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… Extending the Risk Corridors [ObamaCrapCare] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,February 24th,2014

.. this one is the insurer bailout provision ,folks .

.. it seems that His Lordship wants to extend it beyond 2016 …

.. with what controlling legal authority one might ask . The risk corridors program expires at the end of 2016 . So that is that …. or with this crowd , is it ? …

.. from HotAir [Allahpundit] …

White House weighing plan to extend ObamaCare’s “risk corridor,” i.e. bailout, program beyond 2016?

posted at 4:41 pm on February 18, 2014 by Allahpundit

The program’s supposed to be transitional, sunsetting in 2016 after the new exchanges have had a few years to launch and then stabilize.

Emphasis on “supposed to be.”

Industry insiders told the Washington Examiner a plan to extend the Affordable Care Act’s “risk corridors” are under discussion, but that administration officials have not made a final decision…

The Obama Administration is now weighing a plan to grant an additional three-year extension for non-complaint plans on the individual market. Such a move would prevent millions of people from losing their policies in the critical weeks and months before the 2014 election.

But it would also allow people on the individual market to keep non-compliant plans beyond the risk corridor’s 2016 expiration date, leaving health insurance companies serving the exchange vulnerable to financial losses as the more healthy customers continue to stay out of the exchanges.

Health insurance companies are looking for something in exchange for the three-year extension, which will make it much harder for them to sign up healthier and younger customers. Extending the risk corridor program is part of that conversation with the White House, industry sources said.

Remember back in November when Obama was eating truckloads of crap for breaking his “if you like your plan” promise? His solution was to let insurers “un-cancel” canceled plans — but lost in the hubbub at the time was the fact that he said he’d allow it for just one year. The obvious problem with that timeline is that it means this issue will bubble up again this fall, just in time for the midterms. New solution, then: Quietly allow insurers to keep un-canceled plans in effect past the midterms, for another three years. That’s how Obama just “solved” his little electoral problem with the employer mandate, isn’t it? Three-year extensions across the board, to minimize the damage to Democrats from his pet boondoggle in November. The problem is, because the old un-canceled plans are typically cheaper than expensive new “comprehensive” ObamaCare exchange plans, the extension means insurers are suddenly looking at less revenue than they counted on all the way through 2017. That’s where the “risk corridors” come in. Assuming the Examiner’s report is true, the White House is going to make this worth the industry’s while by extending the timeline for the bailout program too. Any losses they suffer in 2017 would, presumably, be partly offset by Uncle Sam even though the “risk corridor” is supposed to have terminated by then. Your tax dollars will buy insurers’ complicity in yet another illegal extension.

Bob Laszewski kinda sorta saw this coming, by the way. Last month he published a post arguing that, for all its faults, ObamaCare won’t cause a death spiral in the insurance industry anytime soon. The reason: The “risk corridor” program. Since Uncle Sam’s on the hook for any heavy losses in the industry, insurers are under no immediate pressure to raise premiums, the potential trigger of a death spiral. They can keep premiums artificially low — at least for a few years, until the “risk corridor” sunsets. Laszewski figured insurers would give the White House one more chance next year to get their act together on implementation and to start signing up the uninsured en masse; if they failed, he said, he expected companies to start parachuting out of the exchanges in 2016 before the “risk corridor” program expires. Which is to say, it’s very much in the White House’s interest to keep the program in effect, if it can, to keep insurers from abandoning the exchanges, especially if HHS has reason to think the risk pools they’re projecting will be less young and healthy than they had hoped. (And they do have such a reason at the moment.) The last thing Democrats need in a presidential election year is “Insurers give up on ObamaCare” headlines. Promise them some more sugar and you can avoid that. Maybe.

It seems naive at this point to ask whether the White House could extend the “risk corridor” unilaterally or whether that would be illegal. If they want to do it, they’ll do it regardless. O’s theory in issuing periodic delays or extensions for ObamaCare’s provisions is that, during the law’s transitional phase, he has some latitude legally to tweak implementation to make it go more smoothly. Extending the “risk corridors” past 2016, though, would mean the “transitional” phase had lasted past the end of his own presidency. It’s dubious, but it’s also in character. Here’s a question, though: Why would insurers leak this info now, when Marco Rubio’s trying to build support within the GOP for a bill to repeal the “risk corridor” program? He’s had little luck getting it on the leadership’s radar but his luck could change now that rumors are swirling that the bailout provisions might be extended into 2017 and beyond. The recent CBO numbers that found that the “risk corridor” could actually make money for taxpayers is a problem for the GOP, but (a) CBO’s numbers can be challenged and (b) CBO assumed that the “risk corridor” would be gone by 2016. Even if O decides to unilaterally extend the program, a new Republican Senate next year could join forces with some red-state Dems and Boehner’s House majority to repeal it, forcing Obama to either acquiesce in the repeal or to veto it and be seen as singlehandedly defending indefinite bailouts for insurers. Very strange that insurance industry sources, who stand to benefit, would be blabbing about this now.

… from the Washington Examiner [Susan Ferrechio] …

Obamacare changes may include extension of risk corridors

 Susan Ferrechio                             | FEBRUARY 17, 2014 AT 5:18 AM

The Obama Administration may extend beyond 2016 a federal reimbursement program for health insurance companies that lose money by participating in the newly created health care exchanges.

Industry insiders told the Washington Examiner a plan to extend the Affordable Care Act’s “risk corridors” are under discussion, but that administration officials have not made a final decision.

The risk corridor program was written into the 2,700-page health care bill to help the insurance companies offset losses if they enroll too few healthy customers and sign up too many people with high health care costs.

Risk corridors are aimed at keeping premiums from skyrocketing by requiring the government to “share in the risk associated with the new marketplace,” according to the health care lobbying group America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP).

Insurance companies pay into a pool to cover losses for companies that fare poorly but the federal government must step in if there is widespread loss, which some say could happen due to the lack of participation on the health care exchanges from young and healthy individuals.

The program, however is only meant to be short term, AHIP said, to “ease the transition between the old and new marketplace.”

But the disastrous rollout of the law resulted in millions of people on the individual market losing health care policies that did not include the “essential benefits” required under the new health care law, including maternity care and pediatric dentistry. The resulting public outcry prompted President Obama on Nov. 14 to announce that health insurance companies could allow customers to keep their old plans for an extra year.

The Obama Administration is now weighing a plan to grant an additional three-year extension for non-complaint plans on the individual market. Such a move would prevent millions of people from losing their policies in the critical weeks and months before the 2014 election.

But it would also allow people on the individual market to keep non-compliant plans beyond the risk corridor’s 2016 expiration date, leaving health insurance companies serving the exchange vulnerable to financial losses as the more healthy customers continue to stay out of the exchanges.

Health insurance companies are looking for something in exchange for the three-year extension, which will make it much harder for them to sign up healthier and younger customers. Extending the risk corridor program is part of that conversation with the White House, industry sources said.

