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… It Was Not Just the ObamaCrapCare Architect [#IRS Subsidies Rule]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,October 6th,2016

.. no , it was not just the architect of ObamaCrapCare ..

.. the IRS itself was in on the shenanigans …

.. an excellent column by Kim Strassel [WSJ] points out that the career staff at the IRS initially followed the law , to the letter . That meant that it would be subsidies in state – based exchanges ONLY . The situation changes when it was kicked up for political backing to the highest levels of the Service …

.. [h/t — WallStreetJournal/Opinion]..
.. [link] to the opinion ..
.. [h/t — NationalReview]..
.. [link] to the article ..

.. at that level , the chief counsel [a political appointee] and the Commissioner [ditto] had a very serious problem . Most likely , they got heavy duty heat from the ObamaCraps at the White House . Guess What Happened ?? ..

.. the ruling changed . by July of 2011 , the ruling came out in its final form , having it as subsidies for ALL … a couple of weeks later , Professor Jonathan Alter of Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland , Ohio and Micheal Cannon of the Cato Institute came out with their famous paper … [– note — it is available from the Social Science Research Network , and there is a link , [here]]

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… Secure the Damn Border [#National Security]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,July 31st,2014

.. yes , it is a national necessity .

.. and His Lordship is not to be trusted ..

.. under normal circumstances , one could reasonably conceive of an immigration bill . Any administration might play some political games , and pull and / or stretch the lines , some , but they know that there is a line that they cannot cross . Right now , the ObamaCraps act as if there is no controlling legal authority , none at all . That sends one hell of a loud message , one that travels in many directions . It also causes a great many problems , and greatly hurts our body politic …

.. right now , POTUS cannot be trusted to enforce the law . He will enforce the parts that he wants , redraw the parts that he desires , and make changes without consulting Congress . That is not how our system of government and laws are supposed to work . Each side , even if they do not like the other , needs to have a certain baseline level of trust in each other . At the moment . Congress does not trust POTUS to do his job ..

.. I think that even the Dems on both sides of Crapitol Hill do not trust POTUS . They do not believe that he has their back …

.. private citizens should not have to be in fear for their property or their lives when they live under threat of violence or worse from the damn coyotes . These coyotes are up to no good …

.. [h/t ––]..
.. [link] to the news report ..

.. it helps to have a lawful Administration , one that you know is working to protect the nation . Right now , we do not have that , and the coyotes know it . Until we do , this problem will continue unabated …

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