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… Good News in Virginia [#Voter ID law]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,June 1st,2016

.. a federal judge has upheld Virginia Voter I.D. lw . This has happened despite the interference of Va ‘ s executive branch , which wanted to not defend the law . Va ‘ s legislature hired private counsel in order to defend the law in court ..

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the blog post …

.. No , the fight is not over , not by any means . There will be appeals , no doubt , to the 4th Appeals Court , which is [right now] only an even – steven proposition between conservatives and liberals ..

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… Elections 2013 [Virginia] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,November 11th,2013

.. well , Terry McAuliffe finally won a race .

.. Barely . He nearly blew it .

.. Ken Cuccinelli ran a crappy early race , got out – fundraised , and out – hustled . Yet , he was still in the race . He locked in

Ken Cuccinelli (R)

Ken Cuccinelli (R) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

on a “winning” message . Unfortunately , not soon enough . He ran out of time to bring the race home .

.. It does not mean that Ken Cuccinelli does not have a future . He most definitely does have one . He just has to do it differently , next time . Also , he needs to jump on things right out of the box , next time .

.. McAuliffe will do damage . A pretty fair bit of damage . But only so much . A chief executive can do a lot , but only so much . Especially in a state where the GOP controls the Virginia Supreme Court , and the Virginia House [the House of Delegates , that is] . The GOP has overwhelming control of the House of Delegates , by nearly 61 seats , to 39 . Ouch .

.. The DummyCraps technically control the Virginia Senate . the state Senate is tied 20-20 , but the tie is broken by the tie – breaking vote of the Lietenant – Governor , who will soon be a loonie leftie . The GOP should strike , and reach out to 1 or more of the moderate dems while the irons are hot .  The sooner the strike , the better .

.. In the next mid – term elections , courtesy of redistricting , the GOP is likely to pick up anywhere from 3 to 4 , to as many as 5 seats in the Virginia Senate . What happens after that , is anyone ‘ s guess …

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… Ken Cuccinelli in Virginia [Governor] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,November 4th,2013

.. this endorsement is a very easy call .

Ken Cuccinelli (R)

… attorney general of Virginia , Kenneth Cuccinelli (R) … (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

.. Cuccinelli has been a strong , steady , and conservative officeholder for quite a few years in the Old Dominion . By contrast , his opponent , Terry McAulliffe , has never even held office at all .

.. McAulliffe ‘ s own actions have come into question . His so – called line of attack was a libelous and slanderous campaign by the Virginia Democratic party and its uber – liberal allies against Cuccinelli and his campaign . It attempted to draw in the GOP as having a so – called “War on Women,” when it is anything but the point . McAulliffe ‘ s own conduct of his business career has been called into substantial question . A great deal of his reputation is as a political “rainmaker , ” especially for Bill and Hillary Clinton . And , his so – called “green” investments have turned out to be one giant fraud racket . So what is the difference ?

.. Plenty . It is a clear contrast for the voters of the state of Virginia . They should act , and act decisively , to vote for Kenneth Cuccinelli on November 5th , 2013 .

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… Nice Going , Terry ! … [McAuliffe , on Abortion]

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,September 19th,2013

English: Attorney General of Virginia Ken Cucc...

English: Attorney General of Virginia Ken Cuccinelli (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

.. if Terry McAuliffe wanted to make the choice on abortion more stark in November ‘ s governor ‘ s election in Virginia , well , he made it even more prescient and stark …

.. The Virginia Legislature has passed and the Governor has signed new rules governing the conduct and the regulation of

McAuliffe speaking at Frying Pan Park in Hernd...

McAuliffe speaking at Frying Pan Park in Herndon, VA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

abortion clinics . These new rules cover them being governed under rules that have been promulgated by the Virginia Board of Health

.. However, multiple current and former state officials, both Democrat and  Republican, say they are unaware of any formal power of the governor’s office to  issue something like that to the Board of Health, which approved the  regulations.

.. Published reports this year indicate that all the remaining abortion clinics  were granted temporary licenses last year giving them two years to remain open  and meet the new requirements, although pro-choice groups have said the  necessary renovations are prohibitively expensive. The standards call for such things as mandatory inspections of facilities and  include provisions on staff training, sanitation requirements and hospital-type  construction codes.

Regardless, lawyers in the office of Attorney General Kenneth T. Cuccinelli,  Mr. McAuliffe’s Republican opponent for governor, said they were not familiar  with anything called a guidance opinion that can be issued by a Virginia  governor.

“Moreover, the governor does not have the power to issue an edict to ignore a  law passed by the General Assembly,” Cuccinelli spokesman Brian Gottstein  said.

In fact, the phrase “guidance opinion” appears nowhere in Virginia code or in  the state Constitution.

Maribeth Brewster, a spokeswoman for the Virginia Department of Health, said  she cannot recall the board ever receiving a guidance opinion from a  governor. The board could receive different legal advice on the extent of the  regulations, though that power would lie with the attorney general and not the  governor.

.. The issue emerges amid a series of stumbles that Republicans have seized upon  involving Mr. McAuliffe’s lack of experience in elective politics. Earlier this  year, the Democrat told the Virginian-Pilot he wasn’t sure whether he could name  the positions in the governor’s Cabinet. Members of the Northern Virginia  Technology Council’s political arm told The Washington Post last week that he  came across as “uninformed and superficial” in the interview for the group’s  endorsement.

