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… Yes , It Does [#missing email]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,May 19th,2016

.. when e – mail goes missing , when it is not taken care of properly , then it will cause problems . When it is a criminal inquiry , then it causes major problems ..

.. considering that it is Brian Pagliano [the Clintons ‘ former webmaster for their private server] , oops ?!?! ..

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the blog post ..

.. you can bet that the F.B.I. will be hot on the trail on this , count on it !! …


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… Nicely Done , F.B.I. [#email recovery]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,November 11th,2015

.. evidence recovery is a tricky business . Many agencies can at least do some of it . However , there are some agencies that are the very best in the business at what they do . Among them is the F.B.I. ..

.. when you deal with an email server , remember , it is a piece of electronics . Dealing with it involves some very sophisticated training , software , and personnel . However , documents can be recovered , if you know what you are doing , and how to do it …

.. it seems that Bill and Hillary Clinton were and are paranoid about their security . They spend tens of millions of dollars of legal fees during his years in office , as well as afterwards . Their marriage was tested , very nearly to the limit . So they wanted their own little private email server for their own use . That included Miz Hillary ‘ s use while she was in office as SecState ..

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the blog post ..

.. however , they may well have made a huge blunder . They erased the hard drive on  their server while she was under investigation for various offenses . That is a very bad idea , one that can land either one or both of the them in jail . However, the F.B.I. came to the rescue ..

.. the F.B.I. has all sorts of technical experts in various fields . When called upon , they can recover evidence that very many people would believe would be impossible to recover . Well , the F.B.I. came through , and recovered a great many emails from the Clintons ‘ private server ..

.. more to come ..

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… Eric Holder has made a Huge Blunder …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,April 4th,2014

.. you might ask , why ?

.. it is that he has actually made a determination on the I.R.S. investigation , that is why …

.. [h/t — WashingtonExaminer]..
.. [link] to the Editorial ..

.. this is where the I.G.’ s report [J. Russell George] for the I.R.S @ the Treasury Department becomes critically important . Also , the actions , or lack thereof , in the civil lawsuits , in particular , the ones that are represented by the American Center for Law and Justice [the A.C.L.J.] …

.. when A.G. Holder kept silent , and did nothing , even as much as people bellyached , no one could do anything . Once he actually made a determination NOT to appoint a special counsel , then people could move and take action …

.. now , people can sue , either in D.C. in District Court , or directly in the Court of Appeals (it is one of the rare times that a legal case can begin directly there , instead of down lower) . One can also take action in the District Court where the A.C.L.J. has its legal cases situated …

.. people should sue , and demand what is known as a ” writ of mandamus . ” Mandamus means , literally , I demand , and is something that can not be requested all that often . When the clear evidence requires that a government official has a clear ministerial duty to do something that the evidence dictates (and refuses to do so) , then a citizen can act and request a mandamus order from a federal judge .

.. I believe that now is that time . It is abundantly clear that Eric Holder and his cronies are conspiring to obstruct justice , and the deputy Treasury I.G. for the I.R.S. (George , again) lays out the basics of the criminal case . The law calls for a special counsel to be appointed in such a case , and Holder has refused to do so . Well , the evidence says yes , and his conduct at the Department of Injustice is criminal …

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… John Koskinen should be Held in Contempt …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,March 31st,2014

.. he is the current Commissioner of the Infernal Revenue Service .

.. those dummies have been stalling on congressional subpoenas that have been issued for the e – mails related to the work product of now – retired IRS person Lois Lerner …

.. Ms . Lerner has a lot to answer for . Ideally , she should get use immunity . But her conduct with the Justice Department makes me wonder whether she would comply with the terms of her proffer agreement .

.. [h/t — DailyCaller]..
.. [link] to the congressional testimony segment …

.. Trey Gowdy & Company should hold Koskinen ‘ s feet to the fire . They can and should produce Lerner ‘ s work product e – mails , and in short order . It is the gross misconduct of the Department of InJustice that Koskinen , Lerner , and many other ObamaCraps are getting away with bloody murder by obstruction of congressional oversight …

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… Why Does Lois Lerner stay Silent ?? …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,March 16th,2014

.. it is not because that she is afraid of being prosecuted ..

.. there is an ObamaCrap crony who is in charge of the IRSgate investigation . Only shame by Congress will force that crony off of the dime , and force the ObamaCrap Department of InJustice to appoint someone more independent of the Administration . She is talking to them , but not to Congress … Why ??

.. it is …

So, Lois Lerner still won’t talk about her role in the illegal targeting and harassment by the IRS of conservative and Tea Party groups seeking 501(c)(4) tax exemptions. Lerner appeared for a second time Wednesday before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform and claimed her Fifth Amendment right not to incriminate herself. It isn’t hard to figure out why Lerner’s lips are sealed.

First, she knows the House of Representatives can cite her for contempt of Congress, but Attorney General Eric Holder would decide whether she is prosecuted on that charge. Lerner need not worry since President Obama has already told the world there wasn’t “a smidgen of corruption” in the IRS actions, and Holder allowed a major Obama campaign contributor to have a role in Department of Justice‘s faux investigation of the scandal.

The second and far more revealing reason Lerner is being what the Mafia calls “a good soldier” is seen in the questions posed to her by Rep. Darrell Issa, the California Republican who chairs the oversight panel. For example, Issa noted that Lerner told a Duke University group in October 2010 that “everyone is up in arms” over the Supreme Court‘s Citizens United decision and that “the Federal Election Commission can’t do anything about it. They want the IRS to fix the problem.” Lerner refused to answer Issa’s request that she explain who was the “they” to which she referred or how they made clear their desire that the IRS “fix the problem.”

Similarly, Issa asked about her statement in a September 2010 email to subordinates in which she directed them to begin “a c4 project” and warned them that “we need to be cautious so it isn’t a per se political project.” Lerner refused to explain why she was worried that the project could be viewed as political. Then Issa asked her about a February 2011 email in which she said “Tea Party Matter very dangerous.” Lerner refused to say either what the Tea Party “matter” was or why she viewed it as “dangerous.”

Finally, Issa told Lerner that another IRS executive had told the oversight panel that she had ordered that Tea Party applications be subjected to a “multi-level review.” She refused to explain why she singled out Tea Party applications for such reviews.

These simple questions – each based on indisputable facts – establish that somebody outside of the IRS told her they wanted the tax agency to “fix” something involving groups seeking 501(c)(4) tax status, that she directed subordinates to begin a (c)(4) project she feared could be seen as “political,” that she viewed Tea Party groups as “dangerous,” and that she ordered that such groups be subjected to “multi-level review.”

Those are the four essential points of the IRS scandal : … Who ordered the tax agency to get involved, who in the tax agency responded, who they targeted and what actions they took. She cannot answer these questions because, as she herself has claimed, that would be incriminating. Lerner and others must hope Issa doesn’t already have the answers.

.. LEC — I would add in a fifth point — Why ?

.. LEC again here — God in Heaven help the Administration presuming the full truth comes out … if the ObamaCrap White House is involved , if it is even only at the staff level , it will do grave damage to the Obama Administration . As arrogant as these bastards and bitches are , I think that they were stupid enough to put it down on e – mail that orders came from highers – up , and who got the orders … and why …

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