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… Nice Going , Tar Heel State [#HB 100][#anti sanctuary city bill]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,July 10th,2016

.. anyone think that H.B. 2 [the transgender bill] was a honey , just wait . You now have better ..

.. say hello to H.B. 100 , the Anti – Sanctuary Cities Bill ..

.. You can be sure that this one will be challenged in court . Putting up a bill related to immigration issues treads very close to federal turf , but I believe that this one does not . It acts to stop cities and counties from playing the ” sanctuary city ” game . It backs it up with force by holding the localities ‘ schools and highway $$ [much of which comes from the state]..

.. [h/t ––]..
.. [link] to the blog post news ..

.. some measures in the bill may be struck out , but the bill [and its intent[ should survive in one piece ..

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… the Results of the Early States affect Us here [#Ohio]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,February 23rd,2016

.. in my home state , early voting has begun . I have sent for my in – mail absentee ballot . It should be here at my home in a few days ..

.. you can do that [by mail] up to the day before the election [in our case , March 15th] . By then , you have to then do it the old – fashioned way [in person] ..

.. between now and then [February 17th and March 15th] , you can vote in person absentee at our state ‘ s individual county boards of elections . You can take your time , but not forever . other people will also want to take advantage of the electoral process ..

.. [h/t — ncsl.ORG]..
.. [link] to the website …

.. there are still quite a few states that do not have this voting feature . It has changed campaigning , no doubt . Whether it has changed campaigning for the better is still open to a great deal of question ..

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… Good , An Appeals Court with Balls [#traditional marriage opinion]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,February 14th,2015

.. things have not been looking good for the good folks with traditional marriage ..

.. appeals court after appeals court had been finding in favour of so – called same – sex marriage …

.. now , the good folks [#traditional marriage] have a good chance ..

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the news link ..

.. the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals came out with a dandy opinion , upholding the democratic process in the states , and the value of traditional marriage . Now , the US Supreme Court is going to have to take up the issue . They cannot avoid it …

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… Six Californias ???? [#are you nuts]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,July 21st,2014

.. in California , evidently not ..

.. I thought that this initiative would make the ballot . Well , It did ..

.. [h/t — HotAir]..
.. [link] to the blog post …

.. presuming A] the California legislature would approve (it just might) , and B] the US Congress would approve (doubtful) , Ca would split into 6 pieces …

.. 3 largely GOP …

.. Jefferson (the north) , South California (the Inland Empire , south through San Diego County) , and Central California (the vast farming region in the center of the state) . I include Central Ca in this given the damage that the ecosocialists in Sacramento have done to the farming region . Set free , they can run their own affairs …

.. 2 largely DemoCrap …

.. West Ca (LA and the surrounding area to the north , including Santa Barbera) , and Silicon Valley (duh!) , and

.. 1 largely fair fight …

.. North Ca (the mountainous area between Jefferson and Silicon Valley) ..

.. who knows what may happen ? . It will likely be on the ballot in 2016  , which is a presidential year . However , the turnout , given California ‘  s current status , is  likely to be lousy . So  , this issue , especially if it has the field largely to itself , could have an interesting battle …

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… Primary Season is Really in Gear …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,May 10th,2014

.. Illinois kicked it off almost two months ago .

.. now , North Carolina and Ohio have joined the party .

.. basically , week by week , the rest of the summer , the various states are going to holding primaries for various offices . Local offices are definitely included , but they are not the ones that grab the headlines . It is the statewide races that do ..

.. Added anticipation comes this year in the Senate races , as the GOP has a very , very good shot at knocking out the Democraps from the majority . I hope that they do so …

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… Why the Screwup with Cover Oregon ?? …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,May 7th,2014

.. [-] tax money — it flowed like wine — giving a state a lot of money to play with is a prescription for trouble . You have to be careful …

.. [-] philosophy — why a big – government takeover ? sttopid …

.. [-] fraud — the taxpayers of Oregon were defrauded . So were we all nationwide . The Oregonians were the biggest victims , though . They were stuck with a lemon , an Edsel of a website …

.. [-] website design — the feds did not help by screwing around as much as they did . It would have helped to have the design of the federal setup available so much ealier so that states could test out the design …

.. [h/t —]..

.. [link] to the news story ..

.. more to come …

.. bravo to KATU – TV , Portland , Oregon ‘ s ABC affiliate . They have done yeoman and yeowoman ‘ s work on this issue …

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… Great Campaign Ad (Oregon US Senate) …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,April 29th,2014

.. amazing woman , and , so far , an amazing campaign ..

.. Dr. Monica Wehby [Web – by] is a pediatric surgeon . She made a tough call , and stood foursquare by her patient when she needed her most , when she was pregnant , and her child ‘ s life was in danger . The results stand for themselves …

.. [h/t — theRightScoop]..
.. [link] to the campaign ad ..

