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… Tony Stewart should have Known Better …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,August 7th,2013

.. and now , he will pay a price for it .

.. Stewart is , of course , a 3 – time Winston Cup champion (the most recent being in 2011) . However , now , he is out , effectively , for the rest of the season . He went , as is his habit , sprint racing during his off time from his busy schedule . However , sprint

English: Tony Stewart, NASCAR, Stewart-Haas Ra...

English: Tony Stewart, NASCAR, Stewart-Haas Racing, Sprint Cup Series, Chevy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

racing , like Winston Cup racing , does not come without risk .

.. Unfortunately , he will have time to contemplate the actions and errors of his ways . He broke both his fibia and tibia (presumably in his right leg ; I am not sure which one he broke0 , and he has had surgery to insert a rod in the area of the injury in order for it to heal properly . Evidently , a second surgery is also in the offing . Those injuries will take about 6 to 8 weeks for him to properly heal . Big Problem , though .

.. Cup Racing has what is called a “Chase to the Championship , ” in essence a playoff system to spice up the end part of the racing schedule . The Chase begins , however , in about 5 to 6 weeks . Stewart can hire a substitute driver [there are a number that come to mind , such as Boris Said , Brian Vickers , Regan Smith , and the Dillon Brothers (both grandsons of car owner Richard Childress , but up – and – coming drivers nonetheless) , but his sponsors , Bass Pro Shops in particular , that will take a hit . They knew the risk , but are likely not all that thrilled with Tony right now .

.. Tony Stewart is a rarity , these days . He is a driver – owner , having built Stewart – Haas Racing from the ground up . He has dealt with change . Hopefully , god – willing , he will learn from this . He earned his first Cup title in 2002 , and , believe it or not , almost got fired by his lead sponsor (Home Despot) because of his immature behaviour . He is not like that now . Far from it .

.. Stewart is one of Winston Cup ‘ s best examples of both a driver and an owner . He has grown up , especially since putting together his own team , and has become one of the sport ‘ s great ambassadors . Take it easy , Tony . You are one of my favourite drivers , and you should sit it down until you are fully healthy . Find some other and more safer offtime pursuits , because your sponsors will give you grief until you do . There are plenty of them , and he will find them .

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