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… Thank You , Kevin Sorbo ! []…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,April 12th,2014

.. follks from all over creation are working to try to make a movie about the mass – murdering butcher , Dr. Kermit Gosnell .

.. it is a herculean effort . it will take a good bit of money , as well .

.. [h/t — theGatewayPundit]..

.. [link] to the video interview and blog post …

.. conservative activist and actor Kevin Sorbo [“Hercules”] and his wife Samantha have made a video explaining why they are foursquare for the  movie . They are contributing their time , as well as their money to the effort .

.. I have contributed a little . I do not have very much money , but I think that this movie is very much worth it …

.. for those who want to contribute , go to []..

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… What is the E.P.A. thinking ?!?! [you have to see this to believe it] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,November 15th,2013

.. Fire Hydrants are for one thing . Fighting fires . Period .

.. It seems that the EcoSocialist Propaganda Agency is trying to pull a real loo – loo of a regulator  ‘ s boner on this one , folks . They are screwing over cities , counties , and numerous jurisdictions , not to mention the Fire Hydrant manufacturers , on this .

.. You may wonder , why ? Because of the risk of lead in the water that comes out from a fire hydrant . Huh ?  the risk of lead getting into the drinking water supply , of all things . You see the words that I highlighted ? Yea , the drinking water risk of lead .  Are these people nuts ?!?!

.. You know what happens when you use a fire hydrant ? The water comes out of it under heavy pressure . If you are at the business end of a fire hose , you will discover that . The hard way . Those things are used for drinking water ? Even when the hydrant is opened , sans hose , you get a bath , big time . Getting drinking water from it is hardly part of the equation . Getting a broken nose or a broken jaw usually is …

.. You should , if you want , read this Bloomberg News piece [link] . It explains the mess that the cities are in in more detail …

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… Fight , Texas , Fight !! ….

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,July 26th,2013

.. Good ! It seems that Texas is definitely going to fight back . Now that the tools are better there , the state of Texas should be in much better shape . I cannot predict victory , but they will have a much better chance of it .

.. It seems His Imperial Highness , Eric Holder , wants to go on the attack against the states . Any state will do . He wants to do away with several measures , not limited to , or including Voter I.D. . It may not be limited to that , I believe . Any measure related to voting integrity , or the prevention of voting fraud , such as the purging or cleaning of voter registration rolls . How the Department of InJustice intends to do it , good question ?

.. The Department of InJustice is preparing to take fresh legal action in a string of voting rights cases across the nation, U.S. officials said, part of a new attempt to blunt the impact of a Supreme Court ruling that the Obama administration has warned will imperil minority representation.

The decision to challenge state officials marks an aggressive effort to continue policing voting rights issues and follows a ruling by the court last month that invalidated a critical part of the 1965 Voting Rights Act. The justices threw out a part of the act that determined which states with a history of discrimination had to be granted Justice Department or court approval before making voting law changes.

.. In the coming weeks, Attorney General Holder expected to announce that the Justice Department is using other sections of the Voting Rights Act to bring lawsuits or take other legal action to prevent states from implementing certain laws, including requirements to present certain kinds of identification in order to vote. The department is also expected to try to force certain states to get approval, or “pre-clearance,” before they can change their election laws.

.. “Even as Congress considers updates to the Voting Rights Act in light of the Court’s ruling, we plan, in the meantime, to fully utilize the law’s remaining sections to subject states to pre-clearance as necessary,” Holder said in a speech Thursday morning in Philadelphia. “My colleagues and I are determined to use every tool at our disposal to stand against such discrimination wherever it is found.”

Holder announced that, in a first step, the department will support a lawsuit in Texas that was brought by a coalition of Democratic legislators and civil rights groups against the state’s redistricting plan.

[link] tweets @pjmedia (bpreston) …

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… Got Him !! [Kermit Gosnell] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,May 14th,2013

.. Kermit Gosnell is going to jail . And , hopefully , he is soon going to meet his maker .

.. Yesterday ,  the jury in his criminal trial completed its work , and reached verdicts in the criminal case . On the important points , Kermit Gosnell was found guilty of 3 of 4 1st degree murder charges . And , for the most part , he was found guilty on many of the other counts .

.. Found Guilty on 21 of 24 felony charges , including the murder charges , overall . Found guilty on 211 of 227 other charges , largely 1st degree and 2nd degree misdemeanors , on abortion – related , and notification – related charges .

.. I am most definitely pro – life , but I do not always follow the leading pro – life sites and blogs . Yesterday , thankfully , I remembered to . Legal Insurrection carried a blogstory , linking to a story , that I now link to , one written by a excellent reporter , LifeNews ‘ Steven Ertelt . Thank You , Steven , for all of your excellent work .