“If the extension increases adverse selection, premiums will go up and taxpayers will be on the hook for more money through extending the risk corridors,” Mike Tanner, a health care policy scholar at the Cato Institute, a libertarian think tank, said. “The question is, how much? And I don’t think anybody knows because I don’t think anybody knows how many people we are talking about.”

John C. Goodman, the president and CEO of The National Center for Policy Analysis, believes insurance companies participating on the exchanges are headed for significant losses as the sickest and most medically vulnerable get dumped into the exchanges and waivers and delays are granted to the healthy.

In Detroit, for example, city officials are considering pushing onto the health care exchanges municipal retirees who are too young to qualify for Medicare.

“I can understand why they are talking about extending the risk corridors because I think the losses are going to be quite large,” Goodman said.

Health care law supporters point out that the federal government can make money off risk corridor programs. A Congressional Budget Office report last week predicted the federal government won’t lose a dime through the risk corridor program but will end up netting $8 billion.

The CBO based its estimate on the performance of risk corridors established under the Medicare Part D prescription drug benefit program passed by a Republican-led Congress and signed into law by President Bush in 2003.

“The risk corridor program was a good idea during the Bush administration, and it worked,” Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Md., said during a recent hearing on the program. “Rather than a bailout for insurance companies, the program has resulted in $7 billion in net gains to taxpayers. But now since these same mechanisms are part of the Affordable Care Act, Republicans argue that they are a bailout for insurance companies.”

Critics in and out of Congress want legislation to repeal the risk corridors and warn that Obamacare won’t yield the same kind of results as Medicare Part D because of the much larger size and scope of the new health care law and the potential for a much larger pool of sick and unhealthy on the exchanges.

“Medicare Part D made money, but I don’t think that’s going to be true here,” said Douglas Holtz-Eakin, the former director of the Congressional Budget Office who now runs American Action Forum, which describes itself as a center-right policy institute.

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla. has introduced legislation to repeal the risk corridor provision in the health care law, but Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., has no plans to take up the bill.

… LEC here again — no controlling legal authority …

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… What are the DummyCraps Doing ?? [on ObamaCrapCare]

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,February 12th,2014

.. what are these people thinking and doing ?

.. this country has always celebrated the individual , the entrepreneur , the businessman , the farmer , those who work their fannies off to build something , whether it is a service or a product or a business …

.. Now , the DummyCraps celebrate sitting on our butts … Gross ! …

My, oh, my, how times have changed. America now has a government that views work as a trap and celebrates those who escape it.

That is the upshot of last week’s remarkable exchange over ObamaCare. It began when the head of the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office reported that the interplay of taxes and subsidies in the law “creates a disincentive for people to work.” The report predicted the mix would lead to fewer hours worked, costing the equivalent of nearly 2.5 million jobs.

In response, President Obama’s spokesman pleaded guilty — with pride and pleasure.

“Opportunity created by affordable, quality health insurance allows families in America to make a decision about how they will work, or if they will work,” Jay Carney said. Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi applauded the law for freeing people from “job-lock.”

.. what must people be thinking …

.. [h/t — theGatewayPundit]..

.. [link] to the Press Corpse briefing clip … it is only JayBoy Carney looking like an idiot , as usual …

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… The Continuing Problems with the Latest ObamaCrapCare change …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,December 23rd,2013

.. the other night , the Obama administration announced two big changes to Obamacare, for people who have seen their individual-market insurance plans canceled this year: They won’t have to comply with the individual mandate, meaning they can go without insurance and not pay the not-insubstantial fine (1 percent of their income, basically); and if they do want insurance, they can buy a “catastrophic” plan on the exchanges, which is cheaper than any of the other plans available.

..  This will make life easier , in the short term , for some number of Americans — millions have seen their plans canceled, though the White House suggests just half a million of them still haven’t signed up for new plans, gotten Medicaid, or enrolled in an exchange plan .

.. These changes could be “a very big problem for the law.” Here is why :

[-] It violates our system of governance — Presidents are not dictators . They do not have the right to make these kind of changes at a whim .

[-] Lack of Congressional Oversight — for the obvious reasons .

[-] The way it treats the uninsured is unfair and potentially politically unsustainable.

Now that the law’s requirements have been significantly weakened for people who did have insurance in 2013, it’s going to be hard to stand by them for people who didn’t.

In theory, this does reflect one of the principles of how the health-insurance market works: Under pre-Obamacare law, consumers were guaranteed the right to renew their policies (with some cost changes, of course). If you were uninsured, on the other hand, you could have a much harder time finding coverage on the individual market — which is why, for instance, people are allowed to maintain employer coverage for a certain period of time after leaving a job. But Obamacare is supposed to be about expanding coverage, and the inequities this change will create can be really problematic.

More simply, of course, people whose plans have been canceled will now simply be able to go without insurance, period, at no cost. People who were uninsured in 2012, meanwhile, will have to pay the penalty — for now.

[-] The way it treats almost everyone else is unfair: The exchanges have been open for three months now, and plenty of Americans have committed to buy plans that were either more expensive than they want or that they didn’t want in the first place. If people whose individual-market plans have been canceled knew this was going to happen, they could have waited to buy a catastrophic plan, or bought one on the non-exchange market, or gone without insurance entirely.

[-] Adverse selection  — This means people who might otherwise buy insurance — say, middle-aged people with potentially looming health problems — can go without it, and if a serious health-care problem comes up, they can just enroll in the exchanges. Not everyone will take advantage of this, but at the margins, it allows people who might otherwise worry about catastrophic health-care bills to stay out of the exchanges, and ensures some flow of very sick, expensive people into them. Health insurance companies can’t change their rates to take account of that, and that information disconnect is what economists call “adverse selection.” On the margins, it will raise premiums for healthy people on the exchanges, and make insurers more wary of participating.

[-] More adverse selection — The catastrophic plans that the Obama administration will now let anyone with a canceled plan enroll in this year were originally set up for anyone under the age of 30, and for anyone who gets a hardship exemption. Now, they’ll see an influx of people who had their plans canceled, a group that insurers don’t actually know much about — and for whom they haven’t set their premiums.

[-] Even more adverse selection  — The catastrophic-insurance markets and the rest of the exchanges are separate risk pools. Within a given state, individual insurers don’t really have to worry about enrolling too many unhealthy or old people, because of something implemented by Obamacare called “risk adjustment.”

Insurers with sicker groups get compensated, basically, by insurers that enrolled healthier groups. In all, the insurers want healthier and bigger pools, because they can take on more financial risk safely and make more money, but risk adjustment means it’s lot less useful for them to try to attract healthy enrollees.

The Obama administration is now going to alter the parameters for the catastrophic pool and the normal exchange pool in every state. If their claim that just half a million people who are getting hardship exemptions is accurate, this will also just be a marginal adjustment — but still one the insurance industry wasn’t expecting.

[-] Increased confusion — While there are a lot of groups communicating directly with actual enrollees, the information trickling down from a CMS report, filtered through the media, is not going to help Americans make informed decisions about their plans.