.. normally , Monica Wehby would face long odds in a light – blue state such as Oregon . This is no ordinary year , and Oregon ‘ s state government is in a disastrous mess . It will turn the politics and the campaign trail upside down . Dr. Wehby now will have a very real chance to unseat the incumbent , Jeff Merkely …

.. I would definitely vote for her , and I think that she just might do it ..

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… Where the Government has a Problem with the Bundys [in Nevada] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,April 21st,2014

.. I have not said much on the Bundy case , principally because I did not know all that much about it …

.. to be honest , I am still unsure about the case . Cliven Bundy may well be in the wrong legally , and maybe not . I will explain why below … Politically , he has humiliated the Federal Government . The ObamaCraps , the Reids , and their minions have looked extremely stupid in all of this . Yes , there will be a cost to it , especially to ” Dingy Harry ” Reid .. He deserves it , given the way that he has behaved like a gigantic bully in all of this …

.. legally , normally , the government is in the right , for the most part . the Bundy family does (or should) owe the government money for grazing fees . The how much is the point of the dispute …. However , ….

[-] one problem is homesteading … Yea , homesteading , believe it or not . It goes back several generations , because homesteading was not formally ended by Federal law until the late 1970s . Cliven Bundy ‘ s ancestors have and probably should homesteaded land in Nevada . So , the Bundy family likely has quite a spread of land there in Clark County . I wonder how big , and how much of it they homesteaded …

[-] adverse possession — this one is the much bigger sticky wicket . If you are in effective possession of your neighbor ‘ s land [even if the neighbor is the Feds] , and the neighbor does nothing about it , you pay the taxes , it is publically known , basically you can file a special deed claim on the land for ” adverse possession . ” This one is where the Bundys I believe have a far stronger case against the Federal Government …

[-] the land in Nevada is originally the Feds — to be honest , it is — Unlike California and Texas , who came in to the Union [via annexation] as ” independent republics , ” and that land was originally the state ‘ s title . Nevada , Arizona , New Mexico , and Utah are different . They came into the Union after having been created as terrirories out of the gains the U.S. made during the Mexican War [1848-1850] …

.. the Treaty that Mexico signed (Guadelupe – Hidalgo , I think) ceded the land to the United States . That means it went to the Federal Government , not the States . They had not been created or had been admitted , yet .

[-] Ironically , Nevada was lucky — Nevada was admitted early , probably before it should have been , because its population was not quite enough . It was part of the popular highjinks that Congress pulled in 1864 along with the creation and admission of West Virginia , and Abe Lincoln ‘ s need for free state electoral votes (because of George McClellan ‘ s challenge as a DemoCrap) ..

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… No , You Idiot [#Chris Hayes is a Moron]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,April 18th,2014

.. it is because the Medicaid expansion is a bad deal for the states ‘ budgets …

.. [h/t — hotair]..
.. [link] to the blognews…

.. the states that refused to expand Medicaid do not trust the Federales to keep their end of the bargain , Chrissie ! … the states generally (with 2 or 3 exceptions) have balanced budget amendments . They have to balance their budgets every year . They also have to deal (first hand) with the ” Medicaid Monster ” and the effect on their state budget …

.. the Feds have supposedly made a promise . Yea , they have made those kind of promises before . Guess what happens ? They are not kept , and the states are left financially holding the bag for the ” unfunded mandates ” that the Feds stick them with …

.. eventually the Feds are going to get a financial reality check in dealing with ObamaCrapCare and its expenses . When the budget cutting comes , the effects of it are not going to be pretty . Worse yet , people are going to be screaming bloody murder over it , and the people who die as a result . Then there will political hell to pay for it . Guess who gets it ? not the GOP … you got it , the DemoCraps will catch hell …

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… I Hope Someone Mounts a Ballot Issue [Religious Freedom]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,March 8th,2014

.. on the Religious Freedom Bill that was subject to a veto by Arizona Governor Jan Brewer this week .

.. obviously , it would have to be in an initiative / referendum state . There are only so many of those around . Hopefully , more than one will be mounted , so that the loonie left cannot concentrate their fire on only one state .

.. Hopefully , Arizona is one of them . Arizona is an initiative / referendum state , so it could have a ballot issue there . Do not leave it out there on the branch of a tree ; have other states mount the issue . Also , preferrably , have one or more big states on the line . Thankfully , my home state [Ohio] is one of them . It would be a terrific driver of turnout for Christians , conservatives , and Tea Partiers .

.. the question is when ? Not this year ; it is too late in the year to mount an initiative battle . Putting it on either the primary or general election ballot next year [2015] ? Maybe … it depends on what kind of turnout that you want … 2016 is a Presidential year . The turnout will be sky – high …. but of who ?

