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… Vladimir Putin is not a Chessmaster …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,March 16th,2014

.. but he is playing a weak hand in a very strong fashion .

.. Russia ‘ s military is sorely in need of reform . Its navy is modernizing , but needs years of investment in its surface fleet and its training regime . The Russian Air Force is easily the most modern . It has a great deal of territory to cover , but does so with a small fleet of aircraft and aircrews . It could be larger , if Russia could afford it .

.. The Russian army is still sorely in need of a major overhaul . Russia ‘ s enlisted forces are largely a conscript force . The average Russian has to serve a 2 year hitch , and draft evasion is rampant . It would serve Russia well to convert to an all – volunteer force . At least then they would know that the people there are there willingly , and will serve their tours of duty .

.. Putin does not have as strong a force as he thinks that he might have . However , he is facing off against a very , very , very weak customer in Barack Obama . Obama is a wuss , and has no idea of strategic concepts , strategic planning , or leadership . Putin does , and is doing so to his best . If Putin were facing off against someone stronger , well then … . Well , he is not , and is taking maximum advantage …


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