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… POTUS will have No Choice [#signing a NCLB overhaul]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,December 6th,2015

.. it appears that His Lordship ‘ s desk is going to be quite busy ..

.. in education , it appears that the GOP is going to be going after both Common Core and No Child Left Behind ….

.. Education Reform is always a good idea . But it has to be done carefully . One big problem is the unions . You have to tie the bureaucracy ‘ s hand ‘ s tightly so that the unions cannot play games with the proposals . Another problem is the bureaucracy itself . It is far better to send the money back to the states , and allow them to spend the money , with a minimum of federal mandates …

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.. POTUS will have no choice but to sign a reform bill . The N.E.A. has been effectively neutered , and they have less than no influence with the GOP leadership , much less the rank – and – file . Also , there is a fast – growing split in the DemoCraps in between the public sector unions and the private sector unions . The drain that the former is on the tax $$ of the latter is going to make the latter far more hostile to public sector piggees … and grant openings to the GOP for union support …


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