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… Israeli Sping on U.S. negotiaors [#fallout]

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,August 22nd,2015

.. oh yeah , there is going to be fallout . There cannot help but be fallout from it . …

.. but it is not quite what you might think that it is …

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.. [link] to the investigative article …

.. U.S. — the fallout will primarily be political . If things are were not bad enough as it is , this will help that makes things even worse . The House GOP ionopenly contemptuous of POTUS . They have no confidence in the man . More than that , they have no trust in the man to do even the rudimentary parts of his job . It is the principla reason why [for example] there will be no immigration reform bill during POTUS ‘ time in office . Barack Obama cannot be trusted at all .

.. More than that , he is a walking talking impeachment case , one just waiting to happen . He keeps pokeing and provoking the GOP , he is trying to get them to overreact . WEll , sooner or later , no , it does not mean that they will overreact . s mean that sometime soon that His Lordship will push the Congress too  far …


.. Israel — mostly the fallout will be internal , in Israel ‘ s security establishment . It will be in part getting caught spying on an ally . The  other part is information sharing . They need to be much more careful about what information is shared and who that it is shared with . They need to  remember an old adage , that is that  Loose Lips Sink Ships …

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… Once Again ! Another ObamaCrap Power Grab [#Clean Power Plan][#EPA]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,August 13th,2015

.. well , we knew that this power grab was coming . It does not make it any easier ..

.. it does not make the impact of a power grab like this one any easier to take , though ..

.. what is worse is that it relates to climate change . We all know that the so – called ” climate change ” theory is a scientific fallacy . The ObamaCraps are still going ahead with their radical activism . They act as if it is actual fact ..

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.. [link] to the blog post // video clips ..

.. well , what is it ? Plain and simple , it is a ” reduction ” of 32 % in carbon dioxide emissions . This is to be accomplished over the next ten years . Evidently the EPA is not kidding around . Either the states [either individually , or as a group] co – operate , or the federal government will impose a plan on them ..

.. you can pretty much forget coal – fired energy generation . There is virtually no way that any state can or will meet their goal with any use of coal – fired electricity being used . So , they will have to do something else to do it . Obviously something much pricier ..

.. not only that , it forces a market in the use of renewable energy . Either wind energy , solar energy , geo – thermal , or something else . But renewables must be used , whether a state likes it or not …

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