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… Sorry , Charlie , but Those E – Mails are Public Records [#breitbart legal battle]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,July 29th,2014

.. Shirley Sherrod [late of the Agriculture Department] is fighting against the estate of Andrew Breitbart and his business partner , Larry O ‘ Connor in a bruising brawl over a charge of defamation …

.. it comes from a series of posts made on [] during 2010 , after which Ms Sherrod was forced out of her job at the Agriculture Department . Evidently , O ‘ Connor is filing for discovery of related e – mails from the ObamaCrap White House that are related to the battle . A decision is pending …

.. also , from those blog posts , video clips were posted . I had forgotten about that . If I remember right , those video clips clearly show that Sherrod is clearly a racist . She has been nailed to the wall , like it or not …

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the news story …

.. It is absolutely and abundantely clear that the ObamaCrap White House was involved in the Sherrod affair . The big question is how much . The ObamaCrap injustice Department is seeking to keep those e – mails under seal . However , unless the E.O.P. wants to , in effect , exert Executive Privilege , those e – mails are public records ….

.. they were already sought in a F.O.I.A. action by both Judicial Watch and by Breitbart Media . Those items were not produced , and they are clearly relevant and pertinent to the case ….

.. they may not come out right away , but they will come out . Whether the federal government or the federal district court judge likes it or not …


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… James Clyburn is a Disgrace …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,August 22nd,2013

.. and should resign his House seat .

.. James Clyburn is a senior member in more ways than one . He is the Minority Whip in the U.S. House of Representatives . He is a senior member of the Congressional Black Caucus . He has also been in the House for many , many years .

.. That is not why he should resign from the House . This is …

[h/t — Sean Lengell , the Washington Examiner]

A top House Democrat has blasted conservative Internet bloggers for spreading lies and “manufactured controversies” about President Obama, equating their actions to Nazi propagandists.

Rep. James Clyburn, D-S.C., told Sirius XM’s POTUS show on Thursday that while race relations have improved in the U.S. under Obama, “right wing bloggers” — with the complicit help of the mainstream media — have unfairly demonized the Obama administration and other favorite conservative targets.

“You have people’s words and phrases being misrepresented and looped through the news media and thrown out there on the Internet, and people run with it because these things start getting reported in the mainstream media, and before you know it, people believe that stuff,” according to an audio link of the assistant House Democratic leader’s satellite radio interview posted on

“Now you know, the people of Germany believed Hitler’s foolishness that led to the Holocaust. They believed that stuff. And people will tend to believe what they hear through the media.”

Clyburn said such “manufactured controversies” have had a chilling effect, saying they have led to Congress defunding the community organizing group ACORN, and the firing of former USDA official Shirley Sherrod after an edited video of her surfaced where she made seemingly racist remarks.

“President Obama has had so many of his activities misrepresented, and the [mainstream] media have not been discerning enough, in my opinion, to say to people, ‘this ain’t news, this is foolishness.’”

… I believe this man has made an ass of himself , and has disgraced himself . He should resign his House seat .

, member of the United States House of Represe...

… Rep James Clyburn (D-SC) , member of the United States House of Representatives and Minority Whip. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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