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… Can’t People Appreciate A Joke ?!?! [Especially a Pun]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,May 19th,2014

.. these days , apparantely not .

.. the Phi Delta Alphas at Dartmouth College had come up with an original and imaginative way to host a charity fundraiser for their (and their sorority partner ‘ s) chosen charity . They also chose to make the name of their fundraiser a ” play on words ” [that is what a pun is] on both of their names ..

.. they called it a ” Phiesta . “

.. [h/t — DartmouthReview]..
.. [link] to the news story …

.. well , unfortunately , someone went hyper on this pun . They also sent a lengthy e – mail to the College ‘ s administration , complaining about the theme of the charity fundraiser , basically going off on a politically correct rant ..

.. well , Dartmouth ‘ s Department of Student Life went nuts . They ordered the two groups [the fraternity and the sorority] to cancel the fundraiser …

.. On a college or university campus , that body has that power . That does not mean that what the college higher – ups did was right . It was wrong . Very , very wrong . It was also politically correct to the extreme …

.. this clip from the article states things perfectly :

Life at Dartmouth is a Potemkin existence defined by what Jonah Goldberg calls a positive liberty: “someone gives you a whole pile of stuff so that you can be ‘free’ to do whatever you desire.” To adapt his analysis, DDS prepares food for us so that we can eat at our leisure. Dick’s House provides birth control and condoms aplenty so that we can have lots of sex. And when we inevitably make a mess, legions of custodians and administrators are there to clean it all up. In the meantime, students are told to “pursue their interests” no matter how arcane they may be and are instructed in the ethics of sensitivity, awareness, and discussion ad infinitum.

The result of this externally funded bliss is to distort the priorities and sentiments of a cohort already characterized by its selfishness. Egged on by the promise of an “educational Shangri-La,” the “Me Generation” grows stronger in its conviction that its problems are the real ones and that the world below the ivory tower is illusory. Suddenly, problems like heart disease cease to be something that young invincibles put much stock in; instead, bad puns and even worse burritos become the issue du jour of a campus consumed by its own self-importance.

When this happens, progressivism ceases to be progressive; it becomes a prop for the loudest and most sensitive among us. The rules of cause and effect are distorted and the sense of solipsism grows stronger. Local issues replace societal ones as the topics of focus. And the Dartmouth community grows increasingly isolated from the concerns of the world that their education is supposed to help them lead.

In the meantime, many among us keep setting fire to their favorite straw men, blinded by their zest for issues of personal significance. As these targets grow more numerous, the fires grow hotter and burn without discretion. All the while, society beyond the ivy gates shakes its head and wonders about what has become of its youth.

.. LEC here again — for full disclosure , I fully support these folks and their philanthropic work . I am also a proud Sigma Phi Epsilon alum from Cleveland State University in Cleveland , Ohio here in the good ol ‘ U.S. of A. …

.. p.s. — I goofed on the name of the fraternity — Sorry , Guys — It is Phi Delta Alpha …

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