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… Nice Shot , Hurricane Camille ! [Paglia]

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,December 21st,2013

.. she is amazin ‘ ..

.. Camille Paglia has been around on the scene quite a while . Just as long , you cannot quite peg where she will come down on an issue .

.. Yes , she is a proud and raging liberal . However , she is an old – school liberal , all in the sense of the word . She says what she thinks , and has more balls [yes , BALLS] that almost any other public figure that I know of on the public stage . She will not back down to anyone , repeat anyone .

.. Conservatives would be wise to think that she is on our side . She is not . Often , she is not , but often as much , she is . She is old school …

.. She let fly on the ” Duck Dynasty ” controversy . Boy , oh boy , did she ever …

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“I speak with authority here, because I was openly gay before the ‘Stonewall rebellion,’ when it cost you something to be so. And I personally feel as a libertarian that people have the right to free thought and free speech,” Paglia, a professor at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, said on Laura Ingraham’s radio show Thursday.

“In a democratic country, people have the right to be homophobic as well as they have the right to support homosexuality — as I one hundred percent do. If people are basing their views against gays on the Bible, again they have a right of religious freedom there,” she added.

Robertson has been suspended from Duck Dynasty due to comments he made to GQ that have been deemed “anti-gay.” According to Paglia, the culture has become too politically correct.

“To express yourself in a magazine in an interview — this is the level of punitive PC, utterly fascist, utterly Stalinist, OK, that my liberal colleagues in the Democratic Party and on college campuses have supported and promoted over the last several decades,” Paglia said. “This is the whole legacy of free speech 1960’s that have been lost by my own party.”

Paglia went on to point out that while she is an atheist she respects religion and has been frustrated by the intolerance of gay activists.

.. [link] to the post ..

.. trust me , her opinion is a hum – dinger , well worth your time …

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