . It is well worth watching …

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… ObamaCrapCare is a ” Political Imperative ” [and How!] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,November 4th,2013

.. so what else do you expect .

.. John Fund of the National Review and the Wall Street Journal was on FoxNews earlier today . He took out his typical rhetorical

English: Journalist and columnist at CPAC in .

… John Fund , of the National Review … . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

shish – kabob skewer , and nailed the ObamaCraps right on the head . it is a dandy , well worth watching … [link]

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… POTUS is behaving like a Petulant Child …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,October 12th,2013

.. especially on ObamaCrapCare , so treat him as such .

.. No negotiation , no debt limit increase , no reopened government .

.. The out-of-control growth in the size and breath of government is causing our fiscal problems to be exacerbated . So , let us have

Barack Obama

Barack Obama (Photo credit: jamesomalley)

it out now .

.. Until Obama acts and behaves like an adult , treat him like a child !

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… Hilarious ! [Who to Negotiate With ?!] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,October 6th,2013

this one is [h/t Legal Insurrection] , where Congressman Doug Lamborn [R-Co] is talking ] on the House floor . He talks about who POTUS will negotiate with (see the picture) , and who he will not …

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… POTUS is lying [Debt Default] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,October 3rd,2013

.. right now , we are running a deficit of about $750 billion , in a budget of about $3,6 trillion . What that means is that we are running a deficit that is about a little less than 20.0% of revenue .

.. Yea , that is waaaay too high of a deficit . Ideally , we should be running a surplus . A surplus would be very helpful in paying down , and then paying off our national debt . Unfortunately , right now , we are not doing so . In order to run a surplus , we must first bring the budget into balance . That means bringing a simple equation together …

                                               spending + interest + debt principal = tax revenue + (zero * added debt)

.. yea , you got it , it is that simple .

.. But , is there enough money to pay the interest and principal on our nation ‘ s debt ? Hell , Yes . By plenty . There is too much money being spent on federal programs , relative to our tax revenue . I refer to it that way , instead of the other way , which is not having enough tax revenue , relative to our federal programs .

.. What about the Debt Limit ..

.. it means no more monkeyshines to evade it . We have a national credit card , and that point means we have hit the limit . Either we live within our means (along with a partial government shutdown) , or Congress (who has the legal power to do it) raises the limit on the national credit card ..

.. Will there be another shutdown ?

.. Yes , if this one is not resolved by then . Only a partial one , however . The government will have to live within its means until that limit is raised , if it is raised .

.. Does the Debt Limit have to be raised ?

.. Technically , no . The permanent debt limit is what it is (about $17.1 trillion , I believe) at set in the Public Law . Pratically , yes . We are still running a deficit , and POTUS has shown no interest in co – operating in balancing the budget , with at least a modicum of spending restraint ..

.. Would tax cuts help ?

.. Hell , yes . Our taxes are high enough , as it is . Especially the taxes related to investment income (capital gains taxes) and those related to repatriation of foreign profits (foreign subsidiaries of American firms) …

.. I understand the former , as an investor . What is the latter ?

.. The current environment is very punitive for foreign subsidiaries of American companies . They have no incentive to bring home , and invest the profits of their foreign company affiliates (subsidiaries) here in the United States .

.. Would a change in the tax rates help ?

.. god yes . The larger the tax cut , the better . The better the change in the tax environment , the louder the message is sent to investors …

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… What a liar [POTUS and His Big Mouth]

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,October 3rd,2013

.. here is his Royal Highness , sticking his foot in his mouth on CNBC

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… POTUS is an Arrogant Bastard …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,September 27th,2013

.. he thinks that he will set the terms of the debate , and no one else ? Worse , he wants to talk to the Mullahs in Qum [Iran] , but not the Republicans ?

.. Or , he will negotiate with the Russians , but not the House Republicans ?

..  How sick and arrogant a bastard is he ? Plenty , on both counts . SecState JohnBoy Kerry talks to the Iranian Foreign Minister ,

ayatullah khamenei

ayatullah khamenei (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

and POTUS talks to the new Iranian President , Rowhani (who himself is subservient to the Supreme Leader , Ayatollah Ali Khameni) .

