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… Dum – Dum – Dum !!! [DemoCraps and the Senate] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,March 21st,2014

.. simple .

.. Charlie Cook (and his crew at the Cook Political Report) are not exactly known for being a bunch of ” GOP partisans . ” They tend to lean somewhat towards the Democraps in their philosophical leanings …

.. from a posting such as this , Charlie & Company are planning (absent a disaster) for the GOP to end up taking over the Senate . It could even be in a ” wave , ” with the GOP picking up 20 or more seats in the House and much more than 6 seats in the Senate . It depends on ….

.. [h/t — Newsbusters]..
.. [link] to the blog post …

.. you will not see a definitive prediction on what kind of move that will come until much closer to the election . Also , the impact will have a carryover into the states . A number of legislatures (including ones that would surprise you) will flip control . Same with the state – wide races , especially the Governors ‘ races ….


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