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… Bob , POTUS does not know How to be an Administrator …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,December 16th,2013

.. to be rather blunt and honest , his Lordship , POTUS , could not give a damn about being an administrator .

.. [link] to Bob Woodward ‘ s comments on Fox News Sunday

.. He does not know , generally , how to manage his staff . He leaves those tasks to others , such as his wife , his senior staff , and other flunkies , ones such as Valerie Jarrett . He has not had to deal with political opponets , ones who stand in direct opposition to what he wants . What usually happens is an environment where Dems dictate , and Republicans behave like docile sheep . That is what he has usually dealt with . The situtation in Washington has him in a constant state of political culture shock . What do I do ?

.. He has never had to be a payroll manager or had to make a payroll in his life . He is used to the political parlor , the debating club , the salon . He has never had to deal with the impact of government regulations on private individuals and on businesses …

.. His idea of management is giving a speech , and passing a diktat . He could care less , otherwise , about management or about government . He never has , and he never will …


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