.. This Administration is the most arrogant , abrasive , and boorish White House in our nation ‘ s history . They think that they could do what ever they want , however they want , and why , and the other side will take the blame for an apparent and realistically possible government shutdown ? I do not think so . Obama is a fervent leftist . He has no sense of political touch . Wilhelm der Fibmeister was an immoral bastard , god only knows , but the man was and still is a superb political operator . He is more or less the mirror image of POTUS .

.. What is going to happen ? I am not sure , yet . A shutdown of a least a couple of days , would be my initial wager (at the beginning of October) . I would not be surprised if there would be another one later in the month , around the time for the expiration of the debt limit bill . The fanatical attacks over the budget bill are not helping , that is for sure . Dan Pfeiffer shooting off his mouth , about the Republicans being compared to suicide bombers with bombs strapped to their chests is by far the worst of the bunch .

.. try to cool it down a few notches , guys . otherwise , something really , really bad may well happen …

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… That is Why They Will Call It ObamaCrapCare …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,September 26th,2013

.. if you want to know why these idiots are imagining things out of fantasyland , then watch this video of POTUS shooting off his big mouth … [link]

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… So , POTUS will negotiate with Putin …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,September 22nd,2013

.. but , not with Congress ?

[link] — this ad issued by the GOP points that out …

.. Sorry , POTUS , it is not how our system of government works . POTUS stands for President , not for First Dictator . The DemoCraps do not control Crapitol Hill . The GOP is the majority in the House . And the Dems are scared to death of taking tough votes in the Senate , and Dingy Harry Reid knows it .

.. It is a strong possibility that the DemoCraps will lose control of the Senate next fall . They do not want to expose their vulnerable members to tough votes , no matter what the subject . Dingy Harry will try to protect his membership , but if he cannot control them , or protect them , he has big problems .

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… POTUS , Now You Know You have a Problem …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,September 18th,2013

.. when two former secretaries of Defence haul off and blast you for your “red line ” actions and your strategy in Syria .

.. Gates ‘ commentary I can understand . Robert Gates was a holdover from George W. Bush ‘ s administration , and I strongly suspect , is a closet conservative Republican . One of his best quotes was when dealing with the fallout from the takedown of Osama bin Laden . He was asked by then National Security Adviser Thomas Donilon on what to do about all of the problems with the leaks about national security – related information .

.. Gates ‘ simple solution — “Shut the [f-bomb] up.” Simple and to the point .

.. Now , Leon Panetta , that is something . Panetta is no Republican . He was a long – time Congresscritter , and a Chairman of the House Budget Committee . He was also a former White House Chief of Staff [under Wilhelm der Fibmeister] , and was also C.I.A. director under Obama . So , he is no conservative at all . Yet he blasted POTUS as well . Nice .

.. That will certainly get people ‘ s attention . It certainly got mine ….

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… POTUS , It is You Who are Wrong …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,September 18th,2013

.. I am still amazed at POTUS and his hubris and his degree of arrogance . He is the supreme narcissist . He thinks that he is the smartest person “on the block,” and that he is right , and that we , the American People are wrong on ObamaCrapCare …

.. We are right on ObamaCrapCare . We were sold a fraudulent bill of goods , when the DemoCraps said that we would actually

English: Barack Obama delivers a speech at the...

English: Barack Obama delivers a speech at the University of Southern California (Video of the speech) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

like this “piece of crap.” When you add mandates , it is simple , from the law of supply and demand . You add many more consumers , and desensitize people from the cost of what they are paying for . What could POTUS and the DemoCraps have been thinking ??

.. Now , the ObamaCrap supporters realize that they have been had . The employers are getting hammered , so they are cutting working hours . We are becoming more and more of a part – time economy , and many union workers and members are getting hit as a result . The union workers are screaming bloody murder , not realizing the bill that they championed had consequences . Those consequences have come back to bite them in the butt , and very , very badly .