But former Health Commissioner Karen Remley said Mr. McAuliffe consulted her  on the issue of the clinics and that there is a way to keep the facilities open  without the board and without going to the General Assembly.

The power effectively would lie with Mr. McAuliffe through the health  commissioner he selects, said Dr. Remley, who was appointed by Gov. Tim Kaine, a  Democrat, and reappointed by Gov. Bob McDonnell, a Republican.

The health commissioner has the ability to issue waivers when the board is  not in session for everything from restaurant owners to people digging wells who  can demonstrate “undue hardship” as a result of regulations, Dr. Remley  said.

But a second way would be to have the governor or the health commissioner  reinterpret the sources from which the board drafted the regulations, she  said.

She gave a hypothetical example of a hallway width requirement of 60 inches  and a facility where the halls are 58 inches wide.

“Rather than have arbitrary, rigid restrictions, these inspectors should have  guidance documents that allow them to thoughtfully apply” which ones are  relevant, said Dr. Remley, who resigned in October citing the new  regulations.

“A lot of the confusion in the political world is that it’s an all-or-none,”  she said. “The current attorney general interpreted them to be black and white.  That was his advice, not necessarily the law.  I think there is a solution that  finds the middle of the road.”

Mr. Gottstein disagreed, saying the language in the regulations is “clear and  unambiguous.”

.. “Since regulations have the force of law, an agency cannot give ‘guidance’  that contradicts or supersedes them by giving discretion to approve facilities  that aren’t in compliance with those guidelines,” he said.

..The bill that set into motion the process of developing the regulations  passed in 2011 and was one of the most contentious pieces of legislation the  General Assembly has considered in recent years.

..Opponents say the standards were intended to shut down most of the state’s  abortion clinics, while sponsors say the guidelines were meant to make  facilities that perform five or more abortions per month safer for women.

The conservative Family Foundation, citing results from open-records  requests, pointed to dozens of health and safety violations found at centers in  the state. The reports included mentions of dried blood found on a procedural  table and infractions for the way clinics stored and dispensed drugs.

..The Board of Health passed emergency guidelines that did not exempt existing  facilities in the fall of 2011 but bucked advice from Mr. Cuccinelli’s office  last year and passed permanent regulations that did exempt existing facilities  already in operation from the most strict regulations. The attorney general’s  office reportedly suggested it would not defend board members if their decision  was challenged, however, and members subsequently reversed their decision.

If the new attorney general disagreed with Mr. Cuccinelli’s interpretation,  Ms. Remley said, “then that attorney general would have to clearly say that it’s  illegal to interpret the guidelines not as they are written.”

“If the health department says, ‘This would guarantee safety,’ I think the  prudent Virginian would say, ‘That makes sense,’ ” she said.

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… How Anybody Can Vote for This Guy is Beyond Me ?? …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,July 27th,2013

.. I am referreing to Terry McAuliffe .

.. McAuliffe ‘ s main claim to fame , besides being the chairman of the DemoCrap National Committee , and a lobbyist . He was


McAuliffe (Photo credit: mou-ikkai)

one of Wilhelm der Fibmeister (Bill Clinton) ‘ s chief friends and fundraisers . And he thinks that , among those things , qualifies him to be Governor of Virginia ?? You have to be kidding .

.. Virginia is for lovers of elections , but it is not clear whether Terry McAuliffe is the kind of Anthony Weiner type candidate that Virginia needs in the Governor ‘ s Mansion . His main claim to public fame was Global Crossing , huh ?

.. In 1997, McAuliffe invested $100,000 in Global Crossing, a telecommunications company providing fiber-optic networking services worldwide. After the company went public in 1998, McAuliffe sold his shares for a large profit. The company later filed for bankruptcy on January 28, 2002. Global Crossing reemerged from bankruptcy in late 2003 and in 2006, the Securities and Exchange Commission, after a four-year investigation, ruled that no wrongdoing occurred at Global Crossing and no enforcement action was necessary.

.. Oh, and then there is his whole GreenTech boondoggle, detailed over at Fairfax Free Citizen. What is it that keeps this zombie fop twitching, then?

McAuliffe has had a prolific fundraising career within the Democratic Party, and has used his political career to make a personal fortune. McAuliffe has had a long personal and political relationship with Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton.

.. Ah, the Aristocracy of Pull. While not seeming to be any more effective than, say, President Barack Obama, one can say that McAuliffe has at least done a better job of faking showing up to work, to look at Global Crossing and GreenTech. But what is the point of running for Governor of Virginia, then? Does Terry think that there is enough media artillery available to blow away Ken Cuccinelli? Even if you don’t fancy Ken’s conservative slant on issues, nobody with at leas one good eye would deny that Cuccinelli’s résumé is a full essay, compared to McAuliffe’s sad little tweet to #UniteBlue.

… added links on McAuliffe …

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[link] Investigation targets Homeland official’s relationship to McAuliffe company

[link] If A Conservative Worked The Referee Like Terry McAuliffe, It Would Probably Be A Scandal

.. You have Ken Cuccinelli . An accomplished lawyer , a family man , a father , and two – terms as Attorney General of the state of

English: Attorney General of Virginia Ken Cucc...

English: Attorney General of Virginia Ken Cuccinelli (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Virginia . Case closed .

.. Cuccinelli for Governor ! ..

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