Related articles

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… Anyone able to Screen out Abortion Coverage ? …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,October 17th,2013

..courtesy of ObamaCrapCare , and their “Essential Benefits Package , ” lwell , one can end up paying for murder , er , abortion coverage in O.C.C. , without knowing it …

… from LifeNews (Steven Ertelt) …

Obamacare Exchanges Hide Info on Abortion Coverage, Mandatory Abortion Surcharge

by Steven Ertelt | | 10/12/13 3:16 AM

With the exchanges of Obamacare activated this month, it has become evident that it is nearly impossible for individuals to try to determine which exchange plans on their state exchange, if any, exclude abortion, said a group of lawmakers at a bipartisan press conference Wednesday.

U.S. Rep. Chris Smith (NJ-04) unveiled his legislation, H.R. 3279, the “Abortion Insurance Full Disclosure Act” —cosponsored by 70 other Members of the House—to ensure full disclosure of abortion coverage, requiring prominent and transparent disclosure of abortion coverage for each plan offered on an exchange. This is crucial information for millions of Americans since the many plans that include elective abortion are required by law to impose a monthly mandatory abortion surcharge. Many Americans object to paying a surcharge into a fund to be used solely for the purpose of aborting unborn babies.

Smith said the inauguration of the Obamacare exchanges reveals that many health insurance plans throughout the nation will include abortion on demand—even late term abortions. Smith recalled that in October 2009, President Obama said in a speech to a joint session of Congress that, “under our plan, no federal dollars will be used to fund abortion… .” A week after the Obamacare rollout, many are now discovering that—contrary to solemn promises made by the President himself—Obamacare violates the Hyde Amendment by funding plans that include abortion.

“The new law requires premium payers to be assessed an abortion surcharge every month to pay for abortions,” said Rep. Smith. “But many pro-life Americans may unwittingly purchase pro-abortion plans because of a marketing secrecy clause embedded in Obamacare which stipulates that the surcharge be minimally disclosed only at the time of enrollment. In other words, bury it in the fine print. This is a Right to Know bill. Americans have a right to know upfront and with full transparency when they are purchasing a plan that subsidizes the killing of unborn children. Even the most ardent advocate of abortion should embrace full disclosure.”

Joining Smith and Dan Lipinksi (D-IL), co-chairs of the Pro-Life Caucus, were Reps. Joe Pitts (PA-16) and Diane Black (TN-06), Vicky Hartzler (MO-04) and Trent Franks (AZ-08).

“Americans buying their insurance through the new healthcare exchanges shouldn’t have to spend hours trying to figure out if the money they pay for premiums will be spent to provide abortions. This bill will give the American people the transparency they need to make informed decisions that are in line with their religious and moral beliefs,” Rep. Dan Lipinski said. “None of this would be a problem if we pass the ‘No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act.’ There is a longstanding principle in our country that the federal government does not subsidize abortions. Yet under Obamacare, taxpayer money under the guise of federal subsidies will be paying for insurance that covers elective abortion. This needs to stop.”

“The President tells Americans that they can go online, find the plan that covers what they need, and make a selection,” said Rep. Joe Pitts. “If Obamacare is all about choice, then why is the administration making it so difficult for people to find out about whether a plan pays for abortion? It’s time that we got some truth in advertising.”

“The Obamacare exchange launch has been an unmitigated disaster,” said Congressman Diane Black. “One of the most troubling problems is that many consumers are unclear as to what exactly will be covered by the plans they purchase online. Clearly Americans who are pro-life would object to paying for a health care plan that included abortion coverage and then be forced to pay an abortion surcharge into a fund that is meant to be used solely for the purposes of destroying human life. And this is equally problematic for the millions of Americans who simply don’t believe the federal government should be subsidizing abortions. The Abortion Insurance Full Disclosure Act would simply require that all plans on the exchanges disclose whether or not the plan includes abortion coverage. This is not a partisan issue—this is commonsense.”

I support the legislation that Rep. Chris Smith has put forward, and I adamantly believe that we need to lift the veil of secrecy from Obamacare while ensuring transparent policies,” said Rep. Vicky Hartzler. “I commend every member that has signed on to this bill, and I also encourage members of both parties and the Senate to vote for this common-sense legislation. We must eliminate the “secrecy clauses” and “abortion fees” from current taxpayer subsidized insurance plans and fight to restore individual religious liberty and moral conscience to our medical decisions.”

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… Gotcha ! [the ObamaCrapCare disaster !] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,October 15th,2013

.. I am a beginning computer professional . I know others that are better at this than I am , and they are , as it is said , L – M – A – O ! .

.. You got it right . These idiots should have known better that this stuff just ” was not ready for prime time … ” . Someone better and a Great Communicator at it could tell you better than I , the MahaRushie

… transcript …

.. the October 9th , 2013 show …

The Obamacare Rollout Disaster
October 09, 2013

Windows Media


RUSH: From the NBC website, First Read. It is NBC News’ version of an early-morning summary of the news, supposedly the news. NBC’s version of what’s happening, what has happened, what’s important. There are many paragraphed items there, and here is one about four or five into it.

“Another tough health-care story for the White House: Another day, another story about how the White House was warned for weeks, if not months, that had flaws. This one comes courtesy of the Washington Post: ‘Major insurers, state health-care officials and Democratic allies repeatedly warned the Obama administration in recent months that the new federal health-insurance exchange had significant problems, according to people familiar with the conversations. Despite those warnings and intense criticism from Republicans, the White House proceeded with an Oct. 1 launch.’ The White House continues to claim all of its web site problems are simply traffic related but there are clearly plenty of folks who think, it’s more than that, that it was designed poorly.”

What does this mean? It means that the regime knew that wasn’t ready. They knew it couldn’t handle the load. It also knew that its structure was flawed. Even if it could handle the load, it was not right. They went ahead and did it anyway because it doesn’t matter. I’ve gotten blue in the face, and I know if you’re a 24-year-old frightened woman, this is gonna scare you, but the fact of the matter is Obama himself doesn’t care about details like this. He doesn’t care what it ends up costing people. All that matters is what he will say about it and what will be reported about what he says and therefore what you will be told to believe.


The reality is he doesn’t care. He really doesn’t, and he hasn’t for a long time. Because Obamacare is not about improved health care or cheaper insurance or better treatment or insuring the uninsured, and it never has been about that. It’s about statism. It’s about expanding the government. It’s about control over the population. It is about everything but health care. And that purpose has been served. It’s the law. So now it doesn’t matter whether it works. These are little details that we’ll flesh out as it unrolls. It didn’t matter whether it was ready. It didn’t matter whether all the promises made were kept. That is irrelevant. Selling it, getting it passed and signed into law was all that mattered. Ditto the sequester. Ditto anything else.

The president hasn’t told the truth about much, and yesterday in his press conference he continued. The whoppers yesterday, folks, I can’t let go of this. He talked yesterday in his press conference about the default and how it’s gonna happen. We’re not gonna default. We take in sufficiently more money every month via tax revenue than we are required to pay to service the debt. That’s about $18 billion. And we take in $250 billion. We’re nowhere near a default, even if we don’t raise the debt ceiling. He knows it, but it doesn’t matter. The truth is not what matters. What matters is what he can make you think, along with his media friends, of the Republicans. That’s all that matters.

