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… Ray Rice should be Suspended …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,February 26th,2014

.. immediately , by the Baltimore ugh – Ravens , unless the N.F.L. beats them to it …

.. there is no place in pro sports for players who behave like bullies . Especially players who beat up on those who they supposedly love , and treat them like a punching bag . Assault , public drunkeness , and felonious assault , those are the least of Ray Rice ‘ s troubles right now ….

.. Rice is a quality player . He is a little guy , out of I am not sure where [ ] . He is probably one of the better receivers for a running back . He is the ugh – Ravens feature – tailback . What could have posessed him to do such a thing …

.. [h/t — YouTube]..
.. [link] to the security footage ..

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… It Tells You a Lot [John Elway] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,February 5th,2014

.. John Elway is a NFL Hall – of – Famer , a great quarterback , and for me (as a Cleveland Browns fan) a colossal pain – in – the – rearend . But , he still is one of the great clutch performers in the history of the NFL .

.. It has always been rumored that Big John is a Republican . It is (was) not a state secret . Elway has been evidently recruited by the GOP in Colorado for years . Never say never …

.. Now , he confirms it . Big John is a Republican . Here is why …[link] ..

.. here is a sample of why he is a Republican  …

“Well, those are what my beliefs are. I believe you know as a country that we are given the opportunity to succeed or not succeed. And, I think for us to be able to, I don’t believe in safety nets, obviously we have to have some kind of safety nets, but I think… My philosophy is when you’re given the opportunity you take advantage of that and I think that’s when you get the best out of people.”

.. [h/t — theGatewayPundit , RealClearPolitics]

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