.. The doctors and the hospitals realize that they were had . They were fairly big supporters of ObamaCrapCare , from the start . POTUS and the DemoCraps needed their support to even have a chance of passing their bill . The docs and the hospitals were promised a payment “fix” to help them out of their revenue predicament . And guess what ? They were lied to . There was no “doctor fix” in ObamaCrapCare at all . The doctors and the hospitals are in the same reimbursement fix that they have always been in , except now things are worse , and political control has diffused . After what they did passing O.C.C. , the G.O.P. is in no mood to help the doctors and the hospitals , unless they are able to get something politically in exchange . And , it will cost them big .

.. Tort reform is coming . Whether POTUS and his trial – lawyer bar buddies like it or not . Too many businesses and industries have been hurt by the blackmail and extortion tactics of the plaintiff ‘ s bar . The doctors , in particular , have learned a savage lesson from getting into bed with the trial lawyers on O.C.C. . Not again . This time , they will help the good guys and good gals in fighting back . The plaintiffs bar extortionists will eventually be brought to heel . The medical malpractice bar has also , in particular , cost our economy far too much money , and has hurt far too many people . They also need to be brought back into line .

.. POTUS , it is YOU who are wrong ..
[link] [h/t–RealClearPolitics]

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… Once Again , Spot On [Charles Krauthammer , on POTUS] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,September 17th,2013

.. POTUS should get some kind of award for the bad taste stunt of the year . With all of the stuff going on in D.C. , POTUS picks one hell of a bad time to deliver a hyper – partisan speech . Right in the middle of an on-going crisis , no less .

.. Dr. Charles Krauthammer has , in his usual masterful and succinct style , nailed him for it …

[link] [h/t–RealClearPolitics]

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: The president in that speech was back to hyper-partisan mode, slashing attack on Republicans. At one point he is speaking of the Republicans, he said, ‘and some of them are decent.’ Quite a remarkable thing for a president to say if you expect any cooperation. And to do this within minutes of 13 Naval employees, brave Americans lying dead, I thought was in extremely bad taste. He could have waited until tomorrow. It isn’t as if this is a holy anniversary, he could have spoken later in the week which is the week that marks the fifth year of the crisis.

And on Syria, he said, having dealt with the Syrian issue, which is another farce. He has opened up a can of worms. There is no way we’re going to disarm Syria. This is a fig leaf, it’s nothing more.

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… Sick [POTUS hyper – partisan cheap shot] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,September 16th,2013

.. you think that Barack Obama would land some sense of decency , dignity , or reason for dealing with a crisis situation . He has had 5 years (almost) in office to figure it out . Well , guess what ??

.. You would guess wrong .

.. POTUS pulled a real boner out of his hat , today . One would think that he would pull his partisan punches , especially with the Navy Yard shooting just a short distance away . Well , He did not …

[link] [h/t-Real Clear Politics]

PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: Although ultimately our success will depend on all the innovation and hard work of our private sector, all the grit and resilience of the American people, government is going to have a critical role in making sure we have an education system that prepares our children and our workers for a global economy. The budget Congress passes will determine whether we can hire more workers to upgrade our transportation and communications networks or fund the kinds of research and development that have always kept America on the cutting edge. So what happens here in Washington makes a difference. What happens up on Capitol Hill will help determine not only the pace of our growth, but also the quality of jobs, the quality of opportunity, for this generation and future generations.

The problem is, at the moment, Republicans in Congress don’t seem to be focused on how to grow the economy and build the middle class. I say ‘at the moment’ because I am still hoping that a light bulb goes off here. So far, their budget ideas revolve primarily around even deeper cuts to education. Even deeper cuts that would gut the scientific research and development. Even deeper cuts to America’s infrastructure investment. Our roads, bridges, schools, and energy grid. These are not the policies that would grow the economy faster. They are not the policies that would help grow the middle class. In fact, they do the opposite.