When it comes to Obamacare, what it is, in reality, is irrelevant. The fact that it doesn’t work doesn’t matter. It’s the law now. It’s an achievement. It’s an accomplishment the Democrats have sought for 50 years. Doesn’t work. Even the media is on to it. Washington Examiner: “Obamacare Still Broken: Website says try back ‘in a few days’ — Over a week after Obamacare kicked in, the computer system is still blocking insurance applicants due to major glitches and traffic, prompting a live chat room host on the government’s website to suggest that it would be best to ‘wait a few days.’

“Secrets,” that’s the name of the column here, “attempted again on Wednesday to enter the system but within two minutes a red line crossed the computer screen reading: ‘Important. Your account couldn’t be created at this time. The system is unavailable.'”

... the first liar ! ...

… the first liar ! …

Another story from something called The Federalist: “Obamacare Rollout A Case Study In Government Ineptitude.” Let me just read you three pull quotes from this story. The first one. “The snafu illustrates the core incompetency of the federal government: because of how it is structured and who it attracts, it is simply incapable of doing much of anything that the private sector can do. If the private tech sector’s motto is ‘Faster, better, cheaper,’ then the federal government’s would have to be, ‘Slower, worse, and crazy expensive.'”

Second pull quote. “So what gives? How is it that the president who gave us an unquestionably brilliant campaign tech team couldn’t deliver the goods for a simple government-run website that lists health care plans? ‘It’s pretty simple,’ one federal IT contractor told me. ‘The government is not exactly hiring the best of the best to manage and develop these projects. It’s not like they’re bringing in people from Facebook or Google.’ The private sector gets the best, and the government gets the rest.”

Another pull quote. “Another major problem goes beyond the tech talent itself to the people who manage the developers. One common complaint I heard was unclear, yet constantly changing contract requirements. ‘I can’t tell you how many times I’d be 90 percent done with one requested task, only to have it changed at the last minute to something completely different,’ the contractor told me. ‘Most of the time I never had the chance to go back and finish that last 10 percent.'”

It is an utter disaster.

The Weekly Standard: “Obamacare Marketplace: Personal Data Can Be Used For ‘Law Enforcement and Audit Activities.'” Obamacare has not-so-hidden provisions that allow them to give all of your health information to the police and to the IRS anytime they want. And all your e-mails to Obamacare about private matters, those will be shared by the government as well.

Jacksonville, Illinois, Journal-Courier news: “Growing concerns about identity theft and fraud have led the Illinois Department of Insurance to issue a public warning, just as the new health insurance exchanges enter their implementation phase. Concern focuses on those charged with assisting Illinoisans with enrollment to the new health insurance exchanges, the so-called ‘navigators.’ … This will give navigators access to individuals’ personally identifiable information: the information necessary for identity theft.”

It’s an utter disaster.

CBS News has piled on now. Washington Post has piled on. NBC, at least they’re reporting it. They’re not condemning it, they’re just reporting, and they’re concerned, they’re worried. See, these are the true believers. The Obama media people actually believe this was designed to work. They actually think it’s gonna be the best thing going. They actually think it’s gonna lower costs. They actually think it’s gonna ensure the 30 million uninsured. They actually believe all the crap that they’re told, because they’re good people. They have big hearts. And they have good intentions. And they have lots of compassion.

They believe all this tripe. They believe the government does it better than anybody else. They believe the government should. So here comes a smooth talker like Obama promising the moon, they eat it up. Then when it doesn’t happen, they’re genuinely worried. They don’t want their guy to look bad. They don’t want Obama to look bad. They don’t want the Democrat Party to look bad. This is not the way it was supposed to be. And they’re like anybody else, they go to any website, private sector, and it works. Amazon, iTunes, you name it, they go there, it works. This doesn’t. This just doesn’t work.

Ashley Dionne is a 26-year-old Michigan University student. She sent a letter to Dennis Prager, my old buddy from Los Angeles. She said, “My name is Ashley Dionne and I’m a 26-year-old recent graduate from Michigan. The phony Obamacare signup poster boy made me want to send a message about how Obamacare is really affecting people.

“I graduated from The University of Michigan in 2009. In my state, this used to mean something, but even with a bachelor’s I was told I was too educated and wouldn’t stay. I watched as kids with GEDs and high school diploma’s took the low-paying jobs for which I applied. I went back to school and got a second degree and finally found work at a gym. I work nights and only get 32 hours a week for eight dollars an hour. I’m unable to find a second job at this time. I have asthma, ulcers, and mild cerebral palsy. Obamacare takes my monthly rate from $75 a month for full coverage on my ‘Young Adult Plan,’ to $319 a month. After $6,000 in deductibles, of course.”

What Ashley Dionne is describing here is what happened to her when she left the nest, because all kids eventually become 27 years old, and at that point they’re no longer covered by mom and dad. They are finding that with Obamacare they’re going broke. And this woman wrote Prager a note about it.

“‘Liberals claimed this law would help the poor. I am the poor, the working poor, and I can’t afford to support myself, let alone older generations and people not willing to work at all. This law has raped my future. It will keep me and kids my age from having a future at all. This is the real face of Obamacare and it isn’t pretty.’ In a statement to Campus Reform, Dionne clarified her reason for writing the letter. ‘I wanted to get my message about Obamacare out, because I’m being directly and negatively affected by it, but I know it’s not just me. Obamacare will make my life more difficult. It will hurt more people than it will help.’ Ashley Dionne is a 2009 graduate of the University of Michigan and a 2012 graduate of Baker College.”

She can’t afford it. She can’t find work that pays more than eight bucks an hour and 32 hours a week. The new America. I don’t know if she voted for Obama or not. It doesn’t say. It doesn’t sound like she did. It sounds like she was predisposed to knowing what this was all about but maybe didn’t realize how bad it was, but I’m just guessing. I don’t know who she voted for. I probably shouldn’t speculate.

... liar , liar , pants on fire ! ...

… liar , liar , pants on fire ! …


RUSH: You know, ladies and gentlemen, do you remember Maxine Waters? She was on I think CNN, Roland Martin still worked there then, and now he’s somewhere else at like Media One or Media One and a half, I don’t know where he is, but he was at CNN, and she was a guest on his show, and she said — and we had the audio — Cookie, you don’t need to go get it. She said (paraphrasing), “The president has put in place an organization with the kind of database that no one has ever seen before in life. It’s gonna be very, very powerful. And that database will have information about everything on every individual in ways that it’s never been done before. And whoever runs for president on the Democratic ticket has to deal with that. They’re going to go down with that database, and the concerns of those people, because they can’t get around it. And he, Obama, he’s been very smart. It’s very powerful, what he’s leaving in place.”