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… on Kermit Gosnell …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,May 4th,2013

suspect # 1

suspect # 1

mass murderer !!

mass murderer !!

.. I was typing my impressions on my laptop , based upon the FoxNewsChannel special on Friday , May 3rd , 2013 . It gave , at least to me , a fairly full , yet succint account of Kermit Gosnell , and his antics . I am including a copy of the Grand Jury Report , for those who want to read it . I have , for the most part . Once the trial is over , I am going to re-read it , in detail .

.. and , do so on an empty stomach .

.. my god , what a murderous butcher !

.. what is taking the criminal trial jury so long . It is a plain and simple , cut and

dried case . He should and will be found guilty , but of what . the Grand Jury Rpt . is

comprehensive , complete , and horrifying .

.. K.G. was never a board – certified ob – gyn , as are most murderer/abortionistas .

He took advantage of many , many people , his circumstances , his beginnings , his

situation , and , most of all , the patients to which their care was entrusted to him

and his staff .

.. He began taking advantage of people early on (early 1970s) , from Chicago , pre –

Roe . Mutilated many of them .

.. Charged outrageous rates for murders . especially late – term and illegal ones .

Became notorious throughout the Eastern U.S. for his late – term antics , and for his butchery , yet people did nothing about it . Why ?

.. Delivered live babies , yes , live , and murdered them . Falsified records .

Horrendously imcompetent and barbaric pratice , if one can call it that .

.. [PUKE !!]

.. delivered “slits” to the back of a number of infants ‘ necks , thus killing them .

His staff finally , at least , showed some sense of humanity , and began documenting

what was happening  .

.. The “conditions” at the Gosnell clinic were beyond barbaric and horrendous . How

could politicians in Pennsylvania (Ridge & Rendell Administrations) stand by and do

absolutely nothing , for so many years . Especially since the news of what was going on

, where , when , and why , and to whom , gradually was getting out .

… more to come ! My God !!

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… Barbaric , and Why ? …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,April 23rd,2013

Judge tosses several counts against #Gosnell , many others remain

..  The prosecution needs to prove its case against Kermit Gosnell beyond a reasonable doubt on each and every count . ..

.. Apparently it did not do that on some counts  ,  particularly 1st Degree Murder as to three of the babies , so the Judge tossed the charges at the close of the prosecution’s case.  The key issue seems to have been whether the prosecution proved the babies were born alive, as opposed to having been killed in the womb . ..

.. Several murder and other counts remain, so while this obviously is disheartening given the testimony we have heard about what went on in the clinic, the search for justice is not over . ..

Judge tosses three murder counts against Kermit Gosnell:

After hearing impassioned arguments from attorneys on both sides of the Kermit Gosnell capital-murder trial Tuesday, a Philadelphia judge threw out three of the seven first-degree murder charges Gosnell faced for allegedly killing fetuses born alive at his abortion clinic.

Also dismissed by the judge was one count of infanticide – the intentional killing of an infant. All other counts against Gosnell, 72, will be decided by the jury, the judge ruled.

In addition to counts of first-degree murder for killing four babies allegedly born alive, those charges include the third-degree murder of a patient who died of a drug overdose following a botched 2009 abortion and multiple counts of preforming illegal, late-term abortions….

Gosnell’s attorney, Jack McMahon, argued that all seven counts regarding the fetuses should be dismissed. None were born alive, he said, all having been injected with death-causing drugs during the abortion process. Assistant District Attorney Edward Cameron argued that there had been enough testimony from former clinic employees that the seven babies were born alive to let the jury decide .

.. Okay , okay , most of the case remains . Just not as much as one would have hoped . Gosnell will get his just desserts , and soon enough . Given the prosecution case on the other counts , and the thoroughness of the grand jury report , Kermit Gosnell will meet his maker , and soon . I believe that he will be found guilty on at least one 1st degree murder charge (likely , more) , and receive the death penalty . That penalty cannot come soon enough . ..

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… Those Knuckleheads have struck Again !! …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,November 6th,2012

… Yea , Those Knuckleheads have struck again…

… Yea , I am talking about the New Black Panther Party, god in heaven help us all …

the New Black Panthers Strike Again !!

… Today is Election Day , and those idiots are in a Philadelphia county polling place . For those who are the uninitiated , Philadelphia County in Pennsylvania is where the city of Philadelphia is located …

… those numskulls entered into a consent agreement with the ObamaCrap Department of Injustice almost two years ago . It was done in order to beat foot on the response of the House Dems to the complaints of the House GOP , with the impending likely blowout at the midterm elections in 2010 almost at hand . Unfortunately , the consent agreement that was entered into was a real “limp noodle.” These goons were using guns at the entrance to several polling places , and the DofiJ enters into a consent agreement, with no criminal charges at all ?

                                                                                           Outrageous !!!!

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