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… Oh , POTUS , Yes You Can [on Budget Cuts] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,September 15th,2013

.. and , yes you will …

.. POTUS is an arrogant bastard . He thinks that he can dictate terms of debate , as well as the terms of the bill that will reach his desk . It could not be further from the truth than that , that is for sure …

[-] the Senate — the GOP has 45 members . Unlike Illinois , where the GOP was a bunch of mindnumbed robots , the D.C. crowd is one of a different ilk . Just ask Dingy Harry Reid . Any deal will have problems passing , because Dingy Harry ‘ s power will start to ebb , once the cats realize he will not be the boss of the corral after next November …

[-] the House — any bill has to be passed by a majority of the majority . Boehner can do the math . He also knows that the GOP is likely to strengthen its numbers , and with the uproar over the Tea Party targeting , you can bet there will be more of them in the next Congress . POTUS will just love that . He will also have to accept the fact that he will have to negotiate , whether he likes it or not …

[-] the financial markets — they are not going to be wild about this , that is sure . However , with a weak President , the GOP is going to press what advantages it has for whatever it can get . it also does not have to worry about an “automatic” tax increase burrowed into things , like the last time ..

[-] the Fed Chairman — the markets are going to be far more worried about who the next Fed Chairman (or , Chairwoman) will be . They have to be concerned about the possibility that the inflation genie could get out of the bottle . They would prefer an inflationary hard – case as the chair . The House is out of it on this , but not the Senate . The 45 GOP members , plus the nervous Dems up next year can and will push POTUS to appoint one . Since Larry Summers has evidently withdrawn from consideration , do not expect Janet Yellen to get the nod , either . She is an inflation dove , one that the markets will not like . Obama is pigheaded and arrogant , but , hopefully , not that stupid . A short bear market will likely kill off Yellen .

[-] Mitch McConnell — He is likely to be the chief deal – maker . He is usually pretty good at math , and he will know what can pass , and at what price .

[-] taxes — No tax increases will pass , with either GOP caucus , no matter how much POTUS wants them . The last time , the GOP had an automatic one scheduled in pressuring them . Not this time . Tax cuts , unfortunately , not likely , either . POTUS will want higher rates & / or tax monies as part of any deal , and unless he gets a “bath of cold water” and grows up , there will not be any change in taxes or rates .

[-] Max Baucus — He is the chair of the Senate Finance Cmte , and can be very unpredictable . Baucus is a wild card , since he is retiring , and the GOP is likely to grab his seat , Tim Johnson ‘ s [SD] , and Jay Rockefeller [WV] . That is half of the GOP ‘ s battle . Mark Pryor in Ar is likely a “dead man walking” and Mary Landrieux in LA will try her best , but will likely have trouble holding on .

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… [On Congressional Authorization] Oh , Yes you do !! …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,September 9th,2013

.. It seems that the dummies in the ObamaCrap White House continue to hem and haw over their prospects in the Syria operation . Well , guys and gals , you had better wise up .

.. Before having sought Congress ‘ blessing , as well as political cover , BHO & co certainly had the legal , as well as constitutional authority to make the Syria operation . BHO is commander-in-chief . He can make that order , if he so so chose . Presidents have quite a bit of authority over the war – making power in our country . They do not have all of it .

.. The political cover that Congress ‘ approval would give would also give the ObamaCraps the ability to cajole the

English: Barack Obama delivers a speech at the...

… POTUS … (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Congresscritters and Senators to cough up the $$ to pay the bills for the operation(s) . However , it remains for POTUS to actually make the case . He has not done so , as of yet .

.. Going to Congress changes things . It would create a constitutional crisis of the first order if BHO ordered our military into action , while Congress affirmatively votes down the operation in either or both Houses . It would completely strip Obama of moral authority to mount the operation . It would also cause the calls for his impeachment to continue to mount , and potentially even in his own party . Going to the ‘ Hill changes the game , folks .

.. Idiocy such as this [link] in the Hill does POTUS no good . It makes his ability to make his case all that much harder . Congress is a co – equal branch of our government . BHO seems not to act like that , that he is sovereign over them , and his word is law .