You remember that? You know, Maxine screws up every now and then and let’s the whole cat out of the bag. She’s talking to the oil executives one day. “We want to take over your companies.” They had to send the mayor of Washington to her apartment, say, “Shut up. We don’t say that in public.” But she did. As I’m listening to Joanne talk about all this, I’m remembering Maxine Waters talking about this massive Obama database that he’s setting up that nobody’s ever had before. The point that she was making, any Democrat that runs against him is gonna just be humiliated and embarrassed if they try to unseat him, ’cause they’re gonna know every bit of dirt that there is. And then he’s gonna have this thing in place, he’s gonna leave it to the Democrat Party when he leaves, and they’re gonna have access to it.

We just learned from The Politico, when you go to and you’re just looking around, one of the first things you have to do is set up an account. And once you do that, you can never delete it. Politico is reporting, once you set up your account, and that means your user name and password and all of your vitals, that’s what’s setting up the account is, all the questions, you can never delete your account. And everybody’s signing up at This is the database that Maxine’s talking about., you set up your account, and you can’t delete it. It’s your permanent record, folks. Even if you just go there to play around and see what this thing is, before you can do that, you have to set up your account, and once that’s done, you can’t delete it. It is there forever.


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… No Kidding [ObamaCrapCare does not Work] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,October 14th,2013

.. well , it is 10 days in , and we all see the mess that ObamaCrapCare is in . What a colossal train wreck !

.. this is a link to an article @ Silicon Angle , a pretty reputable industry blog . See what they have to say …

.. they have a video to play . The link is [here] . My web page was a bit cranky , but you all may have some better luck …

The ObamaCare Website – The Biggest Tech Gaggle Ever?

John Casaretto | October 10th

Despite the quiet here on this subject thus far at SiliconANGLE we have been keeping our eyes on what is possibly the biggest tech topic happening in the news right now.  The issue at hand is the launch of ObamaCare online.  It’s a hot topic that is philosophically dividing the country right now along political lines, along socio-economic lines, along just about every line there is to be divided over, many Thanksgivings could get cancelled over this (there’s also this big government shutdown) – it’s that contentious.  Regardless of the variety of places to hear whatever facts and justification align with how you feel about the program, it is undeniable that this launch has been an incredible technical failure.

.. Straight up – an absolute failure !

404, Not Available- Could it Get Worse?

Everywhere you look there are reports of issues across the board in just its first 8 days.  Reports of the site just not being available.  Reports of people unable to even create accounts.  Those are just the first steps.  Many people have reported being unable to sign up at all, or getting caught up in loops of reset passwords and lost accounts.  If you’re lucky, once those things are clear, you can shop and select a health plan.  It’s not just reports, I saw this myself when I personally tried on the third day to see what my costs would be, my browser was in la-la land stuck waiting with an hourglass for 5 hours just to get in to generate my profile.  And then I got kicked off. I haven’t been back.

To think, this thing hasn’t even hit the next stage yet.  The messaging being put out has been to be patient, the system is overwhelmed, but hey it’s popular, so that’s a good thing?  They’re even setting up online “waiting rooms” – you know so that way your screen at least shows something when you’re trying to sign up for healthcare.  Consider that not everyone that is going to sign up has even tried yet, because by several reports only 1/8 of the citizens that will be signing up for the program even knew the systems were coming online last week.  We keep hearing that things will get better but as the Dec 15th deadline approaches, it could actually get worse.

$634 Million Disaster

This is really playing out as a clinic in how not to launch a major website project, failing in every respect across the board, from planning, to the communications, to testing and everything in between.  Can you think of anything in history of the web that was worse?  This is the government of course and history indicates that the exchange was probably built by a number of the cheapest available contractors through a bidding program, that is actually pretty close, but just wait until you hear about the money.  The contractors behind the exchange were CGI Federal, who built the site, Quality Software Systems Inc. (CSSI) – a Canadian company that built the information hub, and Booz Allen who is responsible for enrollment and eligibility technical support.  Somewhere in that soup of contractors, they built a site that – /wait for it/ – was built for 50,000 to 60,000 concurrent users at a total cost (so far) of $634 million.  Feel free to replay that ratio. $634,000,000/50,000.  Here’s another ratio to ponder – 50,000 users in 50 states.  I guess if you can get the work….you do it.  In this case unfortunately for many the product is downright poor.

We Think the Site Might Suck – But Launch it Anyway

Now you’re probably thinking at some point someone must have said something, spoken up, right?  Well they did, the administration was reportedly warned about this.  Repeatedly.  Major insurers, state health-care officials and even Democratic allies reported in the weeks and months leading up to the rollout that there were significant problems with the exchange, that it wasn’t ready.  Yet they were reassured that all would be fine.

Robert Laszewski, a health-care consultant with clients in the insurance industry, said insurers were complaining loudly that the site,, was not working smoothly during frequent teleconferences with officials at the Department of Health and Human Services before the exchange’s launch and afterward. “People were pulling out their hair,” he said.

So exactly what’s happening and where has this thing failed?  Well, the possibility of a cyber attack – sorry, that has been eliminated.  That capacity statement of 50-60k users, if true, would mean a tremendous design error as projections should have been significantly higher than that.  It assumes that just as a matter of crude math, no more than 1,000 people per state would be on the site at any given time, across the country.

The Site that DDoS’s Itself

That alone is a massive bungle, but it does get worse, it appears however this thing was designed, the site is essentially pulling a Denial of Service attack on itself.  Yeah.

One possible cause of the problems is that hitting “apply” on causes 92 separate files, plug-ins and other mammoth swarms of data to stream between the user’s computer and the servers powering the government website, said Matthew Hancock, an independent expert in website design. He was able to track the files being requested through a feature in the Firefox browser.

Of the 92 he found, 56 were JavaScript files, including plug-ins that make it easier for code to work on multiple browsers (such as Microsoft Corp’s Internet Explorer and Google Inc’s Chrome) and let users upload files to

It is not clear why the upload function was included.

“They set up the website in such a way that too many requests to the server arrived at the same time,” Hancock said.

So perhaps the traffic was the first mistake, but the application itself is poorly, poorly written.  From a technical standard the operation has failed on every single level possible.

Sorry, You Have to Start Over

Communications and support on these issues – another flaming issue and colossal fail.  Check this out – one of the most recent “fixes” was to reset the passwords of every single account in the system.  So for that “fortunate” minority that actually got to register at one point but didn’t get as far as the database – all of those people will now have to completely re-register because their account names will not be available.

It’s Not Looking Good

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is about as ugly any kind of site deployment gets.  They had three and a half years to get this right, do better and more testing.  They have failed miserably and they are handling it miserably.  There clearly should have been more testing, and with all due respect to Matthew Hancock, discovering these issues was as easy as using some freely available plugins to a free web browser used by millions of people around the world. That’s pretty sad.  Now, there are ways to fix it using technology – Application monitoring, machine data, DevOps, Big Data – those are all things that could help.  Get some people in there, maybe Google, or Facebook or someone – they handle way more traffic than that.  You have to wonder if it’s too late. We were told this was for the 47 million uninsured.  Is there any way this site can serve even half of that?  A quarter?  Until the word is out that things are better or just the plain truth of “we screwed up” – I’m giving the Affordable Care Act technical effort a big thumbs down, one-star review, whatever – this is not ready for primetime.  Hopefully this is not a harbinger of things to come, but many have predicted that to be the case.

