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… What do I think ?? [#Caroline Glick ‘ s article]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,July 4th,2016

.. I think that the Israelis should tell the Administration [the OCs] to go to hell ..

.. not only should Israel tell the OCs to kiss their A## , so should Congress ..

.. Congress pays the bills , the OCs do not . Congress should not cede one of its primary prerogatives to another branch , not now , not ever !! ..

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.. back to the Israelis . they should also tell the OCs to go [bleep] themselves . They have the OCs by the balls . They still have significant DemoCrap support in the U.S ., no matter who controls Congress . They also have virtull unanimous GOP support on Captiol Hill . So if they want more aid , they can get it ,anytime .. and they can use it at home [in Israel] if need be ..

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