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… This Supposed ” Iran Agreement ” is Nuts [#policy debate]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,November 28th,2016

.. I have had quite some time to think about this proposed ” Iran Nuclear Agreement . ” I have thought about both the policy and the process , and it is disgusting ..

.. the idea of the policy is outrageous . What in the hell are the ObamaCraps thinking ? Do they really expect that this mess will actually stop the mullahs in Qum from getting the BomB? If they do , then they have to be crazy ..

.. at least some adults in the room [so to speak] are thinking about some decent minimum that should be required of Iran in any agreement . These folks are meeting under the aegis of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy , and they and the Institute agree strongly on this baseline …

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the policy proposals ..
We are united in our view that to maximize its potential for deterring and dissuading Iran from building a nuclear weapon, the emerging nuclear agreement must – in addition to its existing provisions – provide the following :
1. Monitoring and Verification: The inspectors of the International Atomic Energy Agency (the “IAEA”) charged with monitoring compliance with the agreement must have timely and effective access to any sites in Iran they need to visit in order to verify Iran’s compliance with the agreement. This must include military (including IRGC) and other sensitive facilities. Iran must not be able to deny or delay timely access to any site anywhere in the country that the inspectors need to visit in order to carry out their responsibilities.
2. Possible Military Dimensions: The IAEA inspectors must be able, in a timely and effective manner, to take samples, to interview scientists and government officials, to inspect sites, and to review and copy documents as required for their investigation of Iran’s past and any ongoing nuclear weaponization activities (“Possible Military Dimensions” or “PMD”). This work needs to be accomplished before any significant sanctions relief.
3. Advanced Centrifuges: The agreement must establish strict limits on advanced centrifuge R&D, testing, and deployment in the first ten years, and preclude the rapid technical upgrade and expansion of Iran’s enrichment capacity after the initial ten-year period. The goal is to push back Iran’s deployment of advanced centrifuges as long as possible, and ensure that any such deployment occurs at a measured, incremental pace consonant with a peaceful nuclear program.
4. Sanctions Relief: Relief must be based on Iran’s performance of its obligations. Suspension or lifting of the most significant sanctions must not occur until the IAEA confirms that Iran has taken the key steps required to come into compliance with the agreement. Non-nuclear sanctions (such as for terrorism) must remain in effect and be vigorously enforced.
5. Consequences of Violations: The agreement must include a timely and effective mechanism to re-impose sanctions automatically if Iran is found to be in violation of the agreement, including by denying or delaying IAEA access. In addition, the United States must itself articulate the serious consequences Iran will face in that event.


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… Operation Backfire — Another AF Branco Cartoon …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,April 22nd,2014

.. this one is over the White House ‘ s attempt over the Equal Pay debate … Oh Boy , did this one blow up in the ObamaCrap White House ‘ s face — literally …

branco cartoon (operation backfire)

.. [h/t — LegalInsurrection]..

.. [link] to the editorial cartoon ..

.. boy , somebody in the White House policy shop did not do their homework . The arguments on this flew back on the ObamaCraps literally as they were trying to start the argument …

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