404 Picture credit: Hot Air
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… Why Does Kathleen Sebelius Still Have a Job [Miss ObamaCrapCare !!]

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,October 11th,2013

.. yes , Miss ObamaCrapCare !
.. Unlike the real world, where managers and employees are judged on results and held accountable for their performance . In

Official portrait of United States Health and ...

… Official portrait of United States Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Gilligan Sebelius … . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

the case of FantasyLand by the Potomac (Washington, D.C.)., loyalty and partisanship almost always come first . Accountability comes later, if it ever does at all.

.. Accountability comes with embarassment . You embarass your political masters in public , and you can guess what happens ? You end up getting shown the door . Loyalty is usually a one – way street . Partisanship never is .

.. This happens in every administration , and Obama ’ s is no different . We have seen this with the fatal mistakes made regarding the Fast & Furious gun program , and in the assault on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi. Democrats, claiming to see these as partisan witch hunts , designed to hurt the administration politically, circled the wagons. Obama stood loyally by Eric Holder and Hillary Rodham Clinton.

.. Loyalty is generally a good thing, in politics, as in life . It also helps to presume competence . But Kathleen Sebelius and the situation with her agency ’ s rollout of Obamacare is different.

.. Sebelius ’ department had over 3 years to prepare to implement ObamaCrapCare . No one ever suggested that commandeering one-sixth of the American economy would be an easy task. It is a next – to – impossible one(Many Republicans suggested the opposite and were dismissed as killjoys for their efforts.) But after the debacle of the last two weeks, liberals and Democrats—not conservatives or Republicans—should be calling for Sebelius’s head.

.. The administration’s handling of the implementation of Obamacare over the past three years has been a slow-moving train wreck: a mixture of embarrassing delays, hard-to-justify waivers, and assorted bad news about the unintended consequences of the law . Some of this was Sebelius’s fault, some of it was not. The crowning blunder came 10 days ago with the rollout of the website, the centerpiece of the administration’s effort to sign individuals up for coverage through the government-run health care exchanges that are at the heart of the legislation. To say this was vitally important to the overall success of the law is an understatement. It is the aspect of Obamacare that the president himself has said is utterly essential—and backed up those words by letting the federal government shut down rather that give in to Republican demands to gut it. Nonetheless, its premiere was a giant flop – and Kathleen Sebelius is responsible.

.. The cost of the government ‘ s website is an outrage . It was supposed to cost only $75 million . The current cost of the site is $650 million … and counting . This is more than LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Spotify , put togeth . It has been a disaster from the get-go, freezing, crashing, and locking people out.

.. Does the ObamaCrap crowd have an excuse ? Sure …. but , as usual , it is a lie . The administration’s line is that the website was overwhelmed by surprisingly strong demand, which they cast as a good thing . Yea , right …. Programmers who peeked under the hood of the website scoffed at that assertion, saying that the site was so poorly constructed, so full of glitches , and full of bugs in the code that it could never have supported even the most modest of traffic levels. Some of that code was actually caused by spelling errors in Javascript.

.. It is industry Web standard that you test your creation , inside at out , for any and all forseeable possibilities . As many dry runs as one can budget for are done , to make sure the creation works , and to find the kinks . Even the Obama for America campaign did so for its own campaign websites , as well as its campaign ops . Did HHS ? Nooooooo. Worse still, despite repeated warnings about the deficiency of the site, it apparently was not even taken out for a test drive before the administration launched the thing.

.. “It wasn’t designed well, it wasn’t implemented well, and it looks like nobody tested it,” database programmer Luke Chung told CBS. “I would be ashamed and embarrassed if my organization delivered something like that.” The website remains a mess to this day, and even though Sebelius has issued repeated assurances her team is working around the clock to get it fixed, serious damage has already been done. According to one estimate, just 51,000 people in the entire United States were able to complete applications on the site during the first week.

.. When the Obama administration someone on the liberal side , such as Jon Stewart , you know you have a serious problem . Right now , things are bad. Supporters of Obamacare have a right to be furious with Sebelius. Her agency’s bungling has created a colossal disaster , and has put POTUS ‘ signature achievement, and his legacy, at risk.

.. The GOP is fond of saying that government would work much better if it were run like a business. Any corporation that allowed a COO (or these days , a CTO (or Chief Technology Officer) to mismanage a new product line as important to its image as the Affordable Care Act is to Obama ‘ s would be contemplating their severance package … at best . Most likely , they would be heading out the door … Rapidly !

.. The fact that Republicans haven’t called for Sebelius’ scalp should tell Democrats all they need to know about how much conservatives think she is hurting Obamacare’s cause . The GOP would rather have her stay in place , as a signature of the law . Many political gains can be made off of her disastrous creation . If the president cares about rescuing his signature policy initiative, he should consider putting it under new management right away.

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… See , We told Ya So [on ObamaCrapCare] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,September 21st,2013

Obamacare’s Structure Leading to Hospital Cuts, Experts Say

Indiscriminate payment cuts, Medicaid expansion cutting into hospitals’ bottom line

..The Cleveland Clinic’s announcement this week that it is reducing its payroll to cut costs in response to ObamaCrapCare reveals the squeeze that President Barack Obama’s signature domestic legislation is putting on doctors and hospitals, health care experts say . The Clinic is ranked as one of the best hospitals in America and has been a model of health care innovation, with both presidential candidates praising it last year in a debate.

.. The Clinic tried to reduce its expenses and improve quality through several measures in anticipation of the full rollout of the

Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine

… the Cleveland Clinic …(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Affordable Care Act, commonly called ObamaCrapCare, according to a statement released by the hospital on Wednesday .However, these efforts were not enough to make the projected target of cuts that were required in the Clinic ‘ s proposed budget . Although we have made progress, we need to further reduce costs to the organization by $330 million in 2014,” the hospital said in a statement. “We are carefully evaluating all aspects of our system to accomplish this. Some of the initiatives include offering early retirement to 3,000 eligible employees, reducing operational costs, stricter review of filling vacant positions, and lastly workforce reductions.”

The Cleveland Clinic is not alone. Hospitals across the country are laying off workers and eliminating services because of Obamacare and other budgetary constrictions, as the Washington Free Beacon reported previously.

“I think we’re going to see a lot more reduction in labor force at hospitals because of Obamacare,” said Sally Pipes, a health care expert at the Pacific Research Institute.

.. One major reason is mandatory cuts in Medicare reimbursement rates under Obamacare, said James Capretta, a health care expert at the Ethics and Public Policy Center. Medicare, the government’s health insurance program for the elderly, covers over a fifth of health care costs in the United States, meaning it makes up a significant portion of hospital revenue. The government reimburses hospitals for Medicare patients at a fixed rate based on the diagnosis, and the government increases these rates each year to cover the rising costs of health care. The federal government cuts these annual increases by about 1.1 percent under Obamacare, Capretta said.

“This is the main reason why the Cleveland Clinic and others are going to have to tighten their belts,” Capretta said.

