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… Politicized Justice is …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,January 23rd,2014

.. no justice at all .

.. it harms our Constitution , our country , and our citizens .

.. when people abuse the organs of government for their own ends , and they tamper with the rights and freedoms of others .

.. Government prosecutors do have the right to set priorities to maximize the use of scarce resources . What they do not have the right to do is the refusal to enforce the body of law as a whole . Especially when and where prosecution for misconduct is called for .

.. These groups formed and applied for tax – exempt status . They thus created a IRS tax file . These files are not to be misused or abused , especially for misuse for political purposes . I am a C.P.A. , albeit on the bench . I have practiced before the service , and misuse of these files is a felony .

.. It is clear that these files have been misused . Investigation is called for , and the appointment of a Special Prosecutor or an Independent Counsel is called for ..

.. here is another opinion , from Judge Jeanine Pirro on her ” Opening Statement ” on her show ” Justice w. ” earlier this month ….

.. [h/t FoxNewsInsider]

.. [link] to the video segment ..


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… Lois Lerner should be fired …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,September 24th,2013

.. she should not be allowed to retire . She must not be allowed to retire . She is guilty of crimes , and the Department of inJustice is refusing to do its job to bring her before the bar of Justice , and thereby see that she be held to account for her actions while at the Infernal Revenue Service . She must not be allowed to get away with her criminal acts …

.. How anyone can let her retire is beyond me . Why she still draws a paycheck , any paycheck , of any kind is incredible . She is clearly guilty , and the Department of InJustice should be held to account for why she has not been held account for her actions .

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… It makes You Wonder …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,July 27th,2013

.. I am going to highly recommend that you go through , and visit the post at Patrick Frey ‘ s Patterico . com site . Then , let things simmer about the timeline , and then go back to the other post @ theOtherMcCain .

.. It really makes You Wonder . Who tipped off Buzzfeed ? Who tipped off those nutcases ? Did they have anything in common ?

.. Maybe not , but I wonder …

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… Baghdad Jim is an Ass …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,June 4th,2013

Jim McDermott

Representative James McDermott (D-Wa)

… James McDermott is a member of Congress . He became infamous for his prewar trip to Iraq over a decade ago . Ergo , the tag line ” Baghdad Jim ” . Also , he is the only Dem in either chamber of Congress who is a doctor , albeit a “shrink.” Yeech !

… His conduct is abmoninable . Why the citizens of Washington State keep electing this creep back to Congress is beyond me . I saw some of the testimony this afternoon in front of the House Ways & Means (tax revenue / tax code writing) committee . What was done to them was waaaay beyond the pale . That was what the I.R.S. did to them . What the minority Dems did was worse .

.. Those social – welfare organizations are there for a reason . They are given a wide berth , and a great deal of latitude in what they stand for , and what they want to accomplish . Sometimes , these groups get up to the borderline of blatant electioneering , which is a no – no . However , where things are debatable , one should find in favour of the 1st Amendment , and free speech . Also , in favour of the Constitution and the 1st Amendment , where it comes to free organization and the redress of grievances .

.. These groups can be political . Politics is the nature of our system .  It is the lifeblood of our democracy . We should be encouraging it , not discouraging it . We should be enabling groups to form , and gain tax – exempt status . No matter what their viewpoint . And , Jimmy Boy , not harassing them because they came forward to testify about what the Infernal Service did to them .

.. Also , dumb – dumb , get better preparation before their hearing . They are seeking to keep their own money . They are also pooling it together , as a group , in order to work together for common goals and interests . As long as they are not blatantly electioneering , O.K. . They are not receiving a tax benefit . They are also receiving their privacy . From US Supreme Court precedent , contributor lists to these groups are private . The Government may not have them .

.. There is a more modern reason . In the Internet Age , it is a great deal easier for folks to search for who contributes to what cause and to what candidate . It has opened up , unfortunately , a large can of worms . Interest groups on different sides of issues are retaliating against contributors on the other side(s) of issue(s) . They are intimidating them , trying to scare them off , now , and in the future . Wrong move , and wrong idea .

[-] 501 c(4) status — this is the status that most groups were seeking . It allows them to organize as a non – profit . No taxation , but no tax deduction for contributions . Also , contributor lists are protected . more freedom of action for what one can do …

[-] 501 c(3) status — also being sought . less freedom of action . contributions are tax deductible .

[-] 501 c(5) status — principally for labour unions .

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… An I.R.S. Agent does not take a “Dump” without Guidance and Orders from On High …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,June 3rd,2013

.. An I.R.S. agent that is properly doing their job is enforcing our tax laws . They are doing so in an impartial and non – partisan matter . They execute plans that are set from much higher up , to carry out examinations and audits . They do not even , when needed , take a “Dump” without Guidance from higher ups . If you are not sure , a dump means check your “Six” when you go to the can .

.. I have represented people before the service . These people are thoroughly professional . They do not like to mess around . They generally do not like to waste time . If they are “messing around,” it usually means they have orders from much higher to do it . Generally , they do not do so .

.. I did not represent groups seeking 501c status . Remember , with this stuff , with so – called “social welfare” groups , political activities are permitted . It is blatant out – and – out electioneering (campaign activities) that are out-of-bounds. When a judgement is made , the judgement is supposed to made in favour of the 1st Amendment , and what they can do , instead of what they cannot .

.. When you seek this non – profit status , you should expect to answer questions . Also , expect to have to spend some money on accounting fees and legal fees , so that you do the job right . There are folks out there who specialize in this stuff . I did not . They can and will help you . No , they will not seek to run up their bills . Their job is to help you , not abuse you .

.. Sometimes , those questions are intrusive . I know , I saw them . What the Infernal Service has been doing with this stuff is far below the belt . It is beyond the pale of what should be asked . Ask the experts . The Government should bring its checkbook to settlement negotiations . And with it , a very generous balance .

.. These folks have had their civil rights violated . God willing , these people will be able to get and received justice . The Sekulows (father and Son) at the American Center for Law and Justice (the A.C.L.J.) are some of the very best in the business . The Landmark Legal Foundation is also another one . Keep it up , and keep going .

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