.. WRONG !!

.. He is not . He is the Chief Executive , and head of the Executive Branch . He is not the First Dictator . Anyone who would have such pretentions should quit , or be booted out  of the door , in a flash . Congress and the Supreme Court are also parts of co – equal branches . People would really perceive the danger to their liberties if anyone were acting in such a way like this .

.. If even one congressional DemoCrap comes out , and starts making noises about the “I” word , then you-know-who is in deep and dire trouble . He would deserve it , too ….

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… Obama is Taking a Huge Gamble (Syria) …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,September 2nd,2013

Obama is taking a Huge Gamble

He risks an embarassing loss in Congress

.. POTUS is taking a risk by asking Congress to approve airstrikes against Syria.
..The potential payoff is that he’ll win the kind of vote that signals broad popular support, giving him a stronger hand in facing

Bashar al-Assad - Caricature

Bashar al-Assad – Caricature (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

Syrian President Bashar Assad and perhaps other dictators later in such regimes as Iran. But there are military and political risks in the process.

.. Militarily, a desperate Assad could use the time to his own desires . Obama could pay an added price while he waits s for a Congressional debate to conclude , one way or the other . It could done in his own nation , or in anouther , possibly turning his nation ‘ s civil war into a much wider regional conflict .

.. Politically, Obama could emerge as a weakened leader . He would then find it far tougher to get anything done at all . Even if he wants to push his proposals through Congress , including his top priorities of passing a budget and rewriting the nation’s immigration laws . You need political gravitas and political capital to do that . POTUS does not have much of either one .
.. But Obama does not rule out acting on his own if lawmakers fail to act. If that happened, he would only further antagonize a divided Congress that already rejects many of his proposals . He does have the legal authority . But not the moral gravitas or moral authority . It could also result in the possibility of his impeachment . Possible , but not likely .

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… good bye , Janet , and Good Riddance ! [Janet Napolitano]

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,July 14th,2013

.. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, who led the burgeoning Department of Homeland Security through a host of policy changes in the post 9/11 era, is resigning to head the University of California system. Napolitano, just the third person to lead the 10-year-old department, told her senior staff Friday she would be leaving for California.

..She will become the president of the University of California system, which includes UCLA and the University of California, Berkeley, among other campuses. The University of California also announced Napolitano’s nomination to be the 20th president of the statewide system.

.. She had led the department through a series of policy changes with respect to protecting the public safety, including a focus on enforcing immigration laws. Under her tenure, DHS implemented a wide-spread policy of using prosecutorial discretion when arrested immigrants in the country without permission, saying her department needed to focus its scarce resources on criminals and those who posed a threat to public safety and national security. She also helped establish a plan to provide temporary relief from deportation for thousands of young immigrants who arrived in the United State illegally and who don’t have legal status .

.. Secretary Napalitano and her conduct has made a colassal mess of the immigration debate  . POTUS has not helped make the political situation any better by his actions in delaying  ObamaCrapCare by executive fiat . Thankfully , she will be iin loonieland on the Left Coast , where the results of her actions can be greatly minimized , or , hopefull , even eliminated .

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…Danger , thy name is …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,April 4th,2013

… miscalculation …

… the North Koreans specialize in bluster and stupidity . However , my chief concern is what “who is in power”  in Pyongyang thinks of our

North Korea Kim Jong-un

North Korea Kim Jong-un (Photo credit: Wander Dorneles Mariano)

National Command Authority [Obama] , and how he might react in a crisis . the First Wus is no sharp tack or smart guy or cool customer in international affairs , and he has to deal with a power structure that is hard to fathom , and difficult to figure out . Wary one should be to deal with a strange owl , and more so with a wimp …

… Wars have gotten started that way . World War I got started that way …

… At a time like this , firmness of policy and strength of resolve , and better yet , a solid reputation are worth their weight in gold , and our First Wus does not have it . At all …

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… It figures …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,January 31st,2013

… every time there is a serious incident with guns , elected officials come for our guns , and our 2nd amendment rights ….

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