.. The costs of Medicare and Medicaid, the government’s health insurance program for the poor, have continued to rise over the years, making reform of the programs necessary. However, the programs are hard to touch politically because they are so popular. As a result, the federal government simply pays doctors and hospitals less than private insurers for the services they provide. Today, for every dollar a private insurer pays a doctor or hospital, Medicare pays 70 or 80 cents, and Medicaid pays 50 cents or less (with the precise rates varying by the specific area), Roy said.

The quality of medical care could also go down under Obamacare, experts said.

ObamaCrapCare emphasizes Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), which are networks of doctors and hospitals that coordinate care in order to reduce costs, said Pipes. The goal of ACOs is for insurers to pay for quality of care, and as a result, the government will only pay a certain amount for services—and penalize doctors and hospitals if they go over that amount.

“Hospitals are going to be rewarded only if they keep costs down, so they’ll be looking for ways to reduce costs,” Pipes said.

The result could be rationed care so doctors and hospitals can keep their costs down, Pipes said. She compared ACOs to Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), which Americans have rejected in the past.

Capretta also noted the shift toward ACOs, although he did not predict that care could be rationed under them. Because of Obamacare’s incentives, hospitals are buying up independent doctors, which is reducing the overall number of independent doctors in America, Capretta noted.

The cut in the annual reimbursement rate could also hurt the quality of care, Capretta said, because they are universal and do not distinguish between good and bad care.

“It’s not really clear that this is going to result in a great efficiency gain across the system,” Capretta said.

LEC again — this is a [link] to the NBC affiliate , WKYC – TV , and a news piece that they did on the Cleveland Clinic story . Originally , Dr. Toby Cosgrove (a cardio – thoracic surgeon , by trade) , the Clinic ‘ s Chairman and CEO , was going to do a battery of interviews on the story . When he realized that a lot of questions were going to tie in the cuts to the Clinic ‘ s original support of ObamaCrapCare , he abruptly canceled them …

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… Realities intrude on Promises [ObamaCrapCare] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,July 18th,2013

.. not long ago , presidential candidate Barack Obama stood before Iowa voters and introduced a plan designed to extend

health care to all Americans.

.. “We can do this,” he said with confidence. “The time has come for universal, affordable healthcare in America.”

.. Three years ago, President Obama signed into law a plan designed to extend coverage to more than 30 million uninsured people.

“This is what change looks like,” he exulted.

.. But it has become clear that Obama’s vision for universal health care is dramatically different than it was that day in Iowa. The president has been forced to cut, reshape and compromise on his signature Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act because of economic — and political — realities.

.. Obamacare, the president’s singular major domestic achievement, was immediately attacked by Republicans, conservatives, physicians, business groups — even members of his own Democratic Party — as too expensive, too cumbersome — and just plain unworkable.

“I just see a huge train wreck coming down,” Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus, a Montana Democrat, said at an April budget meeting.

GOP legislators have consistently called for Obamacare’s repeal.

Then, this week, the Obama administration delayed the requirement that medium and large companies provide coverage for their workers or face heavy fines. And what started out as a promise of universal health care for all has now become something far different.

Here is how Obamacare’s scope has narrowed in recent years:

— Public option? Never mind.

— Long-term care insurance? No such thing.

— Coverage for the neediest? Not in every state.

Obamacare envisioned millions of the neediest Americans gaining health insurance by enrolling in Medicaid, with coverage starting in January. But the Supreme Court threw a wrench in that plan last year when it gave states the right to opt out of the Medicaid expansion plan.

Because of Republican opposition in many states, it looks like nearly two in three of those who would qualify for new Medicaid coverage may be out of luck because their state lawmakers have not agreed to expand the program.

What about workers? A longer wait.

Obamacare requires companies with 50 or more workers to offer affordable coverage to full-time employees or risk escalating tax penalties. Originally, that requirement was supposed to take effect on Jan. 1. But now the administration is pushing that requirement back a year, citing the complexity of the undertaking.

Most medium and large businesses already offer health insurance. Those most likely to be affected by the delay: low-wage workers at hotels, restaurants and stores.

.. In addition, because the individual mandate remains in place, workers may now be forced to buy their own insurance or pay a penalty because their employers don’t provide coverage, according to the Cato Institute, a Washington-based public policy think tank.

.. The administration’s decision essentially shifts the cost from employers to workers. This hardly seems fair, the Cato Institute contends, and may force the White House to even rethink the individual mandate.

Meanwhile, what’s left?

.. Starting next year, individuals will be required to carry health insurance or face fines.

.. People who are uninsured can to shop for affordable coverage through the online marketplaces that are scheduled to be in place on October 1st .

Those fears came to light this week, when the White House delayed the employer mandate until 2015 — leading many GOP legislators to echo predictions and cite yet another reason for doing away with Obamacare..

“This thing is so bad, that there’s no salvation for it,” Rep. Michael Burgess, a Republican who is an obstetrician in his Texas district, told Newsmax this week. “You’re seeing more evidence, every day, that the train wreck that Max Baucus foretold is going to occur.”

And throughout next year’s congressional election season, Republicans will work feverishly to tie Democratic hopefuls to Obamacare, GOP strategists say.

“It’s the gift that just keeps on giving,” Brad Todd, a Republican media consultant, told Politico. “For Republican political strategists, having Obamacare is like being in the Beer of the Month Club. Every month, you get a new care package in the mail.”

Oregon Rep. Greg Walden, chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee, said the White House was delaying the mandate to save Democrats at the polls next year.

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… Sebelius , You are Nuts [ObamaCrapCare] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,July 17th,2013

.. Kathleen Sebelius seems to think that the imposition of ObamaCrapCare is something like the Civil Rights Movement . That is most definitely far , far from the truth ..

.. The Civil Rights Movement is truly one of the great crusades of our times , or of any time and age . It completed the accomplishment of freedom of the races by engaging in the law full freedom of legal protections , in housing , economics , voting rights , and citizenship . It has begun the task of erasing the stain of the Jim Crow era of legal perversion by freeing a people . It completes the task of individual freedom , not group rights .

.. ObamaCrapCare is an obcence joke . It attempts to impose by socialism something that has no place in the law . It is not even true insurance . Insurance is , by its nature , limited to rare occurences . Health insurance has been perverted , and is not even true “insurance.” It is most definitely nothing , absolutely nothing like the Civil Rights Movement .

… someone should also remind her that opponents of ObamaCrapCare are not “enemies . “

spokeswitch Sebelius

spokeswitch Sebelius

… from Newsmax . com …

Health and Human  Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius Tuesday urged NAACP members to bring  the same passionate fight to enrolling people in Obamacare that they brought to  the struggle for civil rights.

“Start spreading the word,” Sebelius said  in a speech to the organization’s national convention in Orlando.  “Download  tool kits and customize fliers to hang up at local businesses and restaurants  and barbershops and beauty salons.”

Sebelius has been working extra hard  to raise awareness of the new law before insurance-exchange marketplaces open on  Oct. 1 and begin enrolling consumers in healthcare  insurance, many of them for the first time in their lives, Politico  reports.

