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… Ouch [Garry Kasparov ‘ s Zingers] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,March 26th,2014

.. this is a real zinger , especially given the source .

.. Garry , you really hit the mark ! Carter is no genius , but he does indeed look like Churchill in comparison to POTUS . Carter had a strong attachment to the pursuit of human rights , at times to his and our nation ‘ s detriment . Iran is the classic example .

.. Shah Reza Pahlavi was no choir boy . He never pretended to be one . He also had no qualms about kicking butt to keep order . His internal security service , the Savak , was ruthlessly efficient in doing its job . However , they look like a bunch of choirboys in comparison to the Mullahs of Qum and the Revolutionary Guards Corps and the Al Quds forces . Iran under the Shah was a strong U.S. ally . Iran under the Mullahs is a U.S. enemy , hot in pursuit of a nuclear weapon …

.. [h/t — theGatewayPundit]..
.. [link] to the blog post ..


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… My God [Venezuela] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,February 23rd,2014

.. it is more of Send in the Goons time ! ..

.. it has been , ever since Hugo Chavez and his crowd took power in an electoral ” coup ” many years ago . They continue to play out the Send in the Goons card , although there are far fewer Chavistas these days . They literally have to pay them in order to get them to show up , and their numbers are down sharply .

.. Now , it is the army that has to do the dirty work . Somehow , I do not think that they are too happy about it . They would rather have the National Policy wield the trunchions instead of plain ordinary mestizos . The higher ups cannot be entirely confident that their orders are going to be followed …

.. It would be nice if we had some strategic foresight here in America . POTUS , VPOTUS , and their crowd have no idea of what they are doing , or what they want to do . If they had any kind of strategic vision , they could end up having a ” B ” anticipating events , and thinking ahead towards what could or should be done , especially in foreign affairs ….

.. A ” B ” team would be a good idea in domestic politics , too . These idiots would not get caught so often when they get seen ” leading from behind . ” Thinking ahead and anticipiating events would help to avoid a lot of unneccessary grief …

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