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… the Answer should be Never release Her …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,April 10th,2013

… the answer should be Never release her …

.. I am well familiar with the case of traitor lawyer Lynne Stewart . She was , as many know , the lead legal defense counsel for convicted and jailed blind Egyptian sheik Omar Abdel Rahman . She evidently has stage-4 breast cancer. Her radical friends — ranging from the “Party for Socialism and Liberation” and “Workers World” to Pete Seeger and others want her freed from jail . They have got to be kidding . ..

.. There is only one simple and decent answer to them : …

.. No . Hell , No . Never ..

.. How can they just let her suffer and perish behind bars ? All she did was “ distribute press releases .  ” No , she did not . She was his lawyer , and he was allowed no outside contact . None . She acted in concert and conspiracy with him to pass messages to his followers . The authorities have her nailed , if you will , “dead to rights . ” ..   .. Defying a judge’s communications ban, Stewart ferreted messages to the Blind Sheik from fellow jihadist Rifa’l Ahman Tara urging him to support a new wave of Islamic violence in Egypt — and then smuggled out a coded order to his followers lifting a ceasefire between his terrorist group and the Egyptian government. Stewart personally delivered one of the messages to a Reuters reporter . ..

Stewart remains unrepentant. She called 9/11 an “armed struggle.” Upon her initial sentencing, she boasted that she could serve the term “standing on her head.” After she was convicted of aiding and abetting Rahman, she told an interviewer she “would do it again.”   Now she wants mercy, medical comforts and freedom ? No ! Never ! This messenger gal for murderous barbarians made her bed . She should die in it.

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