She also asked religious leaders to help spread the  word about the healthcare-reform law and how to  apply for coverage under its various programs.  

“Few voices are  more powerful than yours,” she told delegates. “Those are the ones trusted in  communities. Use those voices to educate and motivate.”

Sebelius called  on the NAACP to put as much effort into helping Obamacare work as it has over  the years in the fight for civil rights. 

“You showed it early in the  fight against lynching and discrimination. You showed it by showing inalienable  rights are secured in the courtroom and at the ballot box,” she said. “You  showed it by supporting a health law 100 years in the making.”

Sebelius  also urged the convention to disregard the calls in Washington for repeal of the  law, passed in 2010, and in Republican-led states, where there still is  opposition to creating healthcare exchanges and expanding Medicaid programs as  called for under Obamacare.

The exchanges are to open Oct. 1 in every  state, “despite what governors say,” Sebelius declared. Americans are required  to have health  insurance by Jan. 1, 2014.

“The Supreme Court has issued its decision  [upholding the law]; the people have spoken. President Obama was  re-elected.”

But, she warned, “the enemy is at the door and we know that  they would like to dismantle these initiatives.”

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… Why ObamaCrapCare will Kill ImmigrationCrapBill , for Now …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,July 15th,2013

… why ObamaCrapCare will probably kill ImmigrationCrapBill , for now …

In delaying the employer mandate, Obama shows his disregard for the rule of law.

.. There are many reasons why immigration reform is in trouble, ranging from the  fact that immigration is not currently a burning political issue , to the inherent  complexity and internal contradictions of a 1,200-page bill.

.. There is another less-discussed reason. The Obama administration’s instinctive dishonesty and contempt for the rule of law are finally catching up with it. Few Republicans in the House — even those who devoutly want immigration reform — trust the Obama administration to enforce with consistency and integrity anything that passes Congress.

.. Take the Monstrosity of a law that’s been dubbed “Obamacare.” When it passed back in 2010, the law was clear on many points. It decreed that beginning in 2014, any company with more than 50 full-time employees would be required to offer them health-care insurance or pay stiff fines. But it’s been impossible, in the three years since the law’s passage, to work out the Byzantine requirements of that mandate.

.. Max Baucus (D., Mont.) said in a congressional hearing he feared that Obamacare’s implementation would result in a “train wreck,” and many other Democrats have come to share his anxiety. White House aides fretted that enforcing the mandate’s timetable would hurt job creation in the run-up to the 2014 midterm elections and put Democratic control of the Senate in jeopardy.

.. The White House could have handled the problem as the Constitution envisioned  and opened up negotiations with Congress to change the law. But it quickly  concluded that the Republican House would demand too much in exchange for any  adjustment to the law. So instead the administration had a blog item quietly posted on the Treasury’s website just before the July Fourth holiday.
A Treasury official claimed that the administration has “longstanding administrative authority to grant transition relief when implementing new  legislation like the ACA.” Oh, really? Even though the law is quite clear that the mandate shall be effective as of 2014?

.. Representative Darrell Issa (R-CA), chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform committee, says the announcement represents “policy by blog  post” and that it is “another in a string of extra legal actions” that President Obama has used to evade laws and the intent of Congress. He noted earlier this year that the Obama administration was interpreting the health-care law to
provide tax credits in health exchanges even if states refused to set them up.

.. “As a former constitutional-law teacher, President Obama must know that this  action gets into very questionable constitutional territory,” Issa told the  Capitol Hill newspaper Roll Call. “It also paves the way for future administrations to simply not enforce parts of Obamacare they don’t believe are functioning well.”

.. Ultimately, the greatest damage from delaying the employer mandate may come in  the way it solidifies House Republican doubts about the immigration bill.  Representative Phil Roe (R., Tenn.), chairman of an Education and Workforce  subcommittee, says that he doubts the administration can be trusted to enforce  the will of Congress when it comes to border security or any other part of the
immigration bill. “They have shown no respect for traditional Constitutional separation of powers, and that makes it difficult to pass laws where the fear is  that they will simply ignore the parts they don’t like,” he tells me. The Obama administration has not hesitated to simply ignore the clear language of Obamacare. Why wouldn’t it disregard the immigration bill in the same way? In addition, the Gang of Eight bill is stuffed with instances of discretion – in other words, opportunities for administrative meddling. It includes 222 mentions of the word “may” and 153 uses of “waive.” That’s an awful lot of discretion to hand to an administration that is expert at interpreting laws creatively to suit whatever political advantage it desires.

.. But our system wasn’t designed by the Founding Fathers to be efficient . Our system was designed that an important part of the system was that the government itself would respect the system , and live by its rules in spirit , as well as by its letter . Indeed , it was designed to rein in the arbitrary and capricious use of power. The growing belief that the Obama administration cannot be trusted to respect the rule of law may prove to be one of the biggest obstacles it faces in passing the immigration reform it so powerfully desires.

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… Simple ObamaCrapCare Math …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,July 9th,2013

.. High Cost of Current Coverage , Less , low penalty fee for employer mandate = dumped employee into ObamaCrapCare exchange .

.. Young will wait , until they have to get insurance . Low individual penalty for the fine . Less grief than going on exchange . Then , pick up insurance . Result : old & sick will flood exchanges , rates will skyrocket , young will stay off , because of rates ..

… from the Heritage Foundation blog , the Foundry …

Bloomberg reports this week on the latest Obamacare trend sweeping across the country: Cities and states may soon attempt to unload unsustainable health costs on the federal government by dumping employees and retirees onto exchanges.

Both Chicago and Detroit have explored using the exchanges to reduce massive budget shortfalls, and it could set an example for others. Bloomberg quotes one expert from the Rockefeller Institute of Government: “We can expect other cities to pick up on this.… I expect [employee dumping] to mushroom.”

The incentives for cities—or even states—to dump their workers onto exchanges are significant. Bloomberg notes that reducing retiree health costs could save Detroit approximately $150 million per year—at a time when the city faces a $386 million budget deficit and $17 billion in long-term debt.

Of course, these budgetary maneuvers aren’t really “savings”—they merely represent a shift of unsustainable costs from cities and states onto the backs of federal taxpayers. If more individuals than expected—particularly retirees, who are likely to be older and sicker than the population as a whole—require federal exchange subsidies, the cost of Obamacare could rise by trillions. And if cities and even states set an example by dumping their health care obligations on the federal government, private-sector employers could well follow suit.

The spokesman for Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel called the city’s retiree health system “fiscally unsustainable,” but merely shifting that responsibility to Washington may be about as effective as moving deck chairs on a budgetary Titanic.

Meanwhile, like other Americans losing their coverage due to Obamacare, retirees themselves appear none too keen on getting dumped onto the exchanges. Bloomberg quotes one retired Detroit police officer expressing his outrage:

Imagine if they said tomorrow your Social Security, your Medicare is going away and you’re going on Obamacare.… How would you feel?

Many Americans may soon find out.

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