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… You Want to Try That Again , Charlie [Rangel][#nypd murders][#protestors]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,January 1st,2015

.. well the protestors made complete and total asses of themselves …

.. yes , in NYC . They were chanting something obscene , namely ” … what do we want ? dead cops . when do we want it ? now ! … ”

.. believe it or not …

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.. [link] to the blog post // video clips …

.. well , when disgraced Congresscritter Charlie Rangel was confronted with it on CNN , Ashleigh Banfield went on the attack . She nailed his butt to the wall , and tattooed it royally …

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.. [link] to the blog post // vldeo clip …

.. great pickup , Jeff Dunetz …


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… Why the IRSgate [#emails] story is bull[bleep] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,June 22nd,2014

.. this one is PowerLineBlog . It is an interesting and accurate , albeit detailed and technical , laying out of the case against the IRS . And , as I put it above , the IRSGate [#emails] story is bull[bleep]…

On Friday, members of Congress revealed that the IRS would not be able to hand over Lerner’s emails to and from other IRS employees from January 2009 to April 2011, possibly due to a “glitch” or “crash.” Lawmakers were seeking the emails as part of their investigation into the IRS targeting scandal.

Norman Cillo, an Army veteran who worked in intelligence and a former program manager at Microsoft, argued it is very difficult to lose emails for good and laid out six reasons why he believes Congress is “being lied to” about the Lerner emails:

1. I believe the government uses Microsoft Exchange for their email servers. They have built-in exchange mail database redundancy. So, unless they did not follow Microsofts recommendations they are telling a falsehood. You can see by the diagram below that if you have three servers in a DAG you have three copies of the database.


Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft Exchange

2. Every IT organization that I know of has hotswappable disk drives. Every server built since 2000 has them. Meaning that if a single disk goes bad it’s easy to replace.

3. ALL Servers use some form of RAID technology. The only way that data can be totally lost (Meaning difficult to bring back) is if more than a single disk goes before the first bad disk is replaced. In the diagram below you can see that its possible to lose a single disk and still keep the data.

Raid Storage

Raid Storage

4. If the server crashed (Hardware failure other than disks), then the disks that contain the DATA for the Exchange database is still available because the server hardware and disks are exchangeable. Meaning that if I have another server with the same hardware in it, I can put the disks in and everything should boot right up.

5. All email servers in a professional organization use TAPE backup. Meaning if all the above fails, you can restore the server using the TAPE backups.

6. If they are talking about her local PC, then it’s a simple matter of going to the servers which have the email and getting them from the servers. If the servers have removed the data you can still get them by using the backups of the servers to recover the emails.

However, Cillo, who has been working in IT for roughly 16 years and is currently a consultant for a tech company, said it’s possible the IRS is telling the truth if the federal agency is “totally mismanaged and has the worst IT department ever.”

Other than that, it’s just not “feasible,” he told TheBlaze. “If the IRS’ email server is in such a state that they only have one copy of data and the server crashes and it’s gone, I’ve never heard of such a thing.”

“I don’t know of any email administrator that doesn’t have at least three ways of getting that mail back,” he added. “It’s either on the disks or it’s on a TAPE backup someplace or in an archive server. There are at least three ways the government can get those emails.”

.. LEC here again — what the IRS and the DOJ is feeding us all is a pile of bull , and they know it . Whatever is on those e – mails has to be ” white hot ”  or even ” dark navy blue hot ” [as hot as it get] . If they are going to this length to invent a ” crock of sh$#” excuse , my guess is that either one or both : …

.. [-] the e – mails trail leads into the ObamaCrap White House , and / or ..

.. [-] the whole targeting scheme came about from the ObamaCrap White House .

.. If either is the case , or both , it is game , set , and match . Obama and Biden BOTH are gone . They cannot survive …

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