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… Good Lord Almighty — Does Even MTV have any kind of Decency ?

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,August 27th,2013

.. it would appear that , from last night , that they do not .

.. It appears that Miley Cyrus wants to completely divorce herself from the image that made her a star . Once she turned 18 , it was off to the races . Things could get extremely racy , kinky , and outrageous , —- BUT THIS ????

.. It seems that stuff likes this happens every year . Celebrities seem to compete with each other to see how outrageous they can be , and be more so than anyone else .

.. On any other night , a reunion of ‘NSYNC , with Justin Timberlake in the lead , and taking the lead on reuniting his old bandmates , would be the story of the night . On any other night ….

.. If you have seen it , o.k. . If you have not , I would think that you may not want to . No , it is not X – rated . But (no pun intended) , it is not far off . For those who are sadistic enough to still want to see it , yes , I do have links ….

[link] — this one is for photos ,

[link] & [link] — these two are for youtube videos

.. You have been warned . At least you have control over what you want , or do not want to see . The audience at the VMA 2013 and the viewing audience on MTV did not . There likely is some type of advisory for this type of broadcast , and , with its history of outrageous behaviour , people should have expected something . But not this bad .


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