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… Amazing [ObamaCrapCare Stunt in D.C.]

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,November 17th,2013

.. the states have plenty of questions over ObamaCrapCare .

.. Not surprising , considering the financial risk how many of them are taking on dealing with the possible Medicaid

U.S. Supreme Court building.

U.S. Supreme Court building. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

expansion . And , on how many of them rejected participating in said expansion , once the U.S. Supreme Court gave them the option to do so in NFIB v Sebelius . They well know what a financial monster the Medicaid program has now become . The federal government made similar promises in the 1960s and the 1970s to the states , and look where that got them . The ” Medicaid Monster ” is the largest growing line item in many states ‘ budgets . Many of them have to go with a bare – bones approach to Medicaid , just to bring some sense to their budgets and their bottom lines . The federal government does not , unfortunately , have a balanced budget amendment . Virtually all of the states do , however .

.. The People ‘ s Republic of Columbia (a.k.a. , our Nation ‘ s capital) is not one of them . Their insurance commissioner had good questions about the morality and legality of POTUS ‘ so – called ” administrative fix . ” Not a surprise . Unfortunately , what happened next was not , either .

.. The Mayor of the People ‘ s Republic (Vincent Gray) fired the insurance commissioner . Coincidential ? I think not . Considering that he questioned and disagreed with POTUS ‘ actions ‘ , how bad would that look for the DemoCraps in the People ‘ s Republic if they refused His Lordship ‘ s request (er , dicktat) . They would look very , very bad .

.. get a look at this article [link] from Sunday ‘ s Washington ComPost . it gives a little more detail …


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… Sebelius , You are Nuts [ObamaCrapCare] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,July 17th,2013

.. Kathleen Sebelius seems to think that the imposition of ObamaCrapCare is something like the Civil Rights Movement . That is most definitely far , far from the truth ..

.. The Civil Rights Movement is truly one of the great crusades of our times , or of any time and age . It completed the accomplishment of freedom of the races by engaging in the law full freedom of legal protections , in housing , economics , voting rights , and citizenship . It has begun the task of erasing the stain of the Jim Crow era of legal perversion by freeing a people . It completes the task of individual freedom , not group rights .

.. ObamaCrapCare is an obcence joke . It attempts to impose by socialism something that has no place in the law . It is not even true insurance . Insurance is , by its nature , limited to rare occurences . Health insurance has been perverted , and is not even true “insurance.” It is most definitely nothing , absolutely nothing like the Civil Rights Movement .

… someone should also remind her that opponents of ObamaCrapCare are not “enemies . “

spokeswitch Sebelius

spokeswitch Sebelius

… from Newsmax . com …

Health and Human  Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius Tuesday urged NAACP members to bring  the same passionate fight to enrolling people in Obamacare that they brought to  the struggle for civil rights.

“Start spreading the word,” Sebelius said  in a speech to the organization’s national convention in Orlando.  “Download  tool kits and customize fliers to hang up at local businesses and restaurants  and barbershops and beauty salons.”

Sebelius has been working extra hard  to raise awareness of the new law before insurance-exchange marketplaces open on  Oct. 1 and begin enrolling consumers in healthcare  insurance, many of them for the first time in their lives, Politico  reports.

She also asked religious leaders to help spread the  word about the healthcare-reform law and how to  apply for coverage under its various programs.  

“Few voices are  more powerful than yours,” she told delegates. “Those are the ones trusted in  communities. Use those voices to educate and motivate.”

Sebelius called  on the NAACP to put as much effort into helping Obamacare work as it has over  the years in the fight for civil rights. 

“You showed it early in the  fight against lynching and discrimination. You showed it by showing inalienable  rights are secured in the courtroom and at the ballot box,” she said. “You  showed it by supporting a health law 100 years in the making.”

Sebelius  also urged the convention to disregard the calls in Washington for repeal of the  law, passed in 2010, and in Republican-led states, where there still is  opposition to creating healthcare exchanges and expanding Medicaid programs as  called for under Obamacare.

The exchanges are to open Oct. 1 in every  state, “despite what governors say,” Sebelius declared. Americans are required  to have health  insurance by Jan. 1, 2014.

“The Supreme Court has issued its decision  [upholding the law]; the people have spoken. President Obama was  re-elected.”

But, she warned, “the enemy is at the door and we know that  they would like to dismantle these initiatives.”

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