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… Great Job , Dr. Charles …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,November 20th,2013

.. this one is a video clip of Dr. Charles Krauthammer on the panel for “Special Report with Bret Baier” on Tuesday evening .

.. Dr. Krauthammer ids the numerous issues with the ObamaCrapCare rollout debacle , and tears into the ObamaCrap Administration deservedly for their “indescribable level of incompetence . “


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… A Rally on the National Mall ?? [ShutDown edition] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,October 9th,2013

.. while the government is closed ? And veterans and visitors of all stripes cannot visit the attractions and memorials that are beloved by all of us …

… from the Washington Examiner
Even though isolated barricades with “closed” signs remained on the National Mall on Tuesday, the setup for the immigration reform rally said otherwise.

A giant stage with lights and an “Immigration Reform Now” banner was set up in the center of the mall, along with three large portable screens.

On one side of the mall, more than 100 porta potties were set up for protesters who will attend the rally today.

As several groups of musicians performed sound checks, a lone National Park Service employee arrived to survey the scene, but referred me to the Park Service communications office and left when I asked her why she was called into work today.

As the Washington Examiner reported Monday, rally organizers said that they would be allowed by the NPS to carry out their protest under their First Amendment rights.

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… A Rather Appropriate Photo [#JailKate] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,August 23rd,2013

.. Kaitlyn Hunt is right where she belongs . in Jail . no where else .

.. and her lawyer is an idiot . Screw the lawyer statement .

Anyone who watched Tuesday’s hearing in the Kaitlyn Hunt case knows two things: “Free Kate” is guilty as hell, and her lawyer is an

... right where she belongs !! ...

… right where she belongs !! …


Let’s admit that even a good lawyer would have difficulty representing a client as guilty as Kaitlyn Hunt. Bad cases require bad arguments, and if the guilty client insists on fighting the case all the way to trial, any attorney who accepts the fee is going to be obliged to look like an incompetent idiot from time to time.

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