.. It is a good question , but one that deserves the time of day . People deserve to know , openly , that they have their religious freedom to protect themselves from activist gays and lesbians who seek to drive devout Christian believers and their businesses from the public sphere …

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… What Judge would Do This ? …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,February 3rd,2014

.. this action was taken by a judge in response to a lawsuit .

.. Connecticut gun owners have been burdened by a new law that was passed post – Sandy Hook that acts to ban guns and limit munitions . This judge has forgotten about pending judicial precedent , such as Heller and McDonald v City of Chicago . So , this activist judge allowed the new law to stand …

.. what is amazing is that these activist judges fail to read the Constitution , specificially the Second Amendment . They also tend to forget that the Bill of Rights , taken as a whole , is a body of law that is desgined to protect Individual rights , not collective rights , such as those of groups of so – called protected classes .

.. The entire Constitution is itself written and designed to protect the rights of the individual against the actions of the state and the government . That shoots down actions taken by those who try to interpret the Second Amendment to act a collective right . It is not that at all . It is a protection of the rights of the individual against the government , not the government against the indivual . So act to preserve the rights of the individual , and vacate this idiotic ruling …

.. [h/t — Liberty Unyielding] ..

.. [link] ..

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… Voter I.D. , once again …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,January 31st,2013

my take – the voter id issue needs to be addressed . the consistent horsing around on it is getting to be ridiculous .

We as voters deserve to have consistent voting laws . We also deserve to have voting laws that make sense , that act to preserve people ‘ s rights , and act to prevent fraud . politicians , and in this case , state legislators , will mess around , until pressure is brought to bear …

Also , on the conservative side , the potential of an initiative or referendum to implement a conservative – oriented voting bill , or even constitutional amendment , has to be brought to bear , in order to get the legislature ‘ s attention , in order that they will get off their butts , and pass something more to our liking …


Contrary to popular belief , voter fraud is real , and is a problem . a serious problem , no , not now . but it is a problem that needs to be addressed . and not in a politically correct fashion ! …

Ohio House may again debate divisive voter photo ID issue

Robert Higgs, The Plain Dealer [01312013]

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Legislation to require voters to show a photo ID at

polling places, a divisive issue leading up to the 2012 election in Ohio

and across the nation, appears ready to make a return appearance in the

Ohio House.


Rep. Mike Dovilla, chair of the House Policy and Legislative Oversight

Committee, says there is interest among House Republicans for such

legislation. He doubts he will sponsor it, but acknowledged it likely

would go through his committee.


“I suspect that there remains interest in a bill of that nature,”

Dovilla, a Berea Republican, said Wednesday. “We think there is broad

support in the public.”


Similar legislation moved through the House in 2011 . It required

voters show a photo identification at polling places to verify their identity. The acceptable forms of ID were driver’s licenses , state

issued ID cards, passports and military identification cards.


In Ohio, as in other states where the issue was debated, supporters

touted the laws to ensure voting integrity and thwart voter fraud.

Opponents made equally passionate cries of voter suppression.


Ultimately, the photo ID requirement was removed last year to avoid a state referendum.


Republicans hold strong majorities in both the Ohio House and Senate and

could push through legislation now. But if it is reintroduced, expect

hot debate.


“I think the broad approach toward election reform is that you want a

system where there’s the greatest possible integrity,” Dovilla said.

“There’s nary a thing in society that you can do where you don’t need to

show ID of some sort.”


Ensuring integrity of the ballot and creating a barrier to voter fraud

is important, he said. “The onus, I think, is on those who oppose this.”


Democrats are quick to counter. Requiring people to have an official ID

creates a burden that can keep some, particularly poorer voters, from

being able to vote, they say. They liken it to a tax on voting.


“We would have very serious concerns about such a proposal,” said Rep.

Kathleen Clyde a Kent Democrat and, a member of Policy and Legislative

Oversight Committee.


“An ID requirement is kind of a veiled way of having a poll tax, where

you’re requiring people to pay to have a photo ID,” Clyde said. Getting

a state-approved ID could be a financial and logistical problem for the

poor if they have to pay for documents needed to get an ID and have to

find transportation to proper offices.”


Dovilla suggested that the ID could be free for those found to be

indigent. “We want to make sure people have access to this.”


Clyde counters that people should not have to prove they are poor to be

able to vote. “Is that the process we want for our elections?”


Rep. Teresa Fedor, a Toledo Democrat, disputed the ballot integrity issue.


“There’s no outrageous amount of fraud,” she said. “It’s just a

ginned-up issue.


“You just get tired of beating back these non issues.”


Republican Secretary of State Jon Husted did not support the photo ID

requirement in the 2011 bill. His spokesman said Wednesday that Husted

would not comment on the issue now until specific legislation is



Dovilla expects that likely would be soon.


“Election bills tend to move in the first year of a two-year session

like this,” he said. “You don’t want to get into the guts of the

election cycle and then have people from either side saying you’re

trying to move the goalposts.”

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