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… Hey , Carlos Danger is gone ! [Weiner – schnitzel] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,September 11th,2013

.. not only that , so is Elliot Spitzer .

.. Even New York City has a limit on patience for the antics of politicians and their peccadilieos . Corlourful politicians are not

, "New York State Attorney General at New...

… bye , bye Elliot !! …(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

uncommon in N.Y.C. , but this much ? The answer , thankfully , is no , no thank you , and better yet ,  go away , for good .

.. Both those two idiots lost in their Democratic party primaries last night in New York City [Spitzer for City Comptroller (paymaster) , Weiner for , of course , Mayor] .

.. the Big Apple is likely , barring a miracle , heading to the left . Bill de Blasio , the current Public Advocate , is likely to be the Democratic nominee for mayor . His GOP opponent is likely to be former NY MTA transit union head Joe Lhota . de Blasio will be , as you might think , be favoured in the general election , but it will be no walkover . Lhota will likely draw significant support for Latinos and Blacks , as well as Jews , Ethnics , and the working class (for obvious reasons) . de Blasio will have to work for it , and if he is smart , he should work his fanny off .

.. Only winning 40% of the vote (and , barely , at that) in the Democratic primary is not a ringing endorsement from your own party . If he is not careful , the other candidates ‘ supporters may well cross over to Lhota , or just stay home . NYP and NYS will endorse Lhota . Newsday as well . NYDN endorsement will be helpful . Also , minority papers in jewish and black communities , such as Queens and Harlem , will be vital . NYT will endorse the Dem , but he should not court it . Lhota can use it as a “billy club” against him with the GOP and the working class voters that hate the Times ‘ guts .

, member of the United States House of Represe...

… bye – bye , Carlos !! … (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At least , for now , we will not have to put up with the likes of these two characters